Safari 6: What happened to "Activity" view? Also Web Inspector Network view doesn't work.

Hi all,
I "upgraded" to Safari 6 and while it's super-fast and snappy as ****, I'm missing two features:
1) Activity view is gone! It was the easiest way to see what kind of crap websites are loading and you could double click on files and view them. Now  that's gone.
2) I then tried using Web Inspector to try to track down a FLV file that was being loaded (something that worked with old Safari) and I couldn't do it anymore... Flash loading is not visible in Safari 6 and yet it was in previous Safari.
Ugh... new Safari is a great but they took two of my favorite options
Is there something I'm missing or are these features really gone?

Ugh... new Safari is a great but they took two of my favorite options
Send feedback >  Apple - Safari - Feedback
If you have the ClickToFlash extension installed, that can prevent Flash based video from streaming. It can also be installed as a plugin in /Library/Internet-Plug-Ins.
Check to see if Safari is running in 32 bit mode. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. If the box next to:  Open in 32 bit mode  is selected, deselect, quit then relaunch Safari.
And try uninstalling the currently installed Flash plugin then reinstall new >  Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS
Open System Preferences > Flash Player then select the Storage tab. Click: Delete All

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    I also wanted to put out there that I can confirm there are 2 extra tabs at the top of iTunes that they previewed, the second to last on the right vaguely makes out "ringtones".
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    Sounds like the hard dre has left the building, Died, in the Sh*tter, Gone to the hard drive resting place in the sky.
    Buy a new drive connect it to the system with a SATA to USB adapter and see if you can install Mt Lion on that drive connected externally. If you can then the drive inside your system has failed.
    Oh Wait!!!! You have the 2009 model. They are known for bad drive to logic board cables. So it may not be the drive itself but the cable going from the drive to the logic board. Do the same as above then if the system runs OK with the new drive connected externally install it in the system and see if it boots. If it does you are good to go. If it doesn't then it is more then likely the cable that hs failed.
    I would suggest you also SAVE a copy of that download of Mt Lion and create a USB install drive from it using Lion Disk Maker, once you get your system up and running.

  • Cropping pictures with Viewer doesn't work.

    Cropping pictures with Viewer doesn't work.
    Selecting < or ~ 12 pictures. (picture size are Snapshots with iphone resolution) ->Viewers opens and display them. -> Russian roullette between cmd+k or the little crop button. No indication which one will process a crop or which not. -> Both result in picture selection disappear with no crop.
    Selecting > 12 pictures. (picture size are Snapshots with iphone resolution) -> Viewer opens and display them. I crop them one by one with same Russian roulllette behavior between cmd+k or the little crop button. -> Closing Viewer. -> Pictures remain like they've been before. Not cropped.

    I just tried what you described (although I can't really fathom why you would describe it as Russian roulette (with a variable number of L's). Unless you've been drinking a lot, which is what people are usually doing when they are playing Russian roulette. Your post was hard enough to decipher without that.
    Anyway, my cropping was saved each time. I think there's something wrong with your Have you changed anything about the autosave functions of OSX?
    I would try:
    Boot into your recovery partition (restart, hold down ⌘R until you see the Apple logo), and use Disk Utility to repair your hard drive. Repair permissions too while you're there. OS X: About OS X Recovery
    if that doesn't help, then I'd reinstall Mavericks over your current installation.

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    I had spent a good amount of time on setting up a few "watch this user" - they seem to be gone as well.
    Could someone either help me bang my head against the wall or confirm that those features are gone?

    Hi, babowa -
    My personalized Your View is present, and its Watch A User (me) works just fine.
    When you go to the ASC homepage -
    - be sure you click the Your View tab - it may have drifted back to the default All Content tab, which won't show any of the personalizations. If it has, switch to the Your View tab and click the "set as default" link next to that tab.

  • Just upgraded to  Safari 6, What happened to the "Empty Cache" option?


    Go to safari preference/advance and add the develop drop down menu. Empty cache is there.

  • What happened to Calendar view?

    What happened to the the calendar where the info box now is? I loved being able to see and select certain dates of photos.

    Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Search box and select Date:
    Look familiar?

  • HT1976 what happens when you cannot get a 4g network

    what happens when you have a 4g phone and you are in an area that does not have 46 reception

    There really aren't any special settings for that sort of thing. What does your phone say just to the right of your carriers name when you don't have 4G coverage?

