Return Delivery- Move type issue

Hi frnds
I have an issue i have not been able to resolve.
The client wants to scrap the material when receiving the return delivery(LR) on a return order(RE). Initially 657 mov type was asssigned to DN schedule line category in VOV6, so i changed it to 551 but when i ran the return delivery i got error that the update control for this move type does not exist.
I then copied the mov type 657 in OMJJ and renamed it (999) and in the update control kept the ref mov type as 551 but on running return delivery the stock is still going in the blocked area instead of getting scrapped.
Does someone have any suggestions for me.... I think i am missing something but am not able to figure it out. I hope i can scrap the material form a return delivery.!!!!
If i use move type 657(GR-blocked stock) and then use 555(GI-scrap from blocked stock) in Move type step 1 in transaction VOV6, will it work ?????
Will award points..
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The movement type for Return Delivery is 651. Pls make use of this movement type to first post the goods as Returns goods.
Then using 453 you can post them into unrestricted stock.
Reward if this helps.

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  • Return Delivery Movement Type Error

    Hello all Gurus,
    While doing a return delivery with respect to a material document with movement type 122, im getting the following error in my system:
    "Update control of movement type incorrect (entry 122 X X)"
    I have seen the diagnosis and it is coming as The system could not find entry 122 X X in any of the movement type control tables.                                                     
    Kindly advise me how to solve this issue.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Try customization
    choose Mov.Type 122
    and from left menu choose Update control / WM movement types
    and then do relevant customiztions

  • Returns Delivery Movement type

    Hello all,
               The scenario is intercompany returns. The stock should be moved in 2 steps from block to block. I am trying to use a different movement type in the returns delivery NCR instead of the std 161 mov type.
    1. can you suggest a mov type that could move the stock from blocked ( supply plant) to block ( returning plant) ? Closest I could get was 915, but could not prototype.
    2. How is the movement type determined from in returns delivery for a purchase order ( return STO) ?
    Thanks .

    Are you trying to do stock transfer or return delivery?
    If both the plants belongs to your client use trasnfer posting facility for this.and look for mvt types 459 and 460.
    Or if this is not what you want, please explain your query properly?

  • Change of Movement type for Return delivery of Goods Issue doc in config

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I am doing return delivery of goods issue document.then the system automatically pick the movement type
    Like Example i am doing return delivery for Goods issue 201,the system should pick 202 but instead of 202 its picking 902 movement type which i defined.
    Where exactly i have to change in configuration please let me know....

    In OMJJ, check the reversal movement maintained for the one your facing the issue.
    If any further clarification is required, revert.
    If helpful award points

  • Customer return - 655 movement type - stock posting reversal after UD

    Dear All,
    I have done customer return using movement type 655. Quality lot has been generated & I have processed the lot mean given the UD for the same lot and qty has been posted to Unrestricted stock. I have done wrong receipt ( Customer return).now I want to reverse process.
    Please guide me what to do in this case?
    Thanks & Regards
    Kundan Kumar

    1.If You have done usage decision for the lot.
    material is no more in QI stock.You can bring back that material to QI by 08 Type of inspection only.
    2.But if you want to reverse Mvt type 655 then,
    656     VL01     Create Delivery
    656     VL01N     Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
    656     VL01NO     Create Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
    656     VL02     Change Outbound Delivery
    656     VL02N     Change Outbound Delivery
    656     VL03N     Display Outbound Delivery
    656     VL08     Confirmation of Picking Request
    656     VL09     Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
    Go to Tcode OMJJ
    Enter Mvt type 656
    Check the setting  for this Mvt type.
    Sujit S Gujar

  • Do the customer return thruu2019 movement type 655 it goes to quality stock.

    I m facing problem regarding 655 movements type.i m not activate qm view for that material . still i m getting lot .whenever they do the customer return thruu2019 movement type 655 it goes to quality stock
    plz help me

    Which  Inspection type's lot is getting generated?
    I presume its 05 inspection type.Either remove this inspection type or in customization in QCC3 >Inspection during shipping->change the customization for sales order type & mvt type .

