Return a value based on dropdown list

I am a newbie in making PDF form and had recently started working with Live cyle to create a fillable form and managed to create a usable one patterned with the sample Purchase Order Form (by trial and error) which came along with the installation. Can somebody please help me with this form.  I have a dropdown list on the ITEMS column and want it to automatically display the unit price of the item selected from the drop down list. By the way I managed to make the table flowable.

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  • How do I make a drop down list of text in numbers as it is made in the example spreadsheet for comparing cars for buying where you can choose a value from a dropdown list for each car?

    how do I make a drop down list of text in numbers as it is made in the example spreadsheet for comparing cars for buying where you can choose a value from a dropdown list for each car?

    Where is this example spreadsheet? Without seeing it I can only guess at what you are asking.
    To make a drop-down list (a pop-up menu in Numbers-speak), format the cell as a pop-up then edit and add to the list of items.
    If the example spreadsheet is pulling in a dollar value based on what car you chose in the pop-up, it is probably using LOOKUP or one of the other lookup functions, getting the information from another table (a lookup table). If, instead, these dollar values are what you are choosing in the pop-up, then you need to create a pop-up with these values in it.
    The Help menu includes a link to a page where you can download the Numbers Users Manual. It also has a link to the Formulas and Functions guide. Both are useful to new users.

  • How to read the selected value of a dropdown list box

    I have 2 custom fields which are of type dropdown list on Accounts(CRMM_ACCOUNT) PCUI application details tab.I need to read the selected value of first dropdown list item,based on that second dropdown list will be populated.
    I know where to populate the dropdown list box,it is in FILL_DROPDOWN_LISTBOX.
    I dont know how to trap the selection made on dropdown list.
    PLease guide me on how to trap the dropdown list field selection value.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check what is done in standard for the fielf REGION which is inked to the country.
    Otherwise, you can do the following :
    - in field group customizing, for field 1, flag the 'send request' flag. So, when you change the value in this field via the dropdown, the MAC methods are immediately called.
    - Put the new value in a global variable (GV).
    - in the fill_dropdown_listbox method, get the value from this GV and based on it, filter the values for the dropdown of field 2.
    Hope this will help you,

  • Split Values in a dropdown list

    Hi friends
    i am stuck with a problem for which i need your help.i will list it out as below.
    i am having a dropdown in my jsp page a ComboBox. The values in the dropdown are in the form
    After 10 minutes
    After 20 minutes
    After 30 minutes
    Before 5 minutes
    Now when the user selects a value in the dropdown list ex. After 10 minutes. This value needs to be fetched and i have to retrive 10 & minutes seperately from the string "After 10 minutes" and the values should go into two different colums of 2 tables in the database.
    I cannot use a DTO to set these values since the values will be combination pair of value & timetype.
    What should be my approach here.
    should i use a Hashmap or a Hashtable or some list so that i can send these values from the Action class to the Session Bean method.
    please let me know what needs to be done in this case.waiting for a positive reply from your side.
    Thanks & Regards
    Vikram K

    Create your own object which can store the different values and override the toString() method to display "After 10 Minutes" etc.
    private class MyClass {
       private int unit;
       private String measurement;
       public MyClass {
       // Getter and Setter Methods for fields
       public String toString() {
          return "After " + unit + " " + measurement;
    }Then you can create a custom ComboBoxModel that contains your list of custom objects. Then it's a simple case of adding an ActionListener to the ComboBox to see which object the User has selected so you can then use the getter methods to pull the info you need and populate your table.

  • Read value selected in Dropdown list in user exit

    I have mulitple variable in my web interface.
    The first one is a list of months that the user can change and the others are calculated by user exit.
    The problem is that i need the month in the user exit.
    When the user has already a variable set for him, with ZGET_VARIABLE_DETAILS, i can have this month.
    My problem is when the user changes the month in the web interface.
    For exemple, the user has already save the layout with 01.2006, my user exits variables will find 01.2006 and be calculated with that month. After, the user changes the month to 11.2006, the problem, is that ZGET_VARIABLEDETAIL still return 01.2006, and my user exit variable are not anymore correct. But in the interface, the header area show well 11.2006. it's confusing for the user ...
    If the user saves, that will set the month variable to 11.2006 and the next refresh will be ok.
    Any idea how i can find this 11.2006 ? the current value of the dropdown list ?

