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I find it rather strange that when "replying all" to an email, it includes me in the Cc as well. I know that this can be useful to some people, but what I find strange is that there is no way to change this setting (that I know of). I have come to learn that when Apple seems to do something weird, it is generally me who is not using it correctly.
With that said, does anyone know how I can change Mail from including myself in the Cc when I reply all? I'd rather not copy myself and I am getting tired of having to click on and delete myself each time I reply all.

Well, it could be that your Mail preferences are corrupt, so that even if you have the CC yourself option unchecked, it treats it as though it is checked. You can see if creating new preferences will fix the problem like this:
1. Quit Mail if it's running.
2. Go to Home/Library/Preferences and remove the file to your Desktop.
3. Restart Mail and setup your accounts and preferences again.
4. Test one of those messages by clicking on Reply All and see if the problem continues. If not, then you can delete the file on your Desktop.

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  • How to make Reply (all), to an email I sent, to be sent from same account as the original email?

    I have a number of Email accounts configured, all of them as pop mail. And, they are all configured to use the same Inbox and Send folders, Thrashbin etc. They are all correctly configured with the appropriate Sender and Reply to-address.
    My problem, has started occuring, I think, after I exchanged my default and some of my email accounts.
    Sometimes I need to reuse a message that I have sent, to fill in some details, or whatever.
    Typically I open an Email from the Sent folder, remove my own email from the distribution list, add some more text
    and resend the message to the original recipients.
    What I want, is for the new message to be sent from the same sender address as the original email.
    But, since I changed my default account, the new email created by opening an email from the Sent folder
    and clicking Reply or Reply all, now gets a different Sender and Reply to - address.
    And this means I have to remember to edit the Sender address.
    I seem to get this problem regardless of whether I do Forward, Reply or Reply all, to create a new Email from the old one I sent.
    This is really a nuisance since I keep forgetting to do this, and it takes extra time and effort for something that used to be quick and easy.
    How can I make Thunderbird include the correct Sender address, (the one that I sent the original email from) when doing this, without my having to change it manually each time?
    The address Thunderbird chooses is not even my Default email address, but the first account that appears after the Default account in the list of accounts, at least that is what it seems like. I have tried to find a way to reorder the accounts, but I have not been able to find that.
    Is there a way to reorder the accounts?
    Would it help if I recreated the accounts so the one I use as default becomes the oldest one? But that, would help only for the default account, and the other accounts would still have the same problem, I assume?
    I could live with this, since the default account is the default account for a reason.
    Would it help, if I separated the different accounts, into different folders?
    Or is there a setting to configure how Thunderbird does this, or even have it ask every time I create a new email from the Sent folder?
    Each one of the accounts, is configured with the appropriate smtp server settings, (probably irrelevant for this problem).

    Good suggestion. It gets rid of the "mailto:", but I have to remove the space after dragging the clip into the user name box. Interestingly, I can open the clip with TextWrangler, remove the space, and save it as a clip. However, the clip, as a clip, still has the space! When I open it again in TextWrangler, the space is gone, but still appears when I drag the clip or open it in the Finder. So not quite a cigar. But definitely useful.
    So the question remains, where is a clip's data stored? Is it editable? If so, how? If not, why not?

  • Problem with Mail in Mountain Lion -- reply all function

    Ever since upgrading to Mountain Lion in Mail when I hit reply all my email address is included in the cc line, so I get sent my responses.  Any one else having this problem or know how to fix it?  This didn't happen in previous versions. 

    re: "like on my iMac, when it sleeps, it doesn't fetch email anymore like it did before Mountail Lion"
    First, this really should be in a seaparate thread.
    What is happening, just like my MBP, is that ML is *actually* sleeping properly. For as long as I used 10.7 on my MBP, it appered to be sleeping, but it really was not (screen black, etc.). And yes, mail would still come through.
    Now with ML, it sleeps like it is supposed to sleep, and mail is not received when asleep.
    Nothing wrong, no bug, just working properly now.

  • Why am I included in 'Reply All'?

    When I choose 'reply all', for some reason Mail adds my email address to the 'send to' list. This doesn't happen on my Mac Pro, only the iPad version of Mail.
    Is this a bug, or is there a setting I can change? It's just a bit annoying.
    Thanx for any help.
    - T

    I'm having the same problem on my MacBook Pro.

