Retrive Records based on the content in a Clob Feild

Retrive Records based on the content in a Clob Feild
I have a Table NoteFile which contains a Clob Feild NoteFileContent
and is refrenced by PK DocID
i need to Match DocID with other Tables Document and folderdocument
My Query is as Below
SELECT Doc.Pap_Doc_ID, Doc.Pap_Doc_Name , NF.NoteFileContent
From NoteFile NF , Document Doc, folderdocument FD
Where Doc.Pap_Doc_ID = FD.FoldDoc_ID and FD.FoldDoc_ParentID <> 3 and
NF.DocID = DOC.Pap_Doc_ID And NF.NoteFileContent Like '%a%'
The above query throws
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [504], [0x7ADEBE00], [2], [1],
[cache buffers chains], [723], [0], [0x7ADEBE00]

We can resize it.Always give the height and weight in
percentage format. and turn off the horizontal n vertical scroll
policy in u r main application.
Hopes it helps you...

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    No, there isn't. The way you're using the file is not recommended. You
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    Thanks and Regards,

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    Eg : I have uploaded resumes of employees and I have search based on their skills. Is it possible to search based on the skill which is mentioned in the resumes and provide the output.

    I can't do that without knowing the structure of your document, it all depends on wether the data you need is in a fixed position in a fixed line or it's in a variable position and the correct line or position needs to be found before using it.

  • Select records based on the closest given time

    Dear SQL gurus,
    I have a table T1:
    Name Null? Type
    9380 18.11.2000 03:45 17.6
    9380 18.11.2000 04:30 17.3
    9380 18.11.2000 05:45 16.8
    9380 18.11.2000 06:15 16.8
    9380 18.11.2000 07:00 16.2
    9380 18.11.2000 07:30 16.2
    9380 18.11.2000 08:15 16
    9380 18.11.2000 08:45 15.7
    9380 18.11.2000 09:30 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 10:00 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 11:15 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 11:45 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 12:30 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 13:00 15.4
    9380 18.11.2000 13:45 15.4
    --- END OF EXAMPLE --
    How to select records based on the:
    - time period specified by the day only [DD.MM.YYYY] - CONDITION 1
    - with values for 6AM only, and if not available, with values closest to 6AM - CONDITION 2
    (if the time gap in MOMENT field is too big, lets say > 5h then choose the average between the value before 6AM (ex. 4:15AM) and the value after the 6AM (ex. 9:45AM))
    CONDITION 1 (something like): moment between '01.01.2005' and '31.12.2004' - this is OK
    CONDITION 2: I do not know how to formulate, especially if 6AM value is not availabe, and I have to find the closest available value, or get the avergae from the two adjacent values.
    Maybe cursor magic??? Thanks a lot for your help.

    About condition two, would the following select be of use to you? Picking the first record could be achived by rownum, analytic function, etc.
    WITH t1 AS (SELECT 9380 id, TO_DATE('18.11.2000 03:45', ' hh24:mi') moment,  17.6 measurement
                  FROM dual
                SELECT 9380 id, TO_DATE('18.11.2000 04:30', ' hh24:mi') moment,  17.3 measurement
                  FROM dual
                SELECT 9380 id, TO_DATE('18.11.2000 05:45', ' hh24:mi') moment,  16.8 measurement
                  FROM dual
                SELECT 9380 id, TO_DATE('18.11.2000 06:15', ' hh24:mi') moment,  16.8 measurement
                  FROM dual
    SELECT id, moment, measurement, diff
      FROM (SELECT id, moment, measurement,
                   moment - TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(moment, ' ') || '06:00', ' hh24:mi') diff
              FROM t1
    ORDER BY abs(diff) asc, SIGN(diff) desc;

  • SQL Query to retrieve the All records based on the Max Dates.

    Hello all,
    I am trying to retrieve the newest record based on the date field (  nextDate  ).
    Currently there are only 4 records in the MC_Maintenance table and two in the Machine table.
    Machine table
    MC_id             EquipID          
    1                      0227
    MC_id             EquipID
    2                     0228
    MC_Maintenance table
    Maint_id           MC_id             Next_maint                  
    1                      2                      08/25/2010     
    2                      2                      07/01/2010
    3                      1                      06/11/2010
    4                      1                      07/11/2010
    What I  am trying to accomplish is,
    list the two machines from the Machine table with the MAX(Next_maint) controlling the MC_Maintenance output list
    These are the records that I would like to Display.
    Maint_id           MC_id             Next_maint                  
    1                      2                      08/25/2010
    4                      1                      07/11/2010                 
    Below is the SQL Query
           MC.MC_ID as ID,
            MC.complete_Date as completed,
            MC.next_maint as nextDate,
            MC.maint_notes as Notes,
            MC.facility as Facility,
   as name,
            M.SerialNumber as SN,
            M.dept as dept,
            M.Freq as freq
            From  MC_Maintenance MC, Machine M
            where  MC.MC_ID =  M.MC_ID
    '           USING MAX(nextDate )
    Any ideas would help.

