Replenishment entry not flowing to COPA

When reconciling the value field VVV52 " DM Cons st" it appears that repenishment orders are not booking any entry in COPA .
for example a delivery xxxx should transfer 100 $ to COPA on acount no. yyyy.
but none of that kind of delivery is posted to COPA Though there is a wired CO document. and also there is a profitability segment in FI doc which is visible,
What can be reason  non flow to COPA?

1. WHat is the type of COPA - account based or costing based----
ans -
it's a Costing Based COPA.
2. What is your scenario i.e. MTS or MTO(With sales order as cost object or not)
ans ---MTO
3. Is your COGS a cost element? If yes, whats the category
ans ---no COGS is not a cost elment.
If you are in Costing based COPA, then COGS is not supposed to update COPA at the time of PGI....
If you are in Account based COPA, then PGI can update to COPA
4. Also check if in KE4W you have the replenisment billing type which is resetting VVV52 to zero
ans--- I checked this table it's blank or not maintained.
5. If the above does not resolve your issue, then pls describe in detail what is your replen process...

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  • Revenue values are not flowing into COPA

    Dear Experts,
             We are processing the MTS normal scenario. Here the revenue values are not flowing into COPA when FG sale. But when we process the Raw material Sale values are flowing to COPA smoothly. Here the SD condition Type, Revenue Account and COPA value Field same for RM and FG.
    May I know the exact reasonu2026.
    Please suggest me in right wayu2026.
    Balaji Bhonsle.

    Hi Balaji bhau
    I guess the issue might be with your Item Category in SD.. Is it set relevant for billing??
    See if the Billing Type has been entered in KE4W and the VF reset for it
    Check in VFX3 if the invoice is lying there for any error.... Try to release the Billing to accounting and you may get the error message
    br, Ajay M

  • Values are not flow to COPA

    Can you please clear some point.-
    1.According to my understanding, From SD data will flow through condition type,which is assign with value field and condition types are assign with Pricing Procedure.
    In my problem, Condition type-YREC(Packing tax) is in Pricing Procedure and YREC assign with value field VV031 but amount is not flow to COPA.
    2.Please tell me the FI flow to COPA
    Please help me.

    <b>Pl try KE4ST billing transfer simulation</b>
    Simulate Billing Document Transfer
    In the activity "Simulating the Transfer of Documents from Billing", you have the option of simulating the transfer of billing document data into Profitability Analysis.
    Simulation occurs on the basis of the Customizing settings valid at the time it is carried out. You can view the characteristics and value fields of the line item to be written to COPA.
    The function "Valuation analysis" allows you to perform an analysis of the valuation strategy valid for valuating billing document data.
    You can also restart the simulation of document transfers for billing documents that have already been transferred. This option should simplify in particular the analysis of error situations that have arisen.
    Performing this simulation causes no data to be posted to COPA or to other modules.
    <b>Check tcode KEAT also</b>
    Check Value Flow in Billing Document Transfer
    In this activity, you can compare your actual data in Profitability Analysis with the data posted in Financial Accounting (FI). This makes it possible to analyze the flow of values from SD billing documents to CO-PA, find and analyze any differences between the different applications.
    Billing data is stored by condition types in SD, accounts in FI, and value fields in costing-based CO-PA. The reconciliation report yields a list of the balances for value fields, condition types, and profit and loss accounts.

  • Sales Orders not flowing in COPA if Credit block is set

    We are implementing COPA for reporting in BW. The Billing information is flowing well in COPA. However, we have one issue with Sales Orders. Here is the scenario:
    When we create a new Sales Order without any credit blocks, the information is flowing to COPA Tables in R/3. However, if the Sales Order is blocked for Credit reasons, then the Sales Order information is not available in COPA. The moment the Credit block is released we are able to see the info in COPA Tables.
    The requirement is to have the Sales Order information availabe in COPA no matter what. Is there a way via which we can make the Sales Order info flow in COPA the moment it is created, no matter it has any blocks.
    Any info on this is highly appriciated.

    I think it is a standard behaviour of Co-PA.Refer the note: 139725
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

  • Values not flowing to COPA - PO with Acctt Asgnmt Cat-Ind. Cust. w/o KD-CO

    Dear Friends,
    The users have created a PO with Acctt Asgnmt Cat as "Ind. Cust. w/o KD-CO" while mentioning the Sales Order and GL Account No. in the PO. The GL Account No. defined is that of Inventory Account (Balance Sheet). The issue is that at the time of Invoice Verification, the price was different from the PO value and the difference in the price got debited to the COGS Account, However, even though there was a reference to the PO, while posting the difference to COGS, the system did not create the Profitability Segment and thus the value did not flow to the COPA. But the basic costs debited to COGS at the time of GR has flown to COPA.
    Could any one help in understanding this, is this the normal behavior, and was it correct to mention the Inventory GL in PO instead of COGS A/c.

