Remove entries from the "Open with" menu?

I'm using openbox as a window manager and while trying to open some specific zip files I did the right click, open with, and then chose a few different programs.
The problem is that now everytime I right click a file of the same extention the menu includes the programs I selected from before. Here's an example of what it looks like
7-Zip FM
Archive Manager
File Manager PCMan FM
Open With
and so on. My laptop screen has quite a small resolution and the menu flows off the screen which is getting really annoying. Is there a way I can remove entries on the menu, and just keep Archive Manager, making the menu smaller?

you need to edit your mime list:
or install mime-editor  or xfce4-mime-settings

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  • Help. Need to remove item from the "open with" menu

    Does anyone know how I can remove an item from the "open with" menu?

    You could try removing the quicktime .pkg files from the receipts folder in the root library.
    The system has to go somewhere to determine eligible applications it can use to open a file.
    Each application would contain its base settings in its receipts file.
    Once you delete the receipt you should delete the application and reinstall it.
    The reinstall will write a new receipts file.
    The receipts file is used by your system when it repairs disk permissions.
    The system does not just add a setting.
    For example if you take a .png file and click on it and look at what can open it you may get a long list.
    If you choose "other" from the get info "open with" menu and have acrobat reader installed in applications, it will show as an application you can choose.
    That application, however, is not in the drop down list.
    If you choose acrobat reader and apply it to the file type, it will show as the default.
    If you then choose another application in the list and apply, Acrobat Reader disappears from the list.
    The system only shows files in the list that advertise to the system that they can read the file type.
    You have a system which is populating the list with legitimate programs that are compatible with the advertised file type.
    It is reading that advertisement for the quicktime application somewhere.
    The configuration is written to each file individually, you can choose to have a single file associated with a particular application or have it apply to all files of that type.
    Check in Spotlight for a copy of the application in another location.

  • Remove applications from the "open with" menu

    How do you remove applications from the "open with" context menu? I seem to have one instance of a program for every time it was "updated." So my "open with" menu has about 8 instances of Adobe Acrobat, 3 or 4 of Word, etc. It's obnoxious and cumbersom. Any idea how to edit this context menu? Thanks.

    hi joshua,
    you can solve it in two ways:
    1)open terminal and copy and paste:
    Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister \
    -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user
    enter and wait the prompt
    2) delete this files and restart
    (more than one files with the xxxx i mean number)

  • How do I remove apps from the "open with" menu in Mountain Lion?

    If I right-click a document in Finder, I get a contextual menu offering all of the potential applications with which I might open that document.  My problem is that some of those applications are no longer operational and I want them to be removed from the menu.  How can I do that?

    I'm not sure how the order is determined. Clearly, the first level sort is ascending by application name these days (since Lion, I think), but it seems to be random after that. It's not by version, though that would be convenient.
    Also, I notice that on my relatively clean Mountain Lion system I sometimes get duplicate entries in the "open with" list that cannot be explained by duplicate copies of the application. On a text file, I get two each of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Equation Editor, Evernote, and Xcode; none of these is duplicated on this system. I get only one entry each for the Notepad stub application, a few Adobe apps, TextWrangler, Safari, Numbers, Pages, and several others.
    Where there are duplicated entries, it doesn't seem to matter which one I select; I get the same instance of the program no matter which I select. I take this to mean that one is an alias for the other.
    That's my mystery and not necessarily yours. Are your "unhelpful but working stub applications" also duplicates?

  • Removing items from the Open With Menu List!

    I'm not sure how this happened but when I select the Open With
    option I have multiple listing of the same applications. there must be a list that is displayed that may be edited.. Can someone help?

    Follow the instructions in this thread.

  • How do I remove items from the "Open With" menu?

    It seems like most are from Photoshop CS2, approximately 25 different methods to open files.

    Try this:
    Open the Terminal app in your Utiliities folder. Paste the following at the prompt and press return.
    /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/L aunchServices.framework/Versions/Current/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain system -domain local -domain user

  • Help. Need to remove one of the listed QuickTimes from the "open with" menu

    When I bring up the 'Open with' menu on an audio file I have QuickTime Player (7.3.1) and just below that I have QuickTime Player (7.2.1). I would like to remove the 7.2.1 listing from this menu. There is on one version on my computer (7.3.1). The last update must have placed the newer listing in this menu and left the older listing. Is there a way to remove the older listing from the open with menu?

    Did you ever do an archival and install of your OS? If so, you have what is called previous system fold on your main hard drive. This is where you can find the player to the version. If not I guess what happen to you is strange...mmm... And I guess it could happen.

  • Removing specific items from the "Open With" menu

    I use VMWare Fusion and have an issue with the "Open With" context menu for documents that I can open with VMWare. Several images that have been deleted continue to show up in the context menu. How can I remove them?
    I tried renaming the com.launcher.plist solution described in the "how to" section, but to no avail...