  • Cancellation of Mat Document for Return delivery mov 161(Here Mov Type 922)

    Hi SAP Support,
         Myself got an issue relevent to Wrong MIGO. User due to wrong concept did MIGO where Movement type was 922 though its return PO (Means Return PO
    is ticked - Mov type 161).
    Explanation : At the time of MIGO , default movement type was 101, so automatically it should pick 161 at the time of Good Received.
              But here when the user open the MIGO Screen, last movement type was showing i.e. 901. And user did MIGO where it changed automatically to 922.
    Now when I cancelled the document, flow was :
              a.      5000147271 - 922
              b.      5000151684 - 161
              c.     5000151730 - 162
              d.     5000152339 - 161
    Which is wrong as per my perception and i.e. why not maching the same.
    But while doing the Same in Quality Server with the Same Documents (Just refreshed 2 days back), flow is
              a.      5000147271 - 922
              b.      5000151684 - 123
              c.s     5000151730 - 161
         Which is perfect one. And this should be the results. Now my reuirment that how could I do managed the same way in Production. Please help me.

    Can you please explain as to what this "9" series movement type represent.Is the movement type "922" a copy of the movement type "122" ?
    Kindly make a note that the reversal movement types are determined from the configuration for "Copy ,Change Movement types" T code - OMJJ. Here select any movement type & click on "Reversal/follow-on movement types" for which you want to know the reversal movement type. Hope this gives you an idea for resolving the issue.

  • IS Retail - POS sales and return movement type issue

    We are facing issue whlile doing POS sales and return, when sales transaction data transfer to ECC from POS its create Idoc and material document.
    When I look the material document for sales its showing movment type 252 instead of 251, as same in return material document 251 instead of 252,
    When I look the cofiguration settings are perfect in SPRO.
    How to resolve this issue and what changes need to be done

    Check following IMG settings;
    IMG - Sales and Distribution - POS interface - inbound - Aggregated Sales Control
    IMG - Sales and Distribution - POS interface - Inbound - Movement type-dependent control of sales as per receipt
    Bye - Muralidhara

  • POS sales and return movement type Issue

    We are facing issue whlile doing POS sales and return, when sales transaction data transfer to ECC from POS its create Idoc and material document.
    When I look the material document for sales its showing movment type 252 instead of 251, as same in return material document 251 instead of 252,
    When I look the cofiguration settings are perfect in SPRO.
    How to resolve this issue and what changes need to be done

    are you sure that you applied the right logic regarding signs in the POS inbound?
    In WPUBON the Field E1WPU02-VORZMENGE must be negative so the POS inbound will consider this line item as sales and would put 251 als movement type if the sign is not minus it would put 252.
    With the WPUUMS it is the same.
    Are you using WPUBON01 or WPUUMS?
    Regards Carsten

  • Returns Process - movement type 161 and 122

    When I do returns process with help of movement type 122 then it picks stock from "blocked stock". But when I do it from movement type 161, it does not pick it from blocked stock. I have checked transaction OMJJ and found no major difference in settings.
    I want to pick the stock from blocked stock from returns process. Please let me know the setting?

    Steps are as follows
    1. Create return purchase order
    The return purchase order is exactly the same as standard purchase order except the return flag. Go to transaction ME21N and enter orgnization info, material, vendor and tick the return flag.
    2. Review requirements
    Reviewing stock requirements will help determine timing/urgency for allowing normal process to replenish returned items or whether a PO must be created immediately. Go to transaction MD04, the new created return PO is listed as an MRP element.
    3. Create delivery document for Return PO
    This step is executed by warehouse clerk and generate delivery note, transfer order for return PO. Go to transaction VL10B and choose create delivery in background. The delivery doc will be created automatically.
    4. Picking Confirmation
    If the storage location is managed by warehouse, an open transfer order is also created. You need to confirm transfer order before posting good issue. There are two methods to confirm transfer order. Go to transaction LT21 and choose Transfer Order -> Confirm -> Transfer Order. The other method is VL06. On the Delivery Monitor screen, select For Confirmation button. Choose confirm in the background.
    5. Post Goods Issue
    Go to transaction VL02N, enter delivery number and press Enter key. On the next screen, choose Post Goods Issue button. After the good issue has been posted, the quantity of stock has been decreased. The return MRP element in step 2 is also removed in MD04.
    6. Manual Review of Pending Credits
    Go transaction ME2L, enter plant, purchasing organization and choose RECHNUNG for Selection parameters. A list of open invoices including a list of items where the invoiced quantity is less than zero (Credit return) is reviewed.
    7. Create Credit Memo
    Create a credit memo to vendor which relieves the liability to the vendor. Go to transaction MIRO and enter necessary information to create a credit memo. You can choose simualte button to check whether the error messages exist in the credit memo.

