Running 2 stepper motors with LabVIEW using RMV ST400-NT controller and driver

Hello, I am new to programming as well as motors in general so please bare with me in my attempt to explain myself. I have a project involving laser therapy and I am attempting to control two stepper motors from Falhauber, Type AM2224-R3-AV-4.8. I will be using a RMV ST400-NT controller and driver. Original plan was to use 3 stepper motors for control in 3 axis but realized 2 axis is complicated enough. My power source is an Agilent E3630A. I am new to this whole thing and from what I have read form examples and other posts is that NI drivers seem to work best for these applications. I've written simple programs from examples, reading and watching videos. I want to know whether it's possible for these to work together using LabVIEW and also a nudge to help me get started would be much appreciated. Can someone please help guide me in the right direction, I feel a bit lost when it comes to all this. Thank you for your time and consideration.  Also, I will be using Windows 8 laptop with Labview 8.5. I have attached pics of components I will be using.
Justo T.
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Hi jtarula,
I want to preface this response by saying that I am mre familiar with NI controller and driver rather than the one that you have. I am assuming that you are using the dll provided by the manufacturer here:
With these, you should be able to interface with LabVIEW using the call library function node. What the controller is capable I am uncertain of. I am certain that you should be able to since another user has commented on the use in LabVIEW before in another forum post.
I also want to let you know that LabVIEW 8.5 is not supported on Windows 8, which means that you may run into some compatibility issues. Here is the compatibility chart.
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    What do I need to run a Nanomotion motor with LabVIEW?
    LabVIEW - Controller - Driver - Motor
    The Nanomotion motor which I intend to use is a HR4, for alignment purposes in a cleanroom environment. Do you have any experience in using this or other Nanomotion motors please add a comment to this post.
    Marcus Törndahl
    Senior Software Designer @ Prevas AB

    some years ago I have used an NI 7344 motion control board to control a Nanomotion ultrasonic actuator. I don't remember the model type of the drive, but it has provided a +/- 10 V command input. The position feedback signal came from a quadrature encoder.
    In fact NI's motion control R&D has worked with Nanomotion to implement some features into the control algorithm of the 734x and 735x boards to optimize the control behavior for Nanomotion actuators. The most important parameters, that were added to support these motors are the foward and reverse offset voltages to configure the static friction deadzone.
    Brief explanation: There is a deadzone of approximately +/- 2 V at the command input, where the motor doesn't react to command voltage changes. The 734x and 735x boards can avoid this deadzone. Otherwise it would be very hard to properly control the actuator.
    I hope that helps,
    Jochen Klier
    National Instruments

  • How to run a stepper motor for an amount of time determined by a feedback?

    I'm using labview 8.6 and I'm trying to use a ORIEL sterppermike with a 20025 controller.
    I have implemented a VI that has a stack of commands in a for loop. Every loop has the following sequence of commands:
    command 1) start the stepper
    command 2) wait for feedback to reach a certain number
    command 3) stop the stepper
    command 4) wait a certain time before starting again 
    To start the stepper I use a subvi from the example folder:  
    C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\examples\DAQmx\Counter\generate pulse.llb
    --> Gen Dig Pulse
    I don't understand why the sequence get stuck at command 1 and never gets to command 2.
    I attach the vi for completeness. 
    Thanks to anyone that will help,
    SRL ‏121 KB

    Hi, I'm not sure whether this is the right place for asking this question or not and if not, then please guide me to the right place for asking such question. Thanks.
    I have a stepper motor with the Vector Network Analyzer Anritsu MS4623B. I got it up and running with the LabWindows/CVI. I need to sync the motion of the stepper motor with my data acquisition. Basically, I have to acquire the data in a way that in the start the motor will come back to home position wherever it was and then I want to move it to the specific position to do the measurements (For Example, I want to measure the 40 GHz channel between 1m to 3m movement of a stepper motor on a linear positioning system (ball-screw)). I've interfaced the VNA with the PC using LabWindows/CVI and I've controlled the clockwise and anti-clockwise movements of the stepper motor using LabWindows/CVI but I'm unable to sync the system in a way that whenever I run the code, the motor will run back to the home position and then move to a specific measurement start position and move till the end position and in between do the increment and stop and acquire the data. Is there any one to help me please? It's really urgent please and I'm doing this thing first time so please guide me in a proper way. I shall really apprecaite that and will be highly obliged with you. Thanks for your time and concern.
    Thanks and Regards.
    VNA & Motor Control User Interface.jpg ‏199 KB
    VNA & Motor Control User Interface.jpg ‏199 KB
    VNA & Motor Control User Interface.jpg ‏199 KB