    Hello Vlad,
    The flag is well to true, and my layouts are well refreshed, but on the resfresh, the user exit variable read the month variables, and then calculation are made.
    But on the read of the month variable, even if the dropdown bow has changed, this is still the set value which is read.
    It seems that when you change the value in the dropdown, it doesn't set the value. It's only a display, and when you save, it set the value.
    The problem is that for my refresh, i need to read the new month, the "displayed" value. In the header are of my layout, it's well the new month, but i cant find it in background for my user exit variable.

  • Restrict  Values shown in Dropdown Lists - Web Layout

    We currently have a requirement in our BPS application, where the users want the list in a dropdown to be restricted to only those values for which no planning has been carried out.
    Example. We have master data for Project IDs. While inserting a new line in the layout, the users want the dropdown list to be restricted to only those Project IDs for which no planning has been entered in the BPS application.
    The entire planning tool is web based.
    Is it possible to restrict the list?

    Hi Sunil,
    As far as I know there's no standard option for doing this.
    Someting that might be worth trying is create an exit type variable for project and populate it with the project for which no planning has been performed. The way you can check this is read the cube for compare it with master data. The issue will be with performance.....

  • Generate Comp based on dropdown list and checkbox selection?

    I currently have a dropdown list with three sizing options in it. Then I have two check mark boxes, one if checked ideally would create the template at its normal composition size and if the other checkbox is checked it would inverse the widthxheight of the composition size. Then below that I have a "generate" button that I want to be able to click and depending on my selections it creates the comp.
    It sounds like I need some sort of if then statement but I'm having a hard time putting the two together. See below what I have so far.
    There may be parts missing but I have it all working in a decibel pallate currently. I just don't have the functionality tied to a button yet.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!!
    (also I don't know how to format the extend script on here so apologies for that)
    // palette controls
    templateGen.VerticalCheckbox     = new Object();
    templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox    = new Object();
    // define values for the controls
    templateGen.comLookup            = new Object();
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template1';
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template2';
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template3';
    function templateGen_getHashValues(hash)
      var ary = new Array();
      for (k in hash) {
      return ary;
    // "composition" menu
       var panelGrp1 = templateGen.palette.add('Panel', undefined, 'Comp Templates');
      compGrp1 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Templates List');
      compGrp2 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Orientation');
      compGrp3 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Generate');
      templateGen.compList                                             = compGrp1.add('dropdownlist', LIST_DIMENSIONS, templateGen_getHashValues(bapple.compLookup));
      templateGen.compList.helpTip                                = "Choose the type device template you want here. All comps are 60fps.";
      templateGen.compList.selection                             = 'Template1';  = darkColorBrush;
      templateGen.VerticalCheckbox                           = compGrp2.add('checkbox', undefined, 'Vertical');
    templateGen.VerticalCheckbox .value = true;
      templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox                          = compGrp2.add('checkbox', undefined, 'Horizontal');
      templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox .value = false;
    templateGen.generateBtn1      = compGrp3.add('button', undefined, 'Generate');
      //applyBtn.onClick =????;

    When I work with dropdowns I always like to attach the data they represent (like width and height of the comp in this case) directly to the items.
    I didn't execute the code to really check it, but it should work like this:
    // add templates to your dropdown and store the items in an array
    var templates = [];
    templates[0] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template1');
    templates[1] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template2');
    templates[2] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template3');
    // attach a width and height to each item
    templates[0].width= 1280;
    templates[0].height= 720;
    templates[1].width= 1024;
    templates[1].height= 768;
    templates[2].width= 1920;
    templates[2].height= 1080;
    // choose the item that should be selected by default
    templates[0].selected = true;
    applyBtn.onClick = function(){
            // read the width and height from the selected item
            var width = templateGen.compList.selection.width;
            var height =templateGen.compList.selection.height;
                  // swap width and height
                  var temp = width;
                  width = height;
                  height = temp;
            // now create your comp here with the given width and height

