Reviewing General Ledger Accounts - No line item detail

I have just started with a new company using SAP Business One for the first time. My frustration is when reviewing the general ledger line items that there is no detail coming through that lets me see what the amounts relate to.  No Description or Vendor  Name.  There is absolutely no way I can see if there are any posting errors to accounts unless I drill into each and every line item to see what it is.  I have been into Form Settings but the fields required are not available options to select.
Every accounting system I have ever used has this standard feature - from off the shelf packages to customised SAP R/3. 
I have spoken to the Implementation Company's Support Line and they have said that it would be a costly exercise to request a report that provides this information. 
I can't accept that this is standard - why would anyone use the system????
I guess I just want to hear that this is not the norm with SAP Business One

Try the General Ledger Report, there is a little more detail there - the BP Name is, I'm sure, included in that and you still get the drill down.
In the account balance screen, you can add the "Details" field which may give you more information as it usually contains the BP Code. It is not a difficult exercise for you support team to add a formatted search to populat that with the account name instead - it is a reasonably common customisation.

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  • General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger

    Hello Guys,
    We are planning to implement
    General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger
    We are in ECC6 sap_appl 6.00 and BI 7.0 SP 14, BI Content 7.3 level 4.0
    The new GL line item is available
    Financial Accounting: General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)
    Available as of Release - SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0
    Shipment - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 3 Support Package 08
    Content Versions- 1.0; 703
    Just we have  to install SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 3 Support Package 08  and on ECC side SAP Enhancement package 3 for ERP 6.0 --. Financial accounting - SAP APPL 603.
    Is it correct. Can you please confirm.

    Hello Senthil,
    Yes, thats engough, since SAP is recommending the same for that datasource 0FI_GL_14. I think you are already in that version.
    See this SAP help document
    [DataSource Transactional Data: 0FI_GL_14|]

  • General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items 0FIGL_O14  Performace issue

    Dear Forum,
    We are facing a performance issue while loading the data to 0FIGL_O14 General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items from  CUBE ZMMPRC01 -> ODSO 0FIGL_O14 DSO.
    Please see my requirement below for updating the data to 0FIGL_O14 DSO.
    This report is generated to display Dry Dock and Running Repair expenses for the particular Purchase orders with respective G/L's.
    1) The G/L DSO will provide us the 0DEBIT_LC and    0DEB_CRE_DC Foreign currency amount with signs (+/-) amounts and.
    2) ZMMPRC01 Cube   will provide us the 0ORDER_VALUE  (Purchse order value)and    0INVCD_AMNT Invoice  amount.
    While we are loading the data from  CUBE ZMMPRC01 -> ODSO 0FIGL_O14 DSO ,we have created nearly 19 InfoObject  level routine to derive the below mentioned fields data for MM Purchase Order related records.
    0CHRT_ACCTS    Chart of accounts
    0ITEM_NUM      Number of line item within accounting documen
    0AC_DOC_NO     Accounting document number
    0GL_ACCOUNT    G/L Account
    0COMP_CODE     Company code
    0COSTCENTER    Cost Center
    0CO_AREA       Controlling area
    0COSTELMNT     Cost Element
    0SEGMENT       Segment for Segmental Reporting
    0BUS_AREA      Business area
    0FUNC_AREA     Functional area
    0AC_DOC_NR     Document Number (General Ledger View)
    0AC_DOC_TYP    Document type
    0POST_KEY      Posting key
    0PSTNG_DATE    Posting date in the document
    0DOC_CURRCY    Document currency
    0LOC_CURTP2    Currency Type of Second Local Currency
    0CALQUART1     Quarter
    0CALYEAR       Calendar year
    For reference Please see the below logic to derive the data for PO related record.
          MONITOR_REC    TYPE rsmonitor.
    $$ begin of routine - insert your code only below this line        -
        ... "insert your code here
        types : begin of ty_FIGL,
                    CHRT_ACCTS type /BI0/OICHRT_ACCTS,
                    ITEM_NUM type /BI0/OIITEM_NUM,
                    AC_DOC_NO type /BI0/OIAC_DOC_NO,
                    GL_ACCOUNT type /BI0/OIGL_ACCOUNT,
                end of ty_FIGL.
        data :it_figl type STANDARD TABLE OF ty_figl,
              wa_figl type ty_figl.
        SELECT single CHRT_ACCTS
                        GL_ACCOUNT from /BI0/AFIGL_O1400
                          into wa_figl
                          where DOC_NUM = SOURCE_FIELDS-DOC_NUM and
                                DOC_ITEM = SOURCE_FIELDS-DOC_ITEM and
                                /BIC/Z_PCODE = SOURCE_FIELDS-/BIC/Z_PCODE
                                /BIC/Z_VOY_NO = SOURCE_FIELDS-/BIC/Z_VOY_NO
                                FISCYEAR = SOURCE_FIELDS-FISCYEAR.
        if sy-subrc = 0.
          RESULT = wa_figl-AC_DOC_NO.
        clear wa_figl.
    Please note the same kind of logic is applied for all the above mentioned fields.
    Here is my concerns and issue.
    For the all above all routines i am referring BI0/AFIGL_O1400
    DSO and finally loading to the Same DSO(BI0/AFIGL_O1400
    The worried part is my DSO  0FIGL_O1400 is currecnly having nearly 60 Lacks records and MM cube is having nearly 55 requests which are required to update to the Above DSO for PO related PO value and Invoice amount.
    The big issue here is while uploading data from MM cube to DSO say for example if the request is having  25,000 records from this  nearly 500-600 records will be updated to DSO.
    But here it is taking huge time ( nearly 3 days for request ) for updating  these records , like this i have to pull 50 more requests from Cube to DSO as per the requirement.
    Please note as of now i haven't created any indexes on DSO to improve this loads.
    Please note am facing this issue in Production environment and need your help ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Srinivas Padugula

