Result recording inprocess inspection for production order!

I have a scenario in for prod order in process inspection.
I have an operation to machine the shaft for 3 hrs. And every hour I need to take an reading and note down in the inspection. For the same reason I created master data of MIC Quantitative, Sampling procedure with sample size 1
On routing for the same material, Usage 1 and status 4 Released for general, Inspection point 200 and sapmle drawing procedure with fixed qty 3.
Generated a prod order and released, got inspection lot for lot origin 03. But when I try to enter 3 different readings per hour could not able to achieve this.
Kindly help me out.
N. Nagaraju

Are u using physical samples? If not, I wouldn't use the sample drawing procedure.
Set your characteristic to individual results recording in your control indicators.  Set the sampling procedure to be a fixed sample size of three.
You should be able enter three results then for the characteristic.

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  • Inspection for production order

    hi all,
        While I tried to generate inspction lot for production order automatically, i get an error message : inspction lot create fail. I've done these steps, is there any mistake here :
    1. in material master, i set inpection type 03 and choose prefered inspect type and active options.
    2. I've create an inspction plan with usage '1'(Produc) and status '4'(Release) and inspect operations with control key 'QM01', also aign MICs into them.
    3. when i create product order with TCode 'CO01' and release this order, it can't create any inspection lot automatically, when i try to do this manually with menu, i get that error message.
    Did i missing any setting?
    thank u very much.

    In Material master, QM view in the insp type 03 details
    check box-insp with material specification
    Check box-insp with task list
    In the above check box, which one ticked?
    If both are ticked then you need to maintian material specification in QS61, or remove this tick from check box-insp with material specification in material master
    So for inspection type 03 use routing with usage as 1 and status as 4 and control key as PP04 to specify the inspection characteristics.
    when u cofirm that perticular operation it will ask to record the results. Inspection lot get genarated during order release this we can see in the order header data assignment tab. PP04 assignement says this operation is relevent for inprocess inspection and we need to assign MIC's for this which are relevent created in QS21 for this also sampling procedure created in QDV1
    Also refer this link,
    Hope it will help you.

  • Early Inspection for a Goods Receipt for production order

    Dear Experts,
    This  is with respect  Early Inspection for a Goods Receipt for inspction type 04.( 03 is also active in material master)
    We made partial confirmation  250 qty for production order using t code co11n ( total qty of production order is 1000).
    made the usage decision with an acceptance and posted all open stocks. to unrestricted.
    Now  in second partial confirmation prodn order  of 250 qty was made . This suppose to be rejected .  but sytem will add this 250 qty directly to unrestricted stock .  how to over come this .

    Don't make the UD until all stock has been receipted?
    You basically approved the batch.  So why wouldn't the system put the stock to unrestricted?
    Why would you make a UD when you still have stock to be posted anyway?  You can post stock without without making a UD so why not just post some if you need it, and wait on making the UD?

  • In process Quality for Production orders

    Hi Guys,
    I am facing issues while doing an in process quality for production order.The usage is In process quality,
    can anyone help me to carry out a flow for this usage type.
    What are the necessary settings to be done and also explain the workflow for this inspection type.

    For in process quality you have to activate "03" type quality in the QM view for the material.
    After creation of the order you have to generate inspection lot and based on the inspection lot you have to do result recording.
    After that you will do the GR followed by usage decision of the inspation lot.
    Hope this will help.Please elaborate the details for further clarification.

  • Unit to Be Inspected Tab during Inspection of Production Order

    Dear experts,
    During result recording of inspection lot from GR (QE01), there is a tab named " Unit to be Inspected" whereby users can record characteristics per serial no.. During result recording of inspection lot created during production order, the tab "Unit to be inspected" does not appear. Is there any way to make the particular tab appear in result recording for production order?
    Thanks in advance

    Please check your inspection plan (QP02) ---> Operation --> Select Inspection characteristics ---> click on control indicators --> select Single result in Result Confirmation. --> Save it.
    It is also depend on your sampling procedure. If you take the 10 sample in your sampling procedure then it will appeare for 10 times in result recording.
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  • Transfer Order not created while performing GR for Production order

