Remote iOS app no longer wakes iMac up after Lion install

Hello there. I installed Lion on my iMac and updated iTunes to the (most recent) Lion-compatible version. I also have an iPhone 4 with the most up-to-date version of the iOS and the Remote app. I used to be able to launch the Remote app from my iPhone and play music from my iTunes library on my iMac, but if my computer has gone to sleep the Remote app will not find my library and will time out looking for it.
I was able to remotely "wake up" my iMac with my Remote app (both from my iPhone and iPad) before Lion, but ever since I installed Lion I cannot do that. If the iMac is "awake", I'm able to connect with the Remote app just fine. It's only when the computer has gone to sleep that I cannot. Anybody else with this problem? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, no. I still have the problem. Although it seems to be happening less often (not sure if this is a symptom of more recent OS updates, both on the iMac and iPhone). It's infuriating. If you stumble upon a solution, please share!

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  • My Late 2009 27" iMac i7 wake up problems after LION installed

    About 5 or 6X, My iMac has had wake up problems after I installed LION.  The screen wakes but the trackpad or mouse are frozen.  I have to do a hard shut down (pressing the power button) for system to work correctly.  When I power on the Mac, then everything functions.  NEVER had this issue with Safari!

    Exatly the same problem here with Lion on iMac 27" C2D late 2009.
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  • HP ePrint iOS app no longer finds Photosmart C4780 after app update

    I have an HP Photosmart C4780 connected through WiFi to my network but sadly it's not supported by AirPrint on iDevices.
    So, I was using HP ePrint Home & Biz iOS app (version 4.1) which was very useful for me as it found the printer and allowed me to print from my iPad/iPhone. 
    Today I updated the app on my iPhone to version 5 (now simply named "HP ePrint" on the App Store) and after the update, the new version doesn't find my Photosmart C4780 anymore. I did the Activation thing on the iPhone, as it was requested to refresh the list of printer on my network in the All tab, but after Refresh no printer is found.
    Still I have the old 4.1 on my iPad (and hopefully in my iTunes library) and the printer is located, I assume, through mDSN as it shows the name specified for this setting.
    So, question is: Did you dropped support for Photosmart C4780 on 5.0 release of HP ePrint iOS app? If so, why did't you informed this appropriately on the app update text description in the App Store? A message like "some printers may not be supported anymore" would have been helpul.
    If HP ePrint should find Photosmart C4700 series printers and this is an issue, how should we proceed from here?

    I was not informed that support was removed from the app for certain printers. It may have been lost in the transition to the new updated app. I will deffinitly pass this information along as it is very important that the app supports as many printers as it can. I'll go ahead and take note of your printer model. If I find anything out about this, I'll try to give you an update in this thread. 
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  • IOS app - Your request is in progress after clicking 'Install'

    We have 150+ licences on Office 365 and are looking to roll out InTune in our organisation. Part of the roll out is to manage approx 70 iOS devices (iphones/iPads) and publish our in-house iOS apps for download. I have configured the trial, uploaded
    a couple of apps (.ipa file and .plist file) and everything looks good. You go to the mobile portal on your iOS device to install the app, find the app, click 'Install' and it says 'Your request is in progress' ... and nothing happens. We have a valid
    Apple enterprise licence.
    Any help would be appreciated as this is one of the main factors for us investing in InTune.
    Thanks in advance!!

    I've just tried the config utility and the console doesnt really respond when clicking install. I opened the company portal link, logged in, went to the app and hit install ...
    May 23 19:24:59 MT-iPhone kernel[0] <Debug>: launchd[262] Builtin profile: MobileSafari (sandbox)
    May 23 19:25:06 MT-iPhone kbd[50] <Warning>: -[TIXPCDataTransport _handleForPurpose:withReplyBlock:] couldn't get data source for purpose=__TIRDTAB
    May 23 19:25:25 MT-iPhone kernel[0] <Debug>: 007094.122217 wlan.A[103] AppleBCMWLANNetManager::checkRealTimeTraffic():  now 7094.122213333 num entries 4
    I do have a support case open but thought I'd try my luck on here hoping someone has had the same problem.
    Might be worth me trying another iOS device first. I have tried a couple of our apps and both do exactly the same thing.

