Report to identify invoices, debit memos and credit memos

Just enquiring if there is a report in SAP that will identify all invoices debit memos and credit memos issued within a particular date range.
Thank you.

You can try VF05 as Navaneet indicated and also you can try VF05N (for only the header details), if you are using ECC 6.0
If you have VF05N, then you can tick 'Biling Documents in FI'. It will give you the billing docs for a date range and the ones that have been released to accounting....
Hope this helps
Mukund S
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  • Sapscript for Debit Memo and Credit Memo

    I want to create the debit memo and credit memo scripts.
    I am not getting the standard scripts and output type so that i can modify it and according to my requirement.
    Please let me know the standard sapscripts for the credit memo and debit memo.

    use the same Invoice Script/smartform for Credit/debit memo's
    Output type         : RD00
    ScriptForm Name     : RVINVOICE01
    Driver Program Name : RVADIN01
    smartform name      : LB_BIL_INVOICE
    Smartform Driver Pgm: RLB_INVOICE

  • Debit memo and Credit memo

    Dear Expert,
    I always confused on Debit memo and Credit memo...especially the business scenario behind and how it is reflecting in SAP system.
    Let's take this example:
    e.g the Price in the main Invoice is lesser than the actual price, and the difference needs to be recovered from the customer.
    My analysis:
    "The invoice is lesser than the actual price", Means Product should cost 100 USD, but we billed customer only in 80 USD, there are 20 USD difference.  Customer should pay us the rest 20 USD.  So our Account receiivable should be increased. So we need create Debit memo to customer and ask them to pay the money.  Customer received the Debit memo, they will create credit memo and send it to us said they will pay the money.
    Am i understanding correct???  Please kindly share in case you have better simple example. Thank you very much.

    Your understanding on the subject is absolutely correct.
    Let me share an another example with you for debit memo.
    These manufacturer of nuts and bolts. Previously they have 100 nuts in one pack, but then they changed it to 120. But the order which was already made for 10 pkts delivered 1200 nuts instead of 1000. So they require to raises Debit memo.
    But, these Debit memo generally avoid, b'coz people take at most care in creating a invoice. And people do like to pay when they are receiving end.
    Where as, Credit memo can be result of return or complaint of defect or less quantities delivered.
    Well, their behavior is control by SD document categ at billing doc type (Tcode VOFA)
    - P is for Debit Memo (L2)
    - O is for Credit Memo (G2)
    These SD document category classify for the different types of documents that you can process in the sales and distribution system (for example: quotations, sales orders, deliveries, and invoices). So, these determines how the system stores and keeps track of document data. It enables the system to provide you with status information about delivery processing, billing, and documents that are used for reference (for example, inquiries and quotations).
    So, if we summaries it,
    Credit memo - Created to reduce the amount of an existing vendor payable, or customer receivable.
    Debit memo - Used to recover costs from another department or faculty. May also be used to correct an incorrectly posted entry.
    Hope this suffice your requirement.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Need Debit Memo and Credit Memo

    What is the purpose of Debit Memo and Credit Memo, Is it bothe useful for Customer and Vendor.
    If any body having document on this pls. What are the steps need to process.

    Good morning and greetings,
    You can raise a Credit Memo for a Vendor using the transction code FB65 (without reference to an invoice) or MIRO (if it is with reference to an invoice) and the system would pass the following accounting entry
    Dr. Expenses A/c
    Cr. Vendor A/c
    This particular document would have a payment term and payment due date. While running Automatic Payment Process, depending on the payment method the system will pick up the document and create a cheque / electronic transfer etc for the vendor with the following entry
    Dr. Vendor A/c
    Cr. Bank Clearing A/c
    In the case of Customer you can account the credit memo (without reference to invoice) using FB75 or VA01 (Order Type CR, if it is with reference to an invoice). While you create the billing document for the order type CR the system would raise the following accounting
    Dr. Expenses A/c
    Cr. Customer A/c
    This particular document would have a payment term and payment due date. While running Automatic Payment Process, depending on the payment method the system will pick up the document and create a cheque / electronic transfer etc for the customer with the following entry
    Dr. Customer A/c
    Cr. Bank Clearing A/c
    Hope this meets your requirement...Please reward points if found useful
    Thanking you
    With kindest regards

  • Debit memo and credit memo rule

    may i know why there is debit memo like bank transfer(debit memo), returned debit memo, check debit memo
    and credit memo like check credit memo through bank
    in posting rule.
    what is the meaning of debit memo and credit memo in posting rule of electronic banking.