  • Filtering values in a dropdown list box

    Hello Team
    In the BSP application CRM_IC, we want a drop down list box to be filled based on the entry selected from another dropdown list box. We have all the entries for the second drop down box in ABAP internal table .However, we do not want a server round trip to happend in doing so. Thus we have used the attribute 'Onclientselect' and we are trying to call a java script function call on this event to filter this ABAP internal table . In this function, we would like to fill the contents of the second dropdown list box after reading the contents of the first dropdown list box. Please advice us as to how this can be achieved. Basically, we observed that ABAP server side script is not executed in the java function.

    I have used the following technique to synchronize the
    contents of two drop down list boxes.
    The selection in listbox ddlbxSystemEquipNum, which I
    will call "A", determines the contents of listbox
    ddlbxModuleEquipNum, which I will call "B".
    I use a JavaScript array to shadow the ABAP internal
    table containing the possible values for listbox B.
    When the page is initially displayed, listbox B is
    populated from the ABAP internal table.
    When a new selection is made in listbox A, I use the
    onClientSelect event to call a JavaScript function,
    updateModuleList(), to update the contents of listbox B
    from the JavaScript shadow array based on the selected
    value in listbox A.
    <b>Code Excerpts:</b>
    <u>Declare the JavaScript shadow array and listbox B update function</u>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        var moduleArray = new Array();
        function updateModuleList() {
            var selSystem = frmNrg1100.ddlbxSystemEquipNum;
            var selModule = frmNrg1100.ddlbxModuleEquipNum;
            // Get selected system equipment number
            var selected_system =
            // Clear module select options
            selModule.options.length = 0;
            // Add module select options for the selected system
            var j = 0;
            for (var k = 0; k < moduleArray.length; k++) {
                if ( (selected_system == moduleArray[k].system) ||
                                         moduleArray[k].system == "") {
                    selModule.options[j++] = new Option(moduleArray[k].text,
                                   moduleArray[k].selected) ;
    <u>Specify the onClientSelect event handler on list box A</u>
        id = "ddlbxSystemEquipNum"
        width      = "400"
        onClientSelect = "updateModuleList()"
    <u>ABAP and JavaScript to populate internal table and shadow array of possible values for listbox B</u>
            wa_module_options-system   = wa_customer_tool-equipment_num_t.
            wa_module_options-text     = tool_list_text.
            wa_module_options-value    = wa_customer_tool-equipment_num_m.
            wa_module_options-selected = selected.
            append wa_module_options to module_options.
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        // Add all possible Module select options to a JavaScript array of objects
        moduleArray[moduleArray.length] = {  system:"<%=wa_module_options-system %>",
                                               text:"<%=wa_module_options-text %>",
                                              value:"<%=wa_module_options-value %>",
                                           selected:"<%=wa_module_options-selected %>" } ;
    Hope this helps.

  • Returning  'Day' value based on month and year parameters

    Is there a code that would return an end of the month  Day value based on month and year parameters?
    For example if my parameters yield 9 or September for a month value and 08 or 2008 for the year value, can a formula generate a value of 30 (the last day of the given month in the specific year)?
    This way the formula would pick up the different last day of the month in February for the leap years.
    Thank you.

    1. Open the formula workshop.
    2. From the Repository Custom Functions, under Crystal and then Date, RIGHT click on cdlastdayofmonth, click on ADD TO REPORT.
    3. Create a new formula, in the formula workshop, under FUNCTIONS, go down the list till you see "CUSTOM FUNCTIONS", expand that till you see cdlastdayofmonth.
    4. In your formula, type cdlastdayofmonth(currentdate)
    5. Save and close and display the formula in your report, you should see 11/30/2008.
    If you want just the day then modify the formula to:
    since you have parameters for month and year, do this:
    to give you the last day of the month.

