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I've always had problems with users being confused by the "Reset Pagination" error message ("Invalid set of rows..."). But I have several situations where I don't want to force a reset pagination all the time. Is there any way that I could only reset pagination when this error message would be displayed? For example, I have a search form and report on the same page. If the user changes the data but the pagination is still valid, I don't want to reset it. BUT, if they invalidate the pagination, then I would rather reload with reset pagination than display the "Invalid set of rows..." error message and the "reset pagination" link. Is this possible?

Did you ever get this figured out or answered? My application throws this error periodically. I am not sure what the pattern is. Please let me know your solution if you have one.

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  • Mixing of interactive report and classic report fails the RESET PAGINATION process.

    I have a tab page where i got 3 different reports REPORT_A (classic), REPORT_B(interactive)  and REPORT_C (CLASSIC) in the same alphabetic order. I have a reset pagination page process which will always fire (without any condition) when you visit the page via tab.
    The reset pagination process which exists in the before header stage is firing but not resetting the interactive report. It does affect the subsequent classic report REPORT_C as well. The REPORT_A would reset pagination fine since it exists before the interactive report. Is this a know bug in apex?
    I created a test demo application with exact steps to reproduce the problem. The steps are in the demo website itself.
    U: testuser
    P: password
    Apex Version:
    In my real application i would have a dropdownlist in the page based on which I would filter the data. The dropdownlist will have a corresponding after-submit branch which will handle the reset pagination & RIR absolutely fine. But when we visit the website through tab the above problem would crash the page.
    I tried solutions like'SEARCH') but that will fix only the interactive report, not the classic REPORT_C. That is just a hack anyway.
    Any ideas.?

    Ramani_vadakadu wrote:
    in classic report pagination need to be make it up max rows in APEX_SCHEMA(APEX_040200) itself. i was fixed this issue long back myself,but right now i don't remember which table! so please check the schema and track it.
    This makes very little sense to me. Please explain this in detail. Are you advocating making changes to APEX metadata by executing DML on tables in the APEX_040200 schema? Doing so will leave your APEX instance in an unsupported an possibly inoperable state.

  • Need to reset pagination...

    I have a dynamic "group by" report looking like this:<br><br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>1</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br>
       [other type of link]   [details record<b>1</b> for value<b>1</b>]<br>
       [other type of link]   [details record<b>2</b> for value<b>1</b>]<br>
       [other type of link]   [details record<b>m</b> for value<b>1</b>]<br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>2</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>3</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>4</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>5</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br>
    <b>[link]</b>   [value<b>n</b>]   [number of records for this value]<br><br>
    where [value<b>1</b>] - [value<b>n</b>] - all available values for the group by field.<br>
    Clicking the <b>[link]</b> link displays the same page with all the details records (records type of <br>
    "[other type of link]   [record<b>m</b> for value<b>n</b>]") for the corresponding <br>
    [value<b>n</b>] value. <br>
    The number of records for every value in group by field might be different.<br><br>
    Is there a way to set up the pagination to the <b>first page</b> every time the <b>[link]</b><br>
    is clicked? <br>
    The way it's done now: it remembers the page you are on and often the <br>
    report is displayed blank until you clicked the <b>1</b> (the first page link). <br>
    I am using the <b>"Search Engine 1,2,3..."</b> pagination, APEX v.<br>
    Thank you.<br>

    Have you tried using the reset pagination (RP) keyword in the clearcache position in the URL of your link?

  • AJAX calling report from one page to another not Reseting Pagination

    I have links on one page that when clicked are calling a report on another page and loading it in a DIV with AJAX. The problem I am having is that the reports on the 2nd page are built dynamicly depending on the link you click. If you are viewing lines 16-30 and go to a report that only has like 5 lines, you get the Need to Reset Pagination error.
    Invalid set of rows requested, the source data of the report has been modified.Reset Pagination>
    In the htmldb_Get line, I thought you could set it to reset pagination when it fires. The AJAX is below. Does the RP need to be somewere else? or am I just missing something...
    function doReport(pC,pM) {
    document.getElementById('report_drop').innerHTML = 'Loading Page...';
    var tableRow = document.getElementById('reports'); = 'block';
         var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$x('pFlowId').value,'RP',2);
         gReturn = get.get(null,'<clip>','</clip>');
         get = null;
         $x('report_drop').innerHTML = gReturn;
    }So from what I understand the line below should be resetting this
         var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$x('pFlowId').value,'RP',2);   Edited by: Matt.Smith on Jul 18, 2011 12:08 PM

    Source setting for that form page item P1_COUNTRY is
    Source Used:"Only when current value in the session state is null"
    Source Type: Static Assignment.Since i build this form along with report.
    Is im missing something.

