Renamed multiple files iTunes Match. Can I restore from time machine?

Hopefully someone might be able to assist.
I downloaded a live album from a bands official store on their website.
After importing into my itunes library, I tried to rename the two discs so that they appeared as one album, (I've done this lots of times before).
Stupidly, I was rushing before I had to leave the house, was unaware that is actually selected 50 albums and accidently renamed  a large number of files as one album!!!
It's made slightly more complicate because I have iTunes Match and they were all stored in the cloud.
Can I restore from time machine and manually update iTunes Match?
Amy help would be appreciated

when i say right clicking, i mean in itunes, right clicking the song and going get info and then changing the properties via the info tab.
yehh i done the grouping tracks together by holding down the command key.
but because i have some smart playlists with the same songs in, i changed both the genre and grouping not realising, this was ok for one smart playlist but totally messed the other up, especially because in for example "dance classics" smart playlist, there also in a folder on my hdd, . and thats the playlist i messed up., but if i drag the folder back into itunes, there all over the show on itunes and in the other playlist too, hence why it isnt as easy to easilly sort and rectify.
so what id like to do is just copy the folder again from my time machine backup, replacing the files but im unsure if this would solve it.
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    Serial Number  QP*****1LW
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    Here are some notes on Time Machine problems.  
    I have asked the hosts that your serial number be removed.  Best not to publish it,

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    I've installed mountain lion and restored from time machine and mail rules were not there. There's only news from apple.
    I tried to restore the rules myself (MessageRules.plist and MessageRules.plist.backup) but when opening mail rules were not there yet. Nevertheless, i can add rules manually, so if there was a way of looking at the past rules I could just copy them (though it's not the best way).

    My rules are still there, so perhaps Apple support speak with resource forked tongue.
    Comparing an old (pre ML) rules file from 20th June with the ML one, the differences are:
    The file name was: MessageRules.plist, the ML one is SynchedRules.plist. Both are in my V2 folder, but the old Rules have been copied (by Mail, not me) into the new SynchedRules file.
    In the old file, for each item (Rule) the first line was Active (Key) String (Type) 1 (Value). In the ML file, this line is no longer there, so the first line is AllCriteriaMustBeSatisfied.
    You can see these differnces in the "preview" part of Finder Show Info, if you have the two files to compare.
    Thus, just copying and renaming the old Rules file probably won't work, because of this difference. Mail probably just makes a new file because the copied file isn't as expected. It should be possible to edit the old plist file to remove the "Active" line, and rename it to SynchedRules.plist (but see below). The top is slightly different, just below <dict>, as this relates to the Active line. There are a  couple of lines at the bottom that aren't in the new file.
    The "Active" line that has gone is now in a file called RulesActiveState.plist. This file is just a list of RuleIds from the SynchedRules.plist (like this:
    Doing this does sound rather tedious, but might be quicker than manually re-entering blocked email addresses etc. to replicate old rules. As plist files are in xml format, it should be possible to use a text editor to delete the unwanted "Active" line from the message rules list by Find & Replace All (with nothing). All this could then be copied to the "SynchedRules.plist. You would need to copy the RuleIds into the RulesActiveState.plist as well.
    Make a copy of the files first just in case...

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    My hard drive on my Macbook failed a few days ago. Just makes a clanking noise and won't boot up etc... I installed a new drive, formatted it, and selected restore from Time Machine backup from the installer screen. It started restoring from my backup I had on an external drive and everything was fine untill it got about 6% done then get a message that says "An error occured when restoring from the backup" It is pretty non descriptive. It also says please restart your system and try again or something to that effect. I tried again, same problem.  When I try to copy files over manually I eventually gets some error that says there is a problem with a file and it will quit. Any ideas on how to get my data? I can see all my files on there, but can't get them. My backup disc is just used for backup on this one machine nothing else, so it shouldn't have a problem. Help!

    Good to hear MA is doing something!
    >I have never had much luck with Time Machine...
    Same here, not one good backup or restore, can't tell which.
    You can set any of these to Clone/Update as often as you wish...
    Carbon copy cloner...
    Or SuperDuper...
    Or the most expensive one & my favorite, Tri-Backup...

  • HT201250 I recently replaced my 2009 Macbook Pro's hard drive.  I had the Apple store upgrade the OS to Mountain Lion while it was being repaired.  I want to restore all of my old files and data, if I restore from Time Machine, will it revert to the old O

    I recently had to replace my 2009 Macbook Pro's hard drive.  I had the apple store upgrade the OS to Mountain Lion while it was in being repaired.  I want to restore all of my old data and files.  If I perform a restore from Time Machine, with a date prior to having the hard drive replaced, will it revert back to the old OS?