    If selecting data from 0FIGL_O14 is taking long time then you can create secondary indexes on DSO.
    0FIGL_O14 would be huge as data volume directly corresponds to data volume in BSEG.
    But for you requirement, I think what you can do is,
    1. create multiprovider on top of DSO and Cube and create Bex report to give you the fields requried from both the infoproviders, you can then use open hub or APD approach to keep the data in the staging table or direct update DSO and then load the data to the DSO
    2. Create secondary indexes on DSO so that fetching would be faster.
    3. Do the enhancment at R/3 level to fetch fields from MM during load of G/L
    Pravin Karkhanis.

  • 0FIGL_O14 General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items Business Content

    Dear Experts,
    i am trying to install 0FIGL_O14 General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items ODS, but it is not available in BI Content .
    we are using New G/L in ECC side.
    Please help.

    Please go through the below threads
    0figl_o14 DSO connected to which cube
    New GL Upgrade
    Hope this will be useful

  • 0FI_GL_14 or 0FI_GL_4 General Ledger Accounting Line Items

    Hello experts,
    we should extract the Line Items from General Ledger Accounting.
    There is a new datasource from SAP 0FI_GL_14 (General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger)
    I cant find it in our source system because I think we donu2019t have SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0 yet.
    The question is, instead of this new datasource, can we use the old one 0FI_GL_4 (General Ledger: Direct Line Items ) if all necessary fields are available in extract structure.
    Do you have any idea or experiences ?

    We donu2019t have ehp3, so i cant use 0FI_GL_14.
    Can we really compare 0FI_GL_14 and 0FI_GL_10  ?
    Because 0FI_GL_10 extracts not on document level but I need information (Work breakdown structure element(PROJK)) on document level.
    So I need both fields in extract structure u201CAccounting document number (BELNR)u201D and u201CWork breakdown structure element(PROJK)u201D.
    0FI_GL_10 contains none of them.

  • Customer/Vendor A/C with line item details and with opening and closing Bal

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Is it possible to have a customer and / or vendor Sub-Ledger account-
    with line item details and with opening and closing balance detail
    for a particular period.?
    Chirag Shah
    I thank for the given below thread which has solved the same problem for G/L Account
    Re: Report to get the ledger printout with opening balances

    Hello Srinujalleda,
    Thanks for your precious time.
    I tried the referred T-Code
    But this report is not showing Opening balance, closing balance detail.
    It only gives transactions during the specified posting period and total of it.
    Please guide me further in case if I need to give proper input at selection screen or elsewhere.
    Client Requires Report in a fashion
    Opening Balance as on Date
    + / -  Transactions during the period
    = Closing Balance as on date
    As that of appearing for G/L Account by S_ALR_87012311
    Thanks once again & Regards
    Chirag Shah

  • Line item details of Recon accounts

    Recon accounts are not created as line item managed,
    But for a specific requirement if the business wants details of the line items of all the recon accounts hw this can be achived?
    Will it be possible to view the line item details of the recon account (say debtors account) of previous entries.
    We are in ecc 6.0 without New GL.

    for the recon account, in FS00, control tab, check/tick 'Line item display' and then check that recon account report.

