Sale order before the regeneration of ABAP report: RSM13000

Hi there,
I am just wondering about something.
After we installed support packages, users could not get any sales order without to get any error message and I we could only see  an error message via SM21 which says:
Run-time error "LOAD_TYPEPOOL_VERSION_MISMATCH" occurred.
So after we regenerated the ABAP report: RSM13000 after that everythings seems to be ok.
Now the question is: When we try to find the order numbers which the users created  before the regeneration we find nothing.
What about this numbers? Did they have not been created at all or what hapened? They customer is asking now.
Thanks in advance

I still do not know. We created them again

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  • Report for Sales orders with the consumed credit limit value

    Dear Gurus,
    In my company, the credit check is at sales order level. We want a report which shows up the credit value consumed from the credit master by Sales order.
    Going into the details, Say Credit limt is setup for a customer at Credit master for 10000 $.
    I want a report showing Sales order 59235 has consumed 500 $, Sales order 59277 has consumed 1500 $, Sales order 59333 has consumed 2500 $.
    Is their a report in standard SAP for the above functionality. If not, any ideas of how to achieve it?
    Thank you for your responses.

    Try the following transaction codes
    But if you want to a report like what you explained in thread i think in standard not available we need to develop a customized one.

  • Schedule Line Date Showing in future in Sales Order though the Stock is available in system on same date

    Hello All,
    Good Morning,
    We have received an Incident where in the Sales Order during the ATP Check we do user is getting the future schedule line date in future as enclosed in the screen shot below. User has created the Sales Order on 12052014 for 7 line items. For the Line Item 7 the Stock is available in the system on same day but still after ATP Check the date is shown in future.
    I wan to replicate the scenario in Quality to find the exact bug to fix the Issue but not able to replicate for same customer and material i am getting the current date as confirmed delivery date. please guide me if you can share some inputs so that i can go in right direct and fix the issue.
    Please respond it is critical Issue.

    Hello All Experts,
    Many Thanks for all the Inputs you have given.
    Finally we have replicated the Issue in Quality 2 Days Back and Indeed it was great Achievement.
    Finally We have given to Abaper to debug it find the root cause.
    Let me summarise the actual Issue.
    Issue : Sales Order Schedule Line showing future date for the Materials which are having Product Allocation even though the Stock is available and Allocation Qty also available in the PA Master Data we maintained..
    We created one Sales Order for Line Item A and B. Line Item A is having Product Allocation. When we created Sales Order for both Line Item A and B we got Schedule Line Date as 13.06.2014. Then we Schedule the Re-Scheduling Job in V_V2 and check the effect. For Line Item A the Schedule Line Date got changed to 01.07.2014 and Line Item B it was same as before.
    Would like to know is there any config setting at Schedule Line Level we have missed just want to cross check if there is any or something in Product Allocation Configuration.
    Please refer screen shots below for more details of Sales Order before and after effect in Re-Scheduling.
    Please provide your inputs on this.

  • FM:create a delivery for sales order in the background.

    Hi experts
    I want  Function Module to create a delivery for sales order in the background for both inbound and outbound.
    tcode : VL10A.
    Thanks in advance.
    kiran j

    Hi Kiran,
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    Also read this thread Welcome and Rules of Engagement.
    Marcelo Ramos

  • Error while saving a Sales Order in the CRM Mobile Application

    I am facing issues while saving a Sales Order in the CRM Mobile Application. I am getting the error message "Value Field KvLangu is not valid (Error: 236 / 1102)".
    I would be very grateful if somebody had faced this issue before and this way could help me with some information.
    Best Regards,
    Rogerio Prado.

    Hi Rogerio,
    You should put mobile sales related messages in the forum "CRM Mobile applications"
    This error message is coming because the language table SMOT002 might be empty in your mobile client OR it does not have all the values which have been customized in the system.
    You need to have subscription based on publication "customizing objects" assigned to your site.

  • How to convert Purchase Order to Sales Order in the Target system of Vendor

    Hi all,
                 My sender system and receiver system both are ECC6.00 . We are not using any Xi/PI or EDI tool ., but using ALE to tranfer purchase order to the Vendor System . The PO IDoc is getting tranfered to Target System, but the Corresponding Sales order is not being generated .
                 My query is how the  inbound process in the trarget system determines what are the master data will be used to create the Sales Order . as the transfered IDOC will not have sales area, distribution channel or  division .
    Best Regards

    Here u need to use PI or any middleware.
    For PI , it will be IDOC to RFC scenario :
    Sender side - IDOC - Orders05 or whichever u want
    Receiver side - RFC -Import the BAPI you want to use , for your case most probably it will be 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2'.
    Pass the mandatory fields required to bapi .
    kindly check :
    You can refer IDOC to RFC scenarios in forum from search.
    Best Regards

  • How we can give the confirmation of the sales order to the customer.?

    how we can give the confirmation of the sales order to the customer.?
    after the we generate thge sales order how we will give the confirmation to the customer automatically or in any way in SAP SD

    A confirmation can be given to the Sold to party for the sales order by means of an output type, which is the  most used functionality.
    You can create an output which can be a word or PDF document, or an email , fax etc. Based on the kind of confirmation you want to give (Document, email, fax) do corresponding settings in the output for printers, email settings, fax settings etc. and enable this output to be triggered during sales order creation by assigning the output to output procedure for sales documents. This part of configuring an output is done by Functional team while the email, fax settings are done by basis team in combination with tech team.
    The output should have a smartform and corresponding report program to populate the smartform. This part should be taken care of by the technical team.
    Once all these things are done, if a sales order is created, the output will be triggered which will send a confirmation document, email , fax as per the configuration to the sold to party. If you want the confirmation to be send to more partner functions, that is also configurable in the output configuration.
    Pls reward points if it helps.