  • How to Reset Pagination Page called by a button defined in Select Statement

    Its easy to reset the pagination for a page that is called using a 'Button' such as 'Create'.
    I've defined a button in my records list by using the this entry in the select statement:
    (some characters have been removed to allow for its inclusion in this post)
    || 'img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#connections.gif" border="0" alt="Icon 4"'
    It works great, Except, I need to reset the pagination for the page, (P12_),
    Because I have similar buttons defined on other pages that also call page, (P12_).
    Can you help me?

    Hi Gary,
    see the f?p URL format at chapter "Clearing Session Cache for Two Pages While Resetting Pagination"
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  • IR Reset pagination error while filtering

    - In my IR report when I have 100 records and I go to the last record by clicking next , next, ...
    - then I click any column header and do a filter (by selecting any one vallue from the drop down list)
    - as soon as I do that.. I get "Reset Pagination" link and then I have to click this link to go to the first page of the new search.
    Is this a APEX bug? OR
    is there any way .. as soon as I select any value from the column header list, the control should directly go to first page without clicking the "Reset Pagination".

    It's not a bug. If you go thru report page by page... You reach some number of page report for example 20. Next you filter a report. Filter cut report to 10 repor page, but you are on 20-th page still... Error ocured. You have to reset pagination :)

  • Pagination and Reset Pagination

    I do not understand what pagination means
    and what "reset pagination" does.
    I think I need an example where I can observe
    the difference between using or omitting
    a pagination reset.
    I created a page with a report and a search tool.
    Apex created automatically a Reset Pagination Process.
    However, I was not able to observe the behavior
    of this process.
    The following explanation of the manual did not help me either:
    "In Report regions, resets pagination back to the first result set.
    The Application Express engine keeps track of where the user is
    within a given result set. This process category returns the user
    to the beginning result set. In other words, this category resets
    the counters associated with the report region to return the first
    part of the result set the next time the result set displays."
    Any better explanation/example?
    Thank you very much,

    Pagination gives you "pages" of your result set.
    For example if you have a report that queries from the EMP table, and there are 100 rows in the emp table. If your report is set to display 20 records, then you have 5 "pages" of your report. The pagination allows the user to move from page to page of the result set, ie. rows 1-20, then rows 21-40 and so on.
    If the user has moved to say the 3rd "page" of the result set (rows 31-40) and you they somehow navigate back to this report but the parameters change and the query only returns 25 rows, if the pagination is not reset, then the report will attempt to look at the 3rd page of your result set ,which now does not exist. So this will cause an error.
    So when you navigate to a report, if there is a chance that the parameters have changed which will result in a different number of rows being returned by the query, then you should reset the pagination. Or always reset the pagination when the user changes parameters and queries the report again.

  • Reset pagination

    I am using a link in my bar chart. In the new page there is showing a report. I need to give reset pagination for that page so that whenever I enter there by clicking the link it should display the the first 'n' set of records. I have tried to create an unconditional branching to the new page in which I have given the reset pagination. But in my first page I am using a button which is just submitting and showing the same page. As I have given the branching it is going to the new page when I click the button. Can anyone help me to resolve this.?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    Please see URL syntax
    In URL you can reset pagination
    To clear cached items on a single page, specify the numeric page number. To clear cached items on multiple pages, use a comma-separated list of page numbers. Clearing a page's cache also resets any stateful processes on the page. Individual or comma-separated values can also include collection names to be reset or the keyword RP, which resets region pagination on the requested page. The keyword APP clears cache for all pages and all application-level items in the current application and removes sort preferences for the current user. The keyword SESSION achieves the same result as the APP keyword, but clears items associated with all applications that have been used in the current session.
    If you report is interactive, use RIR or CIR instead of RP

  • Question about clear page and reset pagination

    I have a question about clear pages and the reset pagination in an URL. What is the reason why a clear page doesn't also trigger a reset pagination on the pages which are cleared?
    I can't really imagine a business case where it makes sense to clear all data of page items on a page and don't reset the pagination of reports on that page which probably use a page item in there where clause...
    The drawback of this behavior is that a developer always has to set the reset pagination checkbox when he clears the target page and the even bigger drawback is that if you specify other pages to clear, you can't reset pagination for them, because reset pagination only works for the target page.
    Thanks for your input.
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    Enhancement request filed, thanks,

  • What is pagination and "reset pagination" ?