    hi elina,
    Debit Memo - It is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a debit memo for a customer. If the prices calculated for the customer were too low, for example, calculated with the wrong scaled prices, you can create a debit memo request. The debit memo request can be blocked so that it can be checked. When it has been approved, you can remove the block. It is like a standard order. The system uses the debit memo request to create a debit memo.
    Credit Memo - A transaction that reduces Amounts Receivable from a customer is a credit memo. For eg. The customer could return damaged goods. A debit memo is a transaction that reduces Amounts Payable to a vendor because, you send damaged goods back to your vendor.
    Credit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a credit memo for a customer. If the price calculated for the customer is too high, for example, because the wrong scale prices were used or a discount was forgotten, you can create a credit memo request. The credit memo request is blocked for further processing so that it can be checked. If the request is approved, you can remove the block. The system uses the credit memo request to create a credit memo. FB75 or FB70
    To create Credit / Debit Memo request:
    - Use the same procedure that you use for Creating Sales Orders i.d T Code VA01
    - Give Order Type as CR for Credit Memo and DR for Debit Memo reuest
    While creating the request you have to enter Customer Number, Reason for the request. and Material and its quantity. Once the credit or debit memo request is released you can create credit or debit memo. The credit memo request will be automatically blocked for checking with Billing Block 08 (to check credit memo) & 09 (to check debit memo) for the sales order type “CR”

  • Diff bet credit memo and credit memo request

    Can any one tell the difference between Credit Memo and Credit Memo Request
    Thanks in advance

    Below is the information on crdit memo request.
    Definition: A credit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request credit for a customer.
    Use: If the price calculated for the customer was too high (for example, with the wrong scaled prices or because a discount was forgotten), you can create a credit memo request. The credit memo request can be automatically blocked for checking. Once it has been approved, you can remove the block.The system uses the credit memo request to create a credit memo.
    Structure: A credit memo request is another type of sales document like a standard order. For more information on sales documents, see Working with Sales Documents.A credit memo request starts the billing process.
    Below mentioned is the information on Credit Memo.
    Definition: The term credit memo always refers to a credit memo from the vendor. Therefore, posting a credit memo always leads to a debit posting on the vendor account.
    Use: As in the case of invoices, credit memos refer to purchase orders or goods receipts. They are used to correct the purchase order history if the quantity invoiced was too high, for example, if an invoice was too high or if part of the quantity was returned.
    When you post a credit memo, the total quantity in the purchase order history is reduced by the credit memo quantity.
    If you do not want the total quantity invoiced to be reduced, you must post the credit memo as a subsequent credit.
    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information and please assign points.

  • Debit memo and credit memo reference issue

    Dear all,
    Here there is case report from our clients:
    1) Create a credit memo request CR
    2) Post CR with billing type G2
    3) Create a debit memo request DR with reference to previous billing doc G2
    4) Post DR with BT L2, but it fails when it is released to accounting. The error message shows:
    ---> Item specified for invoice reference is not an invoice item
           Message no. F5348
          An invoice reference to a vendor credit (vendor in debit) and to a
          customer invoice (customer in credit) is not possible.
    Hence, there is the questions:
    1) It's SAP standard that DR could not be refereed to G2?
    2) If so, why system allow user to do it when she/he creates the DR?
    Thank you,

    I just want to tell you this is not the standard practice.
    Normal process
    order >> delivery >> Invoice
    Now here two scenario;s
    Scenario 1 - Customer return or some other reason customer canceled and you want to credit him
    Credit memo request(reference to invoice) >> Credit memo
    Scenario 2 - Earlier invoice is wrong(wrong price) and you wanted to charge customer additional some amount
    Debit memo request >> Debit memo.

  • Difference between Rebate Credit Memo and Credit Memo

    Dear Experts,
    Can an

    Credit Memo:
    Credit Memo issued for the price difference or if over billed . Credit memo always assoicated with Quantity and price.
    Rebate Credit Memo:
    Rebate credit memo is issued for the accruals ( Discount amount disbursed to the customers based on agreement).
    Rebate credit memo cannot be created manually in VA01. Accrual amount is calculated by the system based on the settle periods maintained in the rebate aggreement however accrual amt can be changed manually in Aggreement.
    Contact for further clarifications

  • Problem linking A/R invoice table INV1 and Credit memo table RIN1

    Hi Experts,
    I have developed a sales report by picking data from the A/R invoice table INV1, BP partner table OCRD and Charts of accounts table OACT and the report is working fine. The only problem is I am having a challenge linking the above tables with the A/R Credit memo table RIN1. I want the linkage that is in case an A/R invoice is cancelled by raising an A/R credit memo, the same is not reflected on the sales report, kindly help.

    Hi Gordon,
    Sorry, I did both the report and relationships in crystal but if I do a query in a view it is something like
    SELECT     dbo.OACT.AcctCode, dbo.OACT.AcctName, dbo.INV1.ItemCode, dbo.INV1.Dscription, OCRD_1.CardCode, OCRD_1.CardName
    FROM         dbo.OCRD CROSS JOIN
                          dbo.OACT INNER JOIN
                          dbo.INV1 ON dbo.OACT.AcctCode = dbo.INV1.AcctCode INNER JOIN
                          dbo.OCRD AS OCRD_1 ON dbo.INV1.BaseCard = OCRD_1.CardCode
    the problem is incorporating the credit memo table coz if i include it I end up with wrong figures, hope this will help you guide.