    When you say you "tried renaming the com.launcher.plist", did you do what is described [here|] or something else?
    Also have a look at [this thread|].

  • Removing multiple entries in the 'Open With' menu

    When I right mouse click on a file, I get the Open With option. On selecting this I get a huge list of options - a lot of them duplicates. How do I remove them?

    You have to rebuild the LaunchServices database. You can do this in the terminal, for instructions see:
    or you can use a program that claims it can do it for you (never used it myself):

  • Clearing Extra Applications from the "Open With' Menu in 10.5

    After installing an HP printer, my 'open with' dialogue is cluttered with lots of HP junk. How can I remove these items on 10.5? I've found a lot of answers for 10.4 and earlier, but nothing that works on Leopard.
    Thanks for any help,

    you can try rebuilding the launch services database. run this terminal command
    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchSe rvices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user
    this will remove redundant items from "open with".

  • [ID CS2 Win]How do you remove entries from the debug TRACE menu

    TRACEFLOW is really useful, and over time the entries for have grown but don't shrink automatically.
    They have now reached a point where there are too many for indesign to cope with "TRACE menu has overflowed allocated action ids".
    How do I clear the menu? I've tried deleting the Version 4.0 folder from Application Data\Adobe\InDesign, but even without the plugin loaded it still finds all the old entries.

    Thanks Marco - I edited the file instead of deleting, and now have a sensible menu.

  • How can I remove items from the open a recent file menue.

    How can I remove items from the "Open a Recent File" menue. Many other applications allow the clearing of that file . Is this possible in Adobe Reader 10.1.2 ? If so how?

    See this previous topic:
    It is for Acrobat, but the registry entries are similar for Reader.

  • How To Remove A Specific Application Name From The "Open With" Dialog

    When you right click on a file you are presented with the "Open With" menu item and you are also presented with a list of applications that could potentially be used to open that file.
    In my case, when I click on a file of type .mov I am presented with the name of an application that I want to remove from the list, because that application ( (2.5.2) ) no longer exists on my system.
    What is the best way to remove that application name from the list?

    Ok, but how does one remove some of the applications that are appear in the context menu for a given file type? Is there an asc file which can be edited?
    For example, in my system a PDF can be opened with over 10 applications. I would like to see just the three ones I use: Acrobat, Skim and Preview.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Unwanted Firefox entry in the Open With Windows Explorer menu

    Open Windows Explorer and right-click various file types. You'll see there's a submenu called "Open with" that allows you to choose a particular application. Firefox is listed for numerous file types it can't actually handle, like RAR and MKV.
    Does anyone know why? I've never attempted to open those file types with Firefox, though I did download such files with Firefox. I can't find any bug reports about this, and the above seems like too little information to file a report.
    I'm not the only one with this issue:

    After cleaning the registry manually, I haven't been able to trigger this.
    * I now have RAR under Options → Applications again after downloading a file of that type. The respective file type doesn't have Firefox under the "Open with" menu in Windows Explorer.
    * I set Firefox as the default browser when installing. Then I set Internet Explorer as the default using the Control Panel, then Firefox again when prompted at startup. Since it's one of the few times Firefox interacts with the registry, I thought it might trigger the issue — it didn't.
    Since I can't recreate this, I think we can consider it a rare occurrence and forget about it. Thank you all for replying.
    ''the-edmeister wrote:''
    There's something screwed up in Firefox 31 and 32 with regards to Firefox messing with Windows OS File Associations […]
    Being Sunday, I'm too lazy to search for the relevant Bug report.
    * [ Bug 1049521] - Be less aggressive about non-primary file type associations in Firefox on Windows
    That's the bug report about Firefox inadvertently stealing the file association for PDFs. That didn't happen on my system. I also don't see how this could be related. The PDF association is set on install, and reinstalling Firefox didn't change the "Open with" list for the previously affected file types.
    Then again, the patch on bug 1049521 touches the ''OpenWithList'' registry keys, which is what I manually cleaned up. It also handles more than PDFs: I spotted media file types like OG? and WEBM, but not MKV or any of the previously affected file types on my system.
    ''FredMcD wrote:''
    Me thinks me smells a virus at work.
    The system is clean.

  • Paralles and the "open with" menu

    Can anyone advise me on how to remove PC applications installed in Parallel
    appearing in the "open with" menu within osx.
    With most files there is no problem, but using open with in Mail gives a list of
    apps and no idea which ones are OSX apps or PC apps.
    Thanks in advance

    I was under the impression that one reason to use Parallels rather than bootcamp was precisely for that reason, that one can run apps in both systems at the same time.
    If a file can be opened with either XP or Leopard apps, then it seems to me both should show up in the "open with" list since they are both available.
    With Parallels, XP is just one more app running in Leopard, AFAIK.
    If you can exclude Parallels from SpotLight search and then rebuild the data base it might work.
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