RoboHelp 10 - Hanging While Opening as User on Windows 7

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Product: RoboHelp 10
I have setup the 64bit install of Robohelp using the application manager. After a full install, when a user trys to open Robohelp is just hangs at "intializing user data". If I right click and "Run as Administrator" and enter credentials to run as a local Administrator, it works fine. We can not have the users do this.
Is there something that is a known issue or something I am missing?

Hi there
buckstah2 wrote:
 ...If I right click and "Run as Administrator" and enter credentials to run as a local Administrator, it works fine. We can not have the users do this.
Are you perhaps confusing what the users of the Output created by RoboHelp will need to do with the users of the RoboHelp HTML application will need to do?
While I'm unaware of RoboHelp needing to be run as an Admin to use the editing environment, there should be no need for this to happen by average users of the output created by RoboHelp.
Cheers... Rick
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    Maybe you have an idea how to solve that problem? We are having cutsomers using mainly XP, therefore it should be working....
    Thx so far

    Hi Janna.
    This is caused by additional security that has been added to Windows OS. Chances are your users will have to unblock the contents of the CHM file after it has been downloaded. Right click on the CHM file and click Properties. In the General tab should be an Unblock button. Click on it and they'll be able to see the content.
      The RoboColum(n)
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    I just ran a few tests to confirm my suspicion that this is a sleep problem for me and found that my rMBP will restart as soon as it has entered the sleep cycle.  Set it to auto sleep after 10 minutes and it will restart at 10 minutes, set it to sleep at 3 minutes and it will restart at 3 minutes.  Command it to sleep and it will restart.
    So for me at least there is a workaround and that is to set sleep to "never".  The display still sleeps but my mac keeps running.  So that's not a solution but it is a workaround, and if I want it to shutdown and not restart I either hold the powerbutton or take off the power cable and choose shut down from the dropdown menu (it won't restart on battery power, it'll just shut down).
    I hope that helps someone else!  And I hope it helps the engineers to diagnose and actually solve the very long running problem for us all..

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    Please post in ASP.NET forums, you will receive better help there.
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    Prasanna Adavi,PMP,MCTS,MCITP,MCT

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    I wonder if my computer is just too old.

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    SF5 is not supported under Yosemite so yes, that could well be the issue.

  • Workaround: RH7 hangs when opening topics

    Hi all,
    I didn't turn up any threads about this particular workaround
    while searching the forums, so I wanted to post this in case other
    RH7 users are having the problem I was having.
    I was experiencing hangs and crashes while opening topics. I
    would double-click a topic, get the hourglass icon on my mouse
    pointer, and then RH7 would become totally unresponsive, forcing me
    to kill the program.
    The problem did not happen with all topics, nor did it always
    happen with the same topics, which made it tough to diagnose.
    However, I stumbled upon a workaround. When RH7 hangs while
    opening a topic, I can get it to "unhang" simply by closing Outlook
    2007, which I usually have open at the same time. I just close
    Outlook, wait a few seconds, and the topic opens in RH7 after a few
    seconds. I then open Outlook again.
    There seems to be some sort of conflict between these two
    apps, though I have no idea what it could be. In any case, this
    workaround has saved me lots of hair pulling!

    I am working directly on the PC to which RH is installed, and
    I am not using source control.
    I tried the sample projects and had no problems opening
    topics, though there are also times when I have no problems opening
    topics in my own project (as I mentioned, the bad behavior doesn't
    happen consistently).
    Maybe certain characteristics of my project are contributing
    to the problem. The project was converted from RoboHelp X5, for one
    thing. It's also large (>50MB), and the topics are all in one
    directory instead of being organized into subdirectories (something
    I'm hoping to remedy when I have time; I inhereited the project
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    In the Property Inspector,                         type javascript:void(0) into the Link field.
    Additionally, you have quite a few code validation errors on your page that are caused by using XHTML strict document type with HTML style closures. You may want to fix these. rtlessSavings.html
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

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