RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Unable to interpret * as a number

I facing a strange problem while executing a query in bex analyzer and WAD. When I open a query it is throwing error as 'Unable to interpret * as a number'. I am getting this error before the pop-up menu itself. But all other reports are working fine. Please guide me to solve this issue.

hi Githen Ronney  ,
Is that query Standard OR customized one.
If it is standard once check the SAP-EXIT variables.
KIran Manyam

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  • Error: Unable to interpret / as a number

    We have an R/3 Infoset that is used as a source for some Crystal Report queries -- basically it is pulling some revenue recognition data from GLPCA and pairing it with supporting tables such as billing documents, orders, customer, material, etc.  This has been available in Production for a few months, but recently a user has started encountering the following messages at runtime:
    Crystal Reports
    Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    Database Connector Error: 'Unable to interpret / as a number.'
    Database Connector Error: 'RFC_INVALID_HANDLE'
    So we were able to even track down the error to one specific billing document and can recreate the error when selecting only the one document number.  The report errors whenever it pulls that data and if a certain amount field is brought in to the listing.  Looking at the underlying data through an SQL query, we don't see a problem with the data and have been unable to figure out why only certain records are causing this short dump.  The abend info in ST22 shows it is related to a CONVT_NO_NUMBER runtime error in ABAP program /CRYSTAL/SAPLFLAT - procedure /CRYSTAL/BUILD_STRING.  Looking through the details did not uncover much information that would point to the problem.
    Has anyone encountered this type of problem with Crystal integration to SAP data? Any suggestions on troubleshooting or identifying the problem would be appreciated.

    would suggest you open a case with support and provide the details on the steps so that the support folks can directly look at your system.

  • Error  ' unable to interpret "*601" as number ' when using  CONVERT_OTF

    Hi All ,
    I am converting a Smartform to PDF in 4.7 version and I am getting an error like "  unable to interpret "*601" as number ' in Convert_otf function module here the importing parameter BIN_FILESIZE is getting *601 value in back ground of FM . Can any one help me in solving this error . Did i miss any parameter's .
    Thanks and Regards
    Syed Akbar .

    The asterisk can appear when field length inconsistency takes place at value assignment between two variables.
      p_amount TYPE c length 15,
      l_amount TYPE p DECIMALS 2.
    WRITE: l_amount CURRENCY l_waers TO p_amount.
    If value of L_AMOUNT equal '103276149119,40-', then value of P_AMOUNT will be equal '*3276149119,40-' (asterisk appears).
    Best regards,
    George Shlyahov.

  • ABAP DF Unable to interpret as a number

    I have a very simply ABAP data flow which joins SAP tables PA0001 and T528T together using PLANS.  If I use PA0001.PLANS in my output schema I receive the following error message:
    "RFC CallReceive error <Function Z_AW_ABAP_RUN: RFC_ABAP_MESSAGE- Unable to interpret 0    0.00 as a number."
    If I select T528T.PLANS in the output schema it works fine, but I have no idea what is causing this error message.

    Hi Tom,   If the error si correcto, it seems to be a string trying to be saved on a integer field. Change the target data type or validate it before be loaded. I amnot sure if the error is "0    0.00 " >string or "0.00 " >number,but not a integer. Regards.

  • Unable to interpret u3030u0081@ as a number - problem

    We've got problem with BPMs which use graphical (java) mapping. In SXI_MONITOR such processes have "Message being sent" status. In process engine workflow log it stops at mapping step with "In process" status. Technical details show that there is a tRFC call which fails with "Unable to interpret &#12336;@ as a number.". This is also visible in ST22. BPM without mapping works without any problems. Test mapping in integration repository works fine.
    Has anyone got any ideas?
    Kind regards,
    Michal Krawczyk

    Have you tested your mapping using the actual source message that caused the error in BPM?
    From the BPE monitor copy-n-paste the actual message into the Interface Mapping test tool.

  • TRFC Queue Error "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number"

    Hi all,
    I am getting the below error message in TRFC queue
    "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number" when i do a datamart dataload from ODS to Cube. ODS is getting data from datasource 0CO_OM_CCA_9. Can anyone help how to resolve this issue?.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Muruganand. K

    What is  BGUA ??
    I think you have mapped this field (BGUA holding infoobject) to number or key figure field.
    Check your  mapping in transformation form ODS to CUBE.
    Hope this helps.

  • Unable to interpret "650.00u00A0 " as a number. Runtime Error : CONVT_NO_NUMBER

    Hi ,
    This is a issue which has to be resolved ASAP as all the checks are being thrown Dump in Production.
    It would be great if any of you could help me in this regard.
    I have been encountering a runtime error as "CONVT_NO_NUMBER" with
    short text as "Unable to interpret "650.00  " as a number."
    System versio : SAP ECC 6.0
    The problem is occuring at the below code
                                       t_XXX_out STRUCTURE itcsy.
          DATA: $_swnet     LIKE regud-swnet.
          DATA: $_rwbtr     LIKE reguh-rwbtr.
          DATA: $_zbukr     TYPE bukrs.        
          CONDENSE t_XXXX_in-value NO-GAPS.
    make sure the amount field is an amount.
            $_rwbtr = 0.
    >>>>>     $_rwbtr = t_XXXX_in-value.
    Can you please help me in this regard.
    Moderator message: number formatting questions = FAQ, please search before posting, do not use the term "ASAP", all threads have the same priority.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 17, 2010 6:19 PM

    This is a FAQ. Please search before posting.
    Just to avoid dump catch the exception cx_sy_conversion_no_number . But you have to do some other changes like replacing the unwanted characters like comma,dot etc and then move it.

