Safari Not Displaying All Images On Web Page

When I look at a web page in Safari on my iPhone 3GS, not all of the images on the page load. Instead, I see little blue squares with question marks in them. However, if I look at the same web page on an iPhone 4, the images DO load. Why is this happening?
Here are two screenshots to prove my point:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4

Settings>Safari>Javascript On maybe?
May find an answer here as well:

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  • Safari not displaying all images

    Safari does not seem to display all images on certain pages. For example, on
    feed : //
    all images for news headline items show the "questionmark" icon.
    And yes, "Display images when the page opens" is checked in Safari preferences.
    Has anyone had the same problem, and found a solution?
    Using: Safari Version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10), OS X (10.7.2).

    I recently downloaded Mountain Lion, and now have Safari 6.0.  I heard so many good things about this new version I decided to try Safari again as my main browser.  But now, I get this old problem.  Images not displaying.  Not sure if I will go back to Chrome or Firefox.
    There is no Appearances Tab in Safari 6.0 Preferences, and in thumbing through the tabs, I don't see anything under any of them re. displaying images.
    It has happened many times, but the particular site I am at now is
    I do get pics at
    Hmmm, I get pics at
    but they have an ability to see the next 12 pages all on one page which is
    Does this mean the site is doing something "wrong"?  and Safari therefore won't show the pics?  perhaps I will go back to Firefox that will show "wrong" pics

  • Safari not loading all images and being weird

    When I logged on to Apple Discussions toady, I noticed that safari changed around the font and size of the websites I look at. At first, the text was huge, so I made it smaller (in the View menu), and then it became really small. Also, a lot of the images on web pages aren't loading (for instance, in my tool menu thingy on the right of this page, the icons for preferences, posts, and subscriptions wasn't loaded. They were replaced with blue boxes and white question marks. I can live with the issue, but it's annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    BTW - I have tried reseting Safari - no luck

    But Firefox, Camino, Omni Web and Opera do without contesting.
    One great thing about OS X is that there are several excellent browsers and there is no need to necessarily stay with Safari. I actually have 7 or 8 browsers installed, although I mostly use them for checking how pages are rendered, I also switch back and forth between them to learn their strengths and weaknesses and for a change of pace. I use Firefox and OmniWeb alot in addition to Safari. I like the way you can add functionality to Firefox using extensions. I like OmniWeb for doing research because of the way it handles tabs in its sidebar. Opera is also good and it is now free.
    So, don't feel that you have to use Apple's browser. Use the one that you like the best or works the best for you.

  • Safari browser 5.0.6 not displaying all images on a specific site

    I have a MAC running on PowerPC G5, with an OS X Version 10.5.8. I am using Safari browser version 5.0.6. I have been using the browser for years with out any problem until last week. All images show up on all sites except on one specific site. When i use Firefox to open this specific site, all images show up normally without a problem.
    I have tried different methods suggested online including within this site, but the problem still persist. Can any one assist me on how i can resolve this problem and why images do not show up fully on the specific site when using Safari browser version 5.0.6?

    If possible, i can send you the link via email. Please send me your email address so i can send you the URL link.
    <Email Edited by Host>

  • IE not loading all images in a page with large no: of images(~ 300+ images)

    I have a webpage which is trying to render more than 300 images, but IE is not rendering all the images. I have detailed the exact scenario below.
    I have a aspx page with a asp:Panel. I'm adding new aspx pages to this panel,
    Image image = new Image();
    StringBuilder url = new StringBuilder();
    url.Append(string.Format("ImageDisplay.aspx?Sample={0}", 1));
    image.ImageUrl = url.ToString();
    HtmlGenericControl div = new HtmlGenericControl("div");
    the second aspx page writes the image to the response,
    Response.BufferOutput = true;
    string fileName = "..\\Sample.jpeg";
    Bitmap image = new Bitmap(fileName);
    image.Save(Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg);
    likewise I'm adding more than 300 images.
    IE is not rendering all the images properly, most of the images are getting broken and shows as 'X' sign. While the same page loads perfectly fine in Firefox and Chrome. I'm not able to find the cause of the issue since it only happens in IE. Could someone
    please help me with this.

    Please post to an forum....if possible include a link to your website with your question.
    this forum is for questions about IEAK and GPO for system administrators of domain networks....
    tip... use response.end I/o response flush....
    view... the page-source from IE (View-source) or use the Find tool on the IE Developer tool to inspect the scr value of img tags and the base href value (if used)...
    the optimal load time for web pages is considered to be 3 seconds...
    consider reducing the number and size of images, and external stylesheets and libraries on your web pages. (

  • Adobe Bridge CC Smart Collections are not displaying all images in the folder

    I'm having an issue with Bridge CC were I setup a smart collection to monitor my new photos. The folder contains over 300 photos, but is only displaying 160. The only condition I set is to have a minium file size of 10kb, so it should bring in all files since most are over 4mb. At first I thought it was a problem with the files themselves (permissions or something) but if I open the folder in bridge it easily displays all of the images easily. Any ideas?