    Can somebody tell me what exactly pagination is wrt APEX? What happens when we do a "reset pagination" ?

    I don't think so.
    If your ABCD report shows rows 50-100. Then navigate to report XYZ (showing row 5-10). In XYZ you have a link to ABCD. If you click that link and you don't reset the pagination (so for the target page) then it will show report ABCD with rows 50-100 again.
    So - as far as I've experienced it - the pagination is report-dependent.

  • How to avoid reset pagination prompt

    Sometimes when i call my IR it doesn't paginate automatically but shows the link "reset pagination" now is there a what to all the time have the pagination and avoid this prompt link? any help on this is appreciated....regards.

    To reset an interactive report in a link, use the string "RIR" in the Clear-Cache section of a URL. This is equivalent to the end user choosing the Reset option from the interactive report actions menu on the target page. The report is returned to the default report settings specified by the developer or saved by the user.
    To clear settings in an interactive report in a link, use the string "CIR" in the Clear-Cache section of a URL. "CIR" removes all report settings except for select columns and sorting. This is equivalent to the end user removing all filters, control breaks, highlights, aggregates, computed columns, chart settings, and flashback settings on the target page.

  • How to reset pagination

    hi there,
    how can I reset the pagination of page x if I visit page y ?
    another question:
    is it possible get the value of the referer page?
    thanks in advance

    I can't use an onload process on page 3, right? Sure you can. If your design requires that page 3 should always be rendered with pagination reset, that is the best way to do it.
    how can I use the RP keyword in the clear cache
    section of the f?p=URL within my tabs? You canot specify a f?p= URL as a tab target. Tab targets are just page nos.
    So I guess your only option is to (conditionally?) reset pagination on the pages you want using onload processes on the page itself.

  • Error :-reset pagination

    Dear Friend,
    i am facing one problem in Report
    Invalid set of rows requested, the source data of the report has been modified.
    reset paginationHow to remove it ?
    Edited by: Vedant on Oct 17, 2011 3:18 AM

    I assume you have a where clause in your report where you restrict the records to values of page items. Are you getting the errors in the following scenario?
    The user paginates in the report result, then changes some values of your page items and submits the page again. And now he is getting the error. What happens is that with the new filter criteria, APEX is not able to view for example page 3 of the result set, because it has changed an you haven't told APEX to start again from the beginning. In that case just use a "Reset Pagination" process which fires when your page gets submitted.
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  • Reset pagination for reports after window reload

    Hi friends,
    I have a apex report, whose content dynamically changes based on a drop down value. The issue is if i am in 3rd page for a selected dropdown value and then change the dropdown value, the report data for the newly selected dropdown value will be in page 3. is there any was to start from 1st page when a new value is selected form the dropdown.
    In my current implementation i have created a branch with a condition to navigate to the same page after hitting the submit button
    Below are the html elements on the screen
    1. drop down select box.
    2. submit button
    3. apex report.

    As part of the branch click the "reset pagination for this page" option

  • Reset pagination process V2

    This may be my environment having gone a little corrupt but in V2 (upgraded from v1.6) i don't seem to be able to find the option to create a process of type 'Reset Pagination For Page(s) (PageID,PageID,PageID)' which was available in V1.6
    and those 'Reset Pagination for Page(s)' processes that were created in V1.6 seem to now only reset the pagination for the page the process is defined even though the page ids of the pages to be reset are specified
    is this reset option still available in V2 or do i need to reinstall my environment??

    A workaround for what? The previous posts explain the
    workaround for the original problem.Scott: Your earlier post in this thread says
    "Farhan - We took those out by mistake. They will most likely become available again in a patch. Thanks for pointing it out"
    Yes, the version on does not have this problem, but the generally available HTML DB 2.0, which is what most customers would have on their site, would have this problem.
    Update: seems to have been changed, my earlier statement "Click on Add Process. Choose PL/SQL. On the next page, in the drop-down list for Process Type, you can see the "Reset Pagination for pages (pageid,pageid,....)" is no longer true. I can no longer do this.
    And there is no workaround for it, as you mentioned earlier.
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