Running a report on web : donot have access permission

hi ,
i am installing Oracle clinical 4.0.3 January 2003 version
and in that Web and Reports server on windows 2000 using
Oracle 9i Application Server Release
Amongst the talklist given ,one step isto " Test connections to Oracle Developer6i "
a) run a form on web : successful
b) run a report on web : it says
start --> programs --> Oracle Reports 6i --> Run a report on web
report tester page opens
(drive/oracle/806/Tools/web60/html/runrep.htm )
on clicking 'run' User Authentication page opens,
on submitting this page I get the following page ( expected to display success screen)
donot have access permission to /dev60cgi/rwcgi60.exe/setauth on this server..
URL of page is : http://machinename.domain:port/dev60cgi/rwcgi60.exe
what to do ??????
Thanks and Regards

It seems you did not set the Permissions on the Table or view, aUnder Database objects, find your table or view, and grant access to PORTAL, PORTAL_PUBLIC or PUBLIC as needed

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    I am using Report Builder: installed on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and developed simple report. We are using Oracle E-Business Suite R12 and developed report by connecting to the EBS database.
    I have created "Data Model" and designed "Paper Layout". After compiling the report when i tried to run report using "Paper Layout" report generates the report in Paper layout but similarly if i try to to run the report using "Web Layout" then it opens blank Internet Explorer page. I want to see same output with Paper Layout is displaying using Web Layout too. Please guide me with steps i need to perform to achieve the requirement..

    The web layout (that is, the web source) is primarily used for the .jsp format for added flexibility via the web for web developers using Oracle Reports.
    You will need to add your own code to the "Web Source" in order for anything to be displayed in the web layout. Additionally, any changes made to the Paper Layout will not cross over to the Web Layout per confirmation with Development. You may use the rw:include tag in the Web Source (see Help) to obtain some of the paper layout in your web layout.
    Having a rdf file with only a paper layout, does not mean that this report when run will not display in a web page.
    You can still perform the following with Oracle Reports 9i or higher and use the .rdf to display the paper layout from the web:
    http//webserver.domain:7779/reports/rwservlet?report=you_report.rdf&destype=cache&desformat=html&userid=scott/[email protected]
    Kind regards,
    If someone's answer is helpful or correct please mark it accordingly.

  • Running oracle report in web

    Currently i am using oracle 9i,after building the report,I would like to run the report in web for testing purpose.How can i do it,is it i need to install oracle 9i application server?

    In builder there are two buttons in tool bar. One is "Run to paper layout" and other is "Run to web".
    1) "Run to web" will show you how reports will appear if you deploy jsp reports as
    2) Even in a JSP report you can include paper layout and can run like this
    http://host:port/reports/rwservlet?report=test.jsp+desformat=pdf ...etc
    In this case when you run this way reports will look exactly as when you give "Generate to File" in builder
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • Running a report on web

    I've created a working report after installing reports9i. It works fine and runs ok
    I need my web users to run the report
    1) without having to install Oracle 9iAS
    2) Using Oracle 9iAS
    I want to provide them a url and they should be able to run the report.
    How do I accomplish this ?

    I ordered Oracle reports 10g and installed on one machine. I believe it still will require Apps Server for the web users to run the report. <<10g iAS or iDS ? Yes one iAS instance is required for users to access through web. [ iDS is to create reports ]
    By Apps Server do you mean Application Server ? . (Why I am asking is that there is something called Oracle Applications abbreviated as Oracle Apps. A suite for different purpose )
    I noticed that when I created a sample report it created a docroot folder under temp. <<<This is a temporary folder. You need not take anything from here.
    I am planning on installing Oracle apps server with reports services. How do I get an "EAR" file out of docroot ? or what chronological order do I need to install within Apps server ? <<(a)By "apps server" do you mean "Oracle Apps" (Oracle Applications suite ?). That I do not know.
    If by that you mean application server, then read on.
    b) I did not understand your question fully about install order.
    Install order - Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and Forms (Reports comes with this)
    c) EAR File creation.
    How do you plan to deploy your reports ?. Broadly speaking
    (i) Create RDF reports and expose to users using servlet
    (ii) JSP reports with only web layout and expose as JSP
    [ For (i) you will get different desformats like pdf, htmlcss , rtf etc. For (ii) only html. I suggest you to go for (i) if you want different desformats. If you go for (i) you do *not* need EAR file creation.  For more details refer the links I gave above]
    http://host:port/reports/rwservlet?report=test.rdf+userid=scott/[email protected]+destype=cache+desformat=pdf+server=server_name..
    For (ii) for EAR creation , you have to create ear file using J2EE standards and deploy to container. One way is to use JDeveloper to create ear file (with the reports JSPs)
    The opinions expressed here are my own and not that of my employer.

  • Running Crystal Report through web service

    We are trying to build a solution using Java, which will give access of Crystal reports to users. We are trying to access using the Web Services provided by BO XI server.
    I need help with couple of issues I'm facing with the consumer API -
    1. When a search is performed and reports/documents are found, how to get the path (parent folder(s)) of that document?
    2. How to run a report? I've tried schedule (method of BIPlatform) with 'RightNow' property (of SchedulingInfo object) to true, but it throws exception 'Pause and Resume isnt allowed'. But through CMC I can run the report on demand.

    Just to give more info on what I'm doing in my code -
    I'm searching for a report with it's name. Search is performed by BICatalog web service's search operation. It returns an array of BICatalogObject. Now I'm unable to find a method to get the path info of these objects. I see there's a class named PathFolder in API javadoc, but cant find a method of BICatalogObject that can return such objects.
    Can anyone help me out with this?

