RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Sync Scenario . Help required.

I need to make RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Sync Scenario.
Any docs/links for it.

I have CRM (r/3) and DM (r/3)system.
Data from differnent tables of CRM system needs to go to
DM system different tables , data will be saved there and then return response back to CRM system.
For this I have given one RFC for CRM system
For this I have given one RFC for DM system
So I have to make Sync Outbound Interface
and Sync Inbound Interface.
So I think so no BPM is required.I am correct?
Adapter -- RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Adapter.
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    R3-PI-Third party(WSDL).so we are creating  RFC as Sender and SOAP as Receiver.in SXMB_MONI no error.Message monitoring also showing delivered and both payloads also showing.but in thirdparty system data is not posting.third party system is handling messages, but not showing any error also.we call the WSDL using WSNAVIGATOR to post data working fine.

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  • Soap Sender and RFC Adapter receiver getting APPLICATION_ERROR

    Hi, all,
    I have a webservice soap sender and RFC Adapter receiver scenario, it works fine with RFC "RFC_SYSTEM_INFO", When i tried the RFC "RFC_READ_TABLE", getting the following error message,  <SAP:Code area="RFC_ADAPTER">APPLICATION_ERROR</SAP:Code> in
    SXI_MONITOR, in webservice client, i am getting error message like this:
             <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>
                <rfc:ZZTEST_RFC_READ_TABLE.Exception xmlns:rfc="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">
                   <Text>QUERY_TABLE not active in Dictionary</Text>
    Thanks a lot!

    Its not compulsory but its good to wrap it as Z object.
    Well if you are facing problem with SOAP data. Then try to do one thing. Check with the data you received from SOAP message. If this works
    Then try to check in mapping is it passing the data correctly or not. With this check with the user authorization PIAPPLUSER. if its having less authorizations to execute this BAPI in ECC

  • Mapping between Sync sender and Async Receiver

    Hi Experts,
    How to do mapping between Sync sender and Async Receiver?
    Flow: Sync SOAP Sender Client -> First Async webservice call -> Second Sync webservice call
    1. I have to send some input/request details to first webservice call. It will just update the database.If I do mapping with SOAP Sender client and first Async webservice.. I am getting timeout, because it expects response mapping too.
    2. Only Second webservice call return the response back to SOAP Sender client.Here mapping between SOAP Sender client and Second Sync webservice call. I don't have any problem here.
    I have to pass the same request info to both webservice calls, Please tell me how to do the async mapping in BPM?

    Hello Sara,
    Hope these blogs are useful to you..
    /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/25/understanding-message-flow-in-xi - Message Flow in XI
    /people/krishna.moorthyp/blog/2005/06/09/walkthrough-with-bpm - Walk through BPM
    /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/22/schedule-your-bpm - Schedule BPM
    /people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in
    https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/weblogs?blog=/pub/wlg/1403 [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in
    Satya Kumar

  • Integrtion Scenario using BPM with two sender and multiple receiver

    integrtion Scenario using BPM with two sender and multiple receiver
    How many Application Components are required?

    Hi Vinod,
    1) In integration repository you can have one or many software components it depends on your landscape orchestration
    2) In integration direcory you need at least one service for bpm and one or many for each system in your bpm
    also each connection between systems and bpm must have receiver determination and so on.
    Advice: Please treat BPM as a separate system.

  • JDBC to RFC.request and RFC.response to JDBC

    Hi all,
    I have the need of create this scenario: JDBC will pick some records from DB and send them to SAP into a RFC.request, after that, SAP will generate a response that will be sent to XI (via the RFC. response), these data has to be sent back to the DB.
    So I am clear in the first part: JDBC sender and sRFC receiver, so that, the response will be sent back to XI, BUT, is there a way to map these response data into a DT_Receiver_JDBC without using BPM????  If so, how?
    And, what about the initial loads of data???  Customer wants this kind of scenario to be used then. What do you think about that?
    I know XI is not the best approach for this purpose but...  And i think i would have to take into account the response time of SAP in synchronous RFC...
    Hope you guys may help me on this.
    Thanks in advance and best regards,

    is there a way to map these response data into a DT_Receiver_JDBC without using BPM?
    No. U will have to use BPM.
    I have not used it personally with JDBC adapter but u may try this to avoid BPM. Hope it works
    I know XI is not the best approach for this purpose but... And i think i would have to take into account the response time of SAP in synchronous RFC...
    For sync scenario, the response time should always be considered. However, using XI won't be that much of pain. It will surely relieve you when it comes to monitoring.