  • Display subtotal in General Ledger Accounting details

    Hi all
    Our client has a request to have a default setting for the option to display subtotal to print only Yearly results in General Ledger Accounting Report?  Currently the Display Subtotal by Daily and Monthly are always selected.  It is too slow whenever we remove these display options.
    With reference to SAP Case 413706 on 28.04.2009 13:25 Reply to Reporter by SAP 
    Dear Kedalene,
    I have tested the problem you raised in the latest patches of version 2005 B (PL45) and 2007 B (PL11). The current system design is that by default all three boxes for "Display Subtotal" (Daily / Mont hly / Yearly) are checked. All changes you make to the default will be lost after you have closed the report. Unfortunately there is no way to work around that.
    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    Kind regards,
    Gunther Sandtner
    Support Consultant
    SAP Product Support for SAP Business One
    SAP SSC Ireland

    Hi All,
    The issue above has been posted by our consultant as a client we would want to elevate further.
    Due to such an functionality; to uncheck the monthly / daily subtotal in a GL for one whole year of records takes up 30 mins!!!
    It is weird why such a small issue has not been taken care of in such an advance system like SAPB1.
    Would appreciate if this matter is taken up by the SAP development team; and we are reverted with a solution at the earliest.
    Edited by: Vishal Attal on Apr 30, 2009 11:11 AM

  • Please tell me what  is General Ledger Account

    Hi Friends,
        I am new to workflow and working with FI module.Please let me know the flow of FI and what is General ledger Account in detail.
    Please provide me with good documentation or urls etc on FI Accounts Payable module...
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Latha,
        Welcome To SDN!!
    General Ledger Account  is a term used in basic accounting.
    fi FLOW:
    Basically there are 5 major topics/areas in FI,
    1. GL Accounting -
    related tables are SKA1, SKB1 Master data
    BSIS and BSAS are the Transaction Data
    2. Account Receivables- related to Customer
    All the SD related data when transfered to FI these are created.
    Related Tables BSID and BSAD
    3. Account Payables - related Vendor
    All the MM related documents data when transfered to FI these are created
    Related Tables BSIK and BSAK
    All the above six tables data is present in BKPF and BSEG tables
    You can link these tables with the hlp of BELNR and GJAHR and with Dates also.
    4. Special Purpose Ledger.. which is rarely used.
    5. Asset Managment
    In CO there are
    Profit center Accounting
    Cost center Accounting will be there.
    Cross-Application Components -> Financial.
    you will go through this link
    Check this Link it out
    Main Tables in 5 FI/CO :
    5.1 FI :
    5.1.1 Master data
    SKA1 Accounts
    BNKA Bank master record
    5.1.2 Accounting documents // indices
    BKPF Accounting documents
    BSEG item level
    BSID Accounting: Secondary index for customers
    BSIK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
    BSIM Secondary Index, Documents for Material
    BSIP Index for vendor validation of double documents
    BSIS Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts
    BSAD Accounting: Index for customers (cleared items)
    BSAK Accounting: Index for vendors (cleared items)
    BSAS Accounting: Index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
    5.1.3 Payment run
    REGUH Settlement data from payment program
    REGUP Processed items from payment program
    5.2 CO :
    TKA01 Controlling areas
    TKA02 Controlling area assignment
    KEKO Product-costing header
    KEPH Cost components for cost of goods manuf.
    KALO Costing objects
    KANZ Sales order items - costing objects
    5.2.1 Cost center master data
    CSKS Cost Center Master Data
    CSKT Cost center texts
    CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
    5.2.2 Cost center accounting
    COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
    COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
    COBK CO Object: Document header
    COST CO Object: Price Totals
    Kiran Sure


    Hi to all
    I need activate for INPUT, the field GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNT.
    I can't do it by field status, and I thinking do it by abap,
    Wich is the best form by do it this task ??
    Via enhancement ? badI ?? field exit ??
    Thank you by their aids.
    Dario Rodriguez.

