Remote logon through SM59, datbase operations in target system

            I am logging in remotely from sys1 to sys2. In sys2 there is a userexit
which triggers during the sap login i.e EXIT_SAPLSUF_001, in this exit i have written a select query
by which i will check a conditions ,depending on the condition it will display a popup.
So when we login individually that select query works.
But when login remotely from SM59 using RFC destination, it doesn;t work,
No database operations are working(Insert, select...etc)..
I am just wondering whether ...during the remote logon the database server will not connected yet/ initialized yet....
It would be great if someone can help me on this..

There shouldn't be a problem with database, it's always up (if SAP is up).
Are you sure it's a problem with the SELECT ?
Can't it be a problem with the popup via RFC ? Because in SM59, if you enter a user which is neither dialog nor service, the popup won't be displayed (and a dump should occur if I remember well, check in ST22)

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  • SM59 - Remote Logon taking very long time - RFC is receiver

    Hi Friends,
    We have ABAP connection (SM59) to R/3 system from PI system.  The connection test is fine. But, when we click the Remote Logon from SM59, it is taking very long time. It is unable to login.
    Due to this, messages are in scheduled state in the receiver CC monitoring. (SOAP to RFC - Async ). Receiver RFC CC also are green.
    We checked with R/3 team, the remote user which is used in SM59 is not locked in R/3 system and password also not changed.
    Friends, kindly clarify why it is taking very long time from PI in SM59 when the connection is fine.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

    Hi Sabarish,
    I checked in SM58. There are no entries.  SM59 is for other interfaces (IDoc).  In the Message Monitoring all messages showing 'To be Delivered' and 'Delivering' from yesterday onwards. In the CC monitoring, it shows 'Message Processing Started' from yesterday onwards. But not completed.
    I checked in SM21 take log of type 'RD'.  I doubt is this the correct log for this problem.
    The specified operating system call was returned with an error.        |
    For communication calls (receive, send, etc) often the cause of errors
    are network problems.
    It could also be a configuration problem at operating system level.
    (file cannot be opened, no space in the file system etc.).
    Additional specifications for error number 146
    Name for errno number ECONNREFUSED
    Interprocess communication (e.g. TCP/IP) connection refused by partner.
    |This usually means that the necessary receiver program is not running.
    Kindly clarify.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

  • Create user to do remote logon from R/3 4.7 to PI 7.1 and vice versa

    I am being unable to do a remote logon using sm59 either from PI 7.1 to R/3 4.7 or from R/3 4.7 to PI 7.1
    I even created a dialog user basis and granted him all the roles and profiles available in SAP PI 7.1 , but still am being unable to logon to the PI system from R/3.
    Connection testing works , user authorization test and remote logon fails .
    Are there any special settings required to make this work . I did look around the internet and created a PFCG with S_RFC etc roles , but still it does not seem to work.
    PS : I am not a basis person

    Add the objec S_RFCACL also to the newly created role and assign this role to the user embedded in the RFC destination in both the systems.
    There are no special settings so far I could remember but set the password of the users in CAPS in both the system and try again.
    Varadharajan M

  • Remote logon from client 001

    Hi Guys,
    Is it possible to remote logon from client 001 to other systems?
    to be moer clear, I have a SCM system client 001 and create a RFC destination to R/3 say client 600. Will it be possible to remote logon from SM59 to R/3?
    It is not happening for me. it is neither giving any error nor opening the logon screen. Or even logon. What am I missing?
    Points guaranteed.

    Hi Ragu,
    It is possible to remote login from client 001 to other system clients.
    While you configuring make sure that the user must be having S_RFC autorisation object.
    In SM59 specify IP Adress insted of host name and check authontication test.
    If it is sucess user id password is correct and make sure that you have given Dialog/service user in SM59 logon& security tab.

  • SM59 Remote Logon User Prompt 'pop up'

    In setting up an R/3 system source system in BW Netweaver 2004s, through RSA1 seems the R/3 system will not logon to the BW system.
    Tested SM59 remote logon with a Dialog user using the correct username and password, SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW, S.A_System etc. The logon screen option is not checked, but it 'pops up' prompting for a username and password. I have tried connecting with another BW 2004s system without issue, appears something specific with the R/3 4.7 version?
    Also, have tried running a trace and it simply shows the last dynpro in the logon process.
    Any insight or help in this would be great ! I'm stumped.