  • Unable to interpret 1,000.000 as a number while posting IDOCs

    Hi All,
    I know this query has been asked multiple times but as of now I am unable to find the right match so posting this query again. We are posting an IDOC from SAP PI to SAP ECC using SAP PI IDOC Adapter. When the IDOC is sent there is one specific value in one of the fields which have value 1000.00. Now when the IDOC is received by SAP the value is received as 1,000.000. As far as I understand this is because the user configured in the RFC destination in SAP PI  (which sends the IDOC to SAP) is having in its default profile the Decimal Notation as 1,234,567.89 and hence we see the value as 1,000.00.
    But then the IDOC is not posted in SAP and the issue is: "Immediately processing not possible: Unable to interpret 1,000.000 as a number".
    As I am not much aware about ABAP being a PI consultant, would appreciate if experts can guide me on how to resolve this issue. Thanks for taking time to read through the issue.

    Please check at abap end for the inbound parameters.
    In we20 the message type will be assigned .Double click it and you will get the process code.Double click that and you will get the required FM.
    If the inbound function module is Z ,Please do the necessary change.
    Else try WE19 to process the idoc (Existing).
    Execute and then check the Inbound function module option and then call in debugging mode to check the where the error is happening.
    Hope it helps.

  • SMQ2 failure during Initial load - Unable to interpret 9.990. as number

    hi All,
    I perform the initial download of customizing objects from R/3(4.6C) to CRM 7.0.
    For object DNL_CUST_BASIS2 I received the "Unable to interpret 9.990.  as a number" error message.
    Could you give some hints how to solve this problem?
    I checked several posts with similar error messages, but none of them seemed to be related to my case.
    We just implemented note 777944 to update SMOFPARSFA in CRM to neglect the unicode check.
    I was able to download other customizing objects like DNL_CUST_BASIS, DNL_CUST_ACGRPB, DNL_CUST_ACGRPP, DNL_CUST_ADDR.
    My next step is to debug the queue, if you have further suggestions let me know.

    Please check my reply in the link
    Loading DNL_CUST_BASIS2: Unable to interpret "9.990. " as a number.
    Hope this will help.

  • Abap dump (Unable to interpret "65000.00u00A0 " as a number.)

    hi everyone,
                           im getting the following dump error.
    Unable to interpret "65000.00  " as a number.
    previously it worked fine. after some patches moved from production server to quality server
    and from quality to production this report alone getting dump.
    DATA: pono LIKE ekko-ebeln,
          poit LIKE ekpo-ebelp,
           dis LIKE konv-kbetr,
          frg LIKE konv-kbetr,
    FORM tax TABLES intab
    STRUCTURE itcsy outtab
    STRUCTURE itcsy.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 1.
      pono = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 2.
      poit = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 3.
      SNO = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 4.
      L_CHAR1 = intab-value.
    REPLACE all occurrences of ',' in l_char1 with ' '.
      VAL = L_CHAR1.      <----
    this is the line im getting dump.  l_char1 = 65,000.00
    thanks in advance

    KARTHE wrote:
    > Unable to interpret "65000.00  " as a number.
    >   VAL = L_CHAR1.      <----
    this is the line im getting dump.  l_char1 = 65,000.00
    you mention "65000.00  " and "65,000.00" and i guess L_CHAR1 contains "65,000.00".
    If that's the case, remove the thousand separator from L_CHAR1, so 65,000.00 becomes 65000.00
    edit: basically what Pawan mentioned.
    Edited by: Maen Anachronos on Oct 5, 2010 1:48 PM

  • Unable to interpret as number

    REPORT  ZTD                                     .
    data: test1 type zmm-zerfmg value '38,499.610',
          test2 type zmm-zerfmg value '38499.610',
          test3(13) type c,
          lv_val type J_1IASSVAL-J_1IVALASS,
          lv_temp type J_1IASSVAL-J_1IVALASS value '4000.00'.
    *zerfmg is having data type as Char 13
    write test1 to test3 decimals 2.
    condense test3.
    lv_val = lv_temp * test3.
    write:/ test1,
    I am getting an error as "unable to interpret as number ".Can anyone here let me know Where I am going wrong

    check this
    data: test1 type zmm-zerfmg value '38,499.610',
    test2 type zmm-zerfmg value '38499.610',
    test3(13) type c,
    lv_val type J_1IASSVAL-J_1IVALASS,
    lv_temp type J_1IASSVAL-J_1IVALASS value '4000.00'.
    *zerfmg is having data type as Char 13
    write test1 to test3 decimals 2.
    condense test3.
    here is the problem which is
    lv_temp  is of type J_1IASSVAL-J_1IVALASS  which is an currency field and test 3 is char type ok .
    *lv_val = lv_temp * test3.*
    now for an multiplication both should be numric type
    thats why is is giving dump
    write:/ test1,