    1. I asked you which CO object it is posting to upon PRD... Profit center is not a CO object if the cost element category is 1....
    Your COGS should be ideally Cost Ele Catg 1, which means without a Cost Center, IO or WBS you can not post..
    2. As you say, COGS is flowing to COPA upon PGI, which means Prf Segment is the Cost Object for COGS account
    Similarly, what is the CO object upon PRD and what is your cost ele category?
    3. If it is 12 instead of 1, may be you can post to Profit Center also.. But system gives a warning message KI 166 Enter a true account assignment object with revenues.. You should convert it into Error in OBA5 so that you wont be able to post without a True CO Object
    *4. The notes which I mentioned are both for flowing COGS as well as PRD into Costing based COPA*
    Ajay M
    Edited by: Ajay Maheshwari on Oct 14, 2010 10:35 AM
    Edited by: Ajay Maheshwari on Oct 14, 2010 10:36 AM

  • COPA:  Credit Note and Debit Nore Quantity should not flow to COPA

    Hello Everyone,
    As per the client requirement we don't want quantity should flow to COPA report for raising debit note/Credit note ( DR/ CR note is raised by SD Cycle).  We are raising debit or Credit note for the price difference but not the quantity difference.  Please do let me know is there any way to stop flow of Quantity value to COPA report by raising Debit or Credit note.

    Hi Sneha
    1. Go to KE4W...
    2. Assign your Billing Type for Dr Note and ABMSG Qty field and check RESET
    3. Similarly, assign bill type for Cr Memo and ABSMG Qty Field and check RESET
    4. Not only for Qty, you need to do this for COGS value fields also... During Dr and Cr memo, the COGS is also adjusted by the system along with Qty....
    So, Mention your COGS value fields also in KE4W and check RESET
    Ajay M

  • COGS Value not flowing to COPA

    Dear ALL
    I am trying to post COGS/COGM to COPA, All revenues and discounts getting flow to COPA but COGS/COGM is not updating in COPA
    Please any one send me solution
    Thanks in Advance

    Dear Hemant,
    Check whether you have maintained Standard average price in Accounting view of Material Master Record. You need to maintain Condition type VPRS in Pricing Proceedure with subtotal as B and Requirement as 4. Once you maintain this data will flow to COPA. and also Consult your SD Consultant.
    Thanks and Regards

  • COGS Values are not flowing to COPA

    Dear experts
    here i  have prepared copa report , but cogs values are not comming to copa report
    cogs elements have been created by taking cost element category "1"

    Can you check whether COPA document is created for billing document and COGS value field is updated in this document? If this value is not updated then you need to check COGS value field mapping to COGS condition type (generally VPRS).
    If the COGS value is updated in COPA document then you need to check COPA form and report.
    Let me know if you need further details.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Sub Contracting Values are not flowing in to COPA

    PP guy has run Sub-Contracting scenario, later when i see the postings in COPA, those are not flowing into COPA. Amount is showing only in FI.
    510085 Consumption - Subcontracting =800
    520085 Inventory Change - Subcontracting = -5800
    How to bring them into COPA report. Please advise me..

    Add those cost elements to the automatic account assignment table (t-code OKB9) ans click the profitability segment assignment box.  If using cost based COPA, assign these cost elements to a PA transfer structure (KEI2) so that they are assigned to the correct value field.

  • Cost of Goods Sold not flowing to CO-PA

    Dear Experts,
    I have assigned VPRS (statistical condition type) to CO-PA value field in KE4I,but when I create billing document,the COGS value is not flowing to COPA.
    Can anybody help me as WHAT is missing in configuration for not flowing COGS to CO-PA?
    Treat it very...... .

    Can anybody explian the logic behind the documents triggered by the system in the following scenarios?
    At the time of PGI:
    COGS A/c Dr to FG Stock A/c (Accounting Document)
    COGS A/c (CO Document and No COPA Document)
    At the time of  Billing
    Customer A/c Dr to Sales A/c (FI Document)
    Sales A/c-PSG for Sales A/cs (CO Document)
    All the line items relating to Sales Revenue (CO-PA Document)
    So finally in FI under P&L,COGS A/c in Debit side and Sales in Credit side appears as Customer and FG Stock comes under Balance sheet.
    The above said entries are correct and Standard SAP behaves the same.