    I'm having an issue with Bridge CC were I setup a smart collection to monitor my new photos.
    You might want to describe this workflow a bit more. Do you create this from an existing folder or are you adding new photo's?
    A Smart Collection does not refreshes it self automatically. You either have to use the edit icon top right of the content panel to save again or deselect and select the collection itself to let it refresh the content.

  • Project not displaying all images.

    In the project pane each project has a number beside it showing the quantity of images it contains.I have a Project called 2007 for all images from 2007 this contains 3830 images, if i click on the closed project ,without opening it, all images in the project become available in the browser pain ie 3830 images, this appears to be correct behavior.+However my 2006 project contains 2541 images, when I click on this without expanding it only 15 images become available in the browser+, how can I fix this.
    I have since started organising each month into its own project with individual folders for each day to keep each project size down.All images are referenced.
    Command;"update previews for project" has no positive effect.
    Within each annual project I have brown folders for each month containing blue folders for each day.

    in between the browser and viewer panes is a little search box ... click in it to change ... or if there is an 'x' in click it ... somehow you set a filter on that project ...

  • IPad Safari not loading all images in website

    Besides iOS 4.2.1 slowing things down and frequently crashing apps. I've been having problems with websites I browse with lots of large images. The iPad has problems loading all the images on a single page with bluebox ? coming up instead of the actual images. Reloading and site does nothing to fix it. Browsing done on WiFi but no problem in desktop safari on the same WiFi network.

    I do not have an iPad, but this url has been reported to me as having this issue:
    The problem is occurring on the last products on the page.

  • Safari Not Showing All Images

    This is a strange one!
    I was on home page yesterday and noticed a lot of ads. I then went to Safari Preferences/Extensions and discovered that AdBlock had been turned off.
    I then clicked on the Enable box to turn it on and all the ads went away, but in addition, a lot of images that are part of the website went away too.
    I then disabled AdBlock and the images and ads did not come back!
    Now with Adblock turned off, Safari shows no ads and select images from the website also are not visible.
    Please...How do I fix this?
    The problem is only with my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.1 using Safari 8.0, and appears to be limited to just the FoxNews website.
    If I use Firefox 34.0 there is no problem.
    If I use my other computer (iMac running the same operating system, set up the same way) there is no such problem.
    I have contacted FoxNews technical help and AdBlock tech help. No response yet.
    Any ideas?

    Well, I spent over 2 hours on the phone over 2 days with Apple tech support on this issue with no solution found.
    I also spoke with tech support from my service provider, again no solution.
    I am thinking of using OS X Recovery to  restore from a Time Machine backup, or do a clean re-install of OS X.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  • Safari not displaying all on ipad BUT it works weel on mac min

    surfing to the management console web of amazon cloud server (
    the page displays well on the mac min with safari
    BUT on the ipad it only shows part of the page ( some frames stay blank)
    the side menu shows but not the middle frame, which stays blank
    is this a bug in the ipad safari?

    HI and Welcome to Apple Discussions...
    Your best bet would be to post in the iPad forum here.

  • Safari not displaying certain texts on YouTube pages properly

    Hi, I've been having this weird problem with Safari for almost two months now even before the 5.1.4 update. I even went to Apple Genius with my macbook pro and they said the problem is minor and should be fixed with the new update (5.1.4), but the problem still persists!
    Basically, whenever I go on YouTube for EVERY/any video and click on the "more info" button to look at the information spread on videos, all the remaining texts and links are "invisible." I have to literally highlight everything in the information spread in order to permanently display the texts, links, etc after enlarging the information tab. I've tried updating everything (Safari--both 5.1.3 and 5.1.4, OSX, repairing disk permissions, all settings are on in Safari, etc) to NO AVAIL! It's so frustrating and annoying. I'm not that tech savvy, so I don't quite understand what kind of problem this applies to whether CSS, JAVA, Flash, or whatever else. A genius bar representative said it's not Flash (which I also updated and reinstalled a few times), since I can load and watch videos perfectly fine. He was able to reproduce the problem on one of the macbook airs at the store and that's when he said the problem should be fixed with the newest update. Obviously not. Please help me resolve this issue or at least, understand it. It's really frustrating. Chrome and other browsers work perfectly fine with YouTube on my MacBook as well.
    Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about:
    Thank you in advance!

