RFC to File scenario.. Messages not available in sxmb_moni

Hi Experts,
I have created simple RFC to File scenario in my sandbox system.  First time I am doing this type of scenario.
When I execute the program which is created to call the RFC Function Module nothing is coming into sxmb_moni in sap system as well as in PI system.  I don't know why messages is not coming to sxmb_moni.
Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.
Thanks & Regards,
Satish Kumar P.

Hi Satish,
first monitor  Sender RFC channel in communciation channel monitroing ,after executing program in ECC if BAPI triggered then definely you will see log in RFC sender channel.
if nothing was found then prob in ECC side like Pogram triggered BAPI.

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  • Error Handling on RFC - XI - File Scenario

    I have an R/3 RFC -> XI -> FILE scenario that works, but does not adequately handle the error of my R/3 to XI connection being down.
    The RFC call is async since I was under the impression that I had to do a "to file" scenario that way.
          DESTINATION  wa-rfc_dest_1
            request          = request
            rfc_header       = rfc_header.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          [error handling]
    If my rfc destination is down (for example when XI is down), this RFC call is still getting a sy-subrc of '0' (so my error handling does not kick in).
    Any suggestions?

    Hi Keith,
    your scenario is working correctly. If XI is down you will find your message queued in transaction SM58, where you can restart it manually. Usually there should be standard job for report RSARFCEX, which is periodicly trieing to restard the message.
    Asynchr Call (tRFC) means that your program continues completly undependent from that call.
    Make a test: Change temporary the called machine in SM59 destination to senseless value and execute your programm. Your message should be in SM58. Then correct the destination and wait a few minutes...

  • CC error in RFC to File Scenario

    Hi ,
    While am trying to do end-to-end test for a RFC to file Scenario. Am getting this below error. Please help me to proceed further.
    Could not process due to error: java.lang.Exception: Exception in XML Parser (format problem?):'java.lang.Exception: Message processing failed in XML parser: 'java.lang.Exception: Column value '2008-08-13' too long (>8 for 2. column) - must stop', probably configuration error in file adapter (XML parser error)'

    Please go through this Blog
    RFC Scenario using BPM --Starter Kit
    check this blog on how to configure sender rfc adapter.
    The specified item was not found.
    I hope it helps,

  • Messages not available in XI after Restart

    Hi experts
    I have one query we have a scenario where in source side we are using JDBC Adapter. JDBC polls and performs Select query and after that performs update query. But in between we have restarted the complete XI box. In source side we can see the status that messages are send to XI but in XI we can't see any messges in Adapter as well as in Integration Engine
    What could be the reason??? no messages are available in SXMB_MONI and RWB
    Where else can I see the messages stuck in ADAPTER Engine. I have checked the queues SMQ1 and SMQ2 both are cleared.
    Abhishek Mahajan

    Hi Abhishek,
    Synchronous messages are not persisted on the Integration server unless logging is switched on in SXMB_ADM Tcode(Specific Configuration->RUNTIME(Category)->LOGGING_SYNC(Parameters)).
    That's the reason you couldn't find SYNCHRONOUS message in SXMB_MONI.
    Check this blog by Michal.
    Also one simple check....in the selection screen of the sxmb_moni check for the date/time range.
    Incase the receiver side you are using RFC then,
    In your RFC destination on the R/3 Side use the user "PIAPPLUSER" instead of "PIRWBUSER" in the "LOGON_SECURITY" tab.

  • Issue in RFC to File Scenario

    Hi All,
    I am working on SAP PI 7.31 dual stack. I have configured a simple RFC to File scenario with aysnchronous interface. I am using classic configuration.
    In Sender RFC channel monitoring I am getting the below exception and the file is not created.
    "Error in processing caused by : com.sap.aii.af.lib.mp.module.ModuleException : call to messaging system failed: com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessageExpiredException: Message xxxxxxxxxxx(OUTBOUND) expired".
    Please suggest me what could be the issue.

    Hi Madhu
    As the log says the function module is try to execute synchronously.
    But as per your requirement it should be asynchronous. Please remove all the  export parameters from the function module.
    Then re-import the function module in PI and adjust mapping and operation mapping.
    Stop and start the RFC sender adapter so that it will get the new metadata of the function module.
    The function module should have only import parameters so that it will act like a asynchronous interface.

  • Removal of Namesapce from generated target file in RFC to file Scenario

    I am working on RFC to File Scenario. In target file we are getting the target namespace also. we need to remove it from the target file but how?
    Anuj Agarwal

    Go to the Message Type you have created for your File.
    You will see a field called Namespace. Just remove this / Delete this , and activate your message type.
    Relaod the message type in the message mapping and now the namespace will not occur in the target.