  • Error "Unable to interpret '\' as number" whe run a BDC for integer data

    Dear All,
    I am trying for the BDC of the user define table and have to upload data but the system is giving error for the field whose domain i have made as QUAN Error is : "Unable to interpret '\' as number".
    Please clarify the situation and solution for the problem

    Hi Vishal,
    Check whether '\' is getting populated in any of the field on the screen in which it is giving an error. I think it is not because of your QUAN field. The error may be in some other field on the same screen.

  • Unable to Interpret "13,335.00" as number

    Hi Friends,
    Unable to Interpret "13,335.00"; as number   
    these is the runtime error what i am geting when i am trying to read the data from the list screen and copying to other variable.
    the code is at user-command
    when the above statement is executed these runtime error  iam getting.
    Kumar M

    Declare that as  type P and try the same
    if it wont work then convert the same into character type

  • HR : Unable to interpret "40#6411000000#7" as a number

    We upgraded our system from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 Unicode.
    In HR, there is a problem after uploading a file.
    DATA total TYPE p DECIMALS 2.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 1500,
       clco(2),      "Clé de comptabilisation
       compte(10),   "Numéro de compte
       c_cout(8),    "Center de coût
       montant(15),  "Montant
       texte(55),    "Texte du poste
    END OF itab.
    LOOP AT itab.
          ADD itab-montant TO  total.
    the output of itab-montant comes as 40#6411000000#7 so it can't be put in total...
    The error message is :
    Unable to interpret "40#6411000000#7" as a number.
    How can I solve this problem??
    It's very urgent! please help me...

    as far as i understood..u uploaded some data from a file....
    and it shows an error ....unable to interpret..but when exactly are u getting this error...
    and what should the value look like instead of 40#6411000000#7..can u be some more specific?
    shud there be some vlaues instead of #?
    Edited by: sampath pilla on Apr 29, 2008 8:06 PM

  • Unable to interpret 15.09.2010 08:55:00 as a number.

    ■The following error text was processed in the system  : Unable to interpret 15.09.2010 08:55:00 as a number.
    ■The error occurred on the application server *** and in the work process 1 .
    ■The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    ■The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: GET_ENDTIME of program ZL_BT126H_A_APPTDETAILS_CN0412CP
    Method: IF_BSP_MODEL_BINDING~GET_ATTRIBUTE of program CL_BSP_MODEL==================CP
    when i am creating activity if i select category is call i need to add 10 min to end time based on start time .
    ex: end time = start time + '600'.
    technical information :
    UI Component : BT126H_APPT
    View : BT126H_APPT/ApptDetails
    Context Node : BTACTIVITYH
    Attribute : CATEGORY
    for Start Time :
    Contex node : BTDATE
    Attribute : TIME
    for End Time :
    Context node : BTDATE
    Attribute : ENDTIME
    please advice me how to procedue  below the code i redefine get_endtime
    method GET_ENDTIME.
    **    ITERATOR       =
    *    VALUE          =
    DATA lr_btactivityh TYPE REF to cl_crm_bol_entity.
    DATA lr_endtime TYPE REF to cl_crm_bol_entity.
      DATA : lv_time TYPE p,
             value1 type p,"TZNTSTMPL,
            lv_category type string.
      lr_endtime ?= owner->ztyped_context->BTDATE->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    ************read category
      lr_btactivityh ?= owner->ztyped_context->btactivityh->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    CALL METHOD lr_btactivityh->get_property_as_string
        iv_attr_name = 'CATEGORY'
        rv_result    = lv_category
      IF lv_category = 'Y10'. " check the actual value
    CALL METHOD lr_endtime->get_property_as_string
        iv_attr_name =  'TIMESTAMP_FROM' " 'TIME' "DATE
        rv_result    = lv_time
    CALL METHOD cl_abap_tstmp=>add
              tstmp   = lv_time   "-->20100404100000  ( input details 2010/04/04 10:00:00)
              secs    = 600      " -->600 seconds
              r_tstmp = value1."  -->20100404101000
    value = value1.

    Hi,Harshit Kumar.
    Thanks for your valuable support
    i changed   DATA : lv_time TYPE  string,
    and also change to
    CALL METHOD lr_endtime->get_property_as_string
        iv_attr_name =      'TIME'
        rv_result    = lv_time
    value = lv_time + 500.
    but it's showing error like
    Cannot display view BT126H_APPT/ApptDetails of UI Component BT126H_APPT
    An exception has occurred Exception Class  CX_CRM_CIC_PARAMETER_ERROR - Entry parameter of method CL_CRM_BOL_ENTITY->GET_PROPERTY contains value TIME, which is not allowed 
    Source Text Row:  19
    please guide me how to solve this issue.

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