    Yes, he was able to reproduce it on a macbook air, but he never told me how or anything else. Just that it was a "minor" problem with codes and should be fixed with the newest update.
    Also, I went to the Safari menu and the Style sheets set to none has always been set. I reset Safari as you said, and when I opened it again, it was really slow at loading any of my Top Sites (clicked on YouTube). Missing info spread (invisible) still persists...
    I opened a guest account and the problem also occurs with Safari there, so I know this is a system wide glitch. I'm so close to erasing and reinstalling the OSX system out of frustration. (I have all my important files backed up so I dont actually mind doing this).

  • Albums do not display all images

    I imported a number of new RAW images (from a Canon Digital Rebel) into Aperture, and wanted to collect 10 into an album. I created a new album based upon my selection of these 10 photos.
    In the dialog next to the listing of the album, it puts (10) next to the album name, indicating, I gather, that the album contains 10 photos.
    When selected, however, only 2 photos appear in the album. They all show up in the project, but only two in the album, despite the "10" designation. I figured this bug might be repaired with today's update to 1.01.
    No such luck; I am still denied photos in my album. I also re-indexed the photo database by holding down option+command at application launch.
    Any ideas? Is it me? Or is the program flawed in this area?
    I also had trouble creating a smart album. No matter what, it wouldn't let me enter the search criteria. This was on a G5 Quad. After the update, I got this to work, but the delay for the search box was awful. This was unfortunate using Apple's fastest Mac...
    I provide more detail here on the first issue.

    John, try changing the query for the album to something else, quit Aperture and restart it. And then set the query to show everything in that album by setting the Rating to "is greater than or equal to" and set the slider all the way to the left. This should show everything in the Album. You can then make sure you ratings are correct for the selects you want to include in that Album, then reset the query to show only the images with the specific ratings you'd like to see. This should also work for the Smart Album also, yet will happen automatically.
    If you still can't get it to work, quit Aperture go to the Preferences folder located in you Home->Library folder and trash the Aperture preference file -, then restart Aperture and things should be hunky-dory.
    Hope this works for you. I'm on a Quad also and Aperture runs very fast.
    PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   4.5GB RAM, Nvidia 7800 GT, 600GB RAID

  • Firefox is not displaying all the images on any of the websites that I access. I upgraded to 4.0 and it worked correctly for about a day and then reverted back to the problem.

    When I open a website using Firefox it displays the text but none of the graphics. I upgarded to 4.0 and it was temporarily corrected. Now it has reverted to no graphics,

    Hi there,
    I have the same issue: FireFox is not showing all images on the page.
    Noticed this in FireFox 5.0. Now I installed FireFox 5.0.1 and still have the same issue.
    The missing images do not even appear in Tools > Page Info > Media.
    The images are usually accessed using DIV tag with a CSS class which contains background-image style. Often, when page opens, the DIV is initially hidden, and JavaScript displays it. Sometimes, jQuery.html() adds such DIV tags, and images rarely appear. Sometimes they do, but more often they do not.
    If I install FireBug and use Inspect Element to find such a DIV, it is there, it contains the CSS class, the definition of the CSS class contains background-image style. If I click the icon to disable this style, and then click it again to enable it, the image immediately shows up.
    Seems to be caused by some optimization which does not detect images like these.
    Hope this helps you reproduce it.

  • How to display all data on one page in web app

    So I have web app JSF (IceFaces framework) + JBoss all Crystal Report working perfectly. So I have page with Crystal Report tags (e.g.
    <bocrv:reportPageViewer reportSource="#{crystalReport.reportPath}" ...
    in this report I have table with some data (data from DB) and I want to display this data on one page. Unfortunately now this data are moving to the next page and unfortunately I even donu2019t know how switch to the next page (I see only info e.g. 1with 2).
    So how to display this data on one page if its impossible how to torn on pagination.

    So I canu2019t do this, I canu2019t display all data on one page (until Iu2019m using JSF tags)?
    In JSF tags Iu2019m setting only path to file. In my bean Iu2019m using u201CReportClientDocumentu201D object itu2019s easy way to load report file (u201Copenu201D method) and set parameters (u201CgetDataDefController().getParameterFieldController()u201D method) and also connect to data base (u201Clogonu201D method) but I havenu2019t this property u201CsetSeparatePages(boolean)u201D.
    Maybe Iu2019m doing this wrong and there is a simpler way maybe I can use somehow u201CCrystalReportVieweru201D please give my any advice.

  • When I am in safari, I try to bookmark a web page and it is not doing it, it worked before I updated to the ios6 version

    When I am in safari, I try to bookmark a web page and it is not doing it, it worked before I updated to the ios6 version, does any one know why ? It pulls up the screen to save it but then it is not showing up on the bookmark drop down menu, it continues to show the standard google,iPad user guide, yahoo....

    hello sofg777, when you're at a page you want to print try to press ctrl+P and select a different printer than the Microsoft XPS Document Writer which seems to be set as your default printer in firefox at the moment.

Maybe you are looking for