  • Problem Executing RFC to File Scenario

    I am currently working on RFC to File Scenario which is Asynchronous in Nature i.e. The RFC will send some data to XI and then it'll be dumped in an XML File on the shared drive.
    Following are the steps which were performed by me :
    1. i created an RFC Destination in R/3 using SM59 and entered the Required values as mentioned in the blog
    The specified item was not found.
    2. Then i entered the same values in the communication channel of the sender RFC adapter.
    I tested it from R/3 and the connection was successful.
    3. i created an RFC in SE37 in the R/3 and just added an existing table under the "tables" tab. No further code was written in it. I saved it and activated it.
    4. All the IR and ID objects were made and activated and then the scenario was run by sending a single data row by pressing F8. The RFC showed a message of "System Failure" and while looking into the XI Server (SXMB_MONI) the message gave absurd values with a error symbol(it a Red Light symbol and there was no Red Flag).
    Initially, the XML file was getting posted in the shared drive but after further execution it stopped.
    I am unable to figure out the problem. Kindly let me know where i am going wrong and what needs to be done to correct it ?

    For Sending RFC asynchronously check for these points:
    For RFC creation and importing please follow this discussion. Very useful:
    Re: RFC to FILE
    Specially reply by Udo Martens.
    Also for sender RFC, check two things.
    1) First step is Register your ProgramId using activiating the communication channel(XI). You should be able to see it in smgw(R/3)
    smgw->Goto->Looged on Clients(Check it here)
    2) Then use this registered programid in your RFC Destination,in R/3 (it is Case-Sensitive).
    These are just common errors i have encountered sometimes.

  • HTTP-RFC(BPM)-FILE Scenario

    I have a problem on using the 'http-RFC(BPM)-File scenario'. When i enter values using the  Client http adapter, it displays message telling that "BPE_ADDAPTER.SYNCHONOUS_MESSAGE"
    The error msg is displayed below:
    <SAP:Stack>The process does not support the given synchronous interface or does not support synchronous messages</SAP:Stack>
    Also in SAP XI monitor, the sender services along with the corresponding sender interfaces.
    Expecting this prob will be off soon.
    vinod v

    Hi Vinod,
    your process is asynchronous (no sync async bridge). But you send "Quality of Service = Best Effort" (Url paramater qos=BE). You should send "Exactly Once" (EO).


    In RFC to File scenario, I am executing the ABAP program in ECC and generates a empty file in PI server.
    I am getting the error message in SM58 of ECC:
    u2018Bean Z_HR_OUTBOUND_DATA2 not found on host SDNPI1,u2019
    'call FM Z_HR_OUTBOUND_DATA2 to ProgId ECCTOPI_OUTBOUND on host SDNPI1 wit'
    RFc Source code:
    ""Local Interface:
    *"  TABLES
      DATA : wa_status TYPE zhrt0031,
             wa_itab10 LIKE ITAB10.
      LOOP AT p_status INTO wa_status.
        CONCATENATE wa_status-pernr
                    INTO wa_itab10-str1.
        APPEND wa_itab10 TO itab10.
    wa_itab10-str1 = 'test'.
    append wa_itab10 to itab10.
    append wa_itab10 to itab10.
        CONCATENATE sy-datum
    And in the ABAP program the RFC is called like:
    in background task destination 'ECCTOPI'
      INTERFACE       =
       FILENAME        = filename
       return = return
       ITAB10          = itab10
       P_STATUS        = p_status
    When i am testing the standard program STFC_CONNECTION in ECC with the same RFc destination it works fine and creates a o/p file with the datas in it, but if i m executing the other function module it doesnt contain any data it.
    What could be the error? and how to resolve the errors that i am getting in SM58?

    Bean Z_HR_OUTBOUND_DATA2_1 not found on host SDNP1, ProgId =ECCTOPI_OUTB
    Change the case of your Program ID to lower ecctopi similar was the issue in this thread:
    Bean ZFM_MODULE_OUT not found on host <XI_HOST>
    And may be for the same reason even Michal used lower case program ID in his blog.

  • Issue in File to RFC to File Scenario with BPM using Block Step

    Hi Everybody,
                           I am doing File to RFC to File Scenario for multiple records using BPM using Block Step. The File Message is getting posted and after that, the message is getting stuck up in the qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue).
                        After seeing the message in Inbound Queue, I am trying to execute and release the message. But when i execute the LUW, it says " Function module doesnt exist or EXCEPTION raised" in Inbound queue.
    Could somebody suggest me the outcome of this? What does this mean and how to
    release the stuck up message in Queue.
    Thanks and Regards,
    N.Jayanth Kumar

    Hi Rajesh,
                           After going through the blog, i saw the trace messages. It says      
    " The   exception occurred (program: CL_SWF_XI_INBOUND=============CP, include CL_SWF_XI_INBOUND=============CM00F, line: 19)"
    N.Jayanth Kumar

  • RFC to File Scenario..

    Quick question - im trying to configure a RFC to file scenario. Is there a step-by-step document somewhere. I did the steps as mentioned in few of the blogs (Michal's and others) and im kind of stuck in how to trigger the scenario?