    No, it won't revert to the prior OS X but you you may have third party apps installed that were compatible with Lion that may not be compatible with Mountain Lion.
    App Compatibility Table - RoaringApps - App compatibility and feature support for OS X & iOS
    After you restore from TM, check HD > Incompatible Software

  • Can't restore from time machine after SSD upgrade

    Macbook Pro 13" mid-2009, 10.7.5 Lion
    I just swapped out my 160GB  HDD with a 250GB SSD on my MBP. When I booted up, I pressed Command-R to try to get into recovery mode but all it does was showing a gray folder with a question mark on it.
    I had previously backed up my HDD with time machine. My original HDD is no longer available because I tried to upgrade to Mavericks (since the command-R was not working) and upon restarting my MBP was locked with system pin code (that is another nightmare all by itself)
    What are my options besides getting a 10.7 Lion CD from the apple store and try to boot it up that way? and then restore from time machine?
    Any other way I can get into receovery mode?
    Thanks (My MBP is now a brick sitting on my desk)

    It's a bare drive so it isn't formatted and it doesn't yet have a Recovery HD installed on it.
    Your computer originally came with a version of Leopard installed. You can reinstall it if you still have the original discs that came with the computer. Or, if you have a retail Snow Leopard DVD you can reinstall Snow Leopard from which you can then upgrade to Mavericks (Lion is no longer available for re-download.) It's unlikely your local Apple Store has a Lion USB flash drive or DVD although you can certainly make an appointment and ask for their help.
    You should see if you can boot from the Recovery HD invisible image in your Time Machine backup drive. Connect it to the computer and use OPTION boot to get the boot manager. If you see a Recovery HD on your backup drive displayed, then boot from it.

  • Can't restore from Time Machine using recovery partition

    I came up with the idéa to put in an extra disk (SSD) into my mid 2009 13" Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion and create my own fusion drive.
    In order to make sure not to lose all of my data I made sure to back up all my files using Time Machine so that simply could restore my entire system to the new drive.
    Careful as one should be when about to wipe the entire drive on a computer I wanted to check so that I could make a proper restore from my TM backup disk. So I booted into recovery mode and choose to restore from Time Machine and then I selected my external drive, but then nothing. Where the list of my latest backups should be there was nothing.
    I've tried to format the disk several times, changing disk permissions etc.
    Does anyone have a clue what could solve this? Is it possible that it has something to do with the fact that I'm (probably) running 10.8.3 and that my recovery partition is 10.8.2?

    Is the TM backup complete? When you Enter Time Machine, do you have snapshots going back in time?
    See here for info on a problem Pondini has found with Time Machine that may have affected you:
    UPDATED: Serious Time Machine bug on Mountain Lion (Updated)
    You may just have to restart your TM backups to get those folders backed up.
    If you do have that issue, please post at his link. He is trying to get enough background info to pass to Apple to solve the problem.

  • Can't restore from Time Machine

    I have an early 2011 17" MBP, the last model made, I think. I use the pegasus 12 TB thunderbolt setup with time machine to backup my files.
    I've had no problems, all is well.
    My computer has been slowing down since I installed Mountain Lion. It has reached the point of absurdity it is so slow now. I decided to do some looking around and figured I would do the following:
    1) get a 6G SSD 480GB and put it in the main hard drive and keep the former hard drive with all its data as a separate external backup.
    2) put in a new install of Mountain Lion. Reinstall all my programs: Aperuture 3, Photoshop CS6, pages, quicken, and so forth.
    Sounds simple enough. Got my SSD drive this morning from OWC. Install was simple, went into internet recovery mode. It all worked great.
    I did not want to just image back from TM all that I had because it was so slow. Seeing as I'm going to also put a second HD where the optical drive currently is, I wanted to install carefully on the SSD to maximize speed and space.
    The reinstall of 10.8.x went well. Talk about zippy, wow. Got linked back up to iCloud, all the usual email, contacts, etc synced with the computer flawlessly.
    So far, all is going well except for one minor deal. Major deal.
    Time machine is recognized fine by the fresh install. I can open TM and see the Pegasus with all it's information. However, I cannot find but the image for "now." I cannot go back any further for some reason. I did change the name of my new hard drive, could that be an issue?
    I cannot find my disk of Aperture 3. I had purchased Ap2 and kept upgrading with CD's through AP3. The AP3 I have is an upgrade disk and for whatever reason, I cannot seem to find any of my former Aperture disks. Simple enough, I thought, I'll just restore AP3 from Time Machine.
    Same problem is happening: I can see Aperture 3 in TM. I highlight the app. The "restore" button is greyed out and I can only access the "now" image and cannot go further back on images/time.
    Any idea why Time Machine is not working with restore? Why I cannot take all the last year of faithfully saving daily backups to time machine and see them?
    I can't see them, restore them. Only the "now" image is visible and it will not let me restore anything. Anything. I tried various files, a single picture, and nothing is working. I am getting frustrated thinking that maybe this whole time machine as a backup is a joke.

