Restricted automatic creation of PO in sales order

Hi Experts
When we create a sales order (VA01), we had customized the automatic creation of a Production order (CO01); but our client is asking us to limit this automatic creation to a certain characteristics of the material.
For example, we have to choose the colours (number and values), and for one colour, the production order donu2019t need to be created automatically.
Please can anyone help me to find any solution for this matter?
Thank you in advance

Dear Hachim,
if there is only one material for which you don't want production order to be created you can restrict that particular material by using material exclusion from Logistics screen - Sales and Distribution - Master Data - Products - Listing/Exclusion
and select condition type B001 for Exclusion  and now if you try to enter this material in the sales order system will give you an error
you can use listing condition type A001 in order to include only those materials for which you want production order to be created for them
Hope this will solve you purpose

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  • Automatic creation of project from Sales Order?

    can someone guide me how to automatically generate PS Projects from SO USING TCODE HBS0?
    i have been able to generate projects automatically when i use tcode VA41 but my need is to do this for RE using sales browser and creation of Sales Order is by Tcode HBS0.
    when i save the sales order, no project is created. ( Note: Material i used is same one i used successfully in VA41+)
    thanks in advance..

    Hi Ramesh,
    Creation of project from sales order in SAP Project system is described as assembly processing.
    In the Project System only networks can be generated directly from a sales document during assembly processing. Indirectly the system can also generate work breakdown structures, when it creates the network.
    1.You start assembly processing by creating a sales document for a material. This sales
       document can be inquiry,quotation, sales order.
    2. The system then
        Configures the material, if necessary
        Creates a network using the standard network as a template
        Configures the network, if necessary
        Schedules the network backwards from the required delivery date
        Checks material availability
        Costs the network and transfers these costs to the sales document.
    3. When you save the sales document, the system saves the network together with the sales
        document. If applicable, it also generates a project definition and work breakdown structure.
        The project number is derived from the sales document number.
    Please refer link mentioned below to know more details

  • Automatic creation of PR from sales order (SO) for the materials compement

    I would like to create un PR from a sales order , but only for the material component (defined on Tcod CS01)
    I already know how to create un automatic PR from SO By using the TAS post type
    But the problem is that this method create only a PR for the material in SO him self and not for his component "what I really want"
    I search every where in VOV6  and VOV7 but I didn't find what Iu2019m looking for
    Thanks in advance For your advices and help

    did you have any idea about this problem?
    I want to create automatically an PR for the Component of the Production BOM on saving my sales order
    exp :
    Material component = 1010 Qte 2  and 1011 Qte 25
    Sales material = 10XX Qte 1
    In my PR created the materials must be 1010 Qte 2 & 1011 Qte 25
    I hope my question is more clear now
    thanks in advanve

  • Deactivate the automatic Creation of Delivery after Sales Order is Posted

    SD gurus,
    When I am creating a Sales Order, after posting it I want to create the delivery for the same manually.
    But the configuraion is so made that the delivery is automatically generated.
    How do i go for it ?
    Kindly help

    Hi Mohanty,
    I think the Immediate Delivery under Shipping for that order type may have value A or X, Clear that value.
    1) Goto VOV8 tansaction.
    2) Select the Sales order type (For eg: OR for standard order) and double click on that
    3) Under Shipping tab, Set Immediate Delivery with Blank value
    Plz reward points if it is helpful

  • Restrict Automatic creation of Notification from an Order

    In one of my client, During creation of order a notification is created automatically in the background.
    Now they dont want to create notification in the background.
    How to stop this ?

    SPRO-Plant Maintenance and Customer Service---Maintenance and Service ProcessingFunctions and Settings for Order Types--Define Notification and Order Integration
    please follow the path and uncheck the notification option for perticular order type .