  • One sender and two receiver

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario in which there is only one outbound Message interface and 2 inbound message interfaces ( one sender and two receiver). In XI, how can i configure the interface determination for this? Shall i need to put * for receiver and add 2 inbound message interfaces and interface mappings.

    Use xpath in your interface determination in case you have some conditions, else u can *** multiple interfaces in your int. det.. also ref:

  • Problem between SOAP Sender and JDBC Receiver

    I have a asynchronous scenary between SOAP Sender and JDBC Receiver.
    The idea is sending an ID for updating one register.
    Table structure is:
        (P_RUT                         VARCHAR2(10) NOT NULL,
        P_NOMBRE                       VARCHAR2(50),
        P_APELLIDO                     VARCHAR2(50))
    The ID is the P_RUT field.
    The structure of message that I send by SOAP, is the following:
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
              <m:MT_CONS_SOAP xmlns:m="urn:prueba:voliva">
    The JDBC receiver structure is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:MT_CONS_PERSONA xmlns:ns0="urn:prueba:voliva">
              <AS_PERSONA action="UPDATE">
    When I do a call to SOAP by XMLspy, it returns a message without data, that means succesfull reply.
    I see message monitor and see the succesfull flag. But in the database it doesn't update the register.
    This scenario was proved using the File Sender and same JDBC Receiver, then result was succesfull.
    I proved SOAP Sender with a File Receiver, storing information from SOAP sender in an archive, and works well.
    Then I imagine that exist some problem between SOAP and JDBC. what could be happening ?

    Looks like the problem is with the JDBC receiver...try updating the value in the table by using a File-JDBC scenario..does it work..check the adapter monitor in RWB..

  • My sender and the receiver message types structures are same.do I need to m

    Hi all,
    My sender and the receiver message types structures are same.do I need to mapping in this case.
    If it is not required .Let me know in detail,How to proceed.

    If is just to pass the message (as the sender source is the same as the receiver source),
    first you should have the Message Interface of you message
    then you should configure the Receiver determination, as the sender interface use your message interface and in the interface determination you can use the same message interface (same name). You dont have to add any mapping, just let empty and save. Just use one message interface for sender a receive.
    Any questins let me know.

  • Rfc sender to soap recever (sync comunication in sender and recever side)

    this scenario is from RFC sender(synchronous) to SOAP receiver adapter(synchronous)
    RFC sender adapter (synchronous):  r3 will send some details as request and it will get back 3 new fields as response.
    SOAP receiver adapter(synchronous): webservice receve the details and it will send newly created 3 new fields in SQL database.
    1) i am sending product details from R3 to xi using RFC sender adapter.
    2) Details will be send From XI to webservice using receiver SOAP  adapter.
    3) The purpose of providing webservice by SQL database team : they want to receive the details from webservice to SQL database, once data base receves details through webservice, it will create the 3 new fields , then these fields will be returned to webservice . IS IT POSSIBLE?
    4) Response(3 newly created fields by SQL database) will be send back to SOAP adapter by webservice
    5)Xi sends these 3 new fields to the RFC sender adapter(responce), with the help of RFC adapter 3 new fields will be posted into R3

    I think it is depending on approach...both approach sounds good.
    But if databse team providing you webservice..i think you can go with this.
    Anyway future would be  webservice for all communication..:)

  • Asynch RFC Sender to File Receiver Szenario (table content)

    I have the following szenario: RFC(R/3) => XI => File
    At the moment I implemented the following:
    1. Z-Report in R/3 calls a function module:
            DESTINATION xi_dest
              it_table = it_table.
          COMMIT WORK.
    2. The RFC Sender Adapter on XI takes the RFC data and convert it to RFC-XML
    3. There is a message mapping from RFC-XML to XML-Structure
    4. The File Receiver Adapter write the XML document to the file system
    The scenario is working without error and the file is created. But on R/3 side the it_table is filled with 20 rows before the function module Z_RFC_TO_XML is called. But on xi side I only receive one row (the header line).
    Is it possible to transmit the whole table content to xi and not only one row? And if yes, how can I do this?