  • missing to field in reply all

    Using OS X Lion with, DavMail, and IMAP (Exchange). Just recently, people at work have been telling me that when I reply all to a message from someone (that is also sent to others), the recipent does not get the message.
    I looked at the raw header from, and the Cc: list was there in the middle, and near the bottom was the To: field with the recipient. However, when a coworker looked at the recieved mail (he was on the Cc: list), the raw header only had the Cc: list and not To: field.
    I don't know if this is a problem with on Lion, Exchange, or something else (DavMail).
    I'm going to try some tests sending and replying to different combinations, to see if it is just reply-all, and if it happens every time. Any other ideas to troubleshoot?
    I've never seen this, when using Snow Leopard. I've been using Lion for about 2 months now, and it was OK until last week. I'm trying to see if there are other people at work with Macs, seeing this problem.
    At a loss,

    I had the same problem today with (Mavericks) Mail and was able to fix this easily:
    In the search bar, look up some email which is in the archive. In the upper right corner of this email you find two links: "details" and "archive ..". klick on that "archive". it will place the archive folder back in the sidebar permanently.

  • Swap "Reply All" To/CC recipients in Mail? "Followup" button?

    Many many times when I need to follow up on a multi-recipient email message, I find myself choosing "Reply All" and then manually swapping the contents of the To and CC recipient fields. The problem is that if I "Reply All" to something that I previously sent, the new message will have me listed in the To field, and everyone else in the CC field. While I could just send the messages like that, some people don't read carefully if they see they were only CC'd on a message. In many circumstances I want people to know that the follow-up was directed to them. I want the mail to be To them (again) and CC'd to me. To achieve that I now have to "Reply All", then "Select All" in each recipient field, and either drag to the other field w/ the mouse, or do a Copy/Paste, or some combination. I find myself doing that a lot.
    My Mail app fantasy (feature request) would be a "Followup" button that acts like "Reply All" except that it keeps the recipient fields the same as they were in the original mail.
    Short of this fantasy being realized, it would at least be nice to be able to hit "Reply All" and then select "Swap To/CC Recipients" (or some such) from an Applescript menu. I have tried (for years...) to write such a script, but there are some apparent bugs in Mail's Applescript interface that make it impossible to grab/set recipients in a "Reply All" message. OS release after OS release, this has not been fixed, and I cannot find an example of anyone doing it.
    Does anyone know of a solution or work-around? Can anyone demonstrate an Applescript that would swap the To/CC recipient contents in a "Reply All" message? Can't do it (that I can see) in Automator. Perhaps some keyboard macro software (e.g., QuicKeys X).
    Thanks in advance....
    Prof. Greg Welch
    Computer Science
    UNC-Chapel Hill
    Dual G5 minitower, iMac G5, 17" PowerBook   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Hello pefrat,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities! I understand that when you “Reply All” to a message the additional recipients are moved to the "CC:" field. This is expected behavior in iOS as well as OS X Mail. Is there a reason you would rather have the recipients in the “To:” field as opposed to the “CC:” field?
    If you want to manually move the recipient address from the "CC:" field to the "To:" field, you can absolutely do so. Just keep in mind that the end result is the same:
    Write messages - iPhone
    Change a recipient from Cc to Bcc. After you enter recipients, you can drag them from one field to another or change their order.
    (This applies to the “To:” field as well)
    Matt M.

  • N Mail, when using "reply all" why does Mail automatically include my email address in the cc line? Whey would I want to include my email address in an email I am sending.  Anybody have any idea how to stop this?

    In Mail, when using "reply all" why does Mail automatically include my email address in the cc line? Whey would I want to include my email address in an email I am sending.? Anybody have any idea how to stop Mail from including my email address in the cc line when using "reply all"?

    Automatically cc myself is not checked.  I did find out that if you have multiple email address that all of them need to be associated with "My Contact" tab.  Thanks

  • Mail replying to me when using reply all

    When I receive an email from multiple people and hit the "reply all" button to respond, Mail includes my email in the response. It didn't used to do this. How can I make it stop?

    I'm having the very same problem. Mine is with an exchange account - NOT a Gmail account.

  • How do I stop Mail from cc'ing me when I "reply all"?

    The latest update (10.9.2) has fixed nearly all of the Exchange server connection issues reported in Mail by quite a few people. Now I can send attachments over 200 kb. Wow! What a step forward in personal computing that is! However, there is still one annoying little glitch. When I "reply all", I receive a copy of the email reply. I don't want to get a copy of the email I just sent; that's why Sent Mail exists. In Preferences, you can check a box asking to be cc'd on everything, but I have not checked that box. Nevertheless...
    Apple, please fix this.

    Not really. I have reduced the annoyance factor a bit by setting up a Rule that puts every email copied to me if it is from me into the trash. At least now I don't see them in my Inbox. I have a feeling, though, that this is related to something about the Exchange server at my work, because my Gmail account doesn't do this. So it is probably not a Mac Mail problem so much as a Microsoft Exchange problem, if that's any comfort.

  • How do I get "reply all" to work after someone has responded?

