Resize jdialog without flicker effect

I made a vertical tool palette with a JDialog : I have "setcontentpane" a JPanel with vertical boxlayout.
This JPanel contains other JPanels (class PaletteZone extends JPanel) that act like tool zones : they can be collapse or expand. If you want to have look of what i'm talking about, there is an image here of the palette :
Here is my problem... I have a PaletteZone method used to collapse the tool zone :
public void collapse(){
// component 0 is the zone title bar, component 1 an icon set (within a JPanel) :
}******* 1) When I use JP.validate, there is no flickering at all and the zone collapse nicely. BUT the JDialog isn't set to the good size. If you want to have a look on what you get when you clic on "Construction" :
******* 2) If I use JP.pack(), of course the dialog is correctly resized and redrawn. BUT there is a flickering effect : I've made some tries on JFrames and JDialogs and I saw that a pack() call clear immediatly the background and then send a paint call : this "clear/paint" sequence makes a bad flickering effect. I have a quite recent computer (G5 and OS X), and I use java 1.4.2 so I don't think the fact that I see this flicker is caused by hardware or software...
******* 3) If I use JP.setSize(), things behave exactly like if I do a pack() call...
Do you know what I could do to avoid this flicker ? to set the size to the JDialog without this "clear/paint" sequence ?

you will have to create a jpanel and place this in the dialog's NORTH.
add a mouseListener to the panel and provide your own moving-handling.
this.setLocation((int) (this.getX() + e.getX() - m_iOffset.getX()) ...
this.repaint();you'll have to set m_iOffset wehen mousePressend, and call the moving method when mouseDragged.

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    You need to shoot scenes like that using a camera that allows Synchro-Scan, which can adjust the cameras scanning rate to that of the display in the shot.  Any mismatch between camera and siaplay is what causes the flicker, and Synchro-Scan is the only way to correct it without entirely removing the screen from teh shot and replacing it with another, usually via After Effects.

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    You can resize partitions without losing data but you won't be able to boot into Windows after that. That was a bad experience I had. My first bad experience was to repartition a dual-partition (Tiger+Windows) drive, ignoring the warning. Guess what? Lost everything and had to reinstall both OS.
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    The only way I know to do this is to either make the rectangle over or to use the Effect>Convert To Shape>Round Rectangle

  • How to pack() twice without flicker (and other fireworks)? (with SCCEE :)

    Hello, there is this "feature", that sometimes you have to call pack() twice to pack tightly around the subject. This has been discussed here before, some people call it a bug, camickr said he did not know why, this is just how the layout worked. OK, the problem with calling it twice, is that the user notices the window flicker.
    The flicker does not happen every time (or, better say, we do not see it every time), that's why I put the whole thing in the loop in the SCCEE.
    Even worse, this does not happen right now in my program, but in the SCCEE, there is also a boatload of exceptions (not mine), sometimes pack() even called twice does not work, and eventually, the whole loop just hangs.
    (So, by Murphy's law, these things will eventually happen in my big program too)
    Question: how do I resize a JFrame tightly around a JTextPane, without the flicker (and other special effects)? Here is the code, if you look carefully, you can tell the window momentarily went taller, before going shorter again - does not always happen, if you are lucky it will do this a few times before it hangs altogether... I do this many times in myprogram, as the user moves things around, they really notice.
    If I call setVisible(false) before the pack()s and then back to true after, then of course, the flicker is even worse.
    Thank you for any suggestion of a workaround... Mark
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Foobar
         public static void main(String args[])
              JFrame frame = new JFrame();
              JTextPane txt = new JTextPane();
              txt.setText("FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR");
              while (true)
                   catch (Exception e)
                   txt.setText("FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR FOO");
                   catch (Exception e)
                   txt.setText("FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR");
    }Edited by: Mark_Galeck on Dec 16, 2008 3:02 AM

    I tidied up your program a little, and you're right - I can see the window size flicker a little. It's very pronounced with only 1 call to pack(), and less so with 2 calls to pack(), but still noticeable.
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Foobar {
         public static void main(String args[]) {
              SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                   public void run() {
                        final JFrame frame = new JFrame();
                        final JTextPane txt = new JTextPane();
                        txt.setText("FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR");
                        Timer timer = new Timer(250, new ActionListener() {
                             public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                                  long time = System.currentTimeMillis();
                                  String text = "Time: " + time;
                                  if ((time%2)==0) {
                                       text += " longer";

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    Is there any way so that I can resize this dialog?

    Praveen_Kumar_Jayaram_1985 wrote:
    But I am not using any layout manager. It is free design. Is there any way to achieve my requirement without using layout manager?But this is what layout managers are made for. Why not use the correct tool for the job? Also, please do not cross-post questions in multiple forums. This will frustrate anyone who tries to help you only to find out later that the same answer was given hours ago in a cross-posted thread. For this reason, many volunteers here and at the other sites refuse to help repeat offenders.

  • How to edit linked text in an Indesign long document without it effecting the whole document

    I want to work out how to edit text in indesign without the rest scrolling
    I have a large 200 page book.  The text was supplied in Word and I have placed the whole document automatically and now I am going through each page doing my magic with pics, stylesheets etc.
    When the client comes back with edits, I am concerned that deleted or adding in text will scroll the text to the next chapter, etc etc.  This will be a nightmare.  Not sure how to unlink say 5 pages or so that are in each chapter so I can edit easily without the whole document being effected.
    Apologies I am probably not explaining myself all that well.

    lisalip wrote:
    john the link is broken
    I can see there are scripts but I don't want each page separate rather each chapter (each chapter can go for 2 or 7 pages)
    I am only 35 pages or so into the book and if I have to I can re place the text with some work, ie start again with the text pages.
    seems sily though that I cannot split the threaded stories a few pages at a time.
    The link is now fixed.
    You can split the threaded story into separate stories anywhere in the thread. At the chapter breaks seems logical. There are many users who'll assert all sorts of right/wrong at you when it comes to threading text. For my purposes, I set up long documents much the way you propose; threading articles, stories, or chapters discreetly; rarely would I ever thread an entire long document as one. It's a preference, not a rule. Each way has benefits and pitfalls.

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    I am looking for the best settings to run a 3d Max walkthrough (with still images) into Premiere CS4 and then export to F4V WITHOUT such a quality loss.  I have succesfully exported to .mov and the clip looks great.  Try exporting to wmv or F4V or FLV and the file size is small and the quality sucks.  The .mov file is 119 mb, too large for client to download.  The wmv or flv or f4v look too terrible to send on.    I have tried using de-interlacing and flicker control and have had no positive results.
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    Welcome to the forums.
    Export at full resolution using a lossless codec and then use the free Windows Media Encoder to get the best possible WMV encoding. It has far more options than what is available in PPro.

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