    DocDoc, that worked. I read that page and it meantioned how to exactly click what. I'm not sure why TM is so particular, but nevertheless, I was able to open a finder window pre-TM, click on my new hard drive. Then I opened TM and again, clicked on my hard drive in that finder window. Then navigated to the folder I wanted, which was the applications folder.
    The "now" image wouldn't do anything when right clicked (on except offer to get info or to delete all backups of aperture. I almost gave up, figuring the purpled out timeline (as previous) on TM was bunk. I couldn't go backwards to a previous image before.
    But having navigated that exact way somehow made TM happy. A previous image about 1 month ago was able to be saved to my application folder. 986megs or something like that in a few seconds. When TB works, it zips right along.
    I don't care for how persnickety TM is, but am glad it worked nevertheless. Thanks for your help.

  • Going back to leopard from snow leopard Can I restore from Time machine

    My Imac continues to lock up about three times a day since I went to Snow Leopard.
    I want to go back to Leopard where I did not have these problems.
    Can I reformat and do a clean install and then restore everything from time machine even though the back up is from Snow Leopard?

    You can restore the system to any previous dated state shown in your Time Machine backups. However, this will not preserve anything you created after that date. You can also restore individual files & folders from later backups but you may or may not be able to use files you created using Snow Leopard while running Leopard, depending on the parent application & if it was updated to use a new file format with Snow Leopard.
    It is generally much better to resolve the issues you have with Snow Leopard & continue using it than to try to do this. Most issues are fairly easy to resolve. If you want help with that, let us know.

  • Brand new iMac, Can I restore from Time machine or start new?

    My Mac Pro died a month ago so I am replacing it with a 27 Inch iMac.  I had a time machine back up on my Mac Pro.  When I get my iMac can I restore from the time machine so that I don't have to go through installing all of my programs again or should I start fresh and install everything fr

    It's probably "better" to put a fresh install of everything but it certainly isn't the easiest or fastest. I'd say if everythg was running fine at the time of your last TM backup I'd restore from the TM probably using Migration Assistant. Installing and registering a bunch of software can be a pain. I've always used Migration Assistant when I get a new Mac. What happened to the Mac Pro? Is the hard drive still available? You could stick it into an external enclosure and migrate from that.

  • Can't restore from Time Machine "error occurred adding a recovery system"

    Here's the situation:
    MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard was upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8.2.
    A Time Machine backup exists (on Time Capsule) from the day before the upgrade.
    I am trying to restore the Time Machine backup to a blank hard drive connected to the MacBook via FIrewire, but after rebooting with Command-R and selecting the backup source and HD destination I keep getting this (unhelpful) messages:
    "An error occured while adding a recovery system to the destination disk" and "the recovery system could not be added"
    Is what I am attempting impossible, or is there something else going on? What use is Time Machine if I can't restore?

    Hi FranzKafka
    I know it has been a while since your question, but the issue is possibly dependent on the blank HD, h=was it changed from the GUID partitioning?  If so change back and you will find the Time Machine will restore back... without having to reinstall OSX. As you say, all of the original settings are captuered within TM.

  • ITunes keeps deleting all info, now can't restore from Time Machine because there is not enough memory?

    I have had this reaccuring problem where my iTunes will whipe out all the info in it. No reason as this is a standard Mac with the intel processors. The only upgrade I have done is to get it to Lion 10.8.whatever. The past several times this has happened, I've been able to restore the entire iTunes file from the 1TB external drive I use only for Time Machine. After it whiped out iTunes again last night, it would not let me restore and kept giving me a message that said I did not have enough start-up memory. I went in and deleted a bunch of old videos and it still kept giving me the memory message. I was able to break down some of the files into smaller portions (i.e. apps A-G, then H-M, etc) but could not get any of the actual music to transfer over. I deleted iTunes and reinstalled it to no avail. I have over 30,000 songs, 200+ music videos, a couple dozen movies, and several seasons of TV shows in my iTunes.
    Any and all assistance would be appreciated!

