RSPC chain locked by another user

hi folks - is there a way to get into an RSPC chain (display mode is fine - that's all i need) when another user already has that particular chain open in RSPC/RSPC1?
if someone already has the chain open i get a msg saying:
Object requested is currently locked by user ...

When another user in  the same process chain , you cant diplay the process chain . but you can get the details of process chain varaints and logs through function modules.
But we cant see the process chain when another user in same process chain , if you try to see the same process chain you will get message like ' Locked by user'. Regarding process chain job count , variant , log id and  Ptypees details we can see through Function modules.
Krishna Reddy  Yakkanti

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    While updating the PO through API (Oracle Version - 11i) we are getting the error message 'This document is locked by another user. Please try again later.' intermittently.
    We are using below API to update the PO through interface program.
    (x_po_number => <PO_NUMBER>,
    x_release_number => NULL,
    x_revision_number => v_revision_num,
    x_line_number => v_line_num,
    x_shipment_number => v_shipment_num,
    new_quantity => l_upd_price,
    new_price => NULL,
    new_promised_date => NULL,
    launch_approvals_flag => 'Y',
    update_source => NULL,
    VERSION => '1.0',
    x_override_date => SYSDATE,
    x_api_errors => v_api_errors,
    p_buyer_name => NULL
    Client is very keen to know the root cause of the error message, Does any has any idea ? Our concurrent program has been configured incompatibility, so one program will at a given time.
    It would be great if anyone can give me some valuable inputs to debug this error message.

    I am also facing same issue. In my code I am updating PO lines using Update_PO API. Whenever I am trying to Update 2 Lines on same PO. One get successfully update and for second line getting same error 'This document is locked by another user.'
    Please help me for this..
    Thanks in advance.
    Ravi Raj.

  • Project Locked by another user

    Ok, I kind of broke my MacBook Pro and had to buy another one. I took the HDD out of my old MacBook and connected it to my new MacBook through a SATA to USB converter. I am trying to get my iMovie projects off the old drive but it tells me that the project is locked by another user, the username that I had on my old MacBook. I have tried everything to get it open including copying it to the shared folder, taking ownership, and changing permissions and no luck. Any ideas short of swapping the HDDs.

    Needed to delete a file within the project called "Project.lock"

  • When opening elements 12, catalog is locked by another user

    When opening Elements 12, I get a message that catalog is locked by another user. No other applicatrions are open and computer was restarted

    Yes, I've seen this happen when the form contains a multi-line text field. What happens is that applications generated with the Web PL/SQL generator do optimistic locking by saving a copy of the original contents of each field in hidden fields. When you save the form, it calls the lck procedure in the TAPI, and passes the data from the hidden fields. In theory, if no-one has changed the data in the database since you first saw the form, the data in the hidden fields will match the current data in the database. This works fine for data that has no linefeeds or carriage returns. Unfortunately, if you have a long text field that may contain linefeeds or carriage returns, the browser may have changed the whitespace in the hidden field so that it no longer matches what is currently in the database.
    My current work-around is to do a post-generation change to the TAPI's lck procedure, so that it replaces all whitespace characters (tab, lf, cr, etc.) with spaces, and changes multiple spaces to single spaces in both the input data and the data from the database, so that they will only fail to match if the actual readable data has changed. Yes, post-generation changes are a pain, because you have to remember to do them EVERY time you generate - I usually put a reminder in the Comments on the item.
    Unfortunately, Oracle is not going to fix this because Designer is a "mature" product. I'm thinking of writing my own TAPI generator and my own Web PL/SQL generator that uses SCN (system change number) for its optimistic locking.

