RF LM07 Return Transfer Order

We are currently using LM07 in one of our warehouse operations for system guided picking and it is working well, but I have having challenges with the return transfer. 
When doing a full stock removal from a storage bin with a return transfer to another storage type for partial pallets, it is not working well on the LM07 t-code.  The operator is able to see that the full pallet is being removed and a partial is being delivered, but the t-code does not show the return portion of the transfer order to the operator.
Is there something I have possibly set up wrong or should I be using a different t-code for this operation?  If I look at the transfer order in detail (LT21), the return configuration is working correctly.
Please help

If you want to create a returns trnasfer order using delivery , you need to do the sutomizing in SPRO-> MM-> Purcashing-> Purchase order-> Returns Order-> Store Return / Return Plant to Plant
Assign the required return delivery type to
purchasing document category F (purchase order),
purchasing document type (NB - standard purchase order, UB - stock transport order),
the supplying plant (the one to which the goods are being returned)
The following return delivery types are available in the system:
NLR - intra-company-code store returns (purchasing document type UB for replenishment and return orders, delivery type NL for the replenishment delivery)
NCR - cross-company-code store returns (purchasing document type NB for replenishment and return orders, delivery type NLCC for the replenishment delivery)
For the return delivery types, you have to make settings for the item category determination.
Partner schema must be assigned to the return delivery types.
The relevant goods movement types must be assigned to the schedule line categories (for the returns in Sales). The following schedule line categories are also available in the system:
NR - Replenishment Returns and
NS - Replenishment Cross Company Returns
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  • WM-Purchase order -return transfer order

    hi friends
      i did purchase order ,GRN ,TR, TO.. i did wrongly Transfer order..i want return to move the stock other storage bin....
    with regards
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    Locked. Reason: basic question.
    Please search how to cancel transfer order or if you can't please search how to transfer stock within your WH.
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    The concept of RETURN to vendor are two types. One is return the material to vendor if quality is not good & another one material is available as unused in the company,for example if we procure a material like Filter Plate 100 quantity and we are procuring this material very rarely and we used 95 quantity in our industry and 5 number are in stock. If you have no use of that Filter Plate  further (if you feel) and if you want to dispose them you have two options.
    1.One option is to sell it.
    2.The other option is to return to vendor if you have good terms with vendor.
    In this case, you create RETURN PO with slection of return incator in PO and then MIGO with RETURN PO with 161 MT, then quantity will reduce from your inventory.Then do Credit memo w.r.t. RETURN PO in MIRO.
    But you use 122MT only if we do GR against a PO with 101 and if we want to return the material to vendor (reason may be like quality is not good , package condition is not good etc) with respect to the same PO.
    For more chcek the notes 491785, 359247  
    Biju K

  • Transfer order Return

    Hello everybody,
    I am dealing with transfert orders return.
    I created a delivery (VL10G) , posted goods issue (VL02N), and posted goods receipt on the other side (MIGO on Outbound delivery- mvt 101).
    I then created a return delivery (MIGO Return Delivery against Material Document VIA Delivery) and posted goods issue (VL02N).
    In MMBE, I have now my returned quantity on "StckTrsptOrderRel" on the company level.
    How can I receive these quantities to get them back in the stocks of my firstly shipping (vendor) plant? What T-Code should be used?

    Dear Laure,
    Normally the process for intercompany 'return' stock transfer is as
    1) Create an intercompany stock transfer order with flag 'Return'
       (transaction ME21) or an item with the return flag (field RETPO)
    2) Create a delivery with VL10G
    3) Create with the transaction MIGO a goods receipt from the receiving
       plant (the plant that created the NB purchase order for return -
       therfore the quantity is negativ)
       The quantity is then transferred to the transit stock.
    4) Post a negative GI for the created delivery with BWART 673 which
       will transfer the quantity from transit stock to the unrestricted
       stock to the receiving plant. (the actual issuing one)
    (For Intra company   Two step procedure 671
                         One step procedure 677)
    5) Create a credit for it
    6) and check this credit.
    Please check in your business process if you follow these steps. Step
    two and three can be switched but the other steps should be done in this
    order. Review note 95808 for further information.
    From customzing point of view:
    Set delivery type for return delivery
    1) IMG  >  MM  >  Purchasing  >  Purchase Order >  Returns
       Order > Return to Vendor
    2) Assign Delivery type "RL" to the appropriate supplying plants
    Create a Vendor and tie it to a sold-to in the customer master
    1) XK01 - create a vendor (be sure to tie it to a sold-to party in
       'Customer' field of the second screen    LFA1-KUNNR). Verify that it
       is tied to a Purchasing Organization and in the Purchasing Data
       screen select 'Returns Vendor'.
    2) When the 'Return Vendor' is flagged, the system will prompt you to
       associate the vendor with an SD customer master (which you can
       create at this point).  Make sure to create the customer master as a
       sold-to party, not a ship-to.
    I hope this information helps!

