Remove Saved Search functionality from Web IC

Hi Experts,
I have a view where in there is a component related to Saved Searches functionality that is appearing on the Web IC. Now, for my client, they do not want those fields to be visible.
So, I wanted to know how can those fields related to Saved search be removed from the Web IC.
I checked the configuration of the components used in that view and also for component usages of the component. But I did not find any component usage for the Saved search component. This sounds weird but I am not able to find out from where this Saved search component is displayed on the Web IC screen.
We didn't have this earlier in our system. This is introduced after we upgraded our system from CRM 6.0 to CRM 7.0 EHP2.
I have attached the screen shot of my view where the Saved Search fields are available.
Please suggest me some method by which these fields can be removed. Also, if there is any configuration in SPRO where this can be checked.

Hi Preeti,
Can you check if your view belongs to a viewset? If so, try to find there in correspoding html code for tag "thtmlb:searchSavingArea", something like this:
   <bsp:call comp_id = "<%= controller->GET_VIEWAREA_CONTENT_ID( 'SavedSearchRegistration' ) %>"
          url     = "<%= controller->GET_VIEWAREA_CONTENT_URL( 'SavedSearchRegistration' ) %>" />
Try to comment it and check if it works (I've never tried it ).
Kind regards,

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  • Mimicking SAP search functionality for Web Dynpro inputfield

    Hello Experts,
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    Hi Marshall,
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    ISimpleTypeModifiable type = list.getModifiableSimpleType();
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet valueSet = type.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();
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    valueSet.put("value2", "value2");
    valueSet.put("value3", "value3");
    valueSet.put("value4", "value4");
    Also please note that webdynpro does not support the feature what we have in ABAP when we type in some value and hit enter a pop up comes with the list of values. Such feature is not supported. The maximum what you can do is just hit the F4 button to get the value help and select some values from the value help popup which has come.
    I hope this solves your issue. Please revert back in case you need any further information on this. 
    Thanks and Regards,

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    I guess you have to look for MDS or Meta data service. MDS stores changes to the ui like table layout and query state for each user in a central store (db or file).
    To use MDS you must use ADF security as this gives MDS the user ID.
    I can't search for more info right now as I'm not in front of my pc. Check the doc for MDS and you find more info.

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    the result list from the BS is displayed like a read-only list.
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    also, i dont have a bpa script. i have a stand along ui map called from the context menu, using portals.
    could you please help me out?

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    I had the same problem...I searched many forums for answers...Finally this one works.
    Click Start....Click Run...enter this:
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    Ravi Thothadri

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    it indicate " cannot set context". but there is no method of wf_engine api to set it.

    Hi, Buddy,
    Did you fix your issue?
    Now, I have the same issue, EBS version is 12.1.3. Using Soapui invoking PL/SQL, then go back to SOA monitor to check the error message.
    Could you please give me some advises?

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