    I would have thought that was a simple group by problem?
    SELECT M.EquipID, MC.MC_ID, Max(MC.next_maint)
    FROM MC_Maintenance MC INNER JOIN Machine M ON MC.MC_ID = M.MC_ID

  • Resizing Accordian based on the content in each component within in it.

    I wanted to know whether is there a way to resize Accordion
    component based on the content in the present tab.In my Accordion I
    am using four Canvas as its four children.The data in each of the
    canvas changes based on the Accordian tab selected. I want to
    dynamically resize the entire accordion based on the content in the
    canvas for that tab.
    In short the height of the Accordion need to change
    dynamically based on the tab selected. I have tried using the
    resizeToContent property but this didn't solve the problem.

    We can resize it.Always give the height and weight in
    percentage format. and turn off the horizontal n vertical scroll
    policy in u r main application.
    Hopes it helps you...

  • Retrive records based on condition

    Need some clarification on getting the records based on the condition given.
    Here is my requirement. I have developed a function module to search the records based on some input given. For suppose i get some around 10000 records for this condition. Now i need the output records in multiples.
    Like first i execute the FM based on the some condition and i should get 100 records as output and the second time i execute the FM with the same search condition i need to get the records from 101 to 200 and the third time i execute and so on.
    Is there any way of fetching the records in multiles for the same search criteria. If so can anyone let me know hot to do the same.
    Thanks in advance.

    HI Ram
    Please check this example to get some idea:
    tables: vbak.
    data: it_vbak type table of vbak,
          wa_vbak1 type vbak,
          wa_vbak2 type vbak.
    data: lin type i.
    select-options: s_erdat for vbak-erdat obligatory.
    select * into table it_vbak from vbak
           package size 10
           where erdat in s_erdat.
           describe table it_vbak lines lin.
           read table it_vbak into wa_vbak1 index 1.
           read table it_vbak into wa_vbak2 index lin.
    Check the entries in IT_VBAK whenever the break-point is reached. You will have a fresh set of entries for every collection.
    Hope this gives you some idea.
    Kind Regards

  • Web GUI new feature - creating a new record based on the current record

    We need new feature in Web GUI:
    creating a new record based on the current record with data
    from Moscow with money

    It is already enabled, in the next release.
    If you joint TAB program, the march preview build contains it. User can select 1 or multiple users and make a copy.

  • How to determine output based on the content of purchase order

    Hi Gurus,
    I've a typical requirement at my present project. With vendor X we have punchout catalogs. while creation of shopping cart, we are not allowing the user to mix catalog items and non catalog items into the same shopping cart. Once the shopping cart all shopping carts are automatically coverted into PO.
    Now the challenge we are facing is, if the PO is created based on items from catalog, we want to send such PO via XML interface to the vendor. If the PO is created based of items which are free-form, we want to send such PO via Smartform email attachment.
    As this condition can only be determined at runtime, I'm finding a challenge to configure this. In both PO cases, vendor is same but the content of the PO is different. One contains all items that are catalog based and other contains items which are non catalog.
    Can someone help me find solution for this issue.
    Sam K

    Change Forms for Document Output
    You can use the Business Add-In BBP_OUTPUT_CHANGE_SF to override the Smart Forms that are defined in the activity Define Actions for Document Output.
    This BAdI serves as an alternative to the IMG activity Condition-Dependent Document Output.
    Note that no Smart Forms are used for output via XML.
    Standard settings
    The following parameters are available in the method CHANGE_FORMS. Depending on the input parameters, you can define other Smart Forms to output the document type.
    Globally Unique Identifier of the document.
    Output medium found for this document according to Define Actions for Document Output (print: PRN, fax: FAX, e-mail: MAI, XML: MET).
    Business partner to whom the document is sent.
    Business transaction type.
    Smart Form used to output the document.
    E-mail output
    Smart Form with which the document is added to the e-mail in the form of a PDF attachment.
    Note that the BAdI with this parameter overrides the parameter form name (technical name of the Smart Form BBP_PO for example) irrespective of the defined determination technology (SRM: Purchase Order Output Determination, for example).
    Smart Form used to define content and layout of the e-mail text in the case of e-mail output.
    Smart Form that determines the text in the (short description of the e-mail content).
    As an alternative to this BAdI, you can control document output via determination technology.
    For more information, see Condition-Dependent Document Output.