  • Blank value added to dropdown list in Adobe Interactive forms

    I see blank value being added to the value list by default to dropdown lists in adobe interactive forms. The real issue is it's being added sometimes as the first value or last value in the drop down list of values which is inconsistent and resulting in Errors sometimes.
    Is there a way by which we can control the position of the blank value added by default(SAP or Adobe) to the drop down lists in adobe interactive forms .? Secondly , Is this a SAP or Adobe upgrade issue since we observed this issue only after recent upgrades ...?
    I am using HCM processes and forms and I am not adding blank value (space) explicitly in my coding of dropdown list values .
    Thanks for your time .
    Edited by: SANKEERTH D on Aug 22, 2011 1:46 PM

    Hi Sankeerth,
    The Web Dynpro framework generates a blank entry to the value set of the dropdown listbox if the Context attribute bound to the dropdown listbox is "nullable" (see properties of the Context attribute).
    The dropdown listboxes of interactive forms will be populated with exactly the same data (value sets) as the "native" Web Dynpro dropdown lisboxes.
    For SAP NetWeaver 7 EhP2, there's a Web Dynpro test application (WDR_TEST_ADOBE_ZCI) available, which demonstrates this: Start it and see the dropdown listboxes labeled "Datatype" and "Datatype (nullable)": Both are bound to Context attributes which are of type DATATYPE_D. The only difference is that one of the attributes is "nullable". The dropdown listbox bound to the nullable attribute contains the additional blank entry.
    Watch the native Web Dynpro dropdown listboxes below the interactive form: They are bound to the same Context attributes and contain the same value sets as the dropdown listboxes of the interactive form!

  • Return a value based on multiple criteria

    Dear Support Community,
    I am trying to formulate a function so that I am able to return a cell value based on more than one criteria.
    Referring to the attached screen shot, "Local Start Time" refers to the time that a person will start a work shift, and depending on the "sectors" the person's duration of time at work will vary.
    For example, if a person starts work between 07:00am and 07:59am AND the particular shift involves 2 sectors, the allowed time at work is 12H15M. However, given the exact start time, if the shift only involves ONE "sector' the allowed time at work becomes 13H00M etc.
    I am trying to formulate a function whereby I can tell the spreadsheet the local start time AND sectors, and then have the appropriate time returned.
    I hope the above makes sense!

    Hi ST,
    Print your table and pin it up as a "Ready Reckoner" for humans to refer to.
    Convert your table into a Database, something like this:
    Allowed Duration
    13h 0m
    12h 15m
    11h 30m
    14h 0m
    13h 15m
    12h 30m
    13h 0m
    12h 15m
    11h 30m
    12h 0m
    11h 15m
    10h 30m
    11h 0m
    10h 15m
    9h 30m
    (You may want to check that I have converted correctly)
    Columns A and B have a Custom Format that allows them to be numbers (not Text) with leading zeroes.
    Hide Separator to get rid of the comma
    Show zeroes for Unused Digits to show leading zeroes.
    Then you can enter "Army Time" (24 hour clock with leading zeroes) into a Query table
    Thunderstorms playing havoc here with my internet connection. I will post this now. Watch for the next instalment.

  • Return array value based on selection criteria

    I have one data field that holds text data similar to below:
    "Meeting Room 1 (Projector), Meeting Room 2 (Whiteboard), Meeting Room 3 (Video Conferencing)"
    "Meeting Room 3 (LCD Display), Meeting Room 1 (Video Conferencing), Meeting Room 2 (Whiteboard)"
    The meeting rooms are not always in the same order, I cant count on Meeting Room 1 being followed by Meeting Room 2 etc.
    My objective is to only return the meeting room that has the Whiteboard.
    I'm aware that I can use SPLIT to seperate the Meeting Rooms by the comma and place their components into an array.
    What I'm not sure how to do is return the meeting room with the Whiteboard when that could be [1] in the Array or [2] or [3] in the array.
    I need to return the array value based on its contents. Could someone help me 'search' the array created by the SPLIT command and always return that value with the word 'Whiteboard'

    This works
    global stringvar x:='';
    global numbervar n:=1;
    While n <= Ubound(split('......, Meeting Room X (Whiteboard),..............', ",")) Do
    if split('..........., Meeting Room X (Whiteboard), ............', ",")[n] like '*Whiteboard*'
    then x:=split('.............., Meeting Room X (Whiteboard), ..............', ",")[n];
    n := n + 1;
    Just replace my string with your field.

