Report for open and shipped qty

any standard report to show open and shipped qty by SO no.?
pls advice. thanks

Hi jojo
For list of open orders t.code is VA05
Incomplete delivery - V_UC 
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  • Valuation class wise stock report for opening and closing stock

    Dear all,
       My Clint is asking the report for the opening stock and closing stock with respect to valuation class is there any standard report is available please guide me

    Dear sir,
    in my case matarial is split valuated matarial, matarial is maintained with two valuation classes
    when  seeing the report  MB5B its not showing the price valuation class vise, its showing combined together only, again i am using the MC.9 there also same problem its not showing both the valuation class vise price its showing only one valuation class price, if we check for another valuation class price for that particular matarial its telling no data is availabel for the valuation class

  • Query for Opening And  Closing Stock

    Hi Experts...
    I need a report for Opening and Closing stocks and Goods Receipt and Goods Issue for Raw Materials and Finished Goods and Consumbles ..instead of going for different reports for each we need a combined report which can display for all Raw Materials, Finished Goods and Consumbles and we need it for a specific date range Material type(Raw MAterials,Finished Goods, Consumbales)
    and below is the format i needed.
                                                                           RAW MATERIALS /FINISHED GOODS/CONSUMBALES
                            Opening Stock                      Closing Stock         Goods Receipt                  Goods Issue
                             Qty   Value                             Qty   Value                     Qty   Value                      Qty   Value
    Item Name

    Hi Guys.
    I need an Inventory stock report with Item name, Opening Stock,Goods issue Quantity,Goods Received ,Item Price,Location ,(Closing Stock)Total Value.
    We need the input by Date Range and Item Group and Location(if Possible) Below is the Code i used to run the report.
    Pls Update the Query...
    Declare @FromDate Datetime
    Declare @ToDate Datetime
    Declare @Group nvarchar(10)
    Declare @Whse nvarchar(10)
    Set @FromDate = (Select min(S0.Docdate) from dbo.OINM S0 where S0.Docdate >='[%0]')
    Set @ToDate = (Select max(S1.Docdate) from dbo.OINM s1 where S1.Docdate <='[%1]')
    Set @Group = (Select Max(s2.ItmsGrpCod) from dbo.OITB S2 Where S2.ItmsGrpNam = '[%2]')
    Set @Whse = (Select Max(s3.Warehouse) from dbo.OINM S3 Where S3.Warehouse = '[%3]')
    Select @Whse as 'Warehouse', a.Itemcode, max(a.Dscription), sum(a.[Opening Balance]) as [Opening Balance], sum(a.[IN]) as [IN], sum(a.OUT) as OUT,max(a.Price) as 'Price', ((sum(a.[Opening Balance]) + sum(a.[IN])) - Sum(a.OUT)) as Closing from dbo.OITM I1
    Left JOIN (Select N1.Warehouse, N1.Itemcode, N1.Dscription,N1.Price, (sum(N1.inqty)-sum(n1.outqty)) as [Opening Balance], 0 as [IN], 0 as OUT
    From dbo.OINM N1
    Where N1.DocDate < @FromDate and N1.Warehouse = @Whse
    Group By N1.Warehouse,N1.ItemCode,N1.Dscription,N1.Price
    Union All
    select N1.Warehouse, N1.Itemcode, N1.Dscription,N1.price, 0 as [Opening Balance], sum(N1.inqty) as [IN], 0 as OUT From dbo.OINM N1 Where N1.DocDate >= @FromDate and N1.DocDate <= @ToDate and N1.Inqty >0 and N1.Warehouse = @Whse Group By N1.Warehouse,N1.ItemCode,N1.Dscription,N1.price
    Union All
    select N1.Warehouse, N1.Itemcode, N1.Dscription,N1.price, 0 as [Opening Balance], 0 as [IN], sum(N1.outqty) as OUT From dbo.OINM N1 Where N1.DocDate >= @FromDate and N1.DocDate <[email protected] and N1.OutQty > 0 and N1.Warehouse = @Whse Group By N1.Warehouse,N1.ItemCode,N1.Dscription,N1.price) a ON a.ItemCode=I1.ItemCode
    where  I1.ItmsGrpCod = @Group
    Group By a.Itemcode
    Order By a.Itemcode

  • Functional Specification For Opening And closing stock On Particular Date

    Dear Gurus,
    I am creating report for opening and closing stock on particular date in which batch and storage location should also be included. I want to know the tables and fields for the same.I have searched the forum and got report on month basis but I want this report on posting day basis.kindly suggest tables and fields. Thanks in Advance

    Dear sir,
    There are many other colums that client wants to add which are not present in MB5B transaction.columns which client wants to add are as follows...
    Material Number                                                   
    Material Description                                       
    Material Type                                                                        
    Material Group                                                                     
    External material Group                                                            
    Movement Type     
    Storage Location     
    Customer Number     
    Customer Name     
    Vendor Number     
    Vendor Name     
    Posting Date     Receipt Doc. Number
    Issue Doc. Number     
    Reference Issue Document Number     
    Opening Stock Quanity     
    Material Receipt Quantity     
    Material Issue Quantity     
    Material Closing Stock Quantity      
    Value Of Closing Stock
    And for this I want  tables and logic for the same. kindly provide the solution for the same.