    Hi Marta,
    Do this step....
    1.GO to MIRO
    2. Enter the Invoice date/Posting date
    3. In PO ref enter the PO number and enter. 
       after that you will get the line item details..... move into the right hand side fields there you will get the acc assignment tab...
    4. Click and Change the GL acc
    5.Check and save it...

  • FS10N GL Balances not showing line item details

    Hi Expert,
    i am unable to see the posted document in FS10N. i ve check the Button in FS00 Line Item display.. and save it.
    again  i did but FS10N display line item not showing .. see the error message below.
    No items selected (see long text)
    Message no. MSITEM033
    No line items meeting your selection criteria could be read. This could be for the following reasons:
    1. No corresponding items have been posted.2. You are not authorized to display this data.3. The items have already been archived.4. Migration from classic General Ledger Accounting to new General Ledger Accounting: In migration phase 1, postings are only made to the account for the non-leading ledger

    Big hello for you too my friend My 2 babies are taking all my attention! I am missing my old times here!
    See, you have to understand when you have posted your GL account in 2013 you had only balance information stored. It means you have no data stored in table BSIS. When you activated Line item display this issue stands.
    You won´t create entries in BSIS if you check that flag. Thus you only will have items from now on.
    Have a test. Post new entries and check. they will appear.
    Check also
    Best Regards!

  • Partial payment by general ledger account assignments

    Hi Experts,
    I am using a scenario for Partial payment by general ledger account assignments Transaction code FMPP.
    I have done a vendor invoice with two line item having different FUNDS. When I try to do partial payment using FMPP it is showing me only one line item for Vendor invoice not the two line item based on different funds.
    Funds field is coming as empty in FMPP transaction for the vendor invoice .
    Kindly help me solving the issue.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Expert,
    Just Go to T-Code:  FMPP_CONTROL and activate the Table: FMPP_CONTROL(Until and Unless you activate this table).
    the components of Partial payment by general ledger account assignments will not work.

  • Change of General Ledger Account in MIRO transaction

    Hi all.
    I have to post a invoice in MIRO transaction, and, if Account Assignment Category (KNTTP) is = 'A', I have to substitute General Account by other. I have tried do it by GGB1, but here field BKPF-BELNR and BKPF-AWKEY aren't filled, and I don't know how I can obtain Account Assignment Category in the substitution. Could you help me?
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Marta,
    Do this step....
    1.GO to MIRO
    2. Enter the Invoice date/Posting date
    3. In PO ref enter the PO number and enter. 
       after that you will get the line item details..... move into the right hand side fields there you will get the acc assignment tab...
    4. Click and Change the GL acc
    5.Check and save it...

  • Document on New General Ledger Accounting

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Can anyone help by providing the following details relating to General Ledger Accounting (New):
    1. What are the advantages of New GL accounting
    2. Any Bearing on Controlling Module.  If so, what they are (like no need of Cost Element Reconciliation)
    Tnaks in advance
    B Surya

    The following are the advantages of New GL Accounting;
    1. On-line document splitting. Real time integration of CO=>FI
    2. New GL replaces the SPL (Special Purpose Ledger) to some extent and not 100%
    3. CO Reconciliation is not required due to on-line splitting
    4. Parallel Accounting
    5. Segment Reporting.
    Best Regards,

  • New General ledger accounting in ECC 6.0 : Profit centre not in BSID table

    I already create new transaction code and report from standard transaction code
    *s_alr_87012168 : Customer Aging Report (Due Date Analysis for Open Items)* and i
    also add Profit center fields into Dynamic selection.
    My problem is, if i run the report using customer account the output is displayed but
    if i run the report with customer & profit centre the output is not displayed. currently i'm using
    new General ledger accounting in ECC 6.0 and when i look into bsid table the value
    is empty for profit centre and the value for profit centre are stored in new table
    do i miss something?

    s_alr_87012168 : Customer Aging Report (Due Date Analysis for Open Items) this is a report generated.

Maybe you are looking for