Resizing an Image using pixels

Hi I used to use Photoshop CS4 on another computer. I resize a lot of my images to 1024 pixel width. Howver in Photoshop Elements 7 (which I have just bought) and I can't find out how to resize the image using pixels as the units. I am doing 'Image Resize' It has a lot of units to choose from e.g. inches/picas/points. But no pixels. Please help! Thank you very much.

The top section is pixels. Turn on Resample Image and you can make changes there.

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  • How do I resize an image by pixels instead of by inches?

    Hi all!
    I just bought Elements 10 for Mac.  I want to resize images to a certain number of pixels wide/high but I don't see how to do that.  The Resize option is showing the image sizes in inches.  There is not a pixel option in the drop down list.
    Thanks in advance!

    When you go to Image>Resize>Image Size, you will need to turn on Resample Image to make the pixels area in the window active so that you can change it.

  • Anyone how to resize an image using imagereader and imagereadparam?

    I want to use imagereaderparam to process the image.
    MY code is as follow:
    ImageReader reader = _editor.getImageReader();
         if (reader != null)
                   int w = reader.getWidth(0);
                   int h = reader.getHeight(0);
                   ImageReadParam param = reader.getDefaultReadParam();
                   Dimension d = new Dimension(my_width, my_height);
                   BufferedImage bi =, param);
         } catch (Exception e)
    This code just not work , and get an exception
    java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Can't set source render size!
    anyone know how to do that ?
    coz i dont want to use getScaledImage...

    Are you just trying to produce a BufferedImage at a smaller size? May I ask why you don't want to use getScaledInstance? I agree with you not to use it. It is slow. Just wondering what your reasons are. If all you need is to take one image and make it a different size, try this:
    BufferedImage src = ...
    int scale = 0.5f;
    int w = (int)(src.getWidth(null) * scale);
    int h = (int)(src.getHeight(null) * scale);
    // could use TYPE_INT_RGB if there's no alpha in your image
    BufferedImage dest = new BufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
    Graphics g = dest.getGraphics();
    g.drawImage(src, 0, 0, w, h, null);
    d.dispose();How does that work for you? It should be pretty quick.
    Shannon Hickey (Swing Team)

  • Cropping and resizing Images using Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    I am trying to edit pictures for my web site and previously used adobe photo shop 4 which I liked very well. When I try to crop and resize in photoshop 12 have been unable to adjust the images using pixels. As every photo on my website needs to be in pixels then this is a big problem for me! Is there anyway to change the preferences in the settings?  Thanks Tess

    You should head over to the Elements forums, this forum is for Photoshop. Go here :

  • Using Javascript & Actions to resize an image and add the filename as text

    I am currently working on a way to take an image, resize it and add exactly what is in it's file name (before extension) as a text layer. I have succeded in this BUT am having issues with file names that require more than one line of text.
    I need the text to align to the bottom of the image & the script or action must then resize the image so that the text does not overlap.
    Any ideas on how this can be done?
    At the moment I am using:
    -"Fit Image.jsx" to resize my image to a specific size (This was included in the Photoshop CS5 scripts)
    - A script to add the file name without extension and place the file name at a specific position.
    if ( documents.length > 0 )
    var originalRulerUnits = preferences.rulerUnits;
    preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
      var docRef = activeDocument;
      // Now create a text layer at the front
      var myLayerRef = docRef.artLayers.add();
      myLayerRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT; = "Filename";
      var myTextRef = myLayerRef.textItem;
      // strip the extension off
      var fileNameNoExtension =;
      fileNameNoExtension = fileNameNoExtension.split( "." );
      if ( fileNameNoExtension.length > 1 ) {
      fileNameNoExtension = fileNameNoExtension.join(".");
      myTextRef.contents = fileNameNoExtension;
      // off set the text to be in the middle
      myTextRef.position = new Array( docRef.width / 2, docRef.height / 2 );
      myTextRef.size = 12;
            //set position of text
            myTextRef.justification = Justification.CENTER;
            myTextRef.kind = TextType.PARAGRAPHTEXT;
            myTextRef.width= docRef.width;
            myTextRef.height= docRef.height/ 2;
            myTextRef.position= [0, docRef.height * 0.88];
    catch( e )
      // An error occurred. Restore ruler units, then propagate the error back
      // to the user
      preferences.rulerUnits = originalRulerUnits;
      throw e;
    // Everything went Ok. Restore ruler units
    preferences.rulerUnits = originalRulerUnits;
    alert( "You must have a document open to add the filename!" );
    Can the position be changed to allow more rows of text but keep it aligned with the bottom of the layer?
    How can I script in a way to make the image resize based on the amount of text lines?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You can add a text layer any where the only thing you need to worry about is the size of the font you use.  You can normally calculate a font size by saving the images resoltuion and then setting its resolution to 72 DPI calculate a font size basied of the images pixel width and the number of characters you want in a line. After adding the text layer you can restore the image to its original resolution and align the text layer by making a selection and alignint the text layer to the selection.  There are nine posibilites like the positions in the selection you can align to like a tick tack toe board. You need to use a script to add the text layer because your retrieving the filename.  The positioning of the text layer could be done easily in an action the would use the scriot to add a text layer the do a select all  the align the added text layer to the selection.
    About your script don't make text paragraph just add new line characters to make a multi line text layer So it can be positioned easily
    I do just that with my stampexif action.  The action uses my stampexif Photoshop java script to add a multi line text layer containing some formatted EXIF data then the action centers the text layer and add a layer style to it. Link Example