  • Value field does not updated in COPA Billing

    We are facing one issue in COPA.
    We are created one Condition type ABC, this condition type we have selected the check box for Accruals in control data 2 ,then we are created one Account key 123 , in pricing procedure we have assigned this one ABC condition type to accrual account key 123.Then Vkoa setting in TAble one customer/mat/ acckey combination we have assign one g/l like transfer cost with (11 cost element) in provision for accrual column.
    COPA side setting as been done :
    step 1: user defined value field like NMR and this value field is assign in ke4i with respective condition type ABC  value filedNMR.
    We are generated the billing a/c document is below entry.
    Customer a/c dr 10
    Trasnfer Cost a/c dr 1
       To Cost on sales a/c 11-
    Above one 1 rs in coming in condition records in billing document.But In COpa document  my revunue is 10 rs with value filed, NMR  value filed  amount "1" is not updated.
    Note :above condition type ABC  we are not selecting the statistical check box  in Pricing procedure
    Please give me suggestion.

    Hi Reddy
    As far as I understand, any GL Account maintained in VKOA under provision column will not flow to COPA, be it B/S 8754 or P/L 4567.
    The GL mapped under G/L Account column would essentially flow to COPA. Therefore in your case, values posted to GL 1234 should flow to NMR Value field through SD Condition type ABC.
    I dont have access to system so can you check below options:
    1) Once you had done KOFK, did you create the cycle from scratch to evaluate the results. If so and if its still not working, can you please share with us the output of the KEAT and / or KE4ST report for the billing document, posted to accounts.
    2) Also check in the pricing procedure, if you set an account key under accruals column, then in VKOA, you need not have to mention seperate GL under Provision Column. Just maintain the GL account under "G/L account" column for each Account keys (4 records with KOFI & KOFK)
    3) If above also doesnt help, test if removing the check from Accruals in the ABC Condition type configurations really helps, in which case you may need to maintain GL under provision column.
    Will explore more options and will revert back hopefully by tuesday.
    Hope it helps

  • Sales order values not coming in copa report can been seen in ke24

    i have did sd and billing and actual settlement through va88
    i can able to values in ke24 actual line items.
    but when i cant able to see values in ke30 copa report aganist sales order characteristic
    and aganist record type A values are not flowing in copa report.
    please help me.

    hi ajay,
    i have again prepare actual line items report from ke94 ,ke91 and executed report ,
    here for that particular sales order values are flowing through record type C but not flowing for record type A.
    sales order is not displaying for record type A.
    and for that c only revenue and  and  raw material cost is flowing.

  • Value flows to COPA through Billing

    we have defined Operating concern as Costing based.
    We have assigned value fields to SD conditon types which are related to different revenues.
    By mistake one of the revenue GL is not defined as revenue element, so values are not flowed to COPA.
    Now , how to rectify values in COPA.
    whether we need to post manually the value to copa to that specific value field by arriving amount by other method?
    or can we repost Billing document to rectify the values in COPA? what is the best method to follow?
    we have another problem of cost of goods sold. we are treating VPRS condition type in Billing as Cost of goods sold.
    But my doubt is even though there will not be any cost element with respective to VPRS condition type, the value will flow to COPA or not?
    we have not defined cost of goods sold as cost element and don't want to flow the value from this GL account which is coming from PGI to COPA.
    How can we get VPRS cost to COPA ?

    KE4SFI, is only to transfer FI documents ( directly posted in FI) to COPA, so, this is not required for us.
    Of course I tried by entering billing accounting document numbers, but not posting.
    secondly, our scenario is now we have to adjust copa values for already posted Billing documents.  For example we have two types of revenues _ direct revenue and pallet revenue. direct revenue already flowed to COPA, where as pallet revenue is not flowed because, we have forgotten to create that GL account as cost/revenue element.
    Now If I use KE21N, I am not able to give reference Billing document number, there by I can get report for each billng document wise.
    Secondly if i use KE4S, if i ticked Update control with "check for existing records", system is not posting any thing ( In this I want to transfer only pallet price to COPA not any other values).
    If  I ticked update control with "Posting with out check", system is generating COPA document i.e it is posting all the values again. SO, for the same billing document we will have to copa document which will duplicate the values which are already posted, which is not correct.
    I think now I have explained my situaiton.
    can you suggest to pass only pallet price to copa with reference to billing document?

  • Billing document are not flowing into FI and COPA

    Hello SAP CO gurus,
    please help me out by giving possible reasons why Billing document are not flowing into FI and COPA.
    what are the settings need to check?
    is there any option to get release by manual?
    Initiatives rewards with points........

    Hello Chandra,
    Check whether any standard cost estimate is existing for that material for which your billing. If it is there then check whether costing key from COPA is able to access the cost estimate.
    I am also working on the same issue but not solved yet.

  • TDS line Item not flowing in Simulation/Entry

    Hi Expert,
    We made separate tax code for 194A and made all relevant configuration but in vedor invoice entry, tds line item not flowing . Why this happening , please let me know..

    Check the field status for the vendor reconciliation GL account.
    1. check the field status group assigned to vendor reconciliation GL account in FS03.
    2. use transaction OBC4 and select the respective field status group and make all entry optional under TAXES group.
    Chintan Joshi.

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