  • Change condition value in debit memo and credit memo

    Hi Experts,
    When I am trying to create Credit Memo/Debit memo I could able to change the condition value for which condition type the value is there in Sales Order, but where as for other condition types it is not changeable.
    For example for Freight the Condition type is ZFRE,  value is 100 rs in sales order 90000001.
    If I create credit memo with reference to sales order I can able to change freight value from rs100 to rs 75.
    But what to do If I do not maintain freight value initially in sales order and if I want to adjust freight value ZFRE as rs 60 in credit memo. Presently I could not able to enter values in C/D Memo.
    Hope my question is clear to you all.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Naresh
    If I understand correctly,  then you want to include the freight amount automatically in the Credit memo which was not featuring in the Credit memo request.
    If it is so, then first see which is Pricing procedure working  for your Credit memo Request.
    In the Pricing Procedure, check the freight condition type (e,g. KF00).
    See the what is Acees sequence assigned to it and in the Access sequence what are table assigned.
    In  condition type KF00,  Access sequence assigned is KF00 and two condition tables "Incoterm" and "Incoterm Part1 + Part2" are assigned to it.
    In the Access sequnce of your Freight condition type , add another/new condition table "350" (Sales organisation). This table is already available in standard system.
    Select the new condition table row, and click on the "Field" in the dialog box till the technical names are opened up / shown inspite of warning.
    Once the technical names of the fields are shown , you can see the green light there, then save it.
    Now, create a condition record (VK11) for your Freight condition (e,g. KF00) by choosing the "Sales organisation" level  from the key combination.
    Then go to the Copy control (VTFA), find the combination "G2 from CR "> go to Item level > select item category G2N and go to details.
    Here, you change the "Pricing type" value to " H " and save it.
    Now, when you will create a Credit memo with reference to the Credit memo request, the  new Freight condition (KF00) will come into effect in the Credit memo, even if ,it was not there in the reference document.

  • Adjustment Processing of Debit memo and Credit memos in AP

    Hi all,
    I want to find Debit memo/Credit memo and adjust it. I dont know How to do.
    Thank for your help

    Hi Minh,
    You have the following options,
    1. If you are willing to use the standard form is available in SAP,
    a. Create a credit memo (note down the doc. ref)
    b. Use T Code F.62, there give company code, document number, fiscal year and document time. In the output control you should give the standrad form and print it. (Normally this is not used)
    2. If you would like to develop a form, then do the same with the help of ABAPers and you have to do the configuration in OB77, OB78 to assing the form to the program and print it.
    The second step involves a development to be done and you can satisfy the your customer by giving the debit / credit memo in their format.
    Hope it clears your doubt.

  • Return order and credit memo request

    Hi SD guru,
    If goods returned by the customer then what is the appropriate sales order type i should use means whether i have to create the credit memo request or return sales.
    Please elaborate both scenarios where exactly i can use sales order type return and credit memo request.

    hi sajid
    when ur creating the Return order use the doc type RE in standard
    followed by return delivery LR adn billing ths nothing but the creditmemo.
    if your supposed to just adjust the values . then use the G2 credit memo request , with reference to the billing doc for which ur intending to issue the credit memo,and credit memo by billing the same .
    hope this answers your question
    reward if helped

  • Credit memos vs Credit memos - Genneral

    Dear all
    I am confused when I should use Credit memo or Credit memo-General
    Anyone tell me the difference between Credit Memo and Credit memo-General. How can I use it each type?
    Thank in advance

    Hello Tran
    It is observed that you have posted around 80 questions so far on the forum and out of which you have closed around 15 and 65 remain unanswered according to the status.
    When members reply to your questions, they spend time and effort to give a suitable solution or advise.
    Assigning points motivate members in a healthy environment.
    Each of us here are trying to learn/ enhance / and share the little knowledge we have.
    Please do motivate members, to serve all better.

  • Define key figures -incoming order, invoiced sales and credit memo in BW

    Hi everyone,
    I combined two ODS into one ODS from 2LIS_11_VAITM & 2LIS_13_VDITM. I want to generate reports that contain net value, cost of incoming order, invoiced sales, and credit memo'(SD module).
    I tried to create some calculated key figures in BW that contain the net value and cost of incoming order, invoiced sales and credit memo. However, i couldn't find relative fields to define them.
    Can anyone provide help regarding how to create those key figures in BW? Thank you.

    Hello John,
    I think the best way to check it out is by looking at the business content. There might be mapping already defined for the fields you are looking for. The one standing out is perhaps the net value 'ONET_VALUE'.
    Please try to use as much of content KF as possible. A good approach to finding the right info-objects is by searching the business content by info-sources and marking the grouping as 'Collect before and afterwords', it should list down all the dependent info-objects.
    Hope that helps.
    Cheers, Ashu

  • Payment document  having invoices and credit memos

    How to identify when a payment document has both invoices and credit memos in it?Is there any criteria?

    Hi Savitha,
    This can be identified by document type.

Maybe you are looking for

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