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Hi Anand,
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  • Roles and authorisations in SEM BW

    Hi All,
    Our SAP SEM lies in BW, Business Planning and Simulation. I have configured everything, but now i want to create roles and authorisations which point to specific planning folders. How do I do that? I understand we do not use the standard transaction PFCG to create roles in BW SEM, what transaction do I need to use? May I get a little bit of detail from the transaction to the point at which i specify a certain role for a specific planning function or planning folder.
    I will really appreciate your help.

    please use the search function and read the great number of threads regarding this topic.
    The SEM-part of SAP has a lot of role-stuff for authorsation (via PFCG) but also BW-authorisation which is done via "rsecadmin". Actually, forget pfcg because you can click on pfcg in the rsecadmin, so you never have to go back to pfcg anyway.
    The BW-authorisation is created via rsecadmin, as i said, and included to a role via pfcg in the object S_RS_AUTH.
    For example someone needs the reporting-auth for one company. You create via rsecadmin a BW-auth-object, call it "comp_01". Include there the infoobject 0COMPANY (if you use that one) and include the special infoobjects (there is a button on the top). Then go in rsecadmin to the tab User and switch there to PFCG.  Select/create a role, put the S_RS_AUTH in there (and maybe if needed the BEx-Query stuff) and then type in that BW-auth-object "comp_01". That's it.
    btw: Roles are only for the application, the BW-Auth is for infocubes, infoareas, infoobjects and so on...
    Best Regards

  • Profiles , roles and authorisations

    hello all sap greats,
                                i have a problem in understanding about the hierarchy of profiles roles and authorisations
    PROFILES(as it constitutes of roles)
    ROLES(as it contitues of authorisations

    Hi ashish,
    Check this link

  • Role and responsibilities of SAP BW support consultant

    Hi Guru's,
    What is the Role and responsibilities of SAP BW support consultant?
    Sabari kannan.S

    XI Architect:
    He plays the role in the analyzing the landscape for which XI will be used...will take the special not on the number for legacy systems involved...type of much amount of data will flow what has to be taken care for better performance etc........
    1. Design the XI for the currentl lanscape for high performance...
    2. Idebtiy the bottle necks which can appear.
    3. understanding the busnies requirement withrespective to XI
    4. Configure the XI according to the standrds
    5. Lays ground rules on the developemtnenv till golive.
    6. what's the good appproach of design when systems like CRM,BW etc are invloved.
    7 tranports methods till  production and so on

  • What are the Roles and Responsibilities of SAP Testing Consultant?

               i want to know about The Roles and Responsibility of SAP Testing Consultant,,pls anybody guide me Real time scenarios.