  • File locked by "another user"

    I am supporting a small office with 8x Windows 7 Pro 64x machines running Office 2007. They have a 2008 R2 DC which is also file server.
    Recently we started getting the message that files are locked by "another user". This does not happen all the time and the files are not in use by anyone when it occurs. If a file is used by someone else it gives the user name in the error message.
    They can try opening the file one moment and it fails, try again and it works fine. Sometimes it takes repeated tries or they have to open the file from within Excel (they usually just double click the file to open). I'm not sure if it happens with Word as
    well, as they are a quite Excel heavy office.
    I did some investigation online and a lot of the threats I found were related to Windows Defender - which my client was using. So I got rid of that and installed McAfee, which I liked much better anyway. Unfortunately that did not help and my client reports
    that the incidences of locked files are getting more and more, to the point where they are quite annoyed.
    In all honesty, I don't know where to start to get on top of this thing and would appreciate some guidance ;)
    Here a screenshot I got, a little small - sorry!

    Hi Maike,
    Check if the following information would help:
    There is a public blog on file locking issues (
    I would suggest the following:
    If you are seeing problems where the file is locked when double clicking from Windows Explorer, but the files open up correctly when opened in Excel or Word, do the following:
    Turn off the Preview Pane, Details Pane and pop ups that show information about file and desktop items
    This is a problem that has been reported to affect Windows 7 clients only, not Windows XP. The problem here may have something to do with the Windows Explorer in Windows 7. We are currently investigating this further and will post more information as it is
    In a Windows Explorer window, do the following:
    1. Right click on the Start Button.
    2. Click 'Open Windows Explorer'.
    3. At the top left click Organize > Layout
    4. Uncheck Details Pane and Preview Pane.
    5. On a Windows menu, click on Tools > Folder Options. In the box that opens up, click on the View tab. Scroll down the list to“Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items” and clear the checkbox and then click OK.
    If you are seeing issues where the wrong user name is showing up, there is a known bug on that and a fix:
    In cases where the wrong user name is displayed in the file lock dialog
    Sometimes where it says 'another user' it has the name of someone that didn't open the file or it has no name at all. Just a big ' ' where a name ought to be. Fear not, there is a fix for this problem. The flavor depends on
    whether you have Excel 2010 or Excel 2007. The below KB Articles contain hotfixes that address several issues, not just the file locked issue. But in the dialog of the article you will see this as one of the problem descriptions:
    Assume that you have an .xls file that is protected by Information Rights Management (IRM) on a network share. When you open the file in Excel 2007, a File In Use dialog box appears. However, the dialog box does not display the
    correct name of the user who locked the file. Therefore, you cannot edit the file.
    Understand that these fixes don't make the File in Use dialog go away, they just correct the problem of showing bogus user name information on the dialog itself.
    Excel 2007 -
    Excel 2010 -
    Will Buffington
    Microsoft Excel Support
    Max Meng
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to avoid: Material data locked by another user

    'Material data locked by another user'
    We want to avoid this kind of situation  so that two different users can do the transactions on same material at same time.

    As per SAP std. configuration its not possible...And if we the reason...then it good for a user...
    so, that once the user 1's work is not done fully user 2 can't work untill then and by this we avoid making of extra GR/IR or any of the duplicate documents...

  • IDVD project locked by another user

    Hi all!
    I have recently changed the hard drive of my iBook.
    All projects were on an external firewire drive.
    After installing the system, i tried to reopen one of my project, and get the message (translated from french) :
    "Project locked by another user
    The project xyz was locked by the user Phil (501) + time and date of the probable last save". It must be refering to the user of my old system.
    How do i get to reopen this project?
    OK sorry I have found the answer : needed to delete a file called project.lock and i was up and running

    Needed to delete a file within the project called "Project.lock"

  • Desktop Administrator Locked by another user

    Lately I have been having a problem making changes to workflow on my primary UCCX 7.0(1)SR3 server. I open desktop administrator and click on "Side A", then login to the desktop administrator site, but each time I get a popup saying that CDA is locked by another user. Am I doing something wrong?

