Repeating Frames running over more than one page

Hi I have developed an Oracle Report. It is a nomination form having 7 to 8 pages. FYI..Input is a Pin Number. So, the customer can either enter one pin or can select many pins from the browser and depending on the selection he needs to either print one form or many forms at a stretch. So i want a repeating frame to be enclosed all the other frames. But if i do that, then i am getting an error
"REP-1212: Object R_13 is not fully enclosed by its enclosing body" since the repeating i introduced spans over all the pages in the report.
Please let me know the solution for this asap.
Thanks in Advance

Make sure the repeating frame is variable vertically and that all the frames that it encloses are variable.

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    Neither of the 2 options suggested quite fit the bill as my document is a text document report with embedded tables, which do need to refer to each other across more than one page, but still needs to be well laid out for printing and easy reading by others. It seems strange that something which was easy to achieve in Appleworks should be impossible in iWorks, since I thought this was meant to be the replacement program after Apple stopped developing Appleworks.

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    Andrew Payze

    Hi Andrew,
    If I understand correctly, there are 20 columns in the table. When it prints over 3 pages, the report should repeat the first column in all pages.
    To freeze row header in the table, we can refer to the following steps:
    The table should have a group. If the Name is already a row group, we can directly refer to step 2. Or we need add a row group grouped by Name ahead.
    Right-click the table to open the Tablix Properties dialog box, then enable “Repeat header rows on each page” and “Keep header visible while scrolling” options under Row Headers category.
    If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask.
    Katherine Xiong
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    change Vertical Panels per Page to 2 (or more as needed) for the Main Section of Layout Model.

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    Hi all,
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    Page  No. 1
    |     Test case Number  |  Test Step number      |
    |      100                         |            100                   |
    Page  No. 2
    |     Test case Number  |  Test Step number      |
    |      200                         |            300                   |
    Test Result word document should generate with Table headings(marked as Red) in every pages of the document, but i am not getting as per above example.
    Please through light on this.

    Hi Santiago,
    Thank you very much for your valuable reply.
    i want to generate MS-word report for TestStand after successful testing using MS-word2000.
    Test report contains Actual values, Expected values and Pass/Fail status.
    In my program i have customized all  fields i can able to generate test report which contains Verification engineer name , test mode, test date, start time, end time Actual values, Expected values and Pass/Fail status.etc....
    To put all values of test case number, Test step number, Actual values, Expected values and Pass/Fail status in to table for each time, i will
    insert a row into table every time values arrives, once the table exceedes its page size it moves to the next page, next page should start with table row header  but it start with  values of above said parameters.
    so i'm not able to repeat table row header for each page.
    Please find the attached file for your reference.
    Attched file expected.doc  :   This file contains what i wanted to generate MS-word report. Here table row header "Test Case Number and Test Step Number " is repeated in second page.
    Attached file Actual output from source code.doc   :  This report generated from the source code. Here table row header "Test Case Number and Test Step Number" is not repeated in second page.
    Do you know any property to set "repeat as header row at the top of each page" using MS-word ActiveX in CVI/Labwindows.
    i think this information is sufficient for you,
    Still if you need some information please ask me.
    Actual output from source code.doc ‏25 KB
    expected.doc ‏26 KB

  • How to use beans in more than one page

    hello members,
    can somebody tell me how to make beans availabe to more than one page ,i used scope variable as "application"
    in which i set the value of java bean and in that page it show all values of that bean even it modified
    but when redirect to another jsp page it does not show modifided value,it shows its default value
    what shld i use tell me
    following thing that i use in forwarded jsp page
    <jsp:useBean="same id in previous jsp page", class="same class", scope="application"/>
    and then i am using boolean variable which set false default ,but i set it manually though
    setfuction (assume) in original jsp page,but in redirected page it showing it value fasle
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    My dear friend,
    your scope is wrong. Since you run a JSP page and you want it available everywhere, the only thing that all pages have common is session. So changing your bean scope to session will keep the bean variables and the rest you have on it.
    Try it and let me know.