  • Report for open order and shipped qty  summary

    Dear Folks,
               Can any one please help me.
    Report for open order summary Vs shipped quantity
    what are the related programs to it.
    throw some light on it.

    arpita b wrote:
    > Dear rohit
    >     Iam asking about any report which compares or give details of open order vs shipped qty.
    > Any sis report is available for this?
    Hi Arpita,
    There is no such sis report available. You will have to configure and create two seperate reports and do the comparison.
    If you want, I will send you the list of all used to generate reports in SD.
    Revert back to me if you need the same.
    Swapna D.

  • MB5B Report table for Open and Closing stock on date wise

    Hi Frds,
    I am trying get values of Open and Closing stock on date wise form the Table MARD and MBEW -Material Valuation but it does not match with MB5B reports,
    Could anyone suggest correct table to fetch the values Open and Closing stock on date wise for MB5B reports.
    Mohan M

    Please check the below links...
    Query for Opening And  Closing Stock
    Inventory Opening and Closing Stock
    open stock and closing stock

  • Report for shedule vs supply and report for opening stock at back date.

    Dear All Guru,
    please can anybody reply me is there any standard report is available for
    1) Report for shedule vs supply
    2) and report for opening stock at back date.(ex- opening stock at last month 16th july or two months back on 10th may
    pl suggest if any standard report is available or how we can data for this

    To see the opening stock at a particular date use T.Code: MB5B,
    To see the scheduled quantity & delivered quantity use table EKET with the filed names MENGE & WEMNG.

  • If image file not exist in image path crystal report not open and give me exception error problem

    Hi guys my code below show pictures for all employees
    code is working but i have proplem
    if image not exist in path
    crystal report not open and give me exception error image file not exist in path
    although the employee no found in database but if image not exist in path when loop crystal report will not open
    how to ignore image files not exist in path and open report this is actually what i need
    my code below as following
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();
    string connString = "data source=; initial catalog=hrdata;uid=sa; password=1234";
    using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(connString))
    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("ViewEmployeeNoRall", con);
    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
    SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter();
    da.SelectCommand = cmd;
    foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
    FileStream fs = null;
    fs = new FileStream("\\\\\\Personal Pictures\\" + dr[0] + ".jpg", FileMode.Open);
    BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(fs);
    byte[] imgbyte = new byte[fs.Length + 1];
    imgbyte = br.ReadBytes(Convert.ToInt32((fs.Length)));
    dr["Image"] = imgbyte;
    ReportDocument objRpt = new Reports.CrystalReportData2();
    crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = objRpt;
    and exception error as below

    First: I created a New Column ("Image") in a datatable of the dataset and change the DataType to System.Byte()
    Second : Drag And drop this image Filed Where I want.
    private void LoadReport()
    frmCheckWeigher rpt = new frmCheckWeigher();
    CryRe_DailyBatch report = new CryRe_DailyBatch();
    DataSet1TableAdapters.DataTable_DailyBatch1TableAdapter ta = new CheckWeigherReportViewer.DataSet1TableAdapters.DataTable_DailyBatch1TableAdapter();
    DataSet1.DataTable_DailyBatch1DataTable table = ta.GetData(clsLogs.strStartDate_rpt, clsLogs.strBatchno_Rpt, clsLogs.cmdeviceid); // Data from Database
    DataTable dt = GetImageRow(table, "Footer.Jpg");
    crv1.ReportSource = report;
    By this Function I merge My Image data into dataTable
    private DataTable GetImageRow(DataTable dt, string ImageName)
    FileStream fs;
    BinaryReader br;
    if (File.Exists(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + ImageName))
    fs = new FileStream(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + ImageName, FileMode.Open);
    // if photo does not exist show the nophoto.jpg file
    fs = new FileStream(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + ImageName, FileMode.Open);
    // initialise the binary reader from file streamobject
    br = new BinaryReader(fs);
    // define the byte array of filelength
    byte[] imgbyte = new byte[fs.Length + 1];
    // read the bytes from the binary reader
    imgbyte = br.ReadBytes(Convert.ToInt32((fs.Length)));
    dt.Rows[0]["Image"] = imgbyte;
    // close the binary reader
    // close the file stream
    catch (Exception ex)
    // error handling
    MessageBox.Show("Missing " + ImageName + "or nophoto.jpg in application folder");
    return dt;
    // Return Datatable After Image Row Insertion
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  • Simulair report for FBL5N and FBL1N for new general ledger on segment level

    We are working with segments in new G/L ledger. We want to run a open item report where we can combine customers and vendors by segment. The vendors and customers are linked in the master data. In the "old"  reports FBL5N and FBL1N you can do this but not by segment.I found the following report on segment level:
    - S_PCO_36000218 - Receivables: Segment
    - S_PCO_36000219 - Payables: Segment
    What I'm missing is to run 1 report for Customers and vendors. What I'm missing to is that there are only some fields available on line item level. (I like to have invoice number, documentype,.......)
    Is there a standard report for this in new genaral leger?
    Is it possible to ad additional field to th list viewer.