    There is a bug opened for this but we are still trying to get a clean set of logs to provide to the development team for root cause.
    If the problem is still happening, can you please open a TAC case and complete the following:
    1. Se the WebAdmin debug level to DEBUG and set the files to 10
    2. Set the LRMServer debug level to TRACE and set the files to 10
    Try to login to the WebAdmin and get the message that another user is logged in. Wait 15 minutes. Try to navigate to another page like the Enterprise Data Fields page and see if the 'Save' button is activated or if you still get that message.
    Collect the following:
    1. WebAdmin*.dbg from C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\log
    2. LRMServer*.dbg from the same location
    3. WebAdmin*.dbg from C:\Program Files\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\logs
    Turn the Threshold=OFF for the LRMServer after the test.

  • Record Locked by another user

    I have an application using ADF, Java, Struts, JSP in JDev10.1.2
    I have created datapages using 'Input form'. So, if any record is viewed through the form, will that record be locked?
    Won't I have this problem, if I view the record using 'Read Only' form? Pls advice, it is very urgent.
    I keep getting the error "Record locked by another user" all the time. Pls tell me how to remove the locks programatically

    Go to application module --> configuration . Probably you have pessimistic locking mode (default in 10.1.2 version). If that, change locking mode for optimistic - recomended for web applications.

  • Problem with file locked by another user

    I have a problem with a user on Windows 7 in my network when accessing a single .xlsx file. When Jane Smith opens said file, she gets a message that the file is locked by Jane Smith but she has checked and it was in use by another user, Roger Smith.
    This happened over a weeks time and is not a one-off situation. Researching online, I tried one suggestion by going to Roger Smith's computer and into the registry under HKEY CURRENT USER, navigated to "Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\UserInfo",
    expecting to see Jane Smiths name and initials. Nope, that wasn't the problem. I went ahead and deleted extra profiles on the computer and ran a repair on Roger Smiths Office 2013.
    It was okay for a half a day then towards the end of the day, Jane Smith calls back to say again the same file is locked by Jane Smith yet this time Diana Smith had the file open.
    So, the file is locked but why is Excel not reporting the correct user? What can I do to address this?

    These all reference Office 2007 and 2010. As far as you know, all of these fixes still apply to Office 2013?
    example: they give two updates to download.
    Excel 2007 -
    Excel 2010 -
    No option for 2013.
    but this could be useful no matter the version.
    In the Shared folder or the File Server;
    Open the folder where the Document is located.
    Click Tools=>Folder Options
    Click the View tab
    Scoll down to Advanced Settings>Hidden files and folders
    Select Show hidden files and folders and Unselect Hide protected operating system files
    Look for a temp lock file and delete it. It should look something like
    ~$filename.xlsx  or whatever file extension the it was saved in.
    (In my case, this file had become corrupt and was stuck displaying an earlier modify date from a few days ago..)

  • Domain locked by another user

    when i am trying to deploy my application in 11g weblogic server, i got a message as fallows
    Fusion Middleware Control cannot proceed with this deployment, because the domain configuration has been locked by another administration tool or user. In most cases, you (or the other user) can unlock the domain configuration using the Change Center in the WebLogic Administration Console for this domain.
    and i unable to continue furthure
    can any one tell how to unlock the user in WebLogic Administration Console
    thanks in advance
    GiriBabu N

    open the admin console: http://localhost:7001/console/
    then choose Preferences link(you will find it beside logout) then at the bottom of the page you will find :Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate Changes uncheck
    it (or check it if it is already unchecked) then save, then you will find button called: release configuration click on it and test again

  • Regardig material locking by another user

    Dear Friend,
    when i have done production entry by mfbf at that time there is another user for same material then there is error shown that material locked by that user
    is there is any customising to eliminate this type of situation
    at time of entry also to reduce time entry time
    i know SM12 but my user have not authorisation of that t/code
    thanks in advance

    Checck the settings in transaction OMT0.
    This controls the lock used on materials. It can sometimes be set to be TOO safe and therefore lock everyone when it is not necessary.
    There are different ways to do this.
    1. First request user to logoff and try login again.
    2. Check SM04 list and run session for that user.
    3. Try to delete lock , SM12 transaction.
    Go to SM50, Select the process.
    Go to menu Program/Session>Program>Cancel.

