Report GL Account Line Item with vendor name and VAT registration number

Is there any standard SAP report/inquiry for GL Account Line Item like FBL3N, with information vendor name and VAT Registration Number (field STCEG) without using ABAP.

We can get purchase register through T.Code: 'J1I2' by specifying condition types and tax codes.
We can't get 100% report from this T.Code.
Check it once.
Padmaja N.

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  • Merge several PR line into into 1 PO line item with ME57-Assign and process

    Our process is run MRP to generate Purchase requisition, system generate 1 PR number for each materials. Happening that there are multiple PR for a same material number and same delivery date. When we convert PR to PO using tcode Me57 - Assign and Process PR, system always generate different line item for each PR even the materials and the requirement date is the same.
    How to merge 2 or a few PR line items for a same material and same requirement date into 1 purchase order line item?

    You should use the "shopping cart'' in the "Delivery Schedule" Tab page of the PO to achieve your requirement.  Basically, in this case, you should use ME21N transaction with ''Document Overview" feature to select related PR line items and drag them into this shopping cart.

  • Customer line items with balance carry forward no opening balance

    Hello FI Experts,
    We have ticket where the user is using a Z* Report for Customer line items with balance carry forward. In 31.01.2007 user has posted some legacy data, latter he was executing this Z* report then user can see the values posted on the same day (31.01.2007) as line items. But he was executing the report on 01.02.2007 then he was not able to see the line item as well as the values posted on 31.01.2007 as opening balance as on 01.02.2007. But if we run the report as on 01.01.2008 then we are able to see the values which are carry forwarded as opening balances. Did anyone have worked on this type of scenario?
    Requirement Here Is:  The values that have been posted on 31.03.2007 which are still open line items should get displayed as opening balance as on 01.02.2007.
    Thanks for helping on this issue.

      Any report will get data from Tables. Please check whether the table you have used to develop this report has opening balance.
    Balance will be carry forwarded only when you run the balance carry forward program. Check whether this was run for the date you have specified. This can be done in the year end.
    If you are checking in the middle of the year, then the balance will not be carry forwarded.
    B. Radhika.

  • Unable to delete line item with 0 quantity in Invoice.

    Hi Experts,
    I came across a Invoice which reflects in VF04 as pending Billing due list. When i checked at the inter company Invoice i came across a line item with "0" quantity and price as zero, interestingly the replinishment cross company delivery document  for the same line item for "0" quantity had a Batch assigned to it.
    Now the issue is cusotmer has selected the line item with XX quantity and have selected the accounting document to be generated but the line item with "0 was left over and now still reflects in VF04.
    Customer does not want to reverse the full cycle to resolve the issue since the document was created a year back.My Question  is can we get the line item with "0" quantity to clear accounting so that it will not reflect in VF04.If so what will be process to do that.
    Thanks in Advance to advice.

    It is  not possible to delete this line item, you can discuss with your client and delete it from the table.
    And now coming to the reasons why it has come into the invoice & Delivery
    1. The Batch Item category must have been configured as relevant for billing...check this and make it irrelevant if the client does not do batch specific billing. --- This will stop the batches from coming into the invoice.
    2.  Check for the batch item category in delivery if Zero quanity is allowed...if it is allowed make it not allowed and make it an Error message, whenever there is a zero quantity system will give a message.

  • Vendor Line item with Opening and Closing Balances report regarding

    Dear All,
    I need a report for vendor line items with Opening and Closing balances.
    Thanks in advance

    Try S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Report for G/L line items with both debit & credit posting accounts

       My client requires a G/L line items report. It can be possible thru fs10n or fbl3n etc. But he wants to see both the credit and debit accounts in the same line.
    for ex: if I open a expense account and show the report of individual documents, he wants to see the corresponding credit item to which bank/cash account it got credited to.
    we showed them to double click on that document and goto document overview. but they dont want in that way.
    they want to see all the line items with both postings in the same sheet for all line items.
    valuable replies will be fairly rewarded.

    U can use the following TCodes...
    - S_ALR_87012287
    - S_ALR_87012289
    - S_ALR_87012291
    But i am not sure if your client will be happy...
    This is a very common req and the only solution possible is to have a customized report for the client..
    Hope its clear..

  • The  vendor code is not coming against some Assignment line items with the

    Hi All,
    While executing  t.code FBL3N,the  vendor code is not coming against some Assignment line items with the GL A/C4607000, some line items it is coming.
    The GL A/c 4607000 is GR/IR clearing a/c.
    Please let us know  why this situation is happeing at the time of FBL3N.

    By activating the special fields you can the vendor number, but use the new reprot called "FAGLL03 - Display/Change Items (New) ".
    First go to SPRO> Financial Accounting (New)> General Ledger Accounting (New)--> Master Data > G/L Accounts>Line Items --> Define Special Fields for Line Item Display
    Click on New Entries -
    Table - BSEG - Field - LIFNR
    Save. Now execute the report - FAGLL03 - Display/Change Items (New)
    Give the gl account number and execute.
    After getting the line items list from menu select --Settings --> Special Fields --> Click on New Entries --> Enter Table BSEG, Field Name LIFNR.
    After this come back and execute again. It will give you the vendor number.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Shashi Kanth.

