Roles and Authorization strategy for SAP BIBO

Hello All,
We are doing an implementation where Source is a Oracle, SAP BI warehouse and BO XI3.1 as reporting solution.
Our customer has asked for the authorization strategy that will be implemented in SAP BI. Currently the users belong to different companies or plants or countries
Current structure is like,
User 1 belongs to Plant1 of Country1
User 2 belongs to Plant2 of Country2
user 3 belongs to Plant3 of Country1 etc..     
We have more than 500 users who will use the reports. The user belonging to a particular plant should only see the plant data/Country data he belongs to.
As I understand, we need to create the roles in BW and these roles to be imported into BO to use for the row and column level security.
The options we considered are,
1. Use Bex queries in BW to with ABAP code in CMOD to identify the user belongs to Plant  1, 2 or 3 and provide necessary authorizations.
2. Create user groups based on the country or company they belong to and create as many roles as required. This will however impact the maintenance of so many roles in the BI system.
We are also forced to avoid Bex queries in BW and hence,  trying to connect Multiproviders directly in BO universe.
How should we go forward in designing the authorization concept? Any better ideas?
Thanks and Regards,

There are two ways which we can implement this kind of authorization based on my knowledge.
1. Data Security purely at BW
If the data is secured based on roles and users, there is no  need of additional authorization from BO side except at report and folder level if you go for SAP Authentication.
Once you use SAP authenication and enable single sign on option in universe connection, the SAP users can access data based on their profile set at BW.
2. Data Security from BO
Let's assume that, if nothing is set at BW and every thing to be take care from BO.
Then you could create one multiple provider for each plant / country. Create one connection for each multiprovider
Create restrictions (Tools--> Manage Access Restrictions) for each plant/country. There you can change connection names.
So you would need to create many restrictions for different permutations and combinations.
I never tries this option with Multiprovider. But It worked well with NON-SAP data.
Hope this helps!

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    Best regards,

    Always the best process to do is to copy the standard role and customize it for own authorization concept (Business requirement). I think there is an another thread with the same issue in SAP HCM as well.

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    With Regards,
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    Hi ,
    U need to give ECC Authorisation
    Application server : ECC Server
    Sytsem no : ECC system number
    Logoon User : ECC any username
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    Thanks and regards

    I dont have idea about Bi 7.0 ..
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    I know that authorization object for queries it's S_RS_COMP.
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    Authorization Object                                  Autorization Object Value
    Acess query (S_RS_COMP)                         NA                              
    Infoobject (whats the object???)                   0FIGL_C01
    DSO (whats the object???)                            0FIGL_O14
    Authorization Object                                  Autorization Object Value
    Acess query (S_RS_COMP)                         NA                              
    Infoobject (whats the object???)                   0PUR_C01
    Can you help me find out whats the missing information
    Thanks and regards

    Iu2019ve gave authorization to the object youu2019ve mentioned, but itu2019s still not working.
    Basically what I have is the following:
    One role that allows me to execute queries, workbooks, etc.
    A second role, dependent on the area of work, that should allow me only to have access to queries  from cubes/MP/DSO that are specific to users area.
    I will then give each user role 1 + the adequate role 2, depending on their work area.
    For role 1 I have got:
    Activity: 16
    Name of RFC to be protected: *
    Name of RFC object to be protected: *
    Transaction code: RRMX
    Activity: 16
    Activity: 01, 02, 03
    Role Name: ANLG_BI_01
    Transaction code: RRMX
    BI Analysis Authorization: BI_ALL
    Activity: 03, 16
    InfoCube: *
    Name (ID) of a reporting component: *
    Type of a reporting component: *
    Activity: 03, 16, 22
    Name (ID) of a reporting component: *
    Type of a reporting component: *
    Owner (Person Responsible) for a reporting Component: *
    Logical Command Name: THEMES
    Iu2019ve tested this role, and it works u2013 they can access queries, create workbooks, create permanent model workbooks
    For role 2 u2013 Finance I have     
    Activity: 01, 02, 03
    Role Name: ROLE2
    Activity: 03,66
    Data warehousing workbench Object: INFOAREA
    Activity: 03
    Infoarea: 0FIGL_ERP
    DataStore Object: 0FIGL_014
    SubObject for ODS Object: *
    Activity: 03, 66
    Infocube SubObject: *
    Infoarea: 0FIAP
    InfoCube: 0FIAP_C02
    Activity: 03
    Infoarea: 0FIN_REP_SIMPL_1_ERP
    MultiProvider: 0FIAP_M20, 0FIAP_M30
    MultiProvider SubObject: *
    I then gave to my test user this 2 roles, and with that user I can still see every infoarea, and access all reports.
    I will have more specific roles u2013 to other areas (SCM, TV, etc), but I chose this one has an example.
    First question I have: can I manage my requirement in 2 different roles: one for action that can be performed (role 1) and other for areas that they can access data from (role 2)?
    What objects/restrictions am I missing in role 2?
    Many thanks

  • About roles and authorizations

    hai friends,
    who will create roles and authorizations plz
    thanks in advance
    suitable answer will be given suitabel points

    Roles and authorizations have to be done with Basis team and HR team together, because they are not the usual roles that other modules use. For instance, HR authorizations have different objects for PA, PY, Clusters, BM and CM. For OM and PD, you use transaction OOSP for authorization profiles.
    For my personal experience, when the consulting team ask the basis team to deal with authorizations for HR, they become paralized when they find Structural Authorizations Profiles, Period of responsibility, etc., because they don't know (and it is not their responsibility) about HR objects and concepts handled in txn OOSP.
    In order to avoid this problems, take an extra time for this in your implementation project. Roles and authorizations in HR, when done correctly, takes more time than other modules.

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    Thanks for the quick response.
    Kiran Thakkar

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    By default annotations are used. However, you can create a new descriptor and that will take presidence over any declared annotation.

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    Any input will be appreciated.

    With the blue cover? I have one with the something similar title, but it's quite out of date. There was lot of improvement on the Java side.
    So I would prefer something newer from SAP-PRESS. Check the SAP-PRESS site.
    BTW I don't consider ITS as an old was just integrated recently into WAS 640 to make it more powerful. This is the only available technology, which converts classic Dynpro to Webpage dynamically.

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