    When I send out a message to multiple recipients and one person responds, hitting "reply all" only gets the address for the last person who has responded, even when I go back to the original message and select "reply all" from there. Any suggestions?

    Firefox doesn't do email, it's strictly a web browser.
    If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service.
    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, please '''Tag''' this thread as being for Thunderbird in the right-hand column of this page. This question currently is in the Firefox queue for answers.

  • Reply all not picking up all email addresses

    On a mail list email when I hit "Reply All" Mail app does not pick up all email addresses when composing a response to a non subscribed user.  This also happens when using web mail in Safari.  No problems on iMac.

    last step on the process is a factory restore through itunes to see if its a software glitch, if that doesnt solve it, you iphone may need service
    iTunes: Restoring iOS software

  • OSX Mail : reply all - my email address is also in to/cc field

    When i receive an email, and i hit Reply All, my email address is also in the TO or CC field. There is nowhere an option to disable this behavior.
    I got this situation :
    TO : email addresses of friends and my email address
    FROM : my email address
    How can i solve this ?

    My Apple Mail app was doing the same thing. In my case I found a solution. It turns out that the email address that my coworkers were sending to was a duplicate email account with an alias. I added the alias to my current account settings by separating them with a comma. This allowed me to use only one account and kept my email address from showing up in the CC field when I hit "Reply All".
    Example 1:
    [email protected], [email protected]
    Example 2:
    [email protected], [email protected]
    Hope this helps

  • "Reply-all" puts addresses in CC field

    Whenever I select "reply-all" for a message, it puts the original sender's email address in the "to" field and all other email addresses in the "cc" field.I want all of the email addresses from the original emails "to" field in the "to" field of the reply message. How can I do this ? The Mail version is Version 4.5 (1084) .

    I don't think you can change the way Mail does this. The person who sent the original is the person that the reply is addressed to.
    Now, you can manually drag the contents of the CC field up to the To field, but I presume you are looking for something automatic. The only thing I can suggest is maybe write a little Applescript to set up the reply, leaving the outgoing message open for editing.

  • Mail "Reply All" and Bcc recipients

    If I reply to an email and use "Reply All", will the Bcc recipients from the original author of the email be included in my reply?
    I'm concerned that some people who I am not aware of may unintentionally receive my reply.
    Thanks for any help.

    Help please!!!
    I am a new AppleMail user with a directory that along with individual email addresses, also has a 30 basketball players list in one group.
    I tried to send out a blast to everyone asking if they are playing tomorrow? Everyone replies TO ALL with an "in" if they are playing, or "out" if they can not. That way everyone counts the amount of 'in's to see if we are playing or not.
    They all got the email fine,  but responded to me via email that there was no "reply to all" on my email blast.
    That is a big problem.
    I sent it from my directory, but it is like the system thinks that rather than having sent it to a group of thirty guys, it sent it to thirty persons individually. Perhaps it would not allow a 'reply to all' becuse of that.
    I then tried something different.
    As an experiment, I created a four person email group, dragged the group list icon to the address box for sending out emails, it accepted it, and I hit send.
    It went.
    My email was one of the four.
    I got it, and it showed a 'reply to all' (which worked as I replied to all and I got the reply) but the other three did not get it.
    So that clearly is not the answer.
    By the way, I have a MacBook Pro using Mac OSX verson 10.5.8 with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processing chip.
    Memory 4gb 1067 MHz DDR3 if any of that means anything to you all.
    Any Apple Geniuses out there?

  • Reply-all to email moves recipients to Cc

    When using the email client on my iPhone (iOS 8), whenever I reply to an email with 1 or more recipients on the To line, the email client automatically moves everyone but the last sender to the Cc folder.  This is undesirable behavior and I would like to know if there is a way to change this via settings.
    More details / steps to reproduce:
    I receive an email from PersonA, which was sent to PersonB, PersonC and myself (all on the To line of the mail)
    I use the Reply-All button to reply to all
    Expected behavior:  my email reply is sent to Persona, PersonB and PersonC (all of whom are on the To line).
    Actual Observed behavior:  my email reply is sent to Persona on the To line, but PersonB and PersonC are moved to the Cc line.
    Thank you.

    Hello pefrat,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities! I understand that when you “Reply All” to a message the additional recipients are moved to the "CC:" field. This is expected behavior in iOS as well as OS X Mail. Is there a reason you would rather have the recipients in the “To:” field as opposed to the “CC:” field?
    If you want to manually move the recipient address from the "CC:" field to the "To:" field, you can absolutely do so. Just keep in mind that the end result is the same:
    Write messages - iPhone
    Change a recipient from Cc to Bcc. After you enter recipients, you can drag them from one field to another or change their order.
    (This applies to the “To:” field as well)
    Matt M.

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