    Hi, I am facing a problem while recieving stock from a production order. The system does not create a transfer requirement or a TO.
    Let me give you a brief background.
    This is a new functionality introduced in ECC 6.0 for working with kanban in WM.
    Supply area is created for WM location.
    Control cycle is created for material, supply area. Warehouse, storage type and Bin is maintained in control cycle record. When the GR is done for production order material is recieved in this bin.
    1) Now when the Kanban is set empty a production order is automatically created.
    2) Once the production order is confirmed the material automatically shows up in the bin.
    A material document is created which shows IM movement type 101 and WM movement type 103. Also in material document Immediate auto TO checkmark is blank.
    3) *PROBLEM* - System does not create a TR or a TO. the material automatically shows up in the Bin. How can we enable an auto TR and TO creation.
    Following are the settings which I have already checked:
    1) In IMG, WM movement type 103 has auto TO indicator set.
    2) IM-WM interface for 102 movement type and 103 movement type is maintained.
    The main problem is: Although the material document displays WM movement type 103 and the stock lies in WM bin, System never created a Transfer requirement or a Transfer order.
    I would really appreciate if anyone can help me in this.

    Hi Mike,
    I do not know this function in SAP, so these are just my ideas:
    System does not create a TR or a TO. the material automatically shows up in the Bin.
    I think it's a normal SAP behaviour. If you do GR against a PO the quant(s) will appear in interim storage bin w/o TO. The TO is to move the quants from one bin to another, but in this case the quant comes from 'nothing' and arrives at the bin.
    If you make confirmation and consume the components refering to a PrdOrd, the components will disappear w/o TO from storage type 100 + dynamic bin, because there's no TO that could move them from dynamic bin to 'nothing'.
    So, these 'movements' are to change the WM stock level and TOs are not designed for this.
    There's difference between auto creation of TO and immediate TO creation. Please check what SAP help says in case of TOs for outbound deliveries:
    Now when the Kanban is set empty a production order is automatically created.
    So, if you remove the stock from the Kanban it triggers the creation of a PrdOrd. This is very logical in a Kanban system because it is a pull system. but your problem is not this, it's clear.
    If you just created an automatic TO and would remove the stock from Kanban-bin, a new PrdOrd would be generated, and so on. As many times you remove the stock a new PrdOrd is created and this might be the reason why no TO is crated automatically. In this case this would be a push system and not kanban system.
    I do not know this process but if we concentrate only on the pull system, maybe this Kanaban is to store the FG until an event (e.g. shipment) should trigger the stock removal from this bin. (just my assumption)
    Please try to mark the TR creation for the movement type w/o auto / immediate TO and tell us the result (whether you get the TR if you confirm the PrdOrd).

  • Picking for Production Order

    Hi SAP PP Gurus
      Can any body know about picking for production order using T-Code CO27 and its related setting in customizations because i use it and i get error message
    "No data exists for chosen selection" .

    Hi Ram.
    Thanks for your reply.
    I try that table and i get the result as below but after that what i do.
    Reservation          2382     
    Item          1     
    Record Type               
    RequirementType          AR     
    Reserv. status               
    Mvt allowed          X     
    Final issue               
    Missing part               
    Material          91004020     
    Plant          2510     
    StorageLocation          CY     
    Supply Area               
    Special Stock               
    Requiremts Date          29.09.2006     
    Requirement Qty          10

  • XL Reporter - Prompting for Production Order Number - How to?

    I have watched the FlashBook's for creating reprots, and following the directions. When I go to create a new Paramater, the Document Number is not an available Dimension.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction in setting up an XL Reporter report that prompts for Production Order number / Document ID? How do you create prompts for record ID's?
    Edited by: Mike White on Jun 16, 2008 11:11 PM

    Thank you for the help. This gets me closer then I was before.
    To test, I am list listing the Production Order Document Number and the Due Date. Looking to list only the Production Order and Due Date from a prompted Production Order.
    I tried both Cell Expansion and Row Expansion using the parameter you suggested. Cell Expansion returns all documents, but with a document number of 0. Row expansion gives me an error.
    I have captured all the screen shots and posted them to the web. If you wouldnt mind taking a quick look. I am sure something I am doing is off, but feel I am close with your help.
    Thank you.

