Return Order Credit Memo updation in WBS element

I have an issue on the automatic updation of return order for WBS element, once the sales order is been assigned to the wbs and billing is done payment also made by the customer and wen the customer sends the return order stating that in those goods he wont require some goods than in sales cycle credit memo is done for the payment return to customer but is there any place where the wbs gets updated for the revenues deduction of the payment given back to customer where its has to be to do this
Kindly help me doing this.
Thanks and Regards
Praveen B M

Thanks for you reply and i just want to know that.
If we assign the return order to the WBS element, the credit memo automatically has the WBS element assigned to it or do we have to manually assign the credit memo to a WBS element? if yes how?
Thanks and Regards
Praveen B M

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    Thanks & Regards

    You can also use :
    call function 'SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE'
               salesdocument         = salesdocument
               order_header_in       = da_order_header_in
               order_header_inx      = da_order_header_inx
               simulation            = simulation
               behave_when_error     = behave_when_error
               int_number_assignment = int_number_assignment
               logic_switch          = logic_switch
               business_object       = 'BUS2032'
               call_from_bapi        = 'X'
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               sales_cfgs_ref       = order_cfgs_ref
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               extensionin          = extensionin.
    Note:you can go SE80 and choose Function group = 'VBAK". you`ll find Fms.
    Hope this’ll give you idea!!
    <b>Pl... award the points.</b>
    Good luck
    Saquib Khan
    "Some are wise and some are otherwise"

  • Standard Price Update fo WBS Element

    Hi SAP Community,
    For a free stock material I can update the standard price by transaction code CK11N and mark/release by CK24;
    For a sales order stock material I can update the standard price by transaction code VA02;
    But how can I update a standard price for a WBS element stock material??
    Thanks & Regards,

    If your order in Based on the Sales Oder they you can carryout easy cost planning for sales order
    why do u want to standard price to be updated to WBS element
    Need some more clarity on your question
    let me know your process. what is the strategy you are using.

  • Work Order Cost Rolling Up to WBS Element!

    Hi everyone,
    I created a Project A with WBS structure in PS (not statistical WBS structure). And then I assigned a work order to one of the WBS element A.0001. I did not post any cost to the WBS element directly. I only charged $1000 to the work order. Now when I use CN41N to generate the cost report and I found the $1000 in work order rolled up to WBS element  A.0001 ($1000 showed at work order level and also WBS element level). Then I settled $1000 in the work order to a WBS element C.0001 in Project C. When I run CN41N again to see the cost in Project A, the $1000 still showed up at work order level, but it did not show up at WBS element level A.0001. I need the cost to roll up at WBS element level also, so this is a big problem for me.
    I did several test. Assigned another work order to this WBS element A.0001 and charged another $1000 to the work order. Then I settled them to cost center directly instead of to WBS element. The $1000 showed up at the work order level and also at WBS element level (the cost rolled up from work order to the WBS element in that report). Then I tried to settle to GL account, the cost will roll up to WBS element too.
    So I found only when I settle the cost to WBS element, the cost won't roll up. I think it might be a configuration problem. Does anyone know where I need to configure in order to let the cost roll up to the WBS element after I settle the Work order to a WBS elements?
    Really appreciate your help!

    Hi Martina,
    This is awesome, very helpful! Now I know how to deal with it.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Valuation of item cost in Sales [Return and Credit Memo]

            Is there any way to get item cost affected in Sales [ Return and Credit Memo(with out copy from)] documents when item qty is Nill in respective warehouse, valuation method is FIFO

    Item cost is only linking to purchase or production. There is no link between sales and item cost.

  • Cost center in Sales Order/Credit memo request

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    There is a requirement from our client. They are processing Credit Memo from SD VF01 via Credit memo request. The want to assign Cost center in the line items which is greyed out at the time of processing in VF01.
    I also verified in the Credit memo request in VA02 even there is no field available for to maintain  Cost center in line item so that at the time of billing it can  derive.
    Please advice whether can we assign the Cost centers in Sales order/Credit memo request line items?.

    Hi NTH,
    In the standard system, the field cost center is only ready for input
    if the sales document category is VBAK-VBTYP= I (that is, order without
    charge). For all other order types, you can make it visible by entering
    an order reason provided that the combination of the sales area and the
    order reason has a cost center assigned in OVF3. To change this standard
    behaviour, USEREXIT_COBL_SEND_HEADER can be used. There you can find a
    short example on how to make a field visible and modificable in the
    account assignment screen.
    Moreover, please take into account that the account assignment to a cost
    center is possible only at header level. So it is not possible to
    insert the cost center at item level, you can only insert it at header
    The cost center determination takes place in
    FV45KF0V_VBAK-KOSTL_ERMITTELN and is reading from table TVAUK.
    This table can be maintained in transaction OVF3.
    If you wants to be able to enter the cost center manually in the
    account assignment screen (header level), you can use  the user exit
    FV45PF0C_COBL_SEND_PBO_VBAK (SAPMV45A) - there you can find a short ex
    ample on how to make a field visible and modifiable in the account
    I hope that this information is of assistance to you. Thanks!