  • Only one value shown in dropdown list of ISR form using pure ABAP

    Hi all,
      We are trying to create a Adobe form using ISR library controls. We want to populate a dropdown list with all the values from  the table T001 dynamically. We have implemented the BAdi QISR1 & populated the ADDITIONAL_DATA. The BAdi is executing & populating the value correctly.
      In the we have created a control using the ISR Dropdown & mapped to the Context BUKRS from the interface created. When we execute the form, only the first value is getting filled.
      Can anyone help us in this ??? Its very urgent....

    I am just giving the solution what I have done in my project. Hope this will help:
         DATA: BEGIN OF it_ccode OCCURS 0,
                   bukrs TYPE t001-bukrs,
                   butxt TYPE t001-butxt,
                     END OF it_ccode.
    DATA: wa_ccode like line of it_ccode.
    Select Company Code (bukrs) and Text (butxt) from table T001.
    SELECT bukrs butxt
    from t001
    into table it_ccode.
    LOOP AT it_t001.
        ADD 1 TO lv_index.
        ls_additional_data-fieldindex = lv_index.
        ls_additional_data-fieldname  = 'FIELDNAME_KEY'.
        ls_additional_data-fieldvalue = it_t001-bukrs.
        APPEND ls_additional_data TO additional_data.
        ls_additional_data-fieldname  = 'FIELDNAME_LABEL'.
        CONCATENATE it_t001-bukrs '-' it_t001-butxt
        INTO ls_additional_data-fieldvalue.
        APPEND ls_additional_data TO additional_data.
    And the form my fields binding is:
    Try this out. Hope this will help.

  • Passing Values to a dropdown list within a dialog box

    I am using the app.execDialog(dialog1) command to display a dialog box on my form. The dialog box contains dropdown list (popup). I have found examples that do this but in all the examples they reference the loadDefaults function with hardcoded values.
    For example:
    loadDefaults: function (dialog)
    "Acrobat Standard": "111",
    "Adobe Reader": "222"
    Does anyone know if there is a way to pass values into the loadDefaults via a variable etc.. I can get the data I want to populate the dropdown with but I cant figure out how to load it into the control.

    Hi scamp, not sure what you're asking. What do you mean by "pass" fields from one list to another? If you need information in list 1 to show in list 2, just create lookup columns in the SharePoint list. If you mean you want to add columns to
    list 2 automatically, you'll need to make a designer workflow for that.
    cameron rautmann

  • Populate cc field based on dropdown list values

    I know this question has been posted before, but I'm very new at this, and the answers I've found so far are over my head.
    I'm trying to create a submit button that will not only e-mail to a specific address, but also carbon copy someone when their name is selected in a drop-down list on the form.
    I don't know much about javascript - and that seems to be the way to get this done - but I don't know the syntax or where to enter the JS to get this functionality. The field I am using is called 'Supervisor1', and I've assigned values (e-mail addresses) to each of the names in the drop-down.
    Can someone help me get this done?
    Thanks in advance!

    this scenario is not covered by the macro, but it's not that complicated to handle.
    1. Select the button with the script you generated with the macro.
    2. Now wrap the mail function into an if-expression.
    This sample checks if var0 or var1 is null.
    var var0 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Dropdown1").rawValue;
    var var1 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Textfield1").rawValue;
    if (var0 === null || var1 === null) {
    "Please select an item from the drop down box first!");
    } else {
                        bUI: false,
                        cTo: var1,
                        cCc: var0,
                        cBcc: '',
                        cSubject: 'Testmail',
                        cMsg: 'Hello,\n\nhere is the final form data. \n\nKind regards\nMe'

Maybe you are looking for