  • Subcontacting challan for tds with vendor name report

    when i see the line items of g/l account  by fbl3n  for "TDS for subcontarcting Challan"  here vendor name not display...
    can i get the report in any table "subcontacting challan for tds with vendor name"?
    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha Sharma

    With_Item is the table where you can see exhaustive details relating to Withholding tax.
    Go to SE16 >> Enter "WITH_ITEM" >> Give your selection criteria >> Execute

  • Cost center report with Vendor name

    Hi All,
    I need a cost center report which shows Vendor name and number.
    I tried with report S_ALR_87013611 but it is not displaying Vendor name for the expenses which is posted in MIGO.
    It is showing the offset A/c as GR/IR clearing a/c.
    Any other report or query I can make this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Shanu
    There is a workaround
    When you post expense Dr to Vendor Cr - Use substitution exit RGGBS000 and populate Vendor no / name in a Text Field like SGTXT/.. You need to write FI Substitution in OBBH for this
    After this, implement the exit COOMEP01 to fetch SGTXT in CO Line item reports KSB1... It will also be visible in S_ALR reports
    Include SGTXT in the Structure CI_RKPOS
    Sample code of COOMEP01 is as below
    The code is written in include ZXKAEPU01 of EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001
      INTO (cs_record-vbel2, cs_record-SGTXT)
                 WHERE bukrs = cs_record-refbk
                   AND belnr = cs_record-refbn
                   AND gjahr = cs_record-refgj
                   AND buzei = cs_record-refbz.
    br, Ajay M

  • Can we clear more line items with different currency within one Vendor

    Dear All,
    Please guide us the following issue is
    Can we clear two line items with different currency within one Vendor (i.e., Down Payment entry passed in EUR and Invoice in JPY).
    Thanks in advance.

    I suppose this should be possible in F-44, for any difference in forex enter a new line item 'Charge off diff.' to Dr/Cr Forex gain/loss account
    Thank You,

  • RERAOP: With balance sheet account line item

    While posting RERAOP with activity simulating 'Vendor Invoice Distrib. to ROs' standard activity, I'm getting the message 'Enter an account assingment object for posting to bal. sheet account XXXXX'. Please advice.
    Configuration of G/L Account line item includes the settings as follows...
    -Account Assignment-
    Object Type: Contract
    Deriving Object Required: Yes
    Def.AcctAsgObj.: From the Contract of Basic Data
    -Transfer to Objects-
    Is Distribution Item: Yes
    Ext.Dist. Form: Divided Equally
    FYI: 'SAPK-60206INEAAPPL' is the support package of the landscape I'm working on.
    Thanks, Sekhar

    This has got resolved after applying the correction suggested in following note.
    Note 1315210 - RERAOP: Customizable message RERAOP 034
    Regards, Sekhar

  • Is there any report to see GL account line items.

    Hi Experts,
    Is there any report to see GL account line items. if the line item management is not selected in GL account.
    Edited by: samiuk on Jun 27, 2010 9:32 PM

    The reports to see GL line items are fbl3n ( classic GL ) and FAGLL03 ( New GL).
    If the line item management is NOT flagged in the Master data of the account you'll not see any line items. The line item management flag determines if the document will create entries in the secondary index tables (BSIS/BSAS) which are used to display the line items.

  • Debit line item in vendor account

    How to manage debit line items in vendor in fbzp (F110)?

    FBZP is a transaction to maintain payment methods for country, company codes and give a banking information for the comapny code. U can also specify the ranking of bank accounts and payment methods u wanna use for payment in APP(F110).
    Vendor line item appears wen u make a payment by ur bank account by manual or APP.
    So vendor debit line item will directly come from the setting of bank accounts u do in FBZP.
    The bank account which gets credited while APP becomes the debit line item for vendor.

  • Report similar to MIR5 with Vendor Name

    Dear all,
    Is there any standard report similar to MIR5 with vendor name ? Bcoz vendor name is missing in MIR5 ????

    Any other reports or tables.............
    Edited by: Jeyakanthan A on May 5, 2010 7:06 PM

  • Item Preferred Vendor Name with OINM OITM and OMRC

    Hi all
    How to add Item Preferred Vendor Name to this Query?
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode],T1.CardCode, T1.FirmCode, T2.FirmName, T1.ItemName, sum(T0.[InQty])[In Quantity], sum(T0.[OutQty])[Out Quantity],sum(T0.[InQty]) - sum(T0.[OutQty])[Balance Quantity],  T0.[Warehouse], sum(T0.[TransValue])[TransValue] FROM OINM T0 INNER JOIN OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode INNER JOIN OMRC T2 ON T1.FirmCode = T2.FirmCode WHERE T0.[Warehouse]  between [%0] and [%1] and  T0.[DocDate]  <=[%2] GROUP BY T0.[ItemCode], T1.CardCode, T1.FirmCode, T2.FirmName, T1.ItemName, T0.[Warehouse]

    Try this:
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode],T1.CardCode, T0.[CardName],T1.FirmCode, T2.FirmName, T1.ItemName, sum(T0.[InQty])[In Quantity], sum(T0.[OutQty])[Out Quantity],sum(T0.[InQty]) - sum(T0.[OutQty])[Balance Quantity],  T0.[Warehouse], sum(T0.[TransValue])[TransValue]
    FROM OINM T0 INNER JOIN OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode and T0.[CardCode] = T1.[CardCode] INNER JOIN OMRC T2 ON T1.FirmCode = T2.FirmCode left join OCRD T3 on T1.cardcode = T3.cardcode
    WHERE T0.[Warehouse]  between [%0] and [%1] and  T0.[DocDate]  <=[%2]
    GROUP BY T0.[ItemCode], T1.CardCode, T1.FirmCode, T2.FirmName, T1.ItemName, T0.[Warehouse], T0.[CardName]
    Thanks & Regards,

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