  • Returns and Credit Memos

    We take returns after Deliveries and Invoices are closed.
    We request that Returns be allowed from closed Deliveries and Credit Memos be allowed from closed Invoices.
    These returns impact commissions, taxes, inventory.  To ask users to copy the information is to invite errors. 
    Are there any setting that allow for either Returns or A/R Credit Memos "copied from" closed documents?

    You can create stand alone return / AR Credit memo.
    You can't change standard functionality.

  • Question about Sales Return and Credit memo

    Good Day All B1 experts,
    I am a SAP B1 newbie and am taking charge in implementing B1 at my office.  I am doing a test today on sales return and credit memo.  After I posted both documents, I went to view transaction journals and inventory posting status report to check my work.  I saw the journal  Debit - Sales Return / Credit - customer A/R account, and items are returned to the inventory.  However, I do not see any adjustment journals for debiting Inventory and crediting COGS.  Is there something else I have missed in regards to G/L account setup?
    Thanks in advance for your time in answering my question.

    If you process a Item type Credit Memo (NOT SERVICE) directly without copying it from Sales Returns, there will be 4 entries in the posted JE.
    Credit  Customer
    Debit   Sales Revenue (or returns depends on what you have mapped)
    Credit  COGS
    Debit   Inventory
    If you do a Return the JE would look like
    Credit  COGS
    Debit   Inventory
    Please check if you have selected a NON-dropship warehouse.

  • Hi,  how order related billing returns and credit memo's handled

    sap gurus,
    i am able to configure the order related billing  business process and
    plz requesting to explain the how to handle returns process for the same and
    how i can raise credit memo for the same process.

    Step 1: Sales Document Type
    IMG > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents >
    Sales Document Header:
    1. Sales Document Type:The sales document types represent the different business transactions, such as Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, etc. To create new sales order type, always copy as with reference to similar sales order. If possible use standard sales order.
    2. Define Number Ranges For Sales Documents: Maintain number range with discussion with core team.
    3. Assign Sales Area To Sales Document Types:
    A. Combine sales organizations / Combine distribution channels / Combine divisions: Ensure to maintain these, else Sales Order creation will give error.
    B. Assign sales order types permitted for sales areas: Assign only required Sales Order Types to required Sales Area. This will minimize selection of Sales Order Type as per sales area.
    Sales Document Item:
    1. Define Item Categories: If possible use Standard Item Category. Incase if required to create new, copy as from standard & maintain New. (Item Category TAD is used for order related billing & in Material Master Item Category group is LEIS)
    2. Assign Item Categories: If possible, use standard. Formula for deriving item category: Sales Document Type + Item Category Group + Usage + Higher Level Item Category = Item Category
    Schedule Line:
    1. Define Schedule Line Categories: If possible use Standard Schedule Lines. Incase if required to create new, copy as from standard & maintain New.
    2. Assign Schedule Line Categories: If possible, use standard. Formula for deriving Schedule Line: Item Category + MRP Type / No MRP Type.
    Step 2:
    IMG > Sales and Distribution > Billing >
    1. Define Billing Types: If possible use Standard Billing Type. Incase if required to create new, copy as from standard & maintain New.
    2. Define Number Range For Billing Documents: Ensure to maintain number range.
    3. Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents: Maintain relevant copy controls such as Sales Order to Billing, Deliver to Billing, etc.
    Note: Ensure that Copy Control settings are done
    Sales Order to Billing (OR --> F1): VTFA
    Billing to Sales Order (F2 --> RE): VTAF
    The configuration differs from scenario to scenario & requirement of the client.
    Rajesh Banka
    Reward point if useful.

  • Reg:F-28 Transaction Layout - Return and Credit Memo Scenario

    Hi All,
        In the F-28 Transaction am choosing Settings->Line Layout->Reference Credit For Returns Radio Button and have selected ok.
    there i have included the fields as follows,
    1.Sales Document
    2.Document Number
    3.Payment Reference
    for normal sales order->Delivery->Invoice all the three columns showing Invoice Number Which is Correct.
    if it is a return order or credit memo its showing return invoice in Sales Document and Document Number which is correct but its showing blank in Payment Reference Column actually i need Sales Invoice Number in that column, then only i can show for this return invoice this is referring to the sales invoice.
    i have tried all possible combination's in the line layout and the fields for setting but nothing workout,could anybody clarify how can i overcome this scenario?

    For your first scenario,
    for a retun po of IC NB type, after creating the PO you  need to deliver the same at VL10G. For the delivery system will allow to create the PGR . Prior to these steps you need to return the goods using 161 at MIGO.Please check this 161 stock posted to stock in transit.After PGR system will clear the stock in transit.
    Now after claring the stock from transit try cancelling the MIGO 161 document.
    For the second query,
    Please review your question' When we make return STO from store to DC, ths stocks are issued at DC MAP (condition type P101)
    Assume we issue 9 quantity from Store then
    Store stock is 9 ea, stock value is (1000-(25*9)) = 775, MAP is 775/1 = 775
    This transaction is causing major flactuation in store MAP (100 changed to 775),
    Please review the third line.