  • Automatic credit release of blocked Sales orders with pre payment

    Hi ,
    We have a requirement as given below.Please suggest a better solution for this.
    The customers have the 'prepayment ' payment terms with different percentages of the sales order
    value to be paid before the delivery creation.
    When the sales orders are created, they are blocked for delivery by some credit block.
    The business use VKM1 transaction to view these blocked orders and release them manually for
    delivery creation after checking if the customer has made the prepayment.This is a tedious work
    (since there are too many sales orders )for the credit manager who dont have the complete
    visibility of how much prepayment the customer has made and need to manually check if the
    payment made covers the sales order prepayment amount to be paid.
    1. How can we do a automatic release of these blocked sales orders?
    2. Is there any program(which can be setup as batch job) to do a credit recheck and release the order
    3. Will Milestone billing plan functionality satisfy this requirement?If so how?
    We are using SAP version 4.7 without Project System.
    Thanks in advance.

    This is not possible because when you created the sales order it has checked the credit limit for that credit limit and if you increase also now that block cant go automatically.
    Go to VA02 i.e change mode of sales order and change something and enter may be if you created a order for 2 quantity then go to VA02 and remove the quantity 2 and again type 2 then system will again check for credit and now that is increased so the order will not block..
    If this is for many order then you can run changes sales order  BAPI for mass update. Take help from ABAP guys.

  • Stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a doc type

    Hello All,
    There is a requirement that I need to stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a particular document type.
    The issue is that sometimes the cycle goes upto creation of Invoice automatically but sometimes this does not happen. More over the user wants that the transafer order needs to be confirmed manually.
    Can u please provide the .steps involved for thie case.

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.
    I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.
    Click on ‘Assign’ button,
    Press on ‘New entries’
    WhN = ‘900’
    Reference Movement Type = ‘101’
    Movement indicator = ‘B’
    Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’
    TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’
    Immed.TO Creation
    Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.
    GR date = ‘2’

  • How to restrict BOM explosion in Quotation and Sales  Order

    Dear all,
    How can we restrict BOM main item explosion in Sales Order.
    this BOM main item is having special order items which have to generate purchase requisition (item category - BANC),
    with out exploding bom main item, can we generate a  purchase requisition for BOM subitems, can any body explain me that how can we do that.
    your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    thank you
    Raghu Ram

    Hi Raghu Ram,
    The BOM explosion is controlled by item category.
    In the item category configuration screen, under "Bills of Material/ Configuration", you can see "Structure Scope" field.
    Select the one which is applicable to your case:-
    "blank" - Do not explode material structure
    A - Explode single-level BOM
    B - Explode multi-level BOM
    C - Configuration, no BOM explosion
    D - Configuration, poss. with BOM explosion
    E - Structure from Customer_Function (product selection)
    Hope this helps

  • !!!How to restrict user for making  changes in Sales order , partner level

    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me how to restrict user for making  changes in Sales order  at partner level, is it through user exit?

    Hi Ruchi
    I hope u had gone to the screen fields which u want them not to be editable. So there u select all the fields contents which u do not want to to be changed and check the boxes with W.content and Display and save it. Once evrything is done u have to activate the particular transcation going in to the standard variants and put the name and click the activate button.
    Hope its clear
    Reward if help ful

  • BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order

    Dear all,
    I'm on R/3 4.6B platform and to develop an RFC for outbound Delivery creation instead of using the standard VL01N transaction.
    I've review BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order - VL01N thread which suggest BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC .
    However, in 4.6B, that function module doesn't exist. Appreciate any suggestion and or workaround.
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  • Possibility of addition creation time in the sales order over view screen

    Is there a possibility of adding the creation time in the sales order overview screen in VA01/2/3.
    thank you

    this is to inform you that,
    contact your ABAPER for this is to find out if there any possibility making time field mandatory if it is there in Standard SAP. there in VBAK table i am able to see VBAK - ERZET
    if it is not available then you need to go for field exit.
    hope this helps.
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  • Automatic identification of contracts in sales order creation