  • Keyboard usb port no longer supports flash drive after lion installed

    Why would this be the case?
    Worked fine with Leopard and Snow Leopard.
    Same everything except installed lion and now is says My keyboard ain't got enough power.

    Lion is a new world.  Even the first few days have the CPU/HD very busy indexing all of the new files for Spotlight.
    From other posts I read SL was a power-pig compared to Leopard, and Leopard compared to Tiger ...
    I guess we just pay $30 and be happy we have not been "assimilated" into Billy-Borg's world yet ... yet

  • Sleep Timer Feature in iTunes via Remote iOS app

    I'm not sure this is the venue for this, but I would like the "Remote" iOS app (currently version 3.0.1) to let me set a "sleep timer" when I play a radio station on my iMac iTunes 11. I think this means iTunes must first have a "sleep timer" feature built-in before the Remote app can use it. There have been third-party "sleep timer" add-ons for YEARS, and yet Apple has not deemed it necessary to add the feature into iTunes. Unfortunately, these third-party add-ons cannot be accessed via the Remote app.
    Anyone here found a work-around?

    ok so the remote app is grouping all my album artists together under one Artist name: "various artists"
    need to find a way to stop this from happening

  • My ipod nano is no longer recognized by itunes after I installed windows 8.1.  The ipod nano still is recognized and works with a Windows 7 computer

    My ipod nano is no longer recognized by itunes after I installed windows 8.1.  The ipod nano still is recognized and works with a Windows 7 computer

    Hello, Pete. 
    Here is an article I would recommend going through when an iPod is not recognized by iTunes or the computer.
    iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
    Usually the resolution is updating the Apple Mobile Device Driver.  See the section labeled Verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed > For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 > Update the Apple Mobile Device Driver.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Jason H. 

  • Tie Machine  no longer backs up after lion install

    After Lion install, Time Machine no longer backs up-will start to back up but freezes after a few kb's-spinning clock will spin 24/7 but backup is stalled

    See the green box in #D2 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.

  • I just bought and iMac and have lion installed. I'm trying to use interactive graphs at yahoo finance. Nothing shows on the screen. I assume I have to download something but don't know what or where.

    I just bought and iMac and have lion installed. I'm trying to use interactive graphs at yahoo finance. Nothing shows on the screen. I assume I have to download something but don't know what or where.

    I can definitely how frustrating it must be to not be able to take pictures or even view pictures that have already been taken with your LG Dare.
    Since this problem has started, have you tried to either:
    a.) put that memory card in an alternate phone to see if the pictures can be viewed on there
    b.) use a card reader/adapter in a computer to see if the pictures can be viewed on the computer
    c.) take the memory card out of the phone and then try to take a picture?
    What I am trying to determine is which of the 2 is defective (phone or memory card)
    If you are able to view pictures in another phone, or on the computer , then you may have a bad card. If that is the case, you can transfer the pictures to the computer and then format the memory card by
    Note: This procedure will erase all data on the memory card. It is recommended to back up the data.
    From the home screen, touch the menu tab.
    Touch Settings.
    Touch SD card & phone storage.
    Touch Unmount SD card.
    Touch Format SD card.
    Once you have done the formatting, try to take pictures again. If you continue to have problems it more than likely is the phone.
    Also, in order to access PixPlace, log into your MyVerizon account, at the top, you should see "Messaging" go down to "Manage your photo albums" once there, you should see "My Media", however, if you have already received a message advising you that your album would be deleted if you haven't logged on in more than 180 days, all pictures have then most definitely been deleted. Again, we do send warning messages once the online album hasn't been accessed in 150, 175, 180 days respectively prior to deletion.

  • Can any tag in app.xml control no-auto-startup after completing install?

    InstallFolder in app.xml can work. And can any tag  in app.xml controls no-auto-startup after completing install?

