Restoring a Blank HD to factory defaults (including the hidden partition) [T400, Vista x64]

Background info:
I'm installing linux, and instead of asking about everything at once, I'm separating my problems into multiple questions.
I plan to remove all partitions, make new ones (adding an extra one for linux) and then use the recover stuff to bring back windows
The main question (this one), is:
If I completely clear the hard drive of all partitions, and then re partition to include one extra linux (ext3) partition, can I use the "Product Recovery CDs" (the 14 cds that I have burnt using the thinkvantage software) to restore the computer to the exact factory default state? i.e., will it:
1) Completely restore vista
2) Restore the hidden recovery partition (I understand the CDs also act as a recovery partition, but there's 14 of them... I don't know how well I can maintain that many CDs, so I'd rather have another copy on the HD)
3) Not screw up the thinkvantage "stuff" (this is my first lenovo, so I'm not sure, but I want to make sure the support software doesn't go nuts once it notices there's an extra partition, etc.)
Thanks in advance.

It's you topic, so you decide what is on topic or not.
Here is the relevant part of my menu.lst:
# This is a divider, added to separate the menu items below from the Debian
# ones.
title        Other operating systems:
# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
# on /dev/sda1
title        Microsoft Windows XP Professional
root        (hd0,0)
chainloader    +1
# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
# on /dev/sda4
title        Thinkvantage Rescue and Recovery
root        (hd0,3)
chainloader    +1
I'm running Linux Mint which is a modified Ubuntu 8.04.
T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.
T400 2765-T7U Windows 7
Registered Linux User #160145
FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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    I have an external hard drive with plenty of free space. How would I make a completely backup; something that would restore everything (including the hidden partition) to its current state?
    Is there any way to do this using free/opensource?
    Keep in mind that if there's a linux app that can do this, I can just boot up using a live CD and run the app from there.
    Thanks in advance.

    Vista or XP? What is/was the partition layout? IIRC, w/XP the 2nd partition is the service partition (hd0,1) and with Vista it is the first (hd0,0).  I don't know if that is always the case, so how is your drive layed out?
    ISTR that with XP the service partition is "hidded' by using an ID of 12 (or something) even though it is a FAT32 partition.  Grub might be unhappy with the ID.  Changing it to "C" might let it boot. That's just a WAG.  My recollection is that the ID only affected where I could install the grub files, not what I could boot.
    I've got some old notes here somewhere: maybe in "partitioning" or Windows XP.
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    I don't know clonezillla.  Will it let you restore only one of the partitions?  If so, do a restore to factory (with the recovery media you made immediately on receiving the laptop) and then restore only the Vista or XP partition from clonezilla.
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  • C855-S5190 restored via recovery to factory defaults, ran the Toshiba updater, no Windows Update

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    After that all finished, I tried the Toshiba service station and it gave me about 7 updates that I installed.  After that, I rebooted and then wanted to see about doing the Windows 8.1 update.  Went to Windows Store - it says I need to do Windows Updates.  I went to search, and now there's no Windows Update showing anywhere.  I checked settings, and everything is empty under there as well.  What happened??
    If someone could tell me how I can possibly do the Windows Updates.  I tried this once before trying the service center, the updates either fail, or they install, then it reboots, can't configure them, and gets stuck in a loop of trying to roll things back.  That caused me to have to do another restore to factory defaults - I've had to do it 4 times so far, and I just don't want to get stuck in that loop again.  So, I need to know what happened to my Windows Update, how do I get it back, and how the heck do I get this thing updated to 8.1?
    I booted a Linux live media before starting and was able to recover the files, etc., he had on it to a USB flash drive since I knew doing the restore would wipe that all out.
    Any and all input is GREATLE appreciated!!

    Here's the link to the Microsoft page,  I had to do this to get Windows Update to run.  The Windows 8.1 upgrade would not let me do the upgrade until Windows Update was run, and I kept getting this error.  It takes a *long* time for this to straighten out if you've done a factory defaults restore - several reboots, etc..

