Rolling back of Quick Pay Pre-payment and Quick Pay in case of void cheque

Hi All
I am facing an issue if you can help me out of if
Here is a scenario
a payroll manager runs the following processes.
1. Payroll run
2. Pre-Payments
3. Payroll Archiver
4. Payment Output file
After running all these process payroll manager finds that he also has to make an adhoc payment on account of car loan of AED 150,000.
So he runs following processes
1. Quick pay for Car loan
2. Quick pay pre-payments (payment made through check)
3. payroll archiver
4. Cheque Writer.
Now due to some technical fault, alignment on printing of cheque becomes disturbed there for cheque misprinted.
Payroll manager runs Void Cheque process to cancel the cheque.
After all these processes which has run successfully, order comes from upper management to rollback quickpay for adhoc payment of loan.
Now question is how it can be achieved.
I tried different things as follows
On Assignment Process results screen i queried the assignment which all the processes in descending order.
I tried to start roll back from cheque writer but system didn't allowed to do this because of check Void process.
I tried to start rollback from Magnetic report, system allowed to roll it back.
Then i tried to rollback Quick-pay prepayment, system did not allow me be do it. There fore i couldn't run rollback for Quick-pay.
There is an another thing i tried.
On "Assignment Process Result" screen i queried assignment. Then i delete the first entry of Void cheque by using delete option from menu bar on top and saved the record. then i delete cheque writer entry and saved the record. Then i run rollback for quick pay pre-payments and ran it successfully and then lastly i ran rollback for quick pay run.
One thing cautioned me that if I delete the void cheque entry then its history may be lost or have lost and on the other hand with out deleting void cheque i cannot proceed to rollback quick pay.
Kindly tell me the best way to run rollback for quick pay in this situation.

Bt do not provide broadband only so you need existing account holder to add broadband to phone account and then you can pay back the account holder - probably not what you want
the 12 months advance applies to the line rental not the broadband - as I said BT do not sell broadband only you buy a package which includes phone
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    If you don't already have one, use another PC to create a Windows 7 Recovery CD.  Download the relevant ISO from the links below.
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    You should use an application such as ImgBurn to burn the ISO to a CD.  Once created, or if you already have this, insert the CD and restart to boot from it.  Select the Repair option.
    Select the 'Repair your Computer' option and follow Option 2 in the guide on the link below to run Start-up Repair – you may need to run this 2 or 3 times.
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    ****Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****
    ****I don't work for HP****
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience

  • Rolling back to iTunes 4.9 from 5 or 5.0.1

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    Your statements indicate a clear understanding of why the furor appears here and the efforts to address it, but your last admission (regarding issue management) negates it all. How can
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    None of us here have any insight as to the extent (or lack thereof) of the problem. Only Apple knows (if that) how many iTunes installations there are and what proportion of these are experiencing a problem. There have been calls for the iTunes developers' heads since I've seen the release of 4.7 - and all prior indications are that this is not a new event with that version. Some folks have always been getting caught in the ‘fatal error’ trap with each new iTunes release.
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    to me as if there are greater instances of iTunes failing, but as a proportion of total users, I cannot say if the percentages are, in fact, increasing.
    As for a 'forced migration’,...the apparent policy has been to provide only the current version of the programs. I realize that folks want a 'fool-proof' upgrade, but any experience with PCs teaches one that without backups, archived earlier version of programs, prudence before jumping into a new version release, and a good understanding of one's system, you are just inviting trouble.
    I feel for the folks with difficult problems. I am not blaming them, nor am I willing to blame Apple. I remain here trying to assist them where possible. I do, however, expect us as 'users' to be able to proactively protect ourselves as we so often have been warned by various technology experts: make multiple backups, keep copies of previous programs, learn a little bit about our computers, and exercise a little personal responsibility in keeping them correctly operating - or pay for someone else to manage it for us.

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    I am attempting to install Adobe Acrobat X on a Windows 7 64 Bit machine, it will not install, gets all the way to the end and then just starts rolling back says the installation was interrupted and that no changes were made to the system.
    I ran the msi from the command line with verbose logging on to see if I could figure out where it fails but couldn't find the error (towards the end it lists many errors but it seems to just be a list of possible errors, not sure but I definately have admin right and ran the msi as an admin so at least those two don't make sense).
    I don't understand why its not installing but I'm really ticked its not at least telling me why its not installing. I had adobe reader and flash on the computer and I was afraid they might be newer versions than just straight Pro X so I uninstalled everything adobe on the computer and it still won't install the Pro X.
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    Log file link

    One thought. Have you tried downloading the updates ( and installing directly, rather than doing updates through the help menu?

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    Not sure what that means.   Can't you switch to Live View or Design View ? See screenshot.
    In Creative Cloud desktop app, select Filters & Versions > Previous Version.
    Nancy O.

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    Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.

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    I have decided to roll back versions as we need to keep running our test cases with VB support. The version I have found is 8.3. I think that one is pretty good.
    I am struggling to install the Eme Database... Where is the install for that? Is it seperate to the ets830.exe?
    If any of you have any installation docs that explains how to install from scratch i would appreciate it.
    I would like to install the E-load and Emanager on my local machine, but the eme database on one of our SQL boxes.
    Thanks peeps

    The last "Full Retail" DVD contained 10.6.3.
    I expect that MacBook Pro cannot run 10.6.3, but needs a later version. You cannot run an earlier version thatn the one that shipped on it when the Hardware was first introduced.
    Call AppleCare with your serial number in hand. Ask for a specialist in your computer type. Ask for the 10.6 version that shipped with your Macwhen introduced. If it is available, they will send it to you for a nominal fee.
    Mac OS X versions (builds) for computers
    If yours is an October model, they simply will not run 10.6.anything.