  • Upgrade to 4.5 device software on Telus Pearl 8130: HTML Email viewer doesn't work

    I just upgraded the software on my Telus Mobility (Canada) BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (from 4.3).
    One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade was to take advantage of the HTML email viewer (yeah!  finally!).
    My installation went fine, and the View Messages in HTML option is enabled (was by default, have verified it again).
    On my first test email that I sent to myself from my Yahoo account to my default ISP email account, here's what happened.  The Yahoo email uses a very simple "stationery" as background, consisting of two small graphic files, one in the upper left and one in the lower right.  In between those two graphics is the text you wish to write.  So I put the words "test test" in the text portion and sent it to myself.
    When the email was received on the Pearl, indeed I saw the two graphics.  However, the text was not displayed.
    That was the first attempt.  The second attempt produced no graphics at all.
    I also tried sending myself an email using some formatting, like bold fonts, different text colors, underline and one jpg file.  None of the formatting came through, and the jpg came through as an attachment (instead of in the the body of the email where it was placed).  When I tried to open the jpg, by clicking on "1 Attachment", I got an error stating that it is an unrecognized file type and cannot be opened.
    So it appears that the upgrade took 1 step forward and 3 backwards.
    Anyone experience this, and if so, is there a fix, either now or in the works?  Does RIM Support read these forums?
    Telus Tech Support said that something is being done but they weren't too specific.
    I have another upgrade-related question regarding Documents to Go, but I'll post that in a separate thread.
    Message Edited by bwv565 on 12-16-2008 11:43 PM

    about your Bluetooth problem, I suggest you one a new discussion on the decicated board called "BlackBerry Accessories". ou will find there experts about Bluetooth.
    about the third point : it usually takes a long time for the device to emerge after a battery pull. It's quite common, you can't do anything about it.
    about the second point. In my opinion there at least one picture that is corrupted (or one index file).
    in the folder containing that image, do you have many images ? Let's call that folder A.
    I suggest you to move them one by one into another folder B, then scroll through the folder A.
    it will certainly reset a few times, until at one point it wont' freeze, meaning the folder A does not contain the corrupted image anymore.
    you then know that the last image moved from A to B is the culprit.
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

  • Row Fetch on View doesn't work / Custom procedure needed???

    Hello guys!
    Again I have a problem. It seems like once I finish one problem I stumble into another one. :-(
    Would is breaking my neck is the following problem.
    I have a view based on a query that joins 3 tables including one via a database-link. I would like and need to use that view as the source for the automatic row fetch! However, when creating the automatic-fetch-row process, the items on my page do not get populated. However, If I change the cource for the fetch-row-process to a view made of only a single table it works like a charm. Could it be that the automatic fetch-row procedure doesn't work with joined views and db-links at all??? If so, could you please give me an example of a PL/SQL procedure that will populate items on page reload and load!
    It's extremely urgent and I appreciate every input!
    Thanks guys! I hope you some ideas and hints!

    Ah, ok - I probably read too much into your update (still thinking that it was related to the "view" issue in your first post :) ) - so an INSTEAD OF trigger won't be needed if this is just a single table!
    There are a few ways that adding an extra column into a tabular form would stop it being updated. Typically, this could be if the new column forms part of the "Primary key" for the data. If this is the case, you need to ensure that the processes recognise this. It can also be that you have set the item to DISABLED or READONLY - these items are not submitted with the page, so even if you set the item's value somehow, that will never get back into the record (there are ways to take off the DISABLED or READONLY attributes immediately prior to the submit, if need be). That could also happen if you have set the item to be a Standard Report Column - this is just displayed text, so doesn't form part of the submitted data. You can get around that by having a hidden column with the actual data in there as well - if you have ever created a tabular form using the simple EMP table example, you'll see EMPNO and EMPNO_DISPLAY - both contain EMPNO but only the basic EMPNO hidden item is submitted. Another, perhaps rare, possibility is if you have used the APEX_ITEM package to create any of the output and have used an index number that has been automatically assigned to another column - for example, if you have APEX_ITEM.TEXT(1, ....), which gives each item a name value of "f01", then this is most likely going to double up with the index for the hidden primary key item (which is usually first in the list). If this is the case, just change the index of your APEX_ITEM item to some high number (anything up to 50).
    Finally, you say "INV_PT_ID_SUB is also bound to an item PTIDS" - what is PTIDS? The MRU processes need to understand what column to update and relies on the settings for primary keys and the column names in the SQL query.
    The MRU's only know about their own settings - the workspace, tablename and primary keys etc. They contain no details of individual columns as such, so adding in extra columns shouldn't be a problem. In fact, I've added/deleted so many columns from tabular forms, that I'd be really annoyed if I had to start from scratch every time!!