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    Hi @prdstudio3 ,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. The Serial Number needed to be removed from your Post. This is From our Rules of Participation:
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    Thank you
    I work for HP

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    Im trying to erase the existing memory on a storage unit and also would like to restore the factory defaults on the unit also. Im really new at this and could use all the help i can get.
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    If you're restoring a file you have to list it, so if you are restoring /wdn/file01 then you specify the alternate path as /restore/file01

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    Hi, I already have Vista SP1 installed on my T61, but is it possible to make the image in the hidden partition Vista SP1 as well? (So after I do a reset to factory default in the future, it will already have SP1 installed). thanks!
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    nope.   sorry.
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    Hi Tandrist,
    To clean the database or restore to default
    1. Stop the NCS    (ncs stop)
    2. Ran 'ncs db reinitdb' 
    3. Start the NCS (ncs start)
    Note: this will delete all the devices , config ..would be like a fresh installed
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    In the hopes of helping others who may have this problem - I got a new E3000 router and set up everything fine but could not see my Brother HL5250DN wired printer on the network.  Tried everything including the Brother "network repair tool", nothing worked.  Finally I did a reset of the printer to factory defaults and presto, it appeared on the DHCP table!  So if you can't find a device like this try resetting it according the the manufacturer instructions.  Pulling the plug or turning it off and on may not be sufficient. 
    For my 5250 the reset involved turning the printer on while holding the GO button down, then after the LED's go off, press GO six times.  Pretty arcane procedure but it worked.  Problem solved. 

    How about you try these troubleshooting steps:
    Reboot the router (for 30seconds)
    Wait for the power light to blink TWICE
    Reboot the router again (for 30 seconds)
    Wait for 2-5mins for the power light to get solid
    Check then if you can ping the router ; try to configure it
    Once the router will respond, try to set it up manually. For further instructions to set it up manually, refer to these links: Setting up a Linksys router with Cable Internet service & Setting up a Linksys router for DSL Internet connection.

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    You will need an Internet connection for either of the following methods.
    Back up your system first unless you don't need anything on it.
    Recovery Mode
    Restart using the Command+R keys.
    At the OS X Utilities Menu, use Disk Utility to erase your Macintosh HD.
    Exit from Disk Utility and select Reinstall OS X which will download and install OS X Yosemite.
    During Setup you can Migrate from your back up your user accounts, apps and data.
    Internet Recovery
    Restart into Internet Recovery (Command+Option+R) until you see a spinning globe. This will take a few minutes before you see the OS X Utilities Menu.
    At the OS X Utilities Menu, use Disk Utility to erase your Macintosh HD.
    Exit from Disk Utility and select Reinstall OS X which will download and install the version of OS X that shipped with the system (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite). If the system shipped with an earlier version of OS X, you will need the installation DVD to install from instead of Command+Option+R.
    During Setup you can Migrate from your back up your user accounts, apps and data.

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    See if the information in this support document helps you. This is in addition to what deggie provided. It explains in a little more detail.

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    I want to wipe the HD and start fresh with Leopard. I've done too many 'experimental customizations'.
    My dad bought a multi user Leopard disk, but I dont see him often enough. Any advice?

    Unfortunately you do need an installer disc to do what you're suggesting.
    And do note that technically a multi-user disc is still only for use within a single household. Otherwise you'd have entire extended families across the country sharing single discs. While I'm not commenting on the morality of sharing among close relatives, best not to bring it up on Apple's own forum.

  • Preventing users from restoring to factory defaults

    Just wondering if it is possible. Right now any standard user with a legitimate password is capable of pressing F8 when loading windows, enter repair and restore computer to factory defaults. Is there any way to prevent ordinary users from doing so?
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    There isn't really an official way to prevent a full system recovery from being performed.  By resetting the system to factory default, I take it you are referring to the F11 system recovery provided by HP which would return it to an out of the box condition. 
    Since this process takes place outside of Windows, setting permissions or making changes inside windows itself will not prevent this.  However, you could make sure you have working recovery disks for the unit and then delete the recovery partition.  Removing the recovery partition would eliminate the easy method of restoring the unit to factory defaults since the recovery partition (where the factory reset retrieves the files from) will be missing.  However, this is how a user can reinstall Windows should something go wrong and this is why I recommend having the recovery disks on hand in a safe location. 
    Alternatively, you could also set a power on password for the unit.  A power on password is set in the BIOS under security.  With a power on password, only someone who knows this password could even get past the BIOS screen in order to reset the system or to boot any device (CD, USB, HDD, etc.).  Be sure to remember this password as you would any other password.  Keep in mind that this is not without its risks.  For example, a forgotten power on password can be difficult to overcome.  Due to the secure nature and depending on the unit (desktop, notebook, commercial unit), there may not be an easy or cheap way to get past a forgotten power-on password. 
    The solution with the least risk, in my opinion, would be to delete the recovery partition.  This document details how to do this.
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    Rogers "unlocked" the phone on their end for $50.00, sent an email to Apple requesting serial # to be released from their network, and to provide "unlocked" status.
    Next step was to restore phone to "factory default" in I tunes, and wait for phone to reset and show "unlocked" status.
    Upon phone resetting in Itunes, after the "factory default", received the following error message"
    "we are sorry, we are unable to unable to continue with activation at this time  Please try again, or contact customer service".
    I contacted Apple customer service whom confirmed that the phone is showing as "unlocked" in their system.
    New carrier that I am attempting to hook phone up states that the phone is still locked.
    What is the solution or workaround?