    We already had a similar problem :
    Are you using a BI 7.0 system ?
    BI 7.0 is based on netweaver 7.0 and passwords are case sensitive.
    R/3 4.7 is based on wAS 6.20 and passwords are always converted in UPPER CASE.
    Set the password of your BI user in upper case and R/3 will be able to use it from SM59...
    Hope this helps,

  • SM59 "Remote Logon" malfunctions after server migration

    Hi all,
    Originally our BW server is running under I386 platform. And the server seems not powerful enough, so we decided to migrate the server to IA64 platform.
    After we migrated the server to the IA64 platform, we've performed some basic checking, including SM59 check. But problem occurs.
    After I choose one of the RFC destination from SM59, I CAN execute the "Connection Test" and "Unicode Test" correctly. But when I press the button "Remote Logon", nothing happens.
    I've also checked for the developer trace and nothing can be found. So I have also updated the Kernel to the latest version but the result is still the same ("Remote Logon" malfunctions).
    Do you have any idea?
    Many Many Thanks.
    Best Regards,

    > Originally our BW server is running under I386 platform. And the server seems not powerful enough, so we decided to migrate the server to IA64 platform.
    Oh - IA64 - x86_64 would have been as powerful (or even more) and cheaper but neverless - to your problem:
    > After I choose one of the RFC destination from SM59, I CAN execute the "Connection Test" and "Unicode Test" correctly. But when I press the button "Remote Logon", nothing happens.
    Is the user provided a DIALOG user on the remote system? If not, then you can't logon.

  • Remote Logon Tab does not work

    Hello All,
    We have a standard ABAP RFC Connection from our Dev system to our Prod system. We have maintained the connection with a Dialog user and the connection tests and authorization tests works fine. However when i test the 'Remote Logon' tab , nothing happens. We do not have an error message as well. So I turned on the RFC trace and the entries in the dev_rfc and dev_rd are as below;
    **** Trace file opened at 20140708 115142 AUS Eastern Standard Time, SAP-REL 640,0,414 RFC-VER 3 1368070 MT-SL
    >>>> [1] SID          : R/3  <ac: 844> K >>> CLOSE abrfcio.c 2679 (86262062)
    ==== Delta HO 0,  0 LOG DROPPED
    *** trace for connection 6 enabled ***
    GwIHandleRq: own_index: 0
    GwIHandleRq: set act rq type DEALLOCATE
    R3DEAL(86262062, cpic_vector=0, ..)
    I am the client (0)
    R3DEAL: state of conn/index 6/0: RESET
    R3DEAL: send return code to cpic partner
    GwISendRc: send appc_rc/sap_rc/status 18/0/0 to conn/target/client 6/1/20
    GwGetMemory: allocated 000000000BCE6000 (len=192)
    GwGetMemory: act_overflow_size = 460 (+ 192)
    GwSetCPICState: state of conn/index 6/1: RESET
    GwSendToClient: send data to conn/target/client 6/1/20
    ReqType     : CPIC         SysIdx  : 20     ReqLen  : 80     ReqId   : 0
    CommIdx     : 13           ConnIdx : 6      ReqVer  : 6      Trace   : 0
    conn        : 6            wp_no   : -1     ReqBlk  : -1
    RqType      : SAP_SEND     Prot    : INT    UID     : 31769  Mode    : 0
    User        :              SapRc   : 0      AppcRc  : 18     ConvId  : 86262062
    Vector      :
    Info        : SYNC_CPIC_FUNCTION
    Info3       : GW_WITH_CODE_PAGE
    NiIWrite: write 80, 1 packs, MESG_IO, hdl 23, data complete
    GwFreeMemory: free 000000000BCE6000 (len=192)
    GwFreeMemory: act_overflow_size = 268 (- 192)
    GwSendToClient: 80 bytes send to conn/target/client 6/1/20
    GwSendToClient: decrement conv_no of client 20: 0
    GwFreeMemory: free 000000000BCE4000 (len=268)
    GwFreeMemory: act_overflow_size = 0 (- 268)
    GwIDelR3Conn: idx/conv = ((0/0) | (-1/0)), delete conv 6 from conv-table
    GwClearConn: conv_no/tcp_conv_no/sna_conv_no: 3/3/0
    GwClearConn: free r3 conv info
    GwClearConn: free buffer info
    GwFiSearchConvId: deleted 86262062 local, conn=6
    GwListInsert: insert elem 6 into conn_free_list (at begin)
    GwListInsert: 497 elems in conn_free_list
    GwListRemove: elem 6 not in conn_search_list
    GwListRemove: elem 6 not in conn_write_list
    GwListRemove: remove elem 6 from conn_inuse_list
    GwListRemove: 3 elems in conn_inuse_list
    *** trace switched off ***
    There are no error messages in ST22 and SM21. After reading a couple of posts in SDN; I changed the password of the dialog user to a password consisting only of alphabets and upper case only but that did not help either.
    I did go through the SAP Notes ; 704206 and 189077 , however we are not using a saprouter string for the connection. We are using the local gateway connection.
    Point to note is that the same RFC connection which we have also set up in our Quality system gives us the remote log in prompt.
    I also checked the hosts and services files on both the servers and both seem to have the same entries.
    System Details:
    Release - 620
    Kernel Patch - 640 Patch 414
    Please do share if you have any ideas on how to resolve the issue. Do let me know if you need additional information.