  • Dataflow to one attribute from multiple views doesn't work

    I have an oracle database, of which I use two tables. Each table has its own view in the meta directory.
    The first view contains a table which consists of a uid generated by another system and three other non-important columns. This uid is the only column I need, this should be the naming (rdn) for use with my directory entries.
    The second view contains almost all the other data, such as adresses, (full) names, mail etc.
    I've configured the first view with a join rule, dn mapping rule and attribute flow rule to sync a new entry from my oracle database view 1 to the metaview.
    Point is that at that time I'm missing information such as givenName, sn, cn etc. As those are required by the objectClass, I configured my attribute flow rule to also flow het uid from database into them.
    So that's that. I've got my new entry with the uid I want.
    The second view is configured with an attribute flow rule and a join rule so it matches the entry created by the rules above.
    Here's the thing: any attribute (such as mail facsimiletelephonenumber, etc) configured in my attribute flow rule from view 2 is synched to the metaview entry, except for those attributes that already are flown from view1.
    No matter what attribute I try, for instance givenName, no attribute is never overwritten with a suitable value from my oracle database view 2. It still has the value of uid from my view 1.
    Is there a way to fix this or am I missing some settings here? I've fiddled around a bit with the options in the capabilities and configuration tabs with very little success.

    AFter some experimentation, discovered the following:
    Go to Quiz > Quiz Preferences. Under Settings, there is a
    "Allow user to review quiz" check box. Under Pass or Fail, there is
    an "Infinite attempts" check box. I had both of these unselected.
    Here's what happens when you select or deselect one or both:
    Review + 1 attempt: User starts to answer questions, and then
    backs up. User can go forward again. Answered questions still
    display the answers. Once reaches unanswered questions, they are
    now locked.
    Review + Infinite: User starts to answer questions, and then
    backs up. User can go forward again. All answers to questions
    erased and user can answer all questions.
    No Review + 1 attempt: User starts to answer questions, and
    then backs up. User can't go forward again. (This was the situation
    No Review + Infinite: Same as Review + Infinite.

  • Sticking Safari cookies but they are not there in Web Inspector

    Now I’ve got the Safari 5.1.10 update (OS X 10.6.8) and still have the same problem as with several versions before, I think it’s even worse now:
    When surfing I’m used to “Safari / Reset Safari…” (with all options set to delete but website icons) to start from scratch from time to time.
    This will delete cookies and local cache, too, although it’s not clearly mentioned (?).
    My start page is and checking with the “Privacy” tab I usually see three items from Google.
    I think that would be OK.
    a) Sometimes there are still cookies / cache from sites that I have visited before,
    b) Sometimes even after Privacy / “Remove All”
    (Cookies.plist is empty and Safari/LocalStorage folder is deleted now)
    and another Safari “Reset” some will return (e.g, Local Storage, but also cookies from news or amazon or local storage use by
    When I check using the Web Inspector / Resources there are no such elements to find, only from Google - but the “Preferences / Privacy” tab seems to know about them and they are back in Cookies.plist and Safari / LocalStorage ???
    c) Sometimes (I know, that’s bad), even when I reset + close Safari, open an other application, start Safari again - bang, several items (often more than before) are listed there but only Google is to be seen in the Web Inspector (screenshot 1).
    d) After closing the Web Inspector and “Remove All” I start the Web Inspector again, just to see e.g. a “cookie folder” from Google but it’s stating “This site has no cookies” (screenshot 2), and there are none in Safari. How would the Web Inspector know about google cookies (or local storage), only to show an empty “folder”?
    I really love Safari, I’d simply like to “flush” it from time to time when surfing.
    1) Is it my misunderstanding of Safari cookies / cache? Or the Web Inspector’s display?
    2) Why only “sometimes” (this point is most annoying)?
    3) How could I dig deeper (but I’m not a techie ! ), or
    4) Is this a known bug since years (Safari and / or Web Inspector), I didn’t find a similar topic here in the forums?
    Thank you for reading this lengthy and probably confusing stuff,

    Yes, I did search before but restricted it to the past month, because I had the feeling that it’s worse now since the update to 5.1.10, but I may be wrong.
    It seems this is an old and unsolved common problem.
    “Top Sites” is hot, but I’ve never used that funny dots without any mouse-over text.
    After deleting (before starting Safari)  it’s restored by a default TopSites.plist, it seems these cookies
    - are only reloaded when viewing the Top Sites (?)
    - are not among my reappearing cookies, I have never seen such a cookie / cache on my system before (e.g. expedia, orbitz, monster, usatoday, disney, craigslist).
    And Top Sites would not explain why the Web Inspector has different infos regarding use of cookies and local storage than Safari’s “Privacy” tab.
    After playing with deleting TopSites.plist, without surfing, suddenly I have ”121 cookies or other data” at Safari’s Privacy tab, nearly all are listed as “Cache” or “Cache, Cookies” but the Web Inspector doesn’t show any of them, only my items.
    ---> Thanks, I’ll send a feedback to Apple.

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