    DocDoc, that worked. I read that page and it meantioned how to exactly click what. I'm not sure why TM is so particular, but nevertheless, I was able to open a finder window pre-TM, click on my new hard drive. Then I opened TM and again, clicked on my hard drive in that finder window. Then navigated to the folder I wanted, which was the applications folder.
    The "now" image wouldn't do anything when right clicked (on except offer to get info or to delete all backups of aperture. I almost gave up, figuring the purpled out timeline (as previous) on TM was bunk. I couldn't go backwards to a previous image before.
    But having navigated that exact way somehow made TM happy. A previous image about 1 month ago was able to be saved to my application folder. 986megs or something like that in a few seconds. When TB works, it zips right along.
    I don't care for how persnickety TM is, but am glad it worked nevertheless. Thanks for your help.

  • Itunes library damaged -- can I restore from Time Machine?

    I got a "Library damaged" message this morning. Can I restore the library from my Time Machine? how?

    Yes that's what I'm doing now... to be honest I'm not sure its working as I would expect.
    So I've freed up the USB port by using Remote Disk to boot Leopard and I'm restoring from a Time Machine backup but can anybody for the life of me tell me why it's necessary to "Calculating space required to restore data" and to take forever doing it when I'm restoring from a Time Machine backup?
    I really should be able to skip this calculating step and just get straight onto the restoring step.
    Well turns out if you use Remote Disk to boot Leopard and then plug the Air into the Time Capsule over ethernet that that does dramatically improve restore time.

  • Losing iTunes Tag Info Upon Restore from Time Machine Backup

    I tried to drag & drop the iTunes music folder from my backup external drive (time machine backup) into my current iTunes music library. The files copied OK but most of the tag info (artist, album, genre, etc.) was lost. Also, the system placed a two digit number in front of the song title. Does anyone know why this happened or what I did wrong?

    In the event that you have a failure with your drive, you want to drag the entire iTunes folder back to the computer after things are repaired. In this folder you will find a database file (iTunes Library) along with the iTunes Music folder. It sounds like you only copied the iTunes Music folder, not the iTunes folder that it sits in.
    If you copy that whole folder, then you can restore your entire library as it was including play lists, counts, ratings, etc. and all the WAV file tags.
    You might try converting one of the WAV files to AIFF and to Apple Lossless, update the tags in both, then remove them from your library but don't let them get deleted off the hard drive. Now add them both back in and see if the tag info is retained. Off the top of my head I only recall WAV for sure not saving this info, but AIFF might and I am pretty sure Apple Loss does. AIFF has the advantage of being universal but will retain the same file size as WAV. Apple Lossless has the advantage of somewhat smaller file size, but may not be easily transferable to other non-Mac systems. All three type (wav, aiff, and lossless) are lossless formats, so all give you the same quality as the original from which you got them.
    If AIFF and Apple LL both retain the metadata, then you might consider switching to one of those if quality is your number one priority. Although my own opinion is 320kbps MP3 would sound plenty good, but then I only rip my stuff to 192kbps MP3s, so perhaps I just am not as picky as a lot of people.

  • Can't restore from Time Machine back ups

    I began having problems with my 2 year old iMac which was not corrected with a re-install of Snow Leopard from the Installer disk.
    I decided to restore my startup drive from a Time Machine backup. I followed the procedures. I selected the particular back up to restore from. Restore began and indicated that it would take about 2 hours and 40 minutes. When I came back to check 4 hours later, the progress bar was completely filled in but the text below it says:
    "Restoring files (104.4%)
    Time remaining: 1690214873 hours and 30 mins"
    No progress seems to be going on. But if I just click the mouse I can hear my disks go into action and the numbers start changing on the time remaining for a few seconds and then everything stops.
    I have repeated this experience twice now, each time using a different Time Machine backup.
    Any ideas?

    try repairing the TM drive with disk utility on the install DVD, any errors? also, reformat the internal drive using the partition tab in disk utility on the install DVD (don't use the erase tab). then try restoring again. if nothing helps then you'll have to erase the drive again and reinstall SL from scratch. then migrate from the TM backup manually. this is quite tedious but there is nothing else to do if the restore utility is not working.
    see this link on what to restore in your home directory.
    one correction to this link.
    ical data is stored in ~/library/calendars.

Maybe you are looking for

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