Resizing a PDF document to specific size

I have a PDF file that I need to adjust for a 1/4 page ad. It needs to be reduced from an 8 1/2 x 11 to 2 3/16 x 3 3/4 and I cannot figure out how to do it in Adobe Acrobat.
When I clicked on Reduce File Size, it makes me resave the doc and doesn't allow me to pick how I want to adjust the PDF....
Any help would be appreciated- I have a deadline with this company and need to submit it to them ASAP.

"Reduce file size" changes the disk size of the file (in bytes) - not the page dimensions.
Reducing the page dimenions of a PDF in sync with the page content is a complex process, and typically uses commercial imposition plugins or an external application - you could for example open the PDF file in Illustrator or Photoshop and rescale it in there (as it's a print ad, flattening it doesn't matter).

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  • How do you can change the page size of a pdf in MAC?  I have multiple pdf documents of different sizes that I want to combine.

    Help.  How do I change the page size of a pdf in MAC?  I have multiple pdf documents in varying sizes I would like to combine and print.

    There's no real need to do that. A PDF can have pages of different sizes.
    On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 4:11 AM, christine rambo <[email protected]>

  • LINK : open a PDF at a specific size (acrobat X)

    Hi all,
    I'm creating links between several PDF files.
    For some links, I open the PDF a new window (with regular link options).
    But, I need to open the pdf at a specific size, as a HTML/ javascript popup.
    Is ther a way to achieve this? 
    Many thanks in advance .

    Yes , the feature is available in Acrobat.Any section on a page can be defined as a named destination. The panel to do so is available through View->Navigation Panel->Destinations. Also there is a list of PDF open parameters which can be given in command line , one of them is nameddest. So if you select a section on the page and name it X, and give acrord32.exe /a nameddest=X filename.pdf, the focus would be on section X. These command line parameters are honored by both Acrobat and Reader but destinations can be viewed and added through Acrobat only. Needless to say, this would work even if the page number changes.

  • Resizing a pdf document

    Can anyone help?
    I have a PDF document, which I've sent as artwork for printing, but I need to resize it?

    You mean to a different size in inches or mm?
    This isn't something Adobe Reader can do and it isn't even something Adobe Acrobat can do easily.
    Generally, you should create it at the required size before making the PDF.

  • How to resize a .jpg to a specific size, and save in new location

    Basicly what im doing is placing an image that the user has into a database, turning it into a specific size. They are all going to be .jpg files from begining to end. The user gives the location of the image, and i would like the image resized to a fixed size, 260x120, and then save that image into a directory already created, and save as a .jpg . How would I go about doing this?? any help would be appreciated.

    In addition to Irene's solution (that I believe require the Vision toolkit) the is also the G-Toolbox that will do this without Vision. I think Georege Zou sell a license for less that $50.
    I may have heard this is built into LV7 but I am not sure (I am still finishing off an app in 6.1, so I have not opened that box yet).
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  • Is it possible to give each page within one pdf document a specific set of print settings?

    I have a complex document (catalogue) that requires printing. There are several different printer settings required and each one is specific to each page within the document. For instance pg 1 is single sided in colour, page 2-3 is duplexed in b&w, page 3-8 is duplexed in colour, etc.... Is it possible to give each page within the pdf document a given set of print settings and then print the entire document as a whole?

    Hi jennyskop
    I assume that is not feasible ...You need to give the print command again and select the respective pages and their settings !

  • Reader OLE server does not draw PDF-document if paper size is too big

    If PDF document paper size is for example A0 (841 x 1189 mm) OLE object can be created and application shows PDF content correctly. But if application saves it's document and reopens it Reader does not draw content of embedded PDF document any more. Decreasing PDF document size to A1 solves the problem. Embedded object is not corrupted because it is possible to open it to Reader.
    I'm confused why Acrobat Reader OLE server is capable of drawing PDF file content in creation phase but not later on when application opens same file containing embedded PDF objects.
    "Application" means all possible application that has OLE support. I have tried this with three different applications and the behavior is same with all applications. Because of this I assume that application I'm developing does not have bug.