    Understanding the business scenarios
    Organization Structure to incorporate the tune of the script.
    Preparation of test scripts
    Execute and record results to see if it is fine before going to approval.
    Make changes to your test script if required.
    What is Test Script (Scenario Testing)
    Header Data
    Step in Process
    Transaction Code / Program (FB60)
    Menu Path
    Field Data and actions to complete
    Expected Results
    Actual Results
    Closing Period
    F.19 Clearing GR/IR Account
    F.13 Adjustments GR/IR Account
    Using of these above two accounts will help us in clearing the balances and adjustments to those respective clearing accounts so that the GR/IR account will be zero balance and the balances will appear in respective reconciliation accounts accordingly the balances will be carried forwarded to next fiscal year.
    GR/IR Clears the following Documents
    GL Document
    Customer Documents
    Vendor Documents
    Assignment Field is important in any document (ZUONR), Amount (DMBTR)
    Foreign Currency Valuation
    Lowest Value Method, If we are in loss then only we will account for it.
    GL Accounts which are important in Testing
    Enjoy Transaction   - FB50
    Normal Transaction - FB01
    Document Parking   - FV50
    Post with Clearing   - F-04
    Incoming Payment   - F-06
    Outgoing Payment   - F-07
    Document Related
    Reset Cleared Items   - FBRA
    Parking Document Posting  - FBVO
    Reversal Documents   - F-14
    Company Code Clearing A/C
    (Trial Balance purposes) reversal  -  (FBUB)
    Clearing Account
    Partial clearing Invoice  - 100 - Open Item
                               Paid  -   70 - Open Item
                           Balance -   30
    In Partial Clearing you can see 100 and 70 are cleared line items and 30 as balance and if it is in Residual you can only 30 as balance as it creates new line item and you canu2019t see the other cleared line items.
    As no company will use residual clearing as it affects on ageing reports.
    Open Items in Foreign Currency in all Modules GL/AP/AR  - F.05
    Master Data
    Company Code
    Only Balances in local currencies
    Reconciliation Account Type
    Year End Scripts
    Re Grouping Receivables / Payables  - (F101)
    Bad Debts Provisions u2013 Scripts
    We assume that the customer has not paid at the end of the year you doubt whether this receivable will ever be paid. So you make a transfer posting for the receivables to an account for individual value adjustments using special GL Indicator E and Transaction Code F-21
    Carry forward Balances
    Sub Ledgers and General Ledger balances to be forwarded to next Fiscal Year
    Accounts Payables
    Vendor Down Payments
    Outgoing Payments
    Automatic Clearing
    Manual Clearing
    Advance (Down Payment)
    Post with Clearing
    Post without Clearing
    Reset Clearing
    Carry forward
    Foreign Currency Valuations
    Accounts Receivables
    Customer Down Payments
    Incoming Payments
    Manual Clearing
    Advance (Down Payment)
    Post with Clearing
    Post without Clearing
    Reset Clearing
    Carry forward
    Foreign Currency Valuations
    Other than that, it is important to know the following:
    Unit Testing
    When you test every single document is called unit testing.
    String Testing
    One transaction full activity is called string testing . For example Vendor invoice, goods received and vendor payment.
    Integration Testing
    It is purely with other modules and we have to check whether the FI testing is working with other related modules or not.
    Regression Testing
    Testing for whole database. Bring all the data into another server and do the testing is called regression.
    When we test any particular document with the user and if it is ok immediately we have to take the signature on the document, which is signed off and can be forwarded to the immediate boss. There are some steps to be followed when we go for user acceptance testing.
    Transaction u2013 Script Writing u2013 Expected Results u2013 Compare with Actual Results
    TPR (Transaction Problem Reporting)
    While doing the user acceptance testing if we get any problems then there are some methodologies to be followed according to the companyu2019s policy and normally as a tester we always need to write on Test Script itself.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Roles and responsebilities of sap sd implementation consultant?

    what are the roles and responsebilities of sap sd implementation consultant?

    Refer to this website for  roles and responsebilities of sap sd implementation consultant.
    Simple - he is responsbile for implementation of SAP SD Module.
    Regarding Implemenation
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sridhar M

  • Roles and profile in SAP

    what is role and profile in SAP?
    how we can diffferentiate both?

    Hi Swati,
    Role refers to the collection of associated activities (privilages) such as transactions, reports and so on. There are 2 types of Roles, Standard Role and Derived Role. While profile is a set of authorizations that are valid for the transactions defined in that role. Roles contain no actual access. They contain a role menu composed of transaction codes. These transaction codes are then mapped into the profile automatically by profile generator. When a role is generated (once created) the profiles are created automatically by profile generator. Every transaction code is different and may require different numbers of accompanying authorization objects to execute. A single profile can only contain 150 authorizations.  Once that number is exceeded the profile generator will automatically create a second profile, sorted alphabetically by object name.
    Please refer the below links:
    The specified item was not found.
    Re: difference between profile and role
    Difference between Role & Profile

  • SAP Roles and Access for SAP Implementation team members

    Is it correct practice to give SAP_ALL role access for all SAP Implementation team members in Dev and QA?
    If not, what is the correct practice?
    Kindly let me know

    It is NOT correct practice to give anyone SAP_ALL in any of the systems; not DEV, not QAS, and certainly not PRD. However, many implementation teams (and particularly consultants from SIs) insist that they cannot possibly do their jobs without it. This is completely incorrect as there are specific roles for them to use for that purpose. The only circumstance where it could be justified is if you require a special "firefighter" role - and even then, I would still be a bit doubtful.
    You should also consider that once you have given someone SAP_ALL, they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. It also means that they probably are not testing the user roles correctly. Most of those that insist they need it simply do not understand the security issues and probably don't care.
    Just think; if they have access to do soemthing that they shouldn't and then cause a big problem, are they the ones that will have to fix it or are they going to expect you to do it? If they expect you to clear up after them, then you have the right to insist on restricting their access to cause issues in the first place.
    But I know just how demanding they can be....
    Best of luck

  • To Assign role and flavor in SAP PERSONA 2.0

    In SAP Screen Persona 2.0, through t-code /persos/admin_ui -> I'm trying to assign a flavor to the user only to view. To do this, I created a group under Group maintenance -> included the user name under user tab -> given the flavor name under shared flavor - > under system tab, given the system  and selected assign flavor-> mentioned the flavor name and selected the default check box.In SU01-assigned the role as renderswitch. Its not working.Can anyone help on this?