  • Robotics-Running two stepper motors

    I am working with LIFA (labview interface for arduino) to run two stepper motors to create a special (simple) path on XY plane. The example code (Arduino Stepper works fine with one motor, but I don't know how I can modify it so that two motors can move with one time pushing the button, one after another while taking turns. Any Ideas? 
    The motion plan is as follows: 1. Motor 2 is stationary and motor 1 moves the load for 100 steps in X direction, then it stops and motor 2 starts to move the load for 70 steps in Y direction. 
                                                           2. The same as 1, only the direction of motor 1 motion is reversed, and motor 2 moves 85 steps instead of 70 in the same direction.
                                                           3. Repetition of 1 and 2 for 4 times with different number of steps at each level.
    I have twe big easy drivers, and one Arduino Uno.
    I truly appreciate your help,

    You could create a state machine.
    You could create a movement recipe where you enter in each sequential movement, and the code steps through the recipe one movement at a time.
    You could create some combination of 1 and 2.
    How do you want it to work? Are these steps going to remain constant, or do you want to be able to change them from one run to the next? How much do you know about LV? Have you any code that you wrote? What is the long term goal -- are you building towards something specific or just learning for the sake of learning?
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  • Can I get a stepper motor to work useing an AO channel on a DAQ card?

    Can I get a stepper motor to work useing an AO channel on a DAQ card? I know its a very low currentl coming out, but what Im going to be using the motor for is very weak. Has anyone tried this before? I certinaly dont want to spend 2,000+ on somthing that will be basicly moving a string on some pullys back and forth.

    Greetings, Mark
    You can certainly use the A0 as a driving signal, but you need to amplify the current considerably to run a stepper motor. Additionally, most stepper motors require multiple phase driving signals to work properly. If I understand your application, I believe a stepper motor is a bit of only want to use them when precise positioning and repeatability is an issue. You might look at some of the linear actuators available.
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  • Stepper control with labview

    Hello again,
    Im developing a project with a lazer pointer attached to a stepper motor, my program allows me enter a value and make the stepper  "step" a certain amount of times .This works ok but I have to stop the program running and start again in order to make the stepper step again.Is there a way that I can enter a value to make the motor rotate then enter another value to make it rotate again without stopping and starting the program. Ive attached my vi
    any input is much appreciated
    Attachments: ‏133 KB

    Right here goes, the array in the while loop defines the sequence for half step mode, this array contains 48 values and therefore if all the elements are read this gives 48 (half) steps which corrosponds to 90 degrees of rotation (the motor gives 3.75 degrees per full step). The for loop part of the vi allows me to enter a value in to the control named index 2, the array in this part of the vi contains values that corrospond to a particular number of half steps.So if I have 48 in the first element and 24 in the second element this allows 90 and 45 degrees respectively, if 0 (first element) is entered into index 2 the for loop iterates 48 times and therefore I get 90 dgrees of rotation,if 1 (second element) is entered into index 2 then the for loop iterates 24 times and I get 45 degrees of rotation. What i would like to achieve is .......enter 0 into index 2 then start the program, when the motor has finished rotating  I would like to change the value in index 2 to1 and see the motor spin again without having to start and stop the program.
    Apologies for explanation........I hope you can understand the jist...please feel free to tell me if you think my method is incorrect or contrived
    with freunlichen Grüss

  • Configure stepper motor with MAX

    After wiring VI, I don't know what must I do to control my stepper motor?
    Can anyone give general information what must to do.
    How to configure stepper motor with MAX? I'm using PCI6036E.
    Thank you

    The answer to your question is dependent on your motor/motor controller and the inputs that it needs. Are you using a stepper motor controller? The PCI-6036E probably won't be able to supply enough current to power your motor (max 5mA) by itself, so you will probably need a stepper motor controller. With the 6036E, you do have 2 analog outputs, 8 digital I/O, and 2 counters (can be used for pulse train generation). Have you considered an NI Motion Control Board?
    -Alan A.