    Hello Sig
    The scanner works with a Windows computer, which proves the device is functional at a cursory level. The drivers are now distributed by Apple and this is an Apple computer. There is no scanning software provided by HP. HP's answer is that Mountain Lion takes care of all of this.  I anticipate that some setting or driver was somehow tweaked since the scanner had been working with Mountain Lion until a few days ago.  The device in question is an Apple product. So, I'm pretty confident that I'm in the right place.

  • Do all PDF documents expand in size greatly when printing?

    When I print a PDF document and watch it in the print que in Windows, the size of the document shows greatly larger than the original size of the PDF file. (sometimes 50 times larger) Is this normal for ALL PDF documents? Is it always this way or are there settings that can be changed when printed or when the PDF is created that can reduce the eventual size when printed? Thanks

    It really depends upon the printer and your printer settings. If you have print as image set or you are printing to a inkjet printer whose driver requires everything converted to dot before getting the to the printer, then yes the file size can expand to 50, 100, or 1000 times the size depending upon the resolution required by the printer. You can keep things smaller by printing at a lower resolution.

  • How to create a pdf document with specific security settings

    in Adobe Acrobat you can set security settings which make documents unprintable, unchangeable etc.
    What I want to do is: I want to set these security settings by creating the pdf-document, because I do not want to open every document and change the security settings. Is this possible at all???
    Thank you for help

    How are you creating the documents? If using Adobe PDF printer, use the security options in Adobe PDF printer settings. If using PDFMakers (Acrobat buttons inside Office applications, open the Preferences menu item and set security there)

  • How do I resize a PDF document byte size

    I downloaded a PDF file from Adobe Reader X and an error message came up saying the byte size was to big. It stated the byte size needs to be 500. How do I change it?

    Can you please give us a screen shot showing the error message and the window around it. If you need help with that, please let us know.

  • How to resize a PDF document in simplicity ?

    I have an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 printer.  When I scan a document an import it in PDF, the size of the document is very large.  Since the beginning, I used Apple's Color Sync utility to reduce the size of file without really reducing the quality of the displayed or printed document.
    Needless to say that if you have many of these files, this method is long and cumbersome. 
    Isn't there an Apple simple/beautiful way of doing this ?  Does any pro user out there have an easier method or an utility to do that faster and easier ?
    Best regards.
    Robert Lespérance

    Maybe this helps:
    The question isn't related, but the poster tries the same. It's some iText stuff IIRC.

  • Has anyone been able to use auto select printing on pdf documents?

    Does anyone have a fix for being able to preset the printer trays to a specific paper size to allow for autoselect printing of pdf documents with multiple size pages?   The mac printing options only allow for letter or legal with scaling.  I need to be able to print large documents with both size pages.  Windows environement can handle this with ease.  I'm very surprised Apple cannot.

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  • Can I re-size the pages in a PDF document?

    I've got a document done in Mac Pages. It turns out to be the wrong page size. It would be a lot of work to reposition everything again.
    Is there any way with Acrobat Pro that I can resize the PDF pages in a PDF document?
    I notice I can extract the individual pages ... if I could extract them and somehow import them back into a re-sized Pages document, then re-export them to PDF at the proper size???
    Any help would be most appreciated,
    Thank you,