  • Deployment to Azure Cloud instance is rolled back

    I have issues concerning Azure Cloud services: It seems like Azure is rolling back or resetting my cloud instance state to the deployment state after a few weeks. Is this the correct behaviour? I will explain my scenario below:
    I have finished developing my MVC 5 application, targeted at .NET framework 4.5, with Entity Framework setup.
    I created an SQL instance and a Web instance on the Azure dashboard. Populated the SQL with the default data and tables since I disabled the automatic migration.
    I created an Azure project, and published my MVC to the Web instance.
    Because there are "release" configurations which need to be manually performed, I enabled remote desktop connection and connect to the Cloud instance to change the configurations (changing several access rights and config files value, including
    connection strings since I didn't use the Web.config transformation).
    At this point, I tested everything and it worked beautifully. I left the site along for users to test.
    After a few weeks, users were complaining that the site is down. I connected through remote desktop and found that all my configurations are rolled back! All my access rights and config changes (connection strings included) were gone. I re-configured everything
    so that everyone could resume the test. The project test ended a few days afterwards.
    Today, I decided to visit the site again to discover that it's down again. I remote desktop in and voila, the configurations are apparently rolled back again.
    So, I am wondering if this is an expected behaviour? If that is the case, how am I supposed to handle the "manual" configurations for the Azure cloud instances to ensure my application will keep running?

    Yes it is a correct behaviour and because of your step 4 which you are performing manually
    All azure cloud service role instances loose the custom changes done (like by connecting though remote desktop and installing / changing anything) once the role instances are restarted. note that role instance can restart for any reason e.g. system maintenance.
    So it is not recommended to do any customization on your role instances once you are done with deployment, If there is a necessity to have such customizations, then those should be part of your deployment package. e.g. installing softwares as  start up
    tasks or having configurations settings in the cscfg file.
    If you need to do certain changes to the appliaction configuration file after the deployment, the workaround is to have those setting in your cscfg and then override your configuration file on role start up. You can refer my blog where I have something similar.
    Bhushan | Blog |
    LinkedIn | Twitter


    제품: FIN_AP
    작성날짜 : 2006-10-17
    Payment Type에서 QUICK(약식)과 MANUAL(수동)의 차이가 무엇인가요?
    두 type간의 차이는 infra의 차이라고 말씀드릴 수 있겠습니다.
    일반적으로 지급을 하면, 승인을 하고, Format을 만든 후,
    은행쪽에 이체정보를 전달해주게 됩니다.
    이 과정이 Manual방식입니다.
    그에 반해,
    Quick(약식)은 Bank와 EDI를 통하여 직접 연결되어있을때
    지급처리하자마자 바로 은행으로 정보가 가는 방식입니다.
    (지급기한의 정보는 고려되지 않습니다.)
    즉, 지급처리가 됨과 동시에 은행쪽에 정보가
    송부되기 때문에 취소라는 것이 없습니다.
    만약, ERP와 은행간에 EDI등으로 실제 자료가 오가지 않는다면,
    Quick(약식)과 Manual(수동)은 차이가 없습니다.

  • How to avoid the Amount and Date values for VOID Cheques

    Hi All,
    I had created a two window i.e For Amount and Date. If I process the cheque the Amount value and Date should not trigger for VOID CHEQUES.
    Can any one tel me how to avoid the Amount and Date values for VOID Cheques
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    I dont know which tablel you are referring to, is it PAYR table and the field VOIDR?
    If a cheque is voided, it would have a reason and it is stored in VOIDR field of this PAYR table.
    Check if the field VOIDR is filled, if it is filled, do not print the amount and date.

  • How should I do if I paid monthly payment twice for a month. One is by Auto payment and the other is by hand... Is it possible to get refund? don't I need to pay for it next time?

    How should I do if I paid monthly payment twice for a month. One is by Auto payment and the other is by hand... Is it possible to get refund? don't I need to pay for it next time?

    I know a couple others that waited for two billing cycles but it will come back as a credit on that account.

  • Quick time update rolls back

    Is there any one out there that can same me
    I have run the i pod and quick time updates but as it nears completetion of the instulation it rolls back and wont let me access either i tunes or quick time
    Its driveing me totaly mad HELP PLEASE

    see you other topic where I have replied.

  • I backed up my iPhone onto iCloud, and now any new pictures I take don't save in my camera roll. And when I try to open the photo app it turns white and eventually closes out of the app

    I backed up my iPhone onto iCloud, and now any new pictures I take don't save in my camera roll. And when I try to open the photo app it turns white and eventually it closes out of the app.

    rabidrabbit wrote:
    Can I back up my iPhone 4S to my ipad 3 (64 gb)?
    rabidrabbit wrote:
    However, now I don't have enough space in iCloud to backup either device. Why not?
    iCloud only give so much space for free storage, then if you exceed the limit of 5gb you have to pay for additional storage.

Maybe you are looking for