  • Return Delivery of Intercompany Transfer Order

    Dear guru ,
    I want to know all the transactions for the logistic and accounting process of Return of Intercompany transfer order.

    Can try :
    ME21N Retun Intercompany Purchase Order
    VL10D Create Outbound Delivery for Purchase Order Item
    VL02N Post Goods Receipt for your plants....)
    Post invoice based on it...
    Post the credit memo....
    You can make other company as a vendor....and then can go ahead...
    hope it helps...

  • Intercompany Stock Transfer Order Returns

    Our company uses plant-to-plant stock transport orders to record the movement of stock.  We are on SAP R/3 version 4.7.  When the two plants in question are in different company codes, an intercompany billing (type IV) results from the supplying plant (Plant 1) to the receiving plant (Plant 2).  Our pricing procedure for intercompany sales includes a markup on the standard cost (Plant 1 has a small profit, and Plant 2 has a higher standard price).
    My problem is that sometimes Plant 2 has to return some of the stock to Palnt 1.  I cannot just process an STO from Plant 2 to Plant 1, because it would process as a sale from Plant 2 to Plant 1, with a markup on the already higher standard price in Plant 2.  What I need to do is process a return on the original STO PO, which would generate a return credit billing from Plant 1 to Plant 2.
    I tried to enter a PO return Delivery using TCode MBRL, and I got the error message that "There are no Open Items on the PO".  Since, on a regular PO to an outside vendor, the MBRL transaction creates the open item, this indicates there is something about the intercompany process that prevents this from being the solution in this case.  How can I process a return on an intercompany STO, that will generate a Return Credit Billing (type IG) from Plant 1 to Plant 2)?

    Hi Laura,
    If you are processing with delivery, you shd check the delivery indicator in MBRL Transaction.
    In your scenario if Plant A has shipped to plant B and Plant B return to plant A on a return PO. Plant A raises the crdeit memo on plant B.
    Typically returns are done with as you create a  return purchase order with Return indicator create an outbound delivery  and do 161 movement and subsequent PGR on the outbound delivery.

  • Order Status for partial return sales order

    Dear All,
    I am facing an issue at my client for which I am unable to find an appropriate reason.
    We have done a complete Sales order cycle: S.Ord - Delivery and Invoice (100qty). Now the customer returns a certain part of materials delivered (say 30qty). We are creating a sales order for this 30qty and creating a delivery (for 30qty) and credit memo.
    The problem here is that the status of returns delivery and credit memo is closed but the status of this returns order is shown as being processed and also is reflected in open orders report.
    Can anyone please suggest why this is shown as being processed and not as closed despite the returns order being fully delivered and invoiced?
    Note: the Completion rule for Item category of my returns order is set to B-Item is completed after full quantity has been referenced. Is it because of this? What would be the implications if I make this blank? Any other suggestions too would be highly appreciated
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rohan Gudavalli

    This is b'coz, you create Credit memo with reference to Return Order (sales order), not from return delivery.
    Further, if you check the standard copying control for VTFL ( Source: LR & Target: G2), you will not find config for this.
    In standard, we have standard Billing doc type for this, that is RE - Credit for Returns (VOFA order-related billing VTFA).
    So your standard process flow can be.
    RE (Return Order)
    -> LR (Return Delivery)
    -> RE (Credit for Returns)
    FYI, you can refer routine 2 - Ord-rel.credit memo from VOFM - Data transfer - Billing Document.
    And that is the reason, why it is recommended to take Sales order as reference, instead of invoice.
    Also, refer/check copying control config for VTFA for Return Order - RE to Credit for Returns - RE for Item category REN

  • Returns sale order stock from returns to quality error

    Dear All,
    For FG Material we have activated Inspection Type '06' - Returns from Customer Inspection and Inspection Plan with Usage 'Goods Issue 06' also created.
    We create return sale order material comes in returns and we need Inspection lot with '06'. so in MB1B using mvt type 457 trying to move stocks from returns to quality but system is not allowing to transfer stock it gives error Change Inspection stock in QM only.
    kindly give your suggestion for this error.