    Hi Aandi,
    No problem with 'hard' copy or 'web' copy. I understand about compression.
    But. Either way I've got the same problem with both versions. I did the original with the document page size set at 'legal' size, as was recommended by a particular print house we were going to use.
    Here is the actual concept: (see 'DVD' page link).
    It turns out this was not a helpful recommendation. The 'booklet' is supposed to fit into a DVD case, which is about 7.25 inches in length (height).
    I don't want to have to rebuild the original document page by page. I just want to resize the entire thing down from its original 'legal' size (8,5 X 14) to something more like 4.04 X 7.25.
    The only way I can figure to do it with Acrobat is reset the page size, then output to 'print', but then I can't make a straight PDF, I have to make a Postscript (it seems) file, which I then have to convert back to a PDF ... (and I notice some odd artifact frames appearing around text-supered-over-graphics- which might disappear if I 'flatten' the original PDF file before outputting to Postcript and converting back to PDF??
    I bet there is a simpler way. Any suggestions? Also, is there any function in Adobe Acrobat Pro that would allow me to add 'space' to one side of a page (as in Photoshop)?
    Or perhaps I should extract each of the 30 pages, resize them in Photoshop, and then reconstruct the document in Pages (or Acrobat) using the Photoshopped pages?

  • How can I change the page size of a scanned PDF document?

    How can I change the page size of a scanned PDF document?
    I scanned a 50-page document with an HP 5610xi All-In-One using the software that comes with it: HP Scan Pro. Though the physical document has standard 8.5" x 11" pages, the PDF resulting from scanning has page size set to 35.42 × 48.67 inches (according to Preview's "Tools > Inspector". I want to resize the pages to 8.5" x 11". Shouldn't Preview be able to do that with "Tools > Adjust Size..."? When I try, the menu option is grey so I can't select it.
    I'm using Preview Version 4.2.

    Thanks for the insight; that explains why it's the wrong size. I selected 300dpi scanning (which is the default, actually), but HP Scan Pro evidently created a PDF with 72dpi indicated. I want it fixed because I want to distribute the file to other people and have them able to print or display it without problems.
    I still don't know why Preview won't let me change it, but your question about whether I wanted to print it did lead me to find a workaround: "File > Print" and "Save as PDF..." saved it with the correct page size.

  • Hyperlink from within a Word Document to a specific page within a PDF document.

    I was hoping that someone would be able to assist me.  I would like to create a hyperlink (used as a citation) on my Word document that opens directly to a specified page within a PDF document (possible other word docs and so on, but less
    often).  How do I go about performing this?  Another note, all the documents would reside within a SharePoint site.

    I was hoping that someone would be able to assist me.  I would like to create a hyperlink (used as a citation) on my Word document that opens directly to a specified page within a PDF document (possible other word docs and so on,
    but less often).  How do I go about performing this?  Another note, all the documents would reside within a SharePoint site.
    I am not a Word guru, but I don't think you can run a macro from a hyperlink. But you can create an active X label that runs a macro when clicked. You can use the following macro to go to a specific page in a PDF file.
    Sub OpenPDFPageView(DisplayPage As Integer)
    'In order to use the macro you must enable the Acrobat library from VBA editor:
    'Go to Tools -> References -> Adobe Acrobat xx.0 Type Library, where xx depends
    'on your Acrobat Professional version (i.e. 9.0 or 10.0) you have installed to your PC.
    Dim PDFApp As AcroApp
    Dim PDFDoc As AcroAVDoc
    Dim PDFPageView As AcroAvPageView
    Dim PDFPath As String
    Dim DisplayPage As Integer
    PDFPath = "C:\Users\doudou\documents\test1.pdf"
    'Set the page you want to be displayed
    'DisplayPage = 3
    'Initialize Acrobat by creating App object
    Set PDFApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
    'Set AVDoc object
    Set PDFDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")
    'Open the PDF
    If PDFDoc.Open(PDFPath, "") = True Then
    'Maximize the document
    Call PDFDoc.Maximize(True)
    Set PDFPageView = PDFDoc.GetAVPageView()
    'Go to the desired page
    'The first page is 0
    Call PDFPageView.GoTo(DisplayPage - 1)
    'Set the page view of the pdf
    Call PDFPageView.ZoomTo(2, 50)
    End If
    Set PDFApp = Nothing
    Set PDFDoc = Nothing
    On Error Resume Next
    'Show the adobe application
    'Set the focus to adobe acrobat pro
    AppActivate "Adobe Acrobat Pro"
    End Sub

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