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    Hello Jetteski,
    Hello Jetteski, Thanks for the post.
    Since you are running a MAC, check the below links for some excellent information on scanning.  Good Luck!
    I work for HP but my posts and replies are my own....Thank you!

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    I'd like to be able to have a table in which some cells extend over more than one column.
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    (Pages 5.2.2.)

    Pages v5 is not an MS Word clone, and therefore, it doesn't matter what you did in Word. Select the adjacent table column cells, and then either two-finger tap, or right-click and choose merge cells from the contextual menu.

  • Why can't I paste more than one page at a time?

    I have a problem with Pages when I try to paste more than one page worth of content at one time.
    In my business I have a form online for clients to fill out. When the clients have finished the form, I copy the form (saved either as a safari document or as a pdf) and then try to paste what I have into Pages. It should flow to fill out four pages, but for some odd reason it only fill the first page of a Pages document, then it gives me a second blank (empty) page. So the document is two pages long, but only the first page has content.
    I know the pasted information is hidden in the document, because if I were to cut (erase) a few lines of content, the pasted information would appear from the bottom of the page to fill the space I just made.
    Why is Pages not making a four page document containing all my pasted information? Why isn't it flowing to fill out as many pages as it takes to show all the information?

    Michele Stapleton wrote:
    I think using Numbers is too complicated because what I want essentially is a text document I can alter.  I take the information they put into my form and repurpose it in a way I find more useful while performing the job. So, I want to be able to take their typed information and move it around. And add some more of my own.
    You may perfectly "their typed information and move it around" in Numbers which behave as the AppleWorks Draw environment.
    Here is the second page in the document which I posted before.
    As you may see, the standard Word Processor features are at work:
    Spell Checker
    I exported my AppleWorks documents in Numbers ones.
    And of course, with the Numbers document open, you may copy pieces of it and paste them in Pages's pages.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 16 juin 2011 16:44:30
    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 4 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.7
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    You can either right-click on the back/forward buttons or hold down the left mouse button until the list appears.

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    In case you are having an actual fax issue, I have included the following links.
    Send a Fax from the Scanner Glass or the Automatic Document Feeder
    Fax Sending Fails Intermittently or Fails for Only One Recipient
    I work on behalf of HP
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    Is it possible to add more than one page at a time in pages - word processing?

    I haven't been able to find a way to add more than one page at a time.  I think you'll have to add them one at a time. 

  • How can I have more than one page open at a time?

    I would like to have more than one page open at a time- not tabs, but whole pages. How can I do this? I want to be able to have the pages side by side, instead of having to switch back and forth.

    Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser):

  • Cannot work on more than one page and menu shifting problems

    I downloaded Muse CC 2014 when it first came out, and now I find myself no longer able to edit more than one page without having to completely shut down the application and start it again. Here's what happens:
    I open a page to edit, and then anything else I try to double click on (or right click and choose open page) does absolutely nothing. Any ideas why this is occurring?
    Also, I've noticed a strange phenomenon where my menu has completely shifted its menu contents - pushing everything down. Nothing I did - wondering why this is happening. This has pretty much rendered Muse unusable to me and I am becoming more and more frustrated since I'm paying good money for this....please help.
    Here's a screenshot of the messed up menu (all text should be located in between the green dots and not so spread out):
    Also, if I try to create a border around a text box with just the bottom border showing (i.e. the other 3 sides are set to 0), that bottom border also shifts down as if the text container has suddenly expanded.
    This happens with both my Macbook Air and my MacPro.
    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm kind of at my wit's end....I really need to be able to update my website as this is the face of my business.

    You could look at using a template.  Create your master template, create editable and non-editable regions, then use this template create all the child pages.  When you need to make a change to the menu, make it in the template and the changes will flow down to all the pages created from the template.
    Using DW Templates:
    The other option would be to create the Navigation item as a server side include...
    More about this:
    Difference between using a template and server side includes.
    When you make a change to a template, you need to re-upload all the pages created from the template.
    Using a SSI, you make the change in the ssi file,  upload it and all pages are automatically updated.
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