    For FG Material we have activated Inspection Type '06' - Returns from Customer Inspection and Inspection Plan with Usage 'Goods Issue 06' also created.
    SAP has returns set up to create 06 inspection lots. These are not stock relevant. In this case the inventory goes into the return stock category and another move must be done to move the material to unrestricted or blocked as needed it will not allow to move to QI
    If the material should go into QI stock and be under QI control, then config must be changed to use the 05 inspection type instead of 06.
    We create return sale order material comes in returns and we need Inspection lot with '06'. so in MB1B using mvt type 457 trying to move stocks from returns to quality but system is not allowing to transfer stock it gives error Change Inspection stock in QM only.
    In SPRO SD schedule line category for returns(DN) change movement type to 655 and make relevant settings for QM movement types.
    Check below relevant thread for more information
    sales return

  • Is there any User Exit or BADI- Where LTAP-WDATU is as change parameter ,So during or after Transfer order creation GR date would be as per given logic not as current date

    Dear All,
    There is a requirement in which when the material (Not batch managed) is getting return from Non WM managed storage location to WM managed storage location than at the time of creating transfer order or after creation of transfer order would like to change LTAP-WDATU (GR date) automatically , So here i am unable to find the right user exit or BADI in which i can write the logic for same. Below is full description of the requirement.
    Here we are following Removal strategy "FIFO" while picking the material (Not batch managed) from WM managed storage location (WMS1) & transferring to Non WM managed storage location (ODS) ( than from there it use to go to Production) , at certain times partial quantity use to come back from Non WM managed storage location (ODS) to WM managed storage location (WMS1) and while doing putaway of the same "GR date" use to change which was not the actual when the material 1st time comes to WM managed storage location (WMS1) (before getting transfer to Non WM managed storage location). So here i want the user exit or BADI in which i can write my logic so that GR date ( LTAP-WDATU) would automatically change while creating transfer order or after creation of transfer order as per the "GR date" of same material which last moved from WM managed Storage location (WMS1) to Non WM managed storage location(ODS) because as per FIFO material dated before that would not be exist in the warehouse.
    Below is the flow of the material while transferring to production & returning from production.
    WMS1 ( WM managed warehouse ) --> ODS ( Non WM managed warehouse) --> Production  At the time of issue to production
    Production --> ODS ( Non WM managed warehouse) --> WMS1 ( WM managed warehouse ) At the time of return from production
    I hope i m clear on my requirement.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You have to get a key from SAP to modify the two includes in which the user exits are present.
    2. You have to enter statement 'INCLUDE z**. ' in both user exits in the MV45* includes. Then save and activate the MV45** includes.
    3. You have to figure out the code that carries out the functionality described in your specifications.
    3. Write the code in includes Z** .
    4. Now the code written by you will be executed when you run the relevant SD transaction
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  • BAPI for MIGO Transfer Order Posting and STO

    I am trying to post a transfer order thru MIGO using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. But could not able to identify the following fields :
    1) Material Slip or Material Document number
    2) Final Plant and storage location
    3) Destination plant and storage location
    4) Movement Type
    Also I am trying to create a STO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 but could not able to identify "Your Reference and Our Reference fields.
    Please share your thoughts.

    Hi  Bakshi ,
    see the sample code to pass the material plant storage location nad Movement type..
      t_goodsmvt_item-material   = t_zciotr-matnr.          "Materail
      t_goodsmvt_item-plant      = w_werks.                  "Plant
      t_goodsmvt_item-stge_loc   = w_lgort.                  "Storage Location
      t_goodsmvt_item-move_type  = w_bwart.               "movement type
      t_goodsmvt_item-entry_qnt  = t_zciotr-wmeng.
      t_goodsmvt_item-orderid    = t_zciotr-aufnr.
      t_goodsmvt_item-mvt_ind    = 'F'.
      APPEND t_goodsmvt_item.
      t_goodsmvt_slno-matdoc_itm = 1.
      t_goodsmvt_slno-serialno   = t_zciotr-serialno.
      APPEND t_goodsmvt_slno.
          goodsmvt_header       = t_goodsmvt_header
          goodsmvt_code         = t_goodsmvt_code
          goodsmvt_headret      = w_docret
          materialdocument      = w_docno
          goodsmvt_item         = t_goodsmvt_item
          goodsmvt_serialnumber = t_goodsmvt_slno
          return                = t_goodsmvt_ret.