  • Actual activity price calculation for production order

    Can any one guide me in how many ways we can assign actual activity price calculation for production order?
    I knew only one way by assigning PPP2 costing variant?
    I have another doubt is: if we don't mention any material valuation indicator (moving average, standard) in valuation variant, how system will calculate material prices? is there any other way, to recognize the prices by system?
    Ramesh B

    Costing variant PPP2 is linked to some valuation variant inn OPL1
    System will check the valuation of material and activity according to this valuation variant
    For material valuation there are many stg acceding to which system will take the price the raw material,
    Valuation strategy for material component
    Strategy sequence that determines the valuation of the materials used in the cost estimate.
    The materials are valuated using the price in the material master record or the values calculated in a material cost estimate.
    You can enter a single strategy, or you can enter multiple strategies in the form of a strategy sequence. If you enter multiple strategies, the priority of the strategy determines what price or what values are selected.
    Assume that the following strategy sequence is entered for material valuation:
    1. Planned price 1
    2. Standard price
    3. Moving average price
    If the system finds a value in the Planned price 1 field (costing view), this value is taken as the value for valuating the material.
    If the system does not find a value, the value in the Standard price field (accounting view) is used.
    If the material does not have a standard price, the system uses the value from the Moving average price field.
    if you have not mentioned, then system will give error that "valuation stg not found"
    Valuation strategy for internal activities and processes-
    Strategy sequence that determines how internal activities and processes are valuated in costing.
    The activities and business processes used are valuated with the prices from Cost Center Accounting or Activity-Based Costing to determine the production costs or process costs. The prices can either be calculated iteratively through price calculation, or entered manually by the user.
    You can enter either a single strategy or more than one strategy in the form of a strategy sequence. If you enter more than one strategy, the priority of the strategy determines which price is selected.
    The following strategy sequence is entered:
    1. Actual price of the previous period
    2. Plan price of the previous period
    3. The most current plan price
    If the system finds a price for the activity type, this price is used for valuating the internal activities. If no price was calculated for the previous period, the plan price from the previous period is used to valuate the activity type.
    If the system cannot find a plan price for the previous period, it looks for a future plan price, using the next price in the posting period to valuate the internal activities. For example, if plan prices have been entered for periods 2 and 3, and a plan price is calculated in period 1 for period 4, the system uses the price from period 3 in accordance with the valuation strategy Most up-to-date plan price.
    Again if you have not mentioned, then system will give error that "valuation stg not found".
    You can use any costing variant for actual (PPP2)and planned(PPP1) according to your requirement.. check in OPL1

  • BAPI for Production order creation against wbs element

    dear all,
    I am using BAPI (BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE) for Production order creation against wbs element.I am putting following input paramters in this
    material no,
    order type
    basic start dt & end dt
    But during GRN it is not taking the account assignment as project stock i.e. its picking movement type 101 but it should be 101Q.
    For this what changes are required.
    ravi arora

    2 options i can think of:
    1. Create a BDC program by recording co10
    2. Create a planned order with order type PR using BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_CREATE, specify the WBS element & other details. Now use BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE_FROM_PLORD to create a production order with reference to the planned order created earlier.
    I believe option 2 should meet your need. Check & revert.

  • User Exit For production Order Information System

    Dear All,
    I am looking for an User Exit,BADi's for production order Information System where i can see the Quantity which is already produced & The Quantity which is already passed from Quality.I mean the GR Quantity against the Production Order and against that Quantity how much is passed from the Quality.
    This is an Urgent Requirement from The Customer.
    Please Help.
    Sujay Joshi

    You use QA33 report with following fields,,,,here you will get all required
    Inspection lot     
    Insp. lot quantity     
    Base unit of measure     
    System status     
    Unrestrictd-use stck     
    Scrap quantity     
    Blocked stock     
    New material     
    MatTransfer posting     
    Posted to batch     
    Return to vendor     
    Other quantity     
    Other quantity 2     
    Quantity to be posted     
    Long-term sample qty     
    Inspected quantity     
    Destroyed quantity     
    Actual lot quantity     
    Defect. qty in IQty

  • Authorization check for production order settlement

    Hi All,
    Production order settlement currently can be done by any user of any company code. there is a high risk involved in the same since unauthorized postings may happen. Hence we need to add authorization check for production order settlement. Can we maintain the same at the plant or the company code level?
    Waiting for your replies. Thanks in advance!
    Aman Goel