  • Possible to drive a stepper motor with PCI-6111?

    Is it possible to drive a stepper motor with PCI-6111?

    Hello Tristan,
    If your stepper motor is TTL compatible you should be able to control it with one of the two counters on the board. Keep in mind that the stepper will ask for a certain amount of power so before attaching it track down how much power it consumes and take a look at the Specifications of the PCI-6111 to be sure that the counters on the board can deliver that amount. If the stepper takes to much power you have to use some kind of power drive which can be controlled with digital (TTL) signals or Analog signals between -10V and +10V.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards
    Application Engineering
    National Instruments
    Rik Prins, CLD
    Applications Engineering Specialist Northern Europe, National Instruments
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    I am trying to connect Agilent DSO3062A Oscilloscope with LabVIEW using USB but the device is not recognized by MAX. I have installed the drivers for scope and it works fine with the scope software. The problem is LabVIEW dosen't recognize the scope. Please tell me the procedure of setting up the scope with LabVIEW 8.2. I am using Windows XP.

    Hi there,
    I think the issue is that the DSO3062A will not be recognized by LabView as a GPIB instrument through the USB connection. If you check out the 3000 series manual ( you'll notice on page 8 it says you can't use the USB for programming, it can only be used with their scope software. You need the N2861 module installed on the back to connect via GPIB, and then a GPIB interface to your computer. I hope that helps.

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    I want to communicate via  Ehternet connection with LabVIEW using modbus protocol, Just as RS232 (COM) coomunication wiht Modbus in Labview.

    See these threads.​&​ay_epd4?p_guid=F1582737BACF5CA8E0340003BA7CCD71&p_​...

  • Interface of Allen Bradley PLC with LabVIEW using TCP\IP modbus protocol

    I want to connect a Allen Bradley PLC with LabVIEW using TCP\IP modbus protocol.
    The PLC which I am using is a series of 1766BWA (Allen Bradley) please can you help me for the same or please give me suggestion.
    Also I want to know the resistance values of this PLC.
    Thank you.

    I was trying for connection of a Allen Bradley PLC with LabVIEW using TCP\IP modbus protocol.
    Here I am attaching the snapshot of PLC interfacing and communication vi using modbus but it is not working
    For reading we use setting shown in CHANNEL 1-modbus but it gives error regarding modbus addressing
    and for writing it shows error illegal address please help me for the same.
    Thank you.
    Attachments: ‏261 KB
    Modbus_(Read-Write).zip ‏14 KB

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  • I want to run a stepper motor using FPGA card 7851r with 9474 driver C rio 9151 is it possible or can i do in LABVIEW CVI

    Hello i want to run Stepper with 7851 R FPGA card with 9474 driver of crio chasis but i am not able to understand how to proceed .Or can opt this option by using lab view CVI
    Go to Solution.

    Hi SHV,
    actually I don't know in which context you want to use your existing hardware for your stepper motor.
    1. The hardware, which you describe, is/was used for which application? ( data acquisition, controlling a system, etc)?
    2. Did you buy the hardware especially for the motor application?
    3. You don't know how which signals are required for your stepper motor.
    Here are some basics from NI about motor control
    Fundamentals of Motion Control
    NI Motion Control Technical Library
    4. Why do you get the idea the digital output module 9474 is suitable for the stepper motor?
    I would recommend to talk directly to the customer support, so we can figure out in detail your aims about
    the application. Contact your local NI office or request
    a service request on following website:
    Service Request Manager
    Kind regards,

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