    Hello mzpartia,
    I found an article from Apple that specifically outlines how to try and troubleshoot this issue. It's called iPhone: Troubleshooting activation issues found here:
    Perform the following steps if you receive one of the messages above:
    Restart the iPhone.
    Try another means of reaching the activation server and attempt to activate.
    Try connecting to Wi-Fi if you're unable to activate using a cellular data connection.
    Try connecting to iTunes if you're unable to activate using Wi-Fi.
    Restore the iPhone.
    If you receive an alert message when you attempt to activate your iPhone, try to place the iPhone in recovery mode and perform a restore. If you're still unable to complete the setup assistant due to an activation error, contact Applefor assistance.
    Take care,

  • Can not restore to factory defaults with cd

    I am working on a Satellite A215-S7416 that had a unrecoverable virus problem.  Trying to restore back to factory defaults with the 2 restore cd's and I get an error: 0A-0224-0000, Cannot copy files.  Is my HDD bad?  If it is, how do I get warranty service taken care of?

    Here is the exact error from the Toshiba Recovery Error:
    An error has occurred.
    ERROR: 0A-0224-0000
    File copy failed'
    Please check (OK) to turn off the computer.
    The restore cd's had not been opened up prior to doing this restore.  Is there a way to get a copy of these cd's?  Thanks.

  • Need help accessing the factory default restore disk - Ideapad b5609

    I am working on a friends PC. It will not start up in normal mode but will start in safe mode. This PC has Windows 7 64 bit installed.
    I don't know whjat he did to this except I used Malwarebytes to remove some malware. After I removed the malware, the PC would not boot in safe mode, but would get stuck at classpnp.sys. I searched for a solution for this and the only thing I could get to work was renaming classpnp.sys to classpnp.old. This allowed the PC to boot in safe mode again but this needs to get fixed.
    What I wanted to do was access the factory default restore disk, back it up to USB ( No dvd's) if possible and reinstall a fresh copy of the system. - But I don't even know if this laptop has a factory restore disk,  Is there one?
    The PC owner says he didn't get a dvd when he bought the PC. This person was born without arms and is not too PC literate. He uses the PC for e-mail and going to porn sites. It's possible he did have a dvd for the PC if it came with one but he just doesn't remember or even knew what it is.
    I do see a Backup and Repair app in the start menu / Maintenence folder but It doesn't start from safe mode. One Key Recovery doesn't work either.. I don't know what it does but I was going to look at it to see if it will help fix the PC.
    I tried a windows system recovery disk, and it says it cannot fix the problem. My friend told me this PC is over a year old so i assume it's out of warrenty. 
    Please help, Thank you.
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    I've already removed the malware with malwarebytes and double checked this with the offline version of Defender. The PC is over a year old.. the owner tells me it's not in warrenty. I didn't want to mess up the hidden recovery partition so i installed a fresh copy of windows 7 to C drive. Since I can now boot into C i will try to install and use OneKey recovery to access and reinstall from the hidden partition.
    I understand there is an Enginers version of Onekey Recovery I may have to get if i have problems - it's the version of OKR that the OEM's use to set up the partition in the first place.. from my info anyway..
    This is the second time tryiong to fix it from a fresh install on C drive.  The first time had a Windows.old folder I wanted to try to reinstall stuff from, but on trying to back that up to a external hard drive via USB, the system crashed and said missing master boot record. A StartUp Repair disk ran 6 times could not fix the problem ( same disk I used to install.. told me it didn't find any problems !
    Other odd behavior.. when i was copying the windows.old folder, it didn't tell me i had so many files to go.. always sais it had 0 files left to transfer.
    I couldn't get the sound drivers to work even after downloading the right ones from lenovo. I even let device manager try to reinstall the drivers from the Realtek folder in the windows.old folder - those should have worked - and the pc told me that the drivers matches and were up to date - however, the error i get told me there is a problem with the drivers and installation would fail when i tried to install from the downloaded exe.
    I have been fixing my own systems for over 20 years, i have never seen a system as screwy as this with a fresh install.

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