    No, there isn't any tag to control no-auto-startup.
    you will have to Uncheck the option "start application after installation" in the installation dilaog itself.

  • Just updated my iPhone 5s from ios 8.1 to 8.3. After the install it asked for Apple ID and password and to allow it to sync to Mac and iTunes. After following the steps my phone kept restarting - turning on and off and goes blank. How do I fix this??

    Just updated my iPhone 5s from ios 8.1 to 8.3. After the install it asked for Apple ID and password and to allow it to sync to Mac and iTunes. After following the steps my phone kept restarting - turning on and off and goes blank. How do I fix this??

    I have had about 9 iOS devices at work do this. 
    The fix and it will wipe out anything on your iphone is to connect it to your computer and have the latest version on iTunes open.  Hold the Power/Sleep and Home button till it blanks out.  Keep holding the home button untill it says recovery mode on the screen of the computer and do a restore.

  • no longer connects to Jabber after App Store auto-installed Remote Desktop Update 3.8.2 no longer connects to my company's Jabber server after App Store auto-installed Remote Desktop Update 3.8.2 (even though I never purchased that app). The Remote Desktop app can not be found anywhere on my machines.
    I suspect the Remote Desktop update because Messages stopped connecting on my office MB Air after the update but still worked on my home iMac. Next day the iMac received the update and Messages stopped connecting on that machine too.
    Messages attempts to connect for several minutes (it's been trying for 30 mins as I type this) and just hangs. Occasional I get the following error message:
    Error: Messages lost the connection to the Jabber account 'account'. A network error occurred.
    I've tried:
    - Deleting and recreating the Jabber account in
    - Toggling on/off SSL (SSL required by our server)
    - Toggling on/off auto detect server and port (port 5222 on our server)
    - Deleting every plist, cache, etc., I could find in the Library for any IM client I've ever used
    - Checked that Keychain trusts the Jabber server SSL certificate (it is a self signed cert)
    - Tried connecting from three completely different networks including the company VPN
    - Multiple PRAM resets
    - Setup a Google Talk account in Messages - works fine
    I'm at a loss...

    I installed and setup Adium. Adium works but still does not connect to Jabber.

  • AiO Remote iOS app -scanning A4

    I have a Photosmart 5515 All in One printer and have been using the iOS app AiO Remote app to scan in some A4 pages. I set the app to scan to a document and also the page size to A4. Looking at the resultant document it has scaled the the document down. It has centralised the document but you end up with margins of a couple of inches all round.
    Has anyone else noticed this?
    Does anyone know how to overcome this?

    Hi Rturner003,
    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that you are encountering difficulties when scanning A4 documents with HP's All-in-One Printer Remote app.
    I did some testing on this with an iPad and 3 different ePrint capable printers and each time I was able to recreate it. However that doesn't mean we are kippered.  I have included a link to a post on the forums and the key part for you to get your A4 scanned document to print the document as you require, please follow step 3 after you have scanned the image. The key is to pinch the image to the size you would like.
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    Please click “Accept as Solution ” on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.
    I work on behalf of HP

  • HT4461 Can IOS apps be viewed on iMac

    Can IOS apps be viewed on iMac

    iOS apps will not run on a Mac. You may store backup copies of the the apps in the iTunes content libraries by syncing your iOS devices with the Mac. You can see what apps are in the content library from within the iTunes app, as well as, update the apps when available.

  • If I purchase iWorks from the app store from my iMac can I also install it on my MacPro?

    Hello All,
    I am new to Apple computers after being a PC user for over 20 years.  With iTunes I can purchase apps and use them on all my devices - Ipad, Itouch, and iPhone.  My question is whether the same holds true for apps purchased for the iMac desktops and Apple laptops?  The answer will be the deciding factor on whether I buy iWorks from a retailer or purchase it from the App store.
    Thanks for the help.

    Yes, so long as you use the same Apple ID to do it. Just go to the purcahsed tab and click Install.

Maybe you are looking for

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