    Yes, i log out and checked. Not working. below are the steps i have done. I'm getting an error message.
    In SAP Screen Persona 2.0, through t-code /persos/admin_ui -> Under Use Maintenance - >  I assigned a user, systems and role ( as "RENDER_FLAVORSWITCH") . Next step -> Under Group maintenance-> Created a group -> assigned system, user, and flavor as below.Then i log into the assigned user and checked the t-code MM03. Below is the error message i'm getting. Assign flavor option and role is not working.  How to correct this?

  • Regarding Role And Authorisation

    Hello Experts,
    I have got a request today from my help desk asking for , they are having some problem when they use some SD, they don't ahve authorization, so basis team is asking me to give the objects they can access and they are allowed to change or delete like this, for exp when they want o modify material  they want are not able to see for some pants.
    how can i achive this, how can i make sure the roles of two peopel are same i mean able to access same objects.? pls help urgent

    u can do this with the use of Tcode su53.
    when the user uses any tcode n he gets an message tht he is not authorised then u go to tcode su 53 immediately after tht transaction, then an Authorisation object appears in tht screen just give the same to ur basis person n tell him to give authorisation of that object to tht user id with the necessary permissions.

  • Roles and Authorisations

    Hi Freinds,
    I have a question
    For example
    A) I have company code with several company codes and under one company code several Profitc centers and under one profit center many Gl Accounts.
    My question is...
    I know that we can restrict users on company code , i want certain users to give company code and particular profit centere and further drill down particula Gl it possible.
    do we need create many roles for this...can any one give me an idea about this
    Thanks in advance

    You can do this...but will have to carefull design your reports later on for that so that this kind of authorization work can be supported.
    For these you will have to define all these objects as authorization relevant.
    Try to create different authorization objects in RSECADMIM with the values for each char which you want.
    In the end you will have as many roles for every combination set which you want to create
    Assign users accordingly to each role.
    So 1 comany code -> 2 profit centers->10 GL accounts =1 authorization object.
    asign it to one role.
    Now if you want various combination to go together then you can assign the different authorization object to one role.

  • Sap b1 roles and responsibilities

    Hi can anyone give me roles and responsibilities of SAP BUSINESS ONE Co-ordinator.

    Hi Paul,
    I just wanted to know what are SAP CO-ORDITATOR Roles and Resposibilities. what he does in a corporate company. He is responsible for what.
    In a company where SAP is implemented by their Client Company, and now supporting by the same client.

  • SAP XI Roles and Authorizations

    Hi All,
              Could u pls tell which are the main roles and authorizations a SAP XI Developer should have. Also how to set them up?

    Hi Ashish
    the necessary roles to be provided for a developer in XI system are mentioned below.
    2) SAP_XI_Developer_J2EE
    for further details, visit the link given below...
    Reward Points if found useful **

  • Automatic Creation of Roles and Role Mappings in GRC

    we are planning to use SAP Identity Management and SAP GRC Access Management.
    In SAP IDM we have defined several business roles that contain privilieges in SAP systems. When a user is requesting a role, the request will first be sent to SAP GRC for approval and risk checking.
    In order to get this to work, we need to load the business roles of SAP IDM into SAP GRC and we also need to configure the role mapping between the business roles and the technical SAP privileges.
    From what I understood, this could be implemented by loading the required information via Excel filles into SAP IDM.However, this is a quite cumbersome and error-rpone approach an we would like to automate this.
    Is there a way to use e.g. web service calls to create/delete roles and role mappings in SAP GRC?
    BTW: is a documentation of all available GRC web service calls and their parameters available?
    Thanks for your help in advance!
    Best regards

    Hi Tom,
    as stated before, the web service description is in the config guide.
    Unfortunately there is no web service to create roles or even mappings in CUP - this is one of many I would also like to se created
    I don't think in your context you will be able to directly send Business Roles to CUP. The role mapping only happens after you send the request, so I'm not sure if that's in time for risk analysis - you will need to try that.
    Are you a customer or a consultant - anyway, feel free to contact me if you need further help integrating CUP and IdM. This is an evolving interface with many possible scenarios, so it's not easy to give you good advise without seeing the full picture.

  • What are the ROLES & Responcibilites of a SAP Tester

    I would like to know the roles and responcibilites of a SAP tester
    what kind of things will do by Manual Testing as well as Automation Testing by using ECATT

    The roles and responsbilites of sap Ecatt tester shold know the knowledge of ECATT basic .
    go through this link [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    and having idea of project bussines requriement.
    by using ECATT automatic testing is better.
    may be it's usefull.

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