    Hi Tobias,
    Currently am doing this scenarioa RFC to file
    >         IN BACKGROUND TASK
    >         DESTINATION xi_dest
    >         EXPORTING
                p_werks = 'Plant no'
    >           it_table = it_table.
    >       COMMIT WORK.
    But here am using Exporting and Tables parameter.. When i debug this FM, the debugger is not going to the FM.
    Can you help me in solving this issue....
    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay vikram

  • RFC Sender to SOAP receiver through asynchronous communication

    Hi all,
      I have a requirement where I need send data from SAP HR system(through RFC) to webservice asynchronously.  For this I preferred RFC as a sender and SOAP as a receiver. Can anybody tell me whether it could be possible because I have gone throught the blog
    accordingly I did the configuration and then i gone through the blog
    in which they are communication synchronously.
    But in my case i need to communciation asynchronously.  so when i am creating Interface mapping system is not able to pickup my mapping program.  I mapped source message as RFC request with Target structure.
    Please let me know if asynchronous communication is possible how i have to may between RFC and SOAP. 

    Hi Satish,
    Thank you very much it is working fine now.  But I need some more clarification that for this scenario to execture we need a report from SAP side.  Instead is there any other method for XI to receive data.  I think it could be possible through proxies if yes can you send some link which would be very useful for me.
    Otherwise is there any other way to do it by avoiding to write the code in abap but to call the RFC.

  • RFC Sender and Mandant

    I have a understanding question:
    In the RFC-sender-channel's configuration I need to specify the r/3 mandant.
    Does this mean:
    1. when the given user to login R/3 from xi (the one from the channel's config) is in mandant 100
    2. In R/3 I test the rfc using a account in mandant 400
    Then the RFC-Call won't reach the comm channel.
    Is this correct?

    Hi Daniel,
    i just to say one all RFC reside in ABAP stack for that reason we need to give the MANDT of ABAP we just importind RFC or IDOC from ABAP stack
    if its worth pls do the req

  • FTPS Sender and FTPS Receiver adapter. Pls help

    Hi All,
    I need to make file to file scenario with secure connection
    I am using FTP Sender and Receiver Adapter with Connectivity
    as FTPS.
    Please let me know the steps I need to do for this
    1. Integration Directory
    2. If I need to generate certificates what steps I need to do:
        a. How to generate certificates
        b. Where to install these certificates like File Servers, XI
            Server etc.
    3. How to use these certificates in File Server, Integration
       Directory etc.
    Please send me a document to do all steps.
    In advance thanks and Full Points will be awarded.

    Deploy SAP Java Cryptographic Toolkit.&
    Add the CA certificate to the key storage as below.
    Keystore: service_ssl
    X.509 Certificate & Private Key: ssl-credentials
    This means that you need to import the CA hierarchy of your FTPs server certificate into the list of trusted CA's in XI ( either on J2EE side in the keystore service or in ABAP side via transaction STRUST , depending on where your client is ).
    If connection security parameter in communication channel for Sender FTP Adapter is set to "FTPs( FTP Using SSL/TLS) with Control Connection" only, file gets successfully created with data at the FTP server but as soon as we switch the connection security parameter to "FTPs( FTP Using SSL/TLS) with Control and Data Connection".The initial handshaking happens successfully and file gets created at the FTP Server but its empty, connection fails when attempt is made to write data into file and we end up with said error thereby closing the connection.
    SAP Note 821267
    Refer below link
    SAP Network Blog: SFTP vs. FTPS in SAP PI

  • RFC Sender configuration : RFC - XI - FILE

    Hi All,
    I read the post at RFC Sender Configuration in Asynchronous Mode and I have the same problem for the configuration.
    I want to do a simple asynchronous RFC scenario ( RFC -> XI -> FILE) but I keep getting errors. Do I need to create a BPM to make it work? I'm using XI 3.0

    For RFC to File Scenario, if you will be calling the RFC from any ABAP report then the import parameters will be passed to File.
    Here you can use the Concept of Dummy RFC as below.
    Lets say RFC1 --> Original RFC
    RFC2 ---> Dummy RFC
    1. Create one Function Module (RFC 2) in which take the import parameters similar to the  RFC -1 Output parameters.
    2. Now in ABAP report call the RFC-1 and get the Output in export parameters and pass it to RFC-2 as import parameters.
    3. In XI import RFC-2 and map the import parameters to the Receiver File.
    SO your purpose to pass the Output of RFC-1 to file in async way will be resolved .

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Outbound Idoc 03 status - SM58 error

    Hi , For Oubound Idoc, I am getting Idoc with status 03 but is not there in Receipient system. When I check Idoc in Sm58, Idoc has error <b>"The ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert results in duplicate database records".</b> Can anybody help me how to solve

  • SAP Sender System (RFC scenario)

    I don't understand who will initialize process of sending a message in case of RFC sender system. I need to configure RFC destination in SAP System, configure XI RFC Sender Channel. Will XI invoke RFC function on sender system? or Will sender system