    Hey thezone,
    you can make it like this:
    - create a "dummy" RFC, which is a function module with enabled remote access. In this dummy RFC, there should be no source code, only importing parameters (and these importing parameters are the ones you'll see in request message when importing the RFC into Integration Repository);
    - create a RFC Destination of type T (TCP/IP) in SM59. Then, select it as "Registered Server Program" and use some string for the ProgramID field (best practice is to use ProgramID = RFC Destination name). Finally, enter hostname and gateway of RFC Server (which can be the same as of the web as abap where you have these objects). Gateway should be "sapgwXX" (with no quotes), where XX is the System number;
    - this rfc should be called by the function module which is executed by your report. In the function module, use it like this:
        CALL FUNCTION '<rfc_name>'
          DESTINATION <rfc_dest_name>
    where <rfc_name> is the name of the dummy rfc, <rfc_dest_name> is the name of the RFCDestination you created, and you export the parameters expected in Importing Parameters field of the dummy RFC;
    - Import the dummy RFC in Integration Repository and use it for relevant mappings/interfaces;
    - Finally, in Integration Directory, when creating the Sender RFC Adapter, Program ID should be the same of the RFC Destination you had created in SM59 of source system, and hostname/gateway should also be the same you inputed there.

  • Sender RFC Message not seen in sxmb_moni

    Uptill now i must have created 9 RFC To file scenarios ..all of them are working perfectly.
    But this tenth one is bugging me up:
    1. I created RFC destination which is working perfectly fine i.e connection test is successful.
    2. When i run the program the function module gets executed successfully, but i dont see any messages in sxmb_moni .In RWB inside communication channel monitoring  I can just see is processing started and nothing else for that communication channel.. Whereas for other 9 CCs i can see processing started
    & Message processed successfully messages properly..
    Any help will be appreciated & points will be rewarded.

    can you have a look at this weblog:
    it's a how to turn on the traces - Logging on the XI
    This will help you...
    ************Reward points,if found useful

  • WE20 use&E0336 EDI: Partner profile outbound logical message not available

    When I am creating the vendor master, after selecting payment advise by EDI tick under APP Transactions i am issued a warning message as Account XXX has not yet been agreed as being EDI partner  and its directing me to T.Code WE20.  What is the use of this.
    I have maintained WE20 for the vendor and after running payment run (F110) with payment method as E (Electronic payments-BACS) payment medium file is getting created.  But when i go and see the SP01 in the error log the message is shown as E0336    EDI: Partner profile outbound logical message not available. 
    Can anybody explain what is the use of WE20 t.code and why i am getting the error message.

    Hi Deepak,
    I am facing the same problem with a different message type.
    But same effect. I can copy the IDoc with WE19 and it will process nicely, completely unchanged.
    Have you found the reason for this?

  • RFC destination for RFC to File scenario

    I m creating a TCP/IP RFC destination in R/3 system for my RFC to File scenario.
    Step 1:
    For this a Registered server program is created in Jco RFc Destinations with,
    Program Id : pgm1
    Gateway host : PI's host
    Gateway service : PI's service
    application server host: ECC's host
    system numer     : ECC's number
    client  : ECC's client
    logon user : ECC user
    password : pwd
    Step 2:
    In SM59, TCP/IP connection the following parameters are given:
    Program ID : pgm1
    Gateway host : PI's host       -
    > is this correct
    Gateway service : PI's service      -
    > is this correct
    Step 3:
    So i am calling the RFC in ABAP program (R/3 system) like:
    Step 4:
    In PI side,
    for RFC sender I am passing :
    Application server : PI server
    Application server service: PI host
    program ID: pgm1 which was created in the previos step
    For RFC Metadata Repository Parameter, i am passing all the values related to R/3
    Please let me know whether the steps and values i given is correct.
    B'cos even if i give ECC's information in Gateway host and Gateway service the scenario works fine and if i PI's info then also it works fine.
    so i am confused as which is the correct method. pls clarify

    Ok I will try to explain....
    Assumptions: R3_TO_XI is the name of RFC which I created in ECC of type T.
    While creating the RFC in ECC we mention a unique name which is called Progaram ID. Now the same program id we mention in our sender RFC CC.
    So now when an ABAP Progarm (where you will call this RFC with it's destination) is scheduled/triggered with the code as mentioned below then since the DESTINATION ('R3_TO_XI') mentioned here contain the same program id which we have mentioned in our sender CC, invokes the adapter in PI and soon after that all pipeline steps get executed in XI.
        comp_detail = company_detail.

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    HOw can I catch up with my favorite programs? Tv station recommends I change my IP address but I don't know how to do that or to change it to what. Love some ideas. Thanks, Lou

    Thank you so much, Ram!  I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!
    I am wondering if it possible to manually create a node in RSA6 for the InfoSet.  I tried it by doing the following:
    I went to RSA6 and clicked on the white icon for "Create Node".  I then entered the number "8", followed  by the name of the InfoSet.  (I entered an "8", because all our DataSources seem to start with an "8".  I'm not sure why.) 
    The DataSource now shows up, but when I double-click on it, nothing happens.  When I select it in the hierarchy and then click the icons for "Display" or "Change" or "Check", I just get an error message that says, "You have not selected any DataSources."
    Also, do you know where I can get my hands on the white paper? 
    Thanks again!

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