    Hello Adil,
    Appreciate your feedback on this.
    Our network team confirms that the set up between Dev and Prod is exactly same as the set up bw QA and Prod. As the connection bw QA and Prod works , they are suspecting some other area to be the cause of this issue.

  • Trusted RFC and Remote logon not possible due to Nat'd IP addresses

    We are trying to connect our SolMan 4 to our cusotmers ECC 6 and BI7 systems, the systems are off site and the IP addresses for the customers systems are nat'd when they come in and go out from our Network.
    The problem we get is that we cannot set up Trusted systems or Remote Logon to these systems due to issues with the Nating of the IP adresses. We can set up all standard RFC's after adding the the appropriate addresses into the hosts file and they work fine. But the trusted RFC does not set up properly and the BACK rfc from the satelite system does not get set up properly. What appears to happen is that when you try to start a remote session SAP goes to the satelite system and finds the Instance Name and the local IP address rather than the NAT'd IP address and try's to open a session from there. I found this by going into the trusted RFC in SM59 and then going to Extra's, System Information, Target System, this then tells me the Target System information, where it shows the System ID and IP address (which is the incorrect IP address).
    Anyone know how we can get the system to try to have the correct IP adress in the target system information so that we can get Remote Logon's to work??

    Hi Carl,
    Based on your explanation about Nating,, how will the RFC determine to connect to Solmans internal IP after it has been directed to the IP for the Router connection.
    I feel it is like configuring a jump of RFCs from one IP to another in a single chain.
    Can this be done ?? I mean we have to specify an IP in the RFC connection right.. so how will the automatic jumping of IPs be done.
    Sorry not answering the question but its very interesting and wanted to know.
    Also went trough note # 148832, might help.
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  • GRC10 - EAM - Transaction Code GRAC_SPM opening remote logon screen

    We are on SAP EHP 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0  and Plugin patch level 007. Have configured EAM.
    IN AC system Firefighter executes transaction code GRAC_SPM.Firefighter selects FFID, enters reason code ,details and clicks logon. The next screen is asking autnentication of target system (Remote Logon screen in SM59) .Please can you suggest if this issue is related to RFC or configuration.
    Edited by: ARD on Feb 21, 2012 8:56 PM

    Are you on SP06? If so, and you are sure that the RFC connections have been set up correctly, as well as all the SPM related configuration at both the GRC and plug-in systems (SPM ID = Service type, SPRO etc), you probably need to consider implementing the following SAP note
    This fixed a similar issue I had when we moved to SP06. I understand that this note is delivered as part of SP07 now.
    Hope that helps.

  • Remote Logon Button Disabled

    According to the link:
    how to connection r3 to xi
    Raghavesh has given the following links
    SAP XI1) RFC Destination (SM59)
    a) Choose create.
    b) Specify the name of the RFC destination
    c) Select connection type as 3 and save
    d) In the technical settings tab enter the details SAP SID/URL and system number#.
    e) Enter the Gateway host as same details above SID/URL.
    f) Gateway service is 3300+system number#.
    g) In the Logon /Security tab, enter the client user & Password details of Destination system.
    h) Test the connection and remote logon.
    In this, if I give gateway host and service details and save , the remote logon button disappears from the screen and appears when I delete the gateway host and service details.
    1. why it disappears ?
    2. I can do test connection but I am to do remote logon (If I prees the button nothing is happening)
    How can I do remote logon.

    Thanks Bhavesh
    As you mentioned I am creating a type 3 connection and I am not giving the Gateway host and service values. I have given target host details (host name) and in the log on tab, I gave the client number and the user id and password.
    The following way I have given :
    RFC destination: can I give any name here ? ( I have given a name of my choice)
    Connection type: 3
    In LOgon/Security
    language: en
    client: 100
    user: XISUPER
    Technical settings:
    Target host: IP address
    system no:01
    save as: Hostname
    Gateway options: No value is given here
    Does it mean in anyway that if test connection is successfull the connection between R3 and XI has been established even though remote Logon was unsuccessfull
    Pls help

  • Target system details in SM59

    Hello all,
    I really need your help for the following:
    I am setting up an RFC destination in SM59 to communicate with an EDI server (Gentran).
    The details of the configuration are:
    - Connection type is: TCP/IP
    - Activation type is: Registered server program
    When I try to enter information for the Target system in: Extras> System Information> Target System
    I get the error:
    ERROR when opening an RFC Connection.
    How do we enter detials for the target system??ajiv

    Hi Rajivk,
    when you double-click on the line in SMGW where you can locate the name of the program, there should be two lines like this:
    LOCAL = XX.XXX.XXX.XX:NNNN where X* = ip-address of your SAP-server and N* port on your SAP-server
    REMOTE = YY.YYY.YYY.YY:MMM; where Y* = ip-address of your GIS-server and M* port on your GIS-server
    if i understand your problem correctly, there should be the same ip-address and Port in both lines. is that so? if yes, can you check your services file in OS whether there is an entry with sapgw* NNNN/tcp and MMMM/tcp?
    if that turns out ok. i have no futher idea. you should really check with your GIS consultants on the setup and connection information.