  • Cancellation of Transfer Order for Grouped Deliveries (Outbound) -Urgent!

    Hi SAP Experts,
    One of our users created a group for several outbound deliveries. Now the user decided to cancel one of the deliveries for administrative reasons. He cannot cancel the delivery since a transfer order has been created. How can we cancel this TO and the delivery as well?
    Please help us with this issue. This is an urgent matter. I am willing to assign points to helpful answers.
    Thanks in advance!

    Steps to reverse and delete delivery
    1. With tcode VL09 reverse the PGI.. ( I hope u did this already)
    2. Reverse TO with tcode LT0G
         Here u enter WH no and delivery no to be reversed, Movt type 999 and putaway view as 'delivery view' and execute.
    Select the line with delivery no and click on 'Return to stock'
    this will again generate reversal TO, confirm it.
    3. VL02N - Delete the delivery.
    Hope this solves ur problem
    Award points if found suitable

  • Delete transfer order

    hello, friends.
    i want to delete a delivery that has been previously billed.  the billing document has been cancelled and the goods issue reversed.  however, i could not use LT0G as the document items are locked.  i tried to cancel the transfer orders using LT15 but the system says these have already been confirmed or cancelled.
    i try to delete the delivery document and items but the system issued the following messages:
    1.  warning - billing operations exist
    2.  error - warehouse operations partially processed
    what should i do next?
    regards... and thanks!
    there are several items in the delivery.  only 1 line item displays WM status as "partially processed".  the reason is that this item is displayed with delivery quantity as "9.99" while the picked quantity as "10.00".
    Edited by: jonathan y on May 26, 2009 2:22 PM

    Hello Jonathan
    I see this may be caused due to unbalanced of delivery and picked quantity. Once i faced issue similar to this and we did below process to correct it. Try it for the item for which you are facing the issue.
    1. I add a stock for material #123, batch XYZ of 1 quantity with movement type 501. This is a fictitious stock for adjustment purpose. Material document 789 gets created. TO created with reference to material document and confirmed.
    2. Delivery quantity of same material and batch added with 1quantity and created TO for this. Now the stock is in 916 storage type.
    3. Created a TO manually and transfer existing stock (1 Qyt) of same material and batch to 916 storage type. Now the available quantity for delivery is 2 Qty.
    4. Did LT0G for 2 DR and returned stock to warehouse. Stock returned from 916 to original storage type. In this total material got unpicked.
    5. Deleted the delivery.
    6. Cancelled material document 789 to return the fictitious stock with 502 movement type created TO and confirmed. Here stock level adjusted to original.
    Hope this solves the issue. Reply if it helps or not.

  • In return sales order(va01)  return amt value is not showing plz help

    Issue : When Sales Order, Delivary, Transfer Order, Billing is created by one user , and if the same user creates Sales Return Order(VA01) it is working fine. But if any other user creates this Sales Return then it is not showing Sales Return AMOUNT value which has to be copied from the Billing Dcoument.
    This Sales Return transaction calling Form Routine which contains code to get Sales Return value . when same user who created Sales Order, Delivary, Transfer Order, Billing creates Sales Return then SPA/GPA PARAMETERs used in Form Routine program to get Reference Billing Document no.,etc , are getting populated by values , but if different user creates Sales Return this SAP/GPA PARAMETERS is not getting populated. i.e
    why it is not getting populated plz help

    When you create a return based on a complaint, you:
    Post the goods to your warehouse for checking
    And then, implement one of the following activities:
    Approve the complaint and create a credit memo
    Approve the complaint, and implement a free of charge subsequent delivery based on the return
    Reject the complaint
    Process Flow
    You create a sales document with the order type for returns. You can create the return in one of the following ways:
    – Without reference to an order
    – With reference to an existing order
    – With reference to an invoice
    You can block the return in Customizing, so it is not invoiced. Go to Sales - Sales Documents - Sales document header - Define sales document type in the billing block field in the billing section.
    If the returned goods are sent to your warehouse, create a delivery (returns delivery) with reference to the return.
    The goods issue posted for the returns delivery matches the goods receipt to your own stock.
    After you have checked the goods, you can implement one of the following activities for the complaint:
    Approve it by deleting the block reject it by entering a reason for rejection.
    The quantity for which the customer should receive credit.
    The order quantity rather than the delivered quantity is used as the basis for the credit memo.
    If the customer returns only some of the goods and disposes of the remaining goods himself, you can still create a credit memo for the full amount.
    On the other hand, you can create a partial credit memo for certain items even if the customer returns the entire quantity. To do this, the quantity to be ordered in the return has to be reduced to the quantity to be credited.
    Whether the customer should receive a replacement.
    If the customer is to receive replacement goods, do not create a credit memo.
    You can enter a reason for rejection for the appropriate items in the return. You then create a free of charge subsequent delivery with reference to the return in order to send the replacement goods to the customer.