  • The page cannot be displayed while running the report with web link

    I tried to run the report using a web link similar:
    http://hostname/reports/rwservlet?report=WRFTCKL.rdf&userid=use/[email protected]&desformat=pdf&destype=CACHE&paramform=yes
    I am able to see the parameter form, but after I entered some parameter and submit, I got an error as:
    The page cannot be displayed.
    But if I run it with the paramform=no and attached the parameter/value pair at the end of the link, the report will show on the web.
    Anyone knows what is wrong?

    try this sample report from
    (Download the Forms Reports Integration based on run_report_object (FMB,RDF) )

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    Thanks! I think I am making progress.
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    I built a shared DLL. I added my VI as an exported VI.
    I used C calling conventions. I added 4 parameters (connection ID for TCP communication in and out) and sensor array (information on the configuration of a sensor) in and out.
    I built a wrapper for the shared library (attached).
    The dialog box doesn't open and I get either a hang or an error saying that LabVIEW has been corrupted.
    I am hoping that I am making an obvious mistake!
    Thanks again for your help!
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  • Creating file on local drive while running the report on web

    I am using text_io package to write data to a file in reports. When I run it on my local machine, it creates the file (in C drive) perfectly but, when I am running this same report on the report server, it doesn't create the file. Looks like report server doesn't understand where to create the output file. I hard coded the path(C:\xyz.csv) in my report as to where to create the file, but the report server is not creating the output file. Any suggestions how to create the output file on my local machine while running on the web.

    You will have to use destype=localfile
    Please refer to appendis on commandlines in
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • How to run a report as Web Layout

    I've just created a simple report and I've run it as Paper Layout. All works well.
    If I try to run it as Web Layout, it waits for a while and then nothing happens.
    As for Oracle Form I've never had such problems, so when I run a form, soon the form gets on the default browser.
    For Oracle Reports do I have to set anything particular? Why doesn't the report open automatically when I run it as Web Layout?
    Thanks in advance

    What is your Reports version and what is the default browser? E.g. Developer 10g does not work with Firefox (see note 419414.1).

  • How to Migrate to to web and  run the report in web by default

    Hi everybody,
    Anyone Please help me out...
    1. How to Migrate from Report2.5 to Report 9i
    (ie. Character mode to web mode to support Mouse)
    2. When I run the report9i from forms or directly from the report builder using the short cut key "Ctrl+R" I want it to run in the web by default.
    3. How could I run the Report9i from the Command prompt
    thanks in advance...

    You have to install Oracle Forms server and Oracle reports server. Download the documentation about these products from Forms
    OTN site.

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  • Run Report in Web

    Dear All,
    My client has got requirement for some Dashboards development which I will be doing with WAD and also they want to see all the reports developed using Web Analyzer.
    We do not have Portal.
    Can we excute reports in Web Analyzer ??
    To run WAD Applications is portal mandatory??
    I have gone through forum but did not get any thing solid.
    I have spoke to my basis consultant he says Portal is mandatory. Client does not agree with that.
    Please share your expereinces regarding this.
    Many Thanks.

    Yes you can run the reports in WEB analyser. but for that, you have to install Java stack for the instance.
    Please install the java stack for your server and configure the SSO(SINGLE SIGN ON) settings with your ABAP stack.
    Then publish the reports everything in the portal, then you can view the reports through WEB analyser.
    Yes ofcourse, for WAD application, portal is must. WAD is nothing WEB application designer. Java stack will enable to access through WEB.
    Please tell your client that, portal is must for accessing report through WEB analyser.
    Hope this would help you.

  • Running a report from a form on the web

    I have a web-based form that includes a button to run a report that needs to have passed to it the value of a field on the form. How does one have the report be returned to the screen? In client-server mode, this works fine. When using the RUN_PRODUCT built-in in the form, I can pass the field value via the ADD_PARAMETER built-in and the report will run fine, but I can only save the report to a file. When I try using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in, I cannot seem to pass the field value correctly, and again can only save the report to cache or file.

    Assume that you want to pass to the report 2 values,BLK.ITEM_1 et BLK.ITEM_2, the code will be:
    v_param VARCHAR2(1024);
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    repid := find_report_object('reports_test');
    v_param :='paramform=yes P_ITEM_1='&#0124; &#0124;:BLK.ITEM_1&#0124; &#0124;'P_ITEM_2='&#0124; &#0124;&#0124; &#0124;:BLK.ITEM_2&#0124; &#0124;'''';
    v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by carolcd ():
    I have a web-based form that includes a button to run a report that needs to have passed to it the value of a field on the form. How does one have the report be returned to the screen? In client-server mode, this works fine. When using the RUN_PRODUCT built-in in the form, I can pass the field value via the ADD_PARAMETER built-in and the report will run fine, but I can only save the report to a file. When I try using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in, I cannot seem to pass the field value correctly, and again can only save the report to cache or file.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

  • Running Report in Web Pl/Sql

    Hi All!!
    Which commond should i use to run the Report from Web PL/Sql of

    I am not BOBJ Admin so I don't have on the top of my head that how to do but here two links which might help you.
    Bashir Awan

  • Error while executing report throug web (procedure to run a report through)

    Hi experts,
    I am executing a report through web. But its not running , displaying an error message "page cannot be displayed".
    Please provide me the step by step procedure (settings) to run a report in web.

    Hi Rajesh,
    If you just want to execute the report in web, you can do one thing.
    Go to Query designer of your relevent system.
    Open the Query which you want to execute in Web.
    Then in the Query tab(first one) in the drop down list you have the Option  'execute'./ the 5th Icon  in the Query designer screen.On clicking this it will open a new window( Internet Explorer) and prompts for your system credentials.
    Upon providing them  the query start executing if it deosn't have any selections, else selection screen appears.
    You can save the link and can use this when ever you want to execute the query.Use it in the BW system environment's Intrenet explorer only.
    Hope this helps.
    Ganesh Thota

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