  • You are not authorized to logon to the target system error code1(in SM58)

    Hi Basis Gurus,
    In my test system Idocs are in error status.
    When I check tRFC monitering in SM58, there are several Idocs are strucked.
    Status Text: You are not authorized to logon to the target system  (error code 1).
    Recently we have refreshed our test system with production data.
    Before system refresh it was normal.
    The RFC connection is also working fine.
    Please suggest the solution as I'm struck in this issue.
    I'm a Basis Guy.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Change the RFC user password in target system however there are 2 tests to analyse from SM59 :
    1) RFC Connection test
    2) Authorization Test
    And i guess you have only tested the 1st one from the RFC(SM59) check whether you can succeed with option 2 if not then you may need to change the password.

  • RFC Destination (Remote Logon)is not Success

    Hi All,
    I have created one RFC Destination in SAP R/3 towards XI.
    I have given the IP of XI and System Number
    And also provided all the details like User, Pass, client Language.
    After this i saved and clicked on Connect Test, it is Success.
    Then now i clicked on Remote Logon. It is not going to another page, it is still showing the same SM59 page, No change......
    What could be the problem

    Hi Chandu,
    R u getting any error in while doing the scenario?
    The scenario works even it is not login into the XI Remotely.
    Provide the valide username and password in the SM59 tr.code.
    User need authorization to login to XI remotely. Ask the Basis guys.
    If you want to remotely login ask the basis guy to create the new user and provide the user detailsin the SM59 and test it.
    If you are getting any errors let me know.
    Goli Sridhar

  • Copying Files From a Remote Machine through "rcp" command not working.

    Hi All,
    I'm a new comer to this famous forum. I was trying to go through the PDF "Solaris Advanced User's Guide" .So in chapter 9-"Using the network" i came across "Copying Files From a Remote Machine". And the syntax was "rcp machinename:source destination" . And i got another note. It is like
    "The rcp command enables you to copy files from one machine to another. This command uses the remote machine's /etc/hosts.equiv and /etc/passwd files to determine whether you have unchallenged access privileges. The syntax for rcp is similar to the command syntax for cp.".
    But i maintained remote machine's IP address in my system's /etc/hosts file. But still i am unable to do the rcp from remote system to my system or vice versa.
    Always i am getting error message " **Connection refused**".
    Therefore please some one guide me how to perform the " Copying Files From a Remote Machine" through rcp command.

    The inconvenience of using scp is that you have to type the password every time you stablish a connection. You can work around this, adding a key into the remote hosts_allow file. This implies in more maintenance.
    From the rcp man page:
    +rcp does not prompt for passwords. It either  uses  Kerberos authentication which is enabled through command-line options or your current local user name must exist on  hostname  and allow remote command execution by rsh(1).+
    From the rsh man page:
    + If you omit command, instead of executing a single command, rsh logs you in on the remote host using rlogin(1).+
    By default, rlogin is disabled on Solaris 10
    [SunOS 5.10/bash] [email protected]:/store/sun/operating-systems
    # svcs -a|grep -i rlog
    disabled       May_11   svc:/network/login:rloginSo, to use rcp you have to enable the rlogin service and set up all the configuration files. Particularly, as already suggested, I too suggest you to use scp. :)
    -- Andreas
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  • Remote Logon Required in ChaRM

    Hi Everyone-
    When processing an urgent correction I am taken to a remote logon screen for my development client when I select actions such as Authorize Change Request, Set to In Development, and even when I try to assign partner functions.
    This should be done in the background and appear seamless to the user, however I am still taken to the development logon screen when pulling these actions.
    Other unusual behavior:
    1.) At the logon screen the user's password doesn't work.
    2.) Exiting the logon screen without typing anything into the password field will still save the transaction when returning to CRMD_ORDER.
    Any idea why this happens? Trusted RFCs have been established.

    One more thing:
    If the change manager assigns a developer, tester and It Operator and then sets the status to In Development, the system behaves as it should and creates the transport request in the background.
    However, if the developer logs in after the partner functions are assigned and sets the status to In Development the remote logon is prompted.
    Any ideas?

Maybe you are looking for

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