Remove Bullets from Featured Product List - Style a module

I have a list of Featured Products by the Tag/Module: {module_productfeaturelist,Featured Product}.
Everything works great, except I am getting big bullet before each product listed. Obviously I need to add styling "list-style:none" but I can't figure out where I would add that to make it work. I have added the styling to the <td></td> as well as putting the module into a <span></span> and having a class for the span with the styling. Nothing is working.
How would I style a "{module_productfeaturelist,Featured Product}"

So that anyone else has this problem. I figured out how to style the module. {module_productfeaturelist}  "productfeaturelist is a class. Just add the class to your css and add list-style:none to it. Works great.

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    Gr8 not a problem why do you use a composite view pattern.
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    Looks like it's not just you having problems :
    Normally pressing the 'x' on or next to the item should delete it (, but it doesn't appear to be working at the moment.

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    Swipe across its name in the list and it should get a Delete button on it - tap that and it should be removed from the list

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    Sent from my iPhone
    <Re-Titled By Host>

    You will need to go through a couple of steps in order to remove your subscription: one is on any community, click the "following" button and it will change to "follow" which means you are no longer subscribed. The same applies to any discussion/question you initiate - you will be automatically subscribed, so unfollow that. And, last, click on your name "welcome Chascartri" and then Preferences and turn email notifications OFF.
    As an FYI, please do not shout at the other users/volunteers here as that is what typing in all caps means.

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    No. You can hide them from the Purchases section of the iTunes Store through iTunes on a computer (or your iPad if it's still running iOS 5):
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    No one is deleting contacts but we're all complaining about it. This is Skype's way of maintaining their kudos of the best online call service. Then they can attract bigger investment.
    I've been searching for hours.
    Skype you --- over this matter & i'm going to complain to the UK Gov!

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    Are you trying to reduce the visual clutter on the phone, save space on the phone, or limit the security exposure if your phone is stolen?
    If you are only wanting to reduce the visual clutter and make scrolling through the list faster, you could set up a group on the computer containing only the contacts you want to see on my phone (called, for example, "Show on my Phone") and enable only that group inside Contacts on the phone. You might even have one or more existing groups that you could enable that way (maybe "Family" and "Personal").

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    Hi there,
    Does anyone know how to remove devices from Device Security list in McAfee Dashboard as part of BT Net Protect Plus? It's just there are devices that I no longer manage in the list as well as devices that either currently or no longer have BT Net Protect Plus installed. Your help would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    Hi rajinderpauluck,
    Thanks for posting and welcome back!
    Have a look at this link - I don't want BT NetProtect Plus anymore.  How do I remove it?
    You best bet, to completely remove those devices, is to run the BT NetProtect Plus removal tool which will remove all traces of it.
    All the best,
    BTCare Community Mod
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    We have a long list of items in VF04 that, for various reasons (some process related, some due to errors), are not to be billed. We have looked at applying filters to the list but there is nothing really suitable to hide these individual documents e.g. we could filter out some dates where none of the items on that date are to be billed but other dates have a mix of items we want to bill and others we don't.
    I have done a search of this forum but didn't find a previous topic with a quick and simple method to remove items from the list .
    Is there a method, other than billing them or sorting each issue individually, to permanently remove individual documents from the VF04 list?
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    Download a list of Pending delivers doc form VF04.
    Paste the list in T.Code : VL09 (Delivery reversal) and reverse the delivery.
    Then go to T.Code: VL06G Select the list of deliveries that has been reversed, select/delete all un- wanted deliveries.
    This way you can remove all unwanted pending deliveries forn Billing due list (VF04).
    Thanks & Regards,

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    i have products aligned in a row already using custom css.i just would like to make it a slide show of the multiple (20) products in the one row.
    i am using the featured product module from the development section of business catalyst. i would love to display as many new products as possible in one row of products. so i can just click a arrow left button and scroll through the products. is the site i am mentioning.

    Aside from any custom implementations that may be suggested by any other members, you could also consider using some hero-type slider like those found on our new responsive templates, and have each web-app item contain a product.
    Kind Regards,
    Alex Pavelescu

  • How do you remove recipients from the To list?

    Say you want to send an email to multiple recipients. You add a few recipients to the To list but then change your mind about including one of them. How do you remove one from the list? So far the only way I can see is go cancel the whole message and start again.

    Touch the persons name you wish to remove. It will highlight in blue. Then hit the destructive backspace (delete) key on the keyboard.

Maybe you are looking for

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