    What venki has told abt the exit, its absolutely correct.Even i have used the same exit
    •     From table CAUFV pick Material(PLNBEZ),Basic Start Date(GLTRP),Plant(WERKS) .
    •     Pass parameter Material(PLNBEZ) and Plant(Werks) in table MBEW in respective fields i.e. Material(MATNR) and Plant(WERKS).
    •     Pick the latest record for the current period(LFMON) and year(LFGJA).
    •     Pick Product Cost Estimate number(KALN1) from the record and pass it to table KEKO.
    •     Check if Production Order Basic Start Date(GLTRP)<= BIDAT, if NO post Error Message.
    This is the FS for EXit PPco0007
    Reward if useful

  • Packing for Production order.

    Hi Experts,
    Please tell me process steps involved in packing for Production order.
    What configuration need for it.
    Please tell step by step procedure with T-codes.

    Thanks for ur reply.
    I have created production order,realesed & confirmed also. Then I go for T-code COWBPACK-pack for work order ( Handling unit ). Here I am facing error as follow.
    No packing instruction could be found for material FG01-1095
    Message no. VHUPD002
    The system could not find a packing instruction for material FG01-1095.
    This problem can have various causes, such as:
    there is no packing instruction determination record for this material
    the wrong determination procedure was used to start packing instruction determination.
    But I have already maintain packing instruction. Where I am wrong.

  • Error during goods receipt of Finished goods for production order

    hi friends
    pls help me iam struggle this issue and mentioned the issue .
    when i do goods receipt for production order system getting error like
    No price could be determined for material/batch FG/ plant ZTP
         Message no. CK 465
         The system could not calculate a price for material/batch FG/ in plant
         ZTP for valuation view 0, because none of the valuation strategies in
         valuation variant 007 was successful.
    System Response
         User-defined error management enables you to specify whether the message
         is an error message, a warning message or an information message.
         o   If you have defined the message as a warning message or an
             information message, the costing item will be entered in the cost
             estimate with a value of zero.
    If you have defined the message as an error message, the cost
    estimate contains an error or errors.
    -   In the case of a material cost estimate, the system sets the
        status KF.
    -   If it is a cost estimate without quantity structure, or base
        object cost estimate (that is, a unit cost estimate),  the
        system cannot proceed with costing until you have corrected the
    If the system issues a termination message, the cost estimate cannot
    be processed, and processing is terminated.
        o   Check the master data for material/batch FG/ in plant ZTP.
        o   If you have authorization for Customizing, check the valuation
            strategy for materials in valuation variant 007.
        If the message is a warning message or an information message, there is
        a danger that materials with errors will be ignored by the system.
        If, because of this, you issue a warning message and at the same time
        include materials with a zero value in cost estimates, you can make the
        following settings for these materials in the costing view of the
        material master:
      1.  Enter a very low price in the planned price 1, 2 or 3 fields
          manually, for instance 0.01 USD. These prices are used for costing
          purposes only; they are not read by other applications.
      2.  Enter the highest price unit possible, for example 10000.
          Note: If you enter a new price unit that is higher than the costing
          lot size, the system increases the costing lot size accordingly.
      3.  Change the valuation strategy, such as strategy 4, where you could
          enter the planned price field in which you entered the low price.
          The system now costs as follows:
          Using the valuation strategy, the system finds planned price 1, 2 or
          3. Due to the low price and high price unit, the system rounds the
          value to zero. However, the cost estimate still obtains status KA
          (free of errors), and no error message is issued.
          This procedure can be used for all materials that have caused error
          message CK465 to be issued.
    with regards
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    hi ragavendra,
    this is dinesh .i maintained the costing view and planned price. but again i have same please reply me where i missed the data
    with regards
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  • Report to check open reservations for production orders where GI not posted

    Hi experts,
    Can we get reservation details from any report/ table for production order where material has not been issued, report should also display the value of the reserved material.
    I could not find desired details in RESB (it has price but not value) and MB25.
    Thanks in advance, useful ansers will be rewarded.

    Hello Anand,
    there is no report but you may use the production order info system with list "components" and create a layout contaning the issued quantity and/or the final issue indicator. With a correct sorting, the list should show all orders with non-issued components at the top.
    Regards, Andreas

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