  • I need some help resizing my images on PS6. I am using a mac and have been trying to resize with same resolution and constaining proportions but for some reaseon the smaller resized image appears pizelated.

    I need some help resizing my images on PS6. I am using a mac and have been trying to resize with same resolution and constaining proportions but for some reaseon the smaller resized image appears pizelated. Heres an image of before and after. The first image I use is a JPG 72dpi 1500px x1500px and I want to downsize it to 600x600px same res, but it keeps pixelating, this has never happened before. Any suggestions, thoughts?

    I wouldn't say pixelated; more like blurry.
    Like ConnectedCreative said, what steps are you using? Are you using "bicubic sharper" when resizing down?

  • Resizing an image in a layer using values from another layer

    After resizing an image on a layer, is it possible to easily copy the resized width & height (pixel) values to images on other layers?  If so, then how?  I'm guessing there's an easy way, but it eludes me.  Copying the values manually is okay with just a couple of layers, but rather tedious for changing many layers.

    You could record an action to resize the layers. You could use the action only
    on one layer at a time.
    1. Pick the layer you want to have the other layers resized to and find the pixel dimensions
       of the layer i.e w 422 x h 830.
    2. Pick the layer you want to resize and make it active.
    3. Start recording the action following the steps below:
       (the menu commands are in red)
    4. When you get to the image size dialog, set as below with your own
        pixel dimensions. Don't change anything in the document size from
        how it's set when the dialog opens.
    5. After you record the action set the image size dialog so it opens
       whenever you run the action so you can change the pixel dimensions.
      Click in the box to the right of the checkmark (highlighted above in red)
    More info on recording actions tml
    You can align or distribute layers with the move tool
    more info tml tml

  • Resizing large quantites of images using image processor - STUCK

    I have upgraded to Photoshop CC. I am attempting to resize large quantites of images using the image processor. I need both the width and height set to an exact number for web use. When I enter the pixel size into the "resize" boxes and click run, the sizes i get are correct on one dimension but slightly off on the other dimension. When I just do one image at a time to these same dimensions it resizes correctly? It appears it only does when selecting large qunatites. Any suggestions?die

    Since you do not want to crop your images to a square 1:1 aspect ratio changing the canvas to be square will not make your images square they will retain their Aspect Ratio and  image size will be changer to fit within your 1020 px square. There will be a border or borders on a side or two borders on opposite sides.   You do not need a script because Photoshop ships with a Plug-in script to be used in Actions.   What is good about Plugins is the support Actions.  When you record the action the plug-in during action recording records the setting you use in its dialog into  the actions step.  When the Action is played the Plug-in use the recorded setting an bypasses displaying its dialog. So the Action can be Batch.  The Action you would record would have two  Steps.   Step 1  menu File>Automate>Fit Image... in the Fit Image dialog enter 1020 in the width and height  fields.  Step 2 Canvas size enter 1020 pixels in width and height  not relative leave the anchor point centered it you want even borders on two sides set color to white in the canvas size dialog. You can batch the action.
    The above script will also work. Its squares the document then re-sizes to 1020x1020  the action re-sizes the image to fit with in an area 1020 x 1020 then add any missing canvas. The script like the action only process one image so it would also need to be batched. Record the script into and action and batch the action. As the author wrote. The script re size canvas did not specify an anchor point so the default center anchor point is uses  like the action canvas will be added to two sides.