    I have configured quantity contracts as a automatic determination during Sales Order creation .When i try to create sales order using va01, after i enter Sold-to Party and Material then i hit enter ,system pops up with a dialog box with list of all the contracts existing with that Sold-to Party and Material combination.
    Can someone suggest me , is this pop -up window is a User Exit?  If so . can you pls let me know .
    I went to program SAPMV45A , which has many includes and try to check the include MV45AFZZ , but could not find out the one which i want for Pop up window.
    Thanks in advance
    Points are fully rewarded

      If it is a standard sap configuration..Then it may not be a user exit..
      After entering the sold -to party ...Then press /H in the command button..
      Then start debugging..You might the call.
       after the popup is displayed..Press F1 on any one of the field..In that technical info button...Then check the program and  screen number..
    Go to SE51 with the program and screen number.Then press the where-used list button to get the calling place..

  • Functional module for automatic creation of pur requisition & pur order

    what is the functional module for automatic creation of puchase requisition and automatic creation of purchase order which we will assign in action box in service order processing management.
    please let me know as early as possible
    rajesh kumar raju

             Please check with following.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • Creation of delivery when sales order is saved in VA01

    Hi All
    We got the requirement in such a way that
    we are creating sales order of type (ZOR -standard order ) . Configrration is donde in such a way that when the order is saved one dilvery will be created for that order of deilvery type ZLF .as this is assginned as default delivery type in VOV8 .
    Hre we have two delivery types ZLF and  ZF and we have diffrent different item categories for that sales order like ZZTC , ZPU ,
    ZTDP .
    our requirement is  as follows
    when we create sales order through va01 (order type - ZOR standard order ) having onlu one item category ZPU  then delivery should be created of type ZLF it is happing correctly .
    when we create a sales order through va01 having  non ZPU item categroies like ZZTC and ZTDP dlivey should not be created automatically for that sales oder on saving that order . this is also happeing correctly
    but the problem is
    when we create a sales order having diffrene item categories ( one condiotn here one item should be ZPU) and other item is  ZZTC while saving the sales order delivery is getting created partially for one item only not for two items i mean delivery is getting created only for item categroy zpu the item with type ZZTC is not gettting added to that delivey .
    for exmaple
    sales order 1234
    item category ZPU
    item category ZZTC
    delivery created with only one item ZPU
    May i know any requirments (routines ) are thre to solve this in VOFM .
    let me know how to hanlde this issue .
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    Hi Mohanty,
    I think the Immediate Delivery under Shipping for that order type may have value A or X, Clear that value.
    1) Goto VOV8 tansaction.
    2) Select the Sales order type (For eg: OR for standard order) and double click on that
    3) Under Shipping tab, Set Immediate Delivery with Blank value
    Plz reward points if it is helpful

  • How to update Purchase Request automatically when update qty in sales order

    When we create a sales order, the PR will be automatically generated.
    Now we have a requirement to change the order qty for the sales order. also the PR should be automatically changed.
    With VA02, the process is perfect.
    But by using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE  the SO is partly changed ( order qty is changed but the confirmed qty is not changed) and the PR is not changed.
    So can you advise me how to update the PR by using the BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE, which indicator should be defined?
    I've read the BAPI document but no such information.

    Hi Yang,
    Workflow is the best approach for any issue related to business objects.
    Since you want call FM BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE, it will change SO. It means everytime any SO is changed there will an event being triggered.
    object type: BUS2032
    event: Changed
    simple solution:
    1. Please create object type (SWO1) and its super type should be BUS2032.
    2. Add your own method and attach your custom FM which actually updates the qty & PR)
    3. Create Task (PFTC_INS)
    in basic data:
    - provide object type which you have created
    - provide method which you have added
    goto triggering events tab
    - Choose Object Category as BOR object type
    - provide object type (better give BUS2032)
    - provide event as CHANGED
    Please have look into very nice video blog which helps you to create your workflow.
    blog: [Creating your first SAP Business Workflow]
    Sukhbold Altanbat.

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