  • Goods Return and Credit Memo

    Hi Experts,
    I've stuck with one problem on implementation project. The scenario is as below.
    Cut-off data is 30th Apr 2009
    Go live date declared is 30th April 2009, but the client has one specific requirement regarding the Return goods from customer.
    The industry is a publication industry. Their customers are all around the world.
    When they sale some material the goods may return after 3 years from the sale date and they give the cash back according to the invoice amount at the invoice date.
    1) We shall upload all the balances as on 30th April 2009.
    2) If any customer returns the goods which we had sold in year 2006.
    3) How to book return order, delivery and Credit Memo.
    4) What will be the effect on Inventory stock and price and according to Balance sheet.
    5) We don't have back dated data (in Year 2006) in SAP system.
    6) Client don't want to refer legacy system for the exchange rate and rate at the invoice time.
    Please guide me how to map this scenario.

    1.  If you are using ERS, then running MRRL transaction will automatically generate credit memo for your return delivery with movement type 122.
    2.  MIR5 is the one you should look into.
    3.  Take a look into ME80FN report.  Yet, this report does not indicate specifically for movement type 122.  If it is required that this movement type shall be chosen as part of selection parameters, then you should develop your own report.
    4.  There is not any particular difference if you are using movement type 161.  The only difference is that in case of using 161, you will have to raise a new return PO and make necessary GR and IR posting.  However, the disadvantage is that you will lose the track of your original PO (and PO history).

  • Problem in Sales Order Credit Memo

    Hello All,
    The problem is related to item category ZTAN where we have changed the Completion Rule to B and in VTAF ( Bill to Order Copy Control) under Item details for Credit Memo Request for example from Domestic Invoice to Credit Memo we changed the positive/negative quantity updation to positive. Now after changing the completion rule we were facing a problem where after completion of Sales Process till generation of Invoice the document flow was showing the status as :Being Processed". Then after changing the Completion Rule again to 'blank' the problem of document flow status was solved as it showed the status as "Completed".
    Now after doing this change in Item Category for normal sales order we are facing a problem in Credit Memo where again after completion of Credit Memo the document flow status here is showing as 'Being Processed' instead of 'Completed'. Please suggest what configurations need to be done to get the desired result which is in Credit Memo after completion the status will show as "Completed".
    Thanks & Regards
    Priyanka Mitra

    Hello Mr. Shiva Ram,
    First of all thanks a lot for your help.The problem of credit memo is now solved but to resolve the status of the existing sales order documents as per your suggestion we have run the  program SDVBUK00 in SA38.Still we didn't get the desired result as the status of the completed normal sales orders are still showing "Being Processed" even after running the program.
    Please suggest what else need to be done to change the status of the completed sales documents till invoice.
    Priyanka Mitra

  • Sales Return and credit memo

    Dear All
    Little confused, kindly tell me correct method.
    Sales return:
    1. Sales order>Delivery> Billing> Return Order>Return Delivery-Credit Return
    Credit memo
    1. Sales order>Delivery>Billing>Credit memo request>credit memo
    confusion is that when goods are recieved back due to customer rejection, we issue credit memo, which above step should be followed
    Please kindly guide me.
    Sandeep Bhowmick

    Dear Sandeep,
    > If the step no 1 is correct then in which scenario we will be using credit memo request and credit memo
    See i will explain you with all scenario :
    1. Scenario 1--> When we are selling some material to the customer and that material is scraped or completely lost in transit or any situation where you can not take it back....... So in this case there is no need of creating Return delivery......... Your Process 2 will go here.
    2. Scenario 2: --. You sent some material to customer but due to some quality or defect purpose customer wants to return to you, then you have to create return delivery which will insure that you are taking that material back into your stock for quality checking.
    I guess it will help...

  • Creation of sales order(Credit memo request) w.r.t invoice

    Hi want to create a Credit memo request (sales order) with respect to a invoice.
    Can any body suggest me a bapi or Fm which will directly create a sales order with input as invoice number?
    Also all mandatory import export parameters to be filled?
    Thanks in Advance,

    You should be able to use one of these BAPIs (depending on your release - the ...2 one is the lates and greatest, it seems):
    You'll find a lot of information on them anywhere, please use search. There is also a decent documentation available for each one of them.
    The invoice reference will have to be entered as follows (note that it's always at line level):
        order_items_in-ref_doc = <invoice number = VBRK-VBELN>.
        order_items_in-ref_doc_it = <<invoice line number = VBRP-POSNR.>.
        order_items_in-ref_doc_ca = 'M'.   " or whatever category is applicable
    Keep in mind though that BAPIs do NOT always work the same way as VA01. If, for example, you have the requirements and copy routines (VOFM), they might get bypassed when creating an order with BAPI.
    Any follow-up questions I'd suggest to post in ABAP forum. Good luck!

  • SRM PO Update with WBS Element

    I have a requirement for a report in SRM which should update the account assignment in SRM-PO with the new WBS Element / Fund. Now, I am little new to SRM programming. Could some one give me detailed steps as to what FMs do I need to use and how do I go about updating the PO in SRM?
    Venkata Phani Prasad K

    Closing thread.

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