  • Confirmation/Return Delivery  selection access issue

    Hi ,
    In my Dev client , in Confirmations, by default, i can see "Display/Process confirmation" option for make a seleciton option. Even if i choose "confirm goods receipt/services performed" option in the list box, and try searching PO's ,the system changing the selection back to "dispaly/process confirmation"..
    where as in Sandbox (which is copy from Dev client), the above functionality is working vice versa..i.e i can post the confirmations,where as i can't do return delivery..the search options are working only for "confirm goods receipts/services performed"...
    I tried all the auth checks, they seems to be ok..
    So wondering is it something related to program error/bug and SAP notes available for this??
    Appreciate any useful info/inputs on this ..

    My main issue is i could n't toggle between the two select options in post goods/services confirmation transaction..
    even if i chose the "display/process confirmation" and click on search, sys is going back to the other option "confirm goods"
    Also, when i checked this BBPCF02 transaction in GUI, i see "Create" Button in disabled mode.
    I tested with SAP_ALL and still i couldn't get both the selection options working in confirmation transaction. (i.e to post confirmation, it should display all the PO's and to display confirmation, it should display all the posted confirmations,so tha we can make return delivery).
    I have got movement types both 101 and 122 assigned to my id, which should allow me to post confirmation/return without any issues.
    I also reactivated Internet services for this BBPCF02. Still the issue it something to do with ITS templates?
    Appreciate any clues/inputs..
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  • Return Delivery movement 653 E

    I have the following scenario.  It is not really a return delivery, but actually taking in a trade in from the customer.
    This item category allows us to use movement type 653 E bringing the item into stock, however it posts at the moving average price. 
    When I look at the pricing conditions in the sales order, VPRS is showing the moving average price.  I have tried to put in a routine to change this price to use copy the price from another condition, however when  I do this, condition VRPS disappears and when I post it still uses the moving average price.
    Is there any way I can control the price that is used to post the goods issue for the return if the is no reference document to copy the info from?

    Hi Karen,
    Please make sure the material that you use is having the special stock indicator in the material master.
    For more info, please refer to the below thread:
    Special stock indicator | SCN
    Please let me know for any further info if required.

  • Delivery movement types

    I want to know which accounts certain delivery types affect based on their unique movement types.
    For example:
    ZLF 601 Outbound delivery type
    I want to find out to which account the revenues are posted for that delivery. In other words the total $ value or amount that was issued to the customer.
    Points will be awarded.

    Hi Authi
    That could be correct. If all the conditions are known at the time of sales order then you can try and use the MV45AFZZ and form to move data into VBEP and move a different schedule line category that has a different movement type. Please check this option and it would work. We used it in a couple of situations in our client here. You need to configure and assign the schedule line category as manual one in the config.
    Reward if this helps.

  • Delivery mov type

    at delivery level how movement type is determined

    The Item Category in Delivery can appear through Item Category Determination in Deliveries or copy control from return order.
    1) You can check the configuration for Return Delivery LR in Logistics Execution> Shipping> Deliveries--> Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries and check out for the item category assigned.
    2) You can check in the copy control from Return Sales Order to Return Delivery in  Logistics Execution> Shipping> Copying Control--> Specify Copy Control for Deliveries. Select the Source document type (Return Order) and Target Delivery type (LR) and then select the item category used in return order, you will get all copy control settings.
    Try out this you will get the relevant information you want.
    Atul Sonavane

  • Movement type issue

    Dear experts,
    Plant B created PO for Qnty 10 from Plant A.wrt PO Plant A created sale Order and Qnty 10 ready for Delivery. Now I am doing Del with vl01n. Till now everything is fine. after doing the Del the status of Sale Order is -completed- But the PO status is still Open. Since I created Sale order with refernce to PO , and when I did the delivery why the status of the PO is not showing completed? Any suggestions please
    Kanna Palle.

    what you said is right. But is there any possibility to change the movement type in the delivery? , So that I can make GI and GR in one step including the automatic picking of serial numbers. Hence when I do the PGI ,The automatic GR is the Requirement.The Process is stock transfer between Plant to Plant under one company code.I guess 647 will work perfectly , But since I am doing sale order to delivery , its picking 647 movement type. Any suggestions pls
    Kanna Palle.

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