    What is this user license type?  All financial transactions need professional license.

  • Aging report for Open Invoice

    Hi All,
    I need to develop an Aging report for open invoice, there is no indication for open invoice or close invoice since we are using customise DS and DS from third party system. only one key flag we have is clearing date. so kindly let me know how to write the logic for this requirement.. can I use Customer exit for this? I have an Idea to do like
    first logic is
    *If Clearing date = blank than invoice is = open (by using of this logic we can get all open invoice).
    second logic
    total number of invoice = current date - document date.
    but I do not know how to implement this logic in BEx hnece kinnly advice me whether this logic can be work or suggest with different solution ples..

    You can  check few default PO reports wid proper paramater in it
    Can check table EKBE
    Check PO history in the PO doc
    Check the ME80FN

  • Report for Comparison of Material Qty

    Hi All,
    I need to Develop an Interactive report for Comparison of Material Qty. ordered through Purchase requisition, ordered material through PO and corresponding Material Receipt report.
    Can Someone Give a brief description about this & fields tcode & tables regarding this report.A sample code would be much appreciated.
    Thanks & regards,
    Ravi S

    To get the material number combined with the PO text you will need the help of an ABAP programmer.  The programmer can create a report for you using the function module READ_TEXT in the function group STXD.  The tables to use are:
    STXH - STXD SAPscript text file header
    STXL - STXD SAPscript text file lines
    The selection screen should have at least the following:
    You find the information for these fields by going to the PO text entry screen and displaying the header information under Goto -> Header.  For materials, the object is MATERIAL, the name is "material number", the language is "EN", and the text ID is BEST.  You can use this program to get long text in lots of places like information records, purchase order texts, etc.
    Hope this helps.

  • Report for open process orders

    Dear SAP experts,
    As the period of the process order from open to close is not short, will take 1 or 2 months in our business case, so we want to find a report which can get the information just like the output of KSPP(for planned orders) .
    I tried to analysis the logic of program KSPP, and it seems the function modules based on the planned orders only.
    Is there any way to get the similar report for open process orders?
    Many Thanks,
    Lisa Yao

    Is there any clues?

  • COPA reporting with open and closed projects

    Dear All,
    I am designing a COPA solution for an infrastructure providing company using project systems and posting to/settling out of projects on a monthly basis. Projects run for long periods and continually incurr costs and earn revenue untill they are closed. The requirement is to report by common characteristics (say customer group) and separately for open and closed projects. My issue is how to separate the line items of projects where status changed to closed (having posted with the status REL previously), from the open ones, without entering the projects individually in the selections screen.
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Dear Satya,
    An item of a purchase requisition is only regarded as Closed if the requested order quantity has been included in a purchase order.
    You can also set an item to Closed manually. <b>This item will then not be taken into account by the materials planning and control system.</b>
    You can set the Closed indicator manually at the following points (it can later be cancelled if necessary):
    When changing a purchase requisition, on the item detail screen
    When creating a purchase order referencing a requisition, on the item detail screen of the PO
    You can still create purchase orders by referencing a requisition if this indicator has been set in the requisition concerned.
    The indicator can also be set in the case of automatic PO generation from purchase requisitions. On the initial screen of the requisition, you can specify that the requisition is to count as closed as soon as an associated purchase order has been generated, even if the complete quantity requested has not been ordered, for example (Set reqs. to "closed" indicator).
    Analyses of Purchase Requisitions: (visit section under Reporting in Purchasing)
    Hope this will help.

  • Report for Open Inboin Deliveries

    I would like to have report for Open Inbound Deliveries. for which NO GRN is made
    Pl update ASAP

    Goto transaction VL33n and in the dropdown menu for Inbound deliveries select "not posted for GR" and enter your selection parameters there.
    I hope this helps.
    Vinod Kapote.

  • Standard  report(for open PO order items) with estimated Delivery dates

    hi friends
    i would like to know if there is any standard  report(for open PO order items) with estimated Delivery dates on it.

    ME2M (by material)
    ME2L (by vendor)
    ME2N (by number)
    Use selection parameter WE101 for open GR
    and scope of list EINT (scheduling lines)

Maybe you are looking for

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