  • How to Change Delivery quantity after creating Transfer order

    I created a transfer order for my delivery with LT03. There is already non-ordered quantity in my delivery.
    delivery quantity is 5 but transfer order's quantity is 4.
    i want to change my delivery quantity without confirming the transfer order.
    Is it possible
    is there any customization or function for that work ?
    in se37, i tried BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE. it returned the error "there is an unconfirmed transfer order"
    Moved to SD froum from LE forum at the request of OP
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Apr 18, 2011 1:21 PM

    If you set "Copy WM quantity as delivery quantity into delivery" for your WH/wm-mvt combination in WM/Shipping interface, the delivery quantity will be always adjusted to the picking quantity ("1" in field V_T3333-WMMUE).
    The same can be achieved manually as it was told you by Andrzej.
    There's no separate function modul to do this.
    When system is processing FCODE "KOMU_T" (manual process) the delivery quantity will be changed in include MV50AF0F_FCODE_KOMU in internal structure "lips":
          IF xlips-pikmg > xlips-lfimg OR likpd-kzebu IS INITIAL.
            PERFORM check_and_set_pikmg_lfimg CHANGING lf_subrc.
            CHECK lf_subrc = 0.
    But this is one thing, there's some preparation before this step and and the change in "lips" will cause the change of "xlips" later on, etc.
    So, it is related to several programs (includes) and forms.
    Please contact your ABAPer if you are not familiar with technical things.
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Apr 18, 2011 10:55 PM

  • Change in Transfer Order for Storage Type & bin

    I want to change destination bin change during TO Creation. Steps are given below.
    a) SPRO : Storage type setting: Two options are t there in stock placement section
                     Storage bin cannot be changed during confirmation
    1     Storage bin can be changed during confirmation
    I set it to 1.
    b) LT06 : TO Created.
    c) LT12: TO Confirmation: TO lines are coming grayed out. We can not change Destination storage bin, storage type , and section.
    Could you please advice me how to change TO Bins change during confirmation.
    Clients requirement: System will pick bin automatically. Print will be taken for this. Once placement is done & some of material are not kept as per TO Bin number. its a different bin,. Now User want to change bin number during TO Confirmation.
    Thanks ,

    Hi Gupta,
    In WM customizing - master data - storage type - in the detail data of     
    the relevant destination storage type you set the flag                     
    'Dst bin ch. during confirm.' from space to 1. Then the destination        
    storage bin "in general" can be changed at confirmation time.                                                                               
    Additionally you need to setup for the movement types that you are using   
    that you work with the new confirmation list, see detail of the movement   
    types, box screen control. (Try changing this setting to '1').                                                                               
    Please also read in the R/3 library - logistics - logistics execution -    
    warehouse management - warehouse movements - transfer orders - transfer    
    order confirmation - confirming transfer orders.                                                                               
    Here it is described when the destination bin can't be changed even        
    with the correct customizing settings.                                                                               
    If you set the indicator for Destination bin change during confirmation    
    for the desired storage type in Customizing for Warehouse Management       
    under Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Master Data ->        
    Define Storage Type, you will be able to change the destination bin when   
    confirming a transfer order if, for example, the destination bin           
    proposed by the system is damaged.                                                                               
    NO destination bin can be entered during confirmation for:                                                                               
    - dynamic coordinates                                                     
    - return items                                                            
    - Lean WM (if the destination bin is defined in the movement type)        
    - posting change TOs                                                      
    - inventory based on putaway                                              
    - additions to existing stock in storage units                            
    - transaction Confirm single item                                         
    Please check if your TO is related to one of these cases !!!

  • Can we delete or cancel a Transfer order after confirmation?

    We want to delete or Cancel a Transfer order after confirmation.
    We reversed PGI, cancelled shipment and trying to delete a line in the delivery, but it says "item already confirmed by TO".
    Any pointers?
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    Cancellation of TO - LT15.
    Cancellation of TO for Storage unit - LT16.
    LT0G - Return delivery to stock

Maybe you are looking for