  • Resizing images in pixels instead of inches?

    How do I set the software of Elements 10 to resize images in pixels instead of inches?

    By going to Preferences.  This is done by doing:
    Edit >> Preferences
    And look for something like this:
    As you can see from the picture, it is under Units and Rulers.  Perhaps you can tell us what exactly are you trying to do?  For print, inches and cms are very common, For screen and web pixels is very useful.  For documents, points is useful;  but this is just a "rule of thumb" and people use it interchangeably these days because they have got used to different unit types.

  • Why are my images being pixelated when using free transform?

    I am pretty comfortbale with PS but stil learning more of the finer details.  I can't find an answer for this on any help topics or threads.
    I often bring several images into a document or workflow and it seems that when I reduce an image that's too big for the canvas, it looses it's quality as soon as I break out the transform tool and becomes very pixelated.  Any thoughts?
    Thanks very much

    Thanks for both of your suggestions.  My images are at 100ppi resolution and I am viewing the documents at about 150% the entire time.  My image interpolation is set for bicubit (best for smooth gradient).
    I've tried to reproduce the problem in different ways before replying here and think I've narrowed it down a bit.  It seems that when I use the File->Place way to insert an image into an existing document, I don't run into this pixelation or image degredation issue.  It's only when I drag an image from one document to another using tabbed document introduced in CS4 (I'm using CS5 btw).
    If I have document 1 open and drag an image (or layer) from document 2 into document 1, then resize that image in document 1, I get a loss of quality.  Not sure if that helps anyone else.  Also not sure why this is hapenning as the ability to drag layers back and forth is pretty handy and I'd rather not give it up.

  • How to resize image using java imageio

    Hello ,
    I want to know how to resize image using java imageio.
    I dont want to use java awt because i am writing a web application.
    help is very much needed
    thank you.

    Just use an AffineTransform !
    Its much easier

  • How can I resize an image without losing resolution or using the crop tool? I am using Photoshop Elements 13 on a PC.

    How can I resize an image without losing resolution or using the crop tool? I am using Photoshop Elements 13 on a PC.

    Hi Peru Bob,
    I've tried two images, the results were:
    Image 1
    Jpg, original file size 923KB, dimensions 848px x 279px.
    After resizing to 848px x 180px with 72dpi, the file size decreased to 164KB.
    Image 2
    Jpg, original file size 809KB, dimensions 1200px x 1800px.
    After resizing to 668px x 722px with 72dpi, the file size decreased to 307KB.
    So, there seems to be a fair file size loss - is this to be expected?

  • I updated to Photoshop cc 2014 and now can't resize the images like I used to.

    I updated to Photoshop cc 2014 and now can't resize the images like I used to. 
    I used to click on the image and then go to the corner hold down shift and resize it.  Now it won't do it.
    How do I do it now? 
    I have a project deadline and need to do this asap.  Panicking that I won't meet my deadline.

    Did you turn off the "show transform controls" option in the move tool?
    It sounds like you were using that previously.
    And you can always transform by using the Free Transform command (command/control T).

  • Cropping/resizing image by pixel dimensions

    I am trying to crop or resize an image that is originally 2,122 x 1,415 px | 7.1 x 4.7 in | 300 dpi. I am to crop/resize image to fit 756 x 275 px. However, I don't want to lose the whole image. I would like to use the whole image just adjust it to the dimensions.
    How can I accomplish this without creating any distortion or by removing elements by cropping the image?

    Hello Slange,
    may I propose a solution based on a more mathematical derivation, where I assume the height of 275 px is decisive. The way is the same, if the 765 px width is important.
    The reduced copy of 2122 x 1415 provides 412 x 275. To the wished 756 you need: 756 - 412 = 344. Splitting it into two parts I'll get 344 : 2 = 172. These I mount now (The black borders are only for better overview.) to an image with the wished measures 756 x 275:
    The white area you can fill it with any suitable color.

  • Am unable to resize fonts, images, or anything that is related to using numerals.  How can this be fixed??

    Am unable to resize fonts, images, or anything that is related to using numerals.  How can this be fixed??

    In full Editor, go to Edit>preferences>General. Look for this:
    Click on it, close Elements, relaunch.

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