  • Material Valuated based on the % content

    Hi experts,
    I have a business scenario where I buy a raw material from a vendor which will be managed in batches.
    When goods receipt is made accounting documents are created based on the active component (in %) available in the batch.
    For e.g.: if the batch is 100% pure, then the GR is made at the PO price.
    if the batch is 50% pure, then the GR is made at half the PO price.
    I have created class and characteristics and attached to the material.
    But when I make a GR I am getting an error "No proportion valuations exist for material XXX in valuation area XXX".
    Expecting Ur guidance,

    In class have you maintained organizational area "S"?. And there are many check points you need to check.
    See the below link. it will help you

  • Creation of a new record based on the value of a picklist

    My requirement is whenever i select a picklist value in Opportunity record type based on the value selected a new opprtunity record should get created and get assigned to a role or A User otherwise a lead should get created and should be assigned to a Role or A User.
    Can I achieve this in OnDemand?
    Kindly help. This is urgent..
    Thanks in Advance.

    Can I achieve this in OnDemand?I think you can better try one of the Oracle CRM On Demand forums @
    instead of the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL forum.
    This is urgent..The forums are relying on volunteers and it is weekend for most of us now.
    If it is really that urgent, call Oracle Support.

  • Idoc to file -- Records based on the segment repitition. Urgent..Pls.!!

    Hi Experts,
    Iam doing a Idoc to file scenario.
    Based on the sales organization(VKORG),i need to create the multiple records in the file.
    For example :
    E1MARAM 0..Unbounded
    |E1MARMM 0..Unbounded
    E1MVKEM 0..Unbounded
    When E1MVKEM-VKORG = Z200 then i need to create a file with 4 records (for 4 E1MARMM segments 4 records will be created)
    When one more E1MVKEM-VKORG = Z201 present then we need to create 4 more records for Z201 in the same file.
    So now i will be getting a single file with 8 records.
    Each E1MVKEM segment will be having only one VKORG value.
    I tried with <b>oneasmany</b> function,but its creating only for VKORG=Z200 with 4 values but its not providing the values for VKORG=Z201.
    Please suggest me what to do.. I need to write UDF's or can i achieve without using them.??
    PS: we are not using BPM in our scenario.
    Thank You.

    Hi Prabhu,
    I need to display the records in the file for each sales organisation (MVKEM-VKORG) .
    MARAM is the parent node and MARMM,MVKEM are child nodes.
    Consider that first MVKEM has VKORG = Z200 then 3 records has to display in file (for 3 MARMM segments 3 records has to display)
    Simillarly consider second MVKEM has VKORG = Z201 then 3 more records has to display in file. ( same as above for 3 MARMM segments = 3 records in file)
    So for the above structure i will be getting a total of 6 Records in my output file.
    Iam trying with different Node functions but it is taking only for first VKORG and not taking the second iam getting only 3 records in my file.
    Please help me in cracking this.

  • [ADF BC] Showing a list of values based on the contents of another list

    I have tried to make a simplified example to illustrate what I want to do. Here is a picture of my example schema:
    Example Schema Image
    There are three entity tables: Employee, Department and Location.
    There are also two intersection tabels: Employee_Location and Department_Location.
    My ADF BC model layer is based on this schema.
    What I am trying to do is have a creation process for an employee where you first fill in the employee details (forname and surname), then you assign the employee to a department, then - based on the locations assigned to the department - assign one or more locations to the employee.
    Imagine that the employee is a door-to-door salesman and that each department in is company has several areas of a town that they cover (locations). Each employee will cover a subset of the locations that the department covers.
    The first two steps are easy - the details page can be created using a form on the employee view and the department assignment can be done with a list of values drop down on the departments view.
    The third step is a little more complex. You can use a shuttle to assign one or more locations to the employee, but you shouldn't just show a list of all locations, since some of these will not be covered by the department and therefore not be available to the employee. What I want is only the locations associated with the employee's department to appear in the list.
    So my question is how do I model this using ADF Business Components?
    Also, if an employee is allowed to be assigned to more than one department (adding another intersection table between the employee and department tables), how would I model that?

    For your reference variable name should be simply any name i.e resorts_resort.No need to put @ in front when declaring variable and to refer presentation variable you should use the below syntax
    @{Variable_name}{Default_value} where default_value is some default value you want to give.
    Now coming to your problem you can fulfill your requirement by simply checking constrain checkbox.If you choose all values instaed of SQL results constrain checkbox will appear.Approach followed by you should also work but constrain is an easy option.
    Edited by: Sandeep Saini on 10-Sep-2010 00:59
    Edited by: Sandeep Saini on 10-Sep-2010 00:59

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    Hi All, I want  to set fields TRAID ( Means of Trans. ID ) and TRATY ( Means-of-Trans. Type ) as mandatory in MIGO header screen. Any ideas on how to set this up? Thanks in advance..