  • Error while query execution - Query getting locked by another user execute

    Hi All,
    I am facing an issue ..
    When I execute a query I am getting an error message ie popping as blocked by some other user. And I able to see the lock when I go to SM12. If the other user logged off or if we unlock his entry, then both the workbook and query is getting executed as expected. What can be the reason for this phenomena?
    In my understanding, in the same time multiple users can execute the query /workbook. But in our case its not allowing.
    Can someone suggest a resolution at the earliest, as it is affecting the reports in live environment

    The Bex Analyser (Front end) Patch is 501 and the SAP BI is 15.
    The error message that I am getting while executing the query is "The object requested is currently locked by user --". 
    When I go to SM12, I can see a lock in the user's name.

  • ITunes can't communicate with iPod bec it's locked by another user

    I'm getting this message when I connect my iPod to my computer:
    "Another user on this computer is using the ipod software so iTunes is unable to communicate with this ipod. please ask the other user to log out."
    I suspect at some point the Windows dialog for "what to do when this device is attached" came up and I hit ok, not realizing it. Every time I attach the iPod, it opens a Windows Explorer window showing me the files inside (Calendar, Notes, etc), and then iTunes gives me hte message above.
    I don't know how to tell Windows to butt out. I'm running Windows XP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    It was my friend Gail who was having problems. I finally went over to her house to check it out this morning, and found out she was logged on to her machine twice, once as herself and once under her guest account. She logged on to the guest account to check something or other out, and didn't realize there was a difference between "switch users" and logging off of one account and on to another. :-P
    So the answer to your question is "Yes". Thanks for your time. I think we can count this issue as resolved.

  • Microsoft-Windows-Folder Redirection Error 502. CSC database locked by another user

    Dear all,
    We are finalizing our Windows 7 migration where we migrated 500+ clients. In our enterprise concept we implemented RUP (Roaming User Profiles) and Redirected Folders for all
    users. The Redirected Folders have been by enabled by a single GPO which redirects all folders from
    AppData to
    Searches \\\documents$\%username%.
    The RUP and Redirected folders solution works fine until a new user wants to logon. This new user has been migrated to RUP and Redirected on another system and
    he just wants to work on another workplace or gets a temporary pc. What happens is that redirected folders do not work. The user gets a message that the folder is not reachable and desktop is empty.
    Soon I found out that something was being locked. If we used a user account which had working Redirect Folders than this
    worked for that user. An event of 10 was logged in OfflineFiles area of EventViewer to reconnect the path which was configured in the GPO.
    This is example screenshot. It says "Error on Open Folder. \\\documents$\%username%\Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard disk
    on this computer, or a on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the Internet or your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have been moved to a different location."
    These symptoms happen randomly and not on all workstations. The pain here is when it happens on a portable computer. For desktop we disabled the "Disable Offline Files' in "Manage
    Offline Files" control panel and then reboot. After the reboot the folders are directed
    and it works without these errors... On portable computer we can't use this work around as they need to work offline.
    If I connect to the share without the FQDN like \\servername\documents$\%username%\Desktop than this works fine and user can access all folders. When I try the FQDN path which is
    configured in the GPO to redirect user to like \\\documents$\%username%\Desktop than it fails with this message. I personally think because the C:\Windows\CSC database is locked by the previous user who has been logged on this system.
    An example of the event generated in the Applications Event viewer part (I removed some username and server path):
    Log Name:      Application
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Folder Redirection
    Date:          1-2-2011 17:40:11
    Event ID:      502
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error
    User:          domain\ivan
    Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Videos" to "\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos".
     Redirection options=0x1001.
     The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos"".
     Error details: "Access is denied.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Folder Redirection" Guid="{7D7B0C39-93F6-4100-BD96-4DDA859652C5}" />
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-02-01T16:40:11.486983400Z" />
        <Correlation ActivityID="{3211E6FB-2801-456D-BE6E-66AAE150A4DC}" />
        <Execution ProcessID="968" ThreadID="5856" />
        <Security UserID="S-1-5-21-3705223304-2632712944-1292073641-26755" />
      <EventData Name="EVENT_FDEPLOY_FailedToApplyPolicy">
        <Data Name="FromFolder">Videos</Data>
        <Data Name="ToFolder">\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos</Data>
        <Data Name="Options">0x1001</Data>
        <Data Name="Error">Can not create folder "\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos"</Data>
        <Data Name="ErrorDetails">Access is denied.
    Something like this I see in the Application Eventviewer:
    Windows 7 Enterprise client with patches until 1-Nov-2010
    Windows Server 2008 R2 for the Documents$ share
    Windows Server 2003 R2 as the domain controller
    I have tried all different option even to rebuild the CSC database but this also was not helping. I hope we are not dealing with a bug.
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Best regards, Ivan Versluis

    Ivan and SteveDIG - Thanks for taking the time to post detailed information about what you have found.  I have found the same things over the past few months and have been working with Microsoft to resolve this.  Like Ivan, I have been told by
    MS that this is a design problem in Windows 7, but they did admit it is a bug and did not charge me for the case.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the problem is so 'deep' in Windows 7 that it will not be fixed until Windows 8 and
    the CSC engineering team in Redmond has rejected several requests to fix this issue in Windows 7 from several customers.  I personally feel we should have hauled our TAM in over this, but that wasn't my call so we haven't attempted to get an attitude
    change from MS.
    <RANT> I find this completely outrageous.  Windows is supposed to be a multi-user operating system suitable for deployment to mobile workforces spread around the world and often using slow VPN links.  Offline folders, folder redirection,
    slow link detection, etc. are all great on paper and as I did the design work for the W7 solution I've just built I sold these advantages heavily.  I now have serious egg on my face and am not happy.  Like others here I missed this in testing as
    multiple users are a fringe for us, but still important, I unfortunately didn't think to specifically test for multiple users, though I tested the features thoroughly and was happy with the results when used on single user machines.</RANT>
    As identified above, this issue manifests when more than one user uses a machine and their Offline folders (all redirected folders are configured this way by default) are in an offline state when the first user logs off.  The second user cannot access
    this 'offline' share so folder redirection fails.  We get burnt as we have latency=0 configured for slow link detection with Offline folders so users always work offline.  This is partly because of WAN optimisers in the network that lie to Windows
    so the online/offline transition doesn't work on slow links (not MS's fault), and partly because it made sense for other reasons.
    The workaround Microsoft and I came up with for our environment was to use individual file shares for each user.  We had been using a common file share with each user folder under that file share.  Changing to an individual share for each users
    means the share is not locked by the previous user.
    This would cause a problem if John then Emma logged on to the same machine. Folder redirection would fail for Emma:
    So would this if DFS was used
    \\my.domain\users\john            (points to \\FileServer1\Users$\John)
    \\my.domain\users\emma          (points to \\FileServer1\Users$\Emma)
    This would fix the problem:
    Unfortunately we then figured we could move these shares behind DFS like so:
    \\my.domain\homes\john             (points to \\FileServer1\John$)
    \\my.domain\homes\emma          (points to \\FileServer1\emma$)
    This was wrong.  The problem returned.  I assume the share that is being locked is now the DFS root and not the user share.
    The operations team here is very reluctant to go with direct access to the file servers and not use DFS as that will create issues for them in the future when they need to make file server changes.  I sympathise with them but can't see an alternative
    at the moment as we are deploying W7 and can't stop.  If I'd picked this up earlier a third party product might have been the solution (MS actually suggested this when I opened my case).
    I hope the information about individual shares above is helpful to someone.  Otherwise I don't really have more to add but I needed the rant :-)
    <RANT>BTW.  Has anyone tested changing a user’s home directory path once it is cached?  Try it. Test a scenario where you move the user from one file server to another.  You will not enjoy the results.  I'll say no more
    than this as it is off topic, but it shows the lack of investment in the CSC feature in Windows.  Very disappointing</RANT>

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