  • Sales order creation using webdynpro in ABAP

    Plz give the process how to create sales order creation using webdynpro in ABAP. if not possible plz let me know how to create in JAVA.
    It is very urgent. I hope i will get it very soon.
    Thanks all

    In your WDA application,  all you need to do is call the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 when the user clicks some button.  Most likely, you can put the code for this BAPI call in the onAction method for your button. 
    Rich Heilman

  • User exit for updating delivery block of Sales order before Delivery

    Hi  Folks,
    Need to have an user exit for updating Delivery Block indicator for a Sales order Before creating its delivery
    I have got an exit in Program SAPMV45A
    that hits before processing the delivery block fro delivery (Correct me if i m wrong with this )
    Now i want now how to change the Delivery Block indicator of Sales order in that exit
    any FM available ?
    Thanks n regards

    Hi  ,
    How did you solved this issue?
    I am having similar scenario in which while pressing the save button  delivery block should update if multiple schedule line exist.
    Tried by two different approaches in various user exit without any success.
    AFAIK we have two ways to achieve this functionality.
    1) Count the no of rows in vbep. If greater than 1 then multiple schedule line exist and we can assign the value to VBAK-LIFSK(delivery block) as per our requirement.
    This is not correct. If there are two line items both with single schedule line . This case total no lines in vbep will 2 and above condition will true which is incorrect.
    2) There is a indicator for multiple schedule line (VBAPD-EPMEH , xvbap-epmeh ) if it is check then multiple schedule line exist and we can assign the value to VBAK-LIFSK(delivery block) as per our requirement.
    Multiple schedule line indicator is not populate so can not use 2nd approach.
    If I write code in  USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT it of no use as vbak is updated before reaching this user exit.
    If I write code in USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAK as this user exit is also called while pressing the enter key for this I have use
    the condition of fcode but it also fails in some condition.
    If fcode eq 'SICH'.
    Read table xvbap with key epmeh = 'X'.
    IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
    VBAK-LIFSK = '03'.
    VBAK-LIFSK = ' '.
    Please help me to get the desired functionality working for all cases.
    1) One line item with multiple schedule line                                              
    2) Two line item with multiple schedule line                                             
    3) One line item having one schedule line and second one having multiple
    4)Two line item both with single schedule line.

  • Sales order and return sales order in the same field

    Hi Everybody,
        I have sales sales order and return sales order in the same field ,how can i separate these two orders in the report.
    Your suggestions are appreciated
    Warm Regards

    Both are sales documents and should be separated by document type....i assume that all the documents are sotrd in the same infocube and if you have tha document type characteristic you can separated them directly in a report

  • 9i:Can Page number be obtained before the entire generation of report ?

    Dear all:
    Suppose there is a report, the report is printed on both side of paper
    The page no of report (current logical page no and total logical page no) reset at each customer,
    For each customer,
    i want to print a logo on the front side of the last page (The logo would be read by machine so that it must be printed on the front side of the last page)
    In 6i, As page no/total page no cannot be known in function/triggers until entire report generated.
    so I have to generate the report twice
    First) I have to get the total no of paper for the report of each customer
    Second) Actually generate the report
    so that i know which page the logo should be printed
    (In the format trigger, when the front side of last page reached, return true in "format trigger of the logo" to print the logo)
    However, the method is not effective.
    Heard from others, 9i can solve the problem because in function/trigger, before the entire generation of report,
    the total logical no of page and current page can already be known. (so that the generation
    can be done at one need to do twice)
    any suggestion ?
    Thanks for you help

    So I cannot test from the report builder, I guess?Pl take a look here:
    This gives you a list of commands that you can use the keyword with. It says No for rwbuilder. So it may not be possible to test it with Builder.
    Reading the other threads, this seems to be a very complicated thing to do, creating EAR, etc, and I seem to need 9iDS, not AS (I have AS)?One of the main reasons a JSP report is useful is - you can deploy it with your J2EE application, ie, you place the report JSP alongwith other JSP's of your application, and deploy the J2EE application (EAR). So thats why you see so many references to EAR's, packaging etc in the other thread that discuss JSP's.
    Th answer to your Q is - no, you don't need iDS for deploying and running the JSP. You can run it from your iAS installation (thats what the iAS suite is for - deploying and running your reports that you developed using iDS). What you need to do is this:
    Copy your JSP to
    Go to the Enterprise Manager, and make sure that the OC4J instance (OC4J_BI_Forms) is running. Now access your JSP with the following URL:
    For complete information about deploying and running JSP's in iAS, refer to

  • Link sales order with the PO

    A s per my business requirement, we create a sales order and according to this sales order if the material is not available in stock we want to create purchase order to the vendor for the materials which not available, How I link the sales order with the purchase order?
    Can you please any one help and advise me how this scenario can be handled in SAP

    Are you looking to map cross docking or third party sales in your system. In both of these cases, purchase order is created which is link to sales order via purchase requistion. The only difference, here in these scenario's is that goods movement doesn't take place within the plant.
    If this is so, then, you have customize, item categories and schedule lines used for them accordingly.
    Ideally , in the aabove mentioned scenario (cross docking, third party sales) material are not kept in stock.

  • How to save the data of ABAP report into a notepad in desktop location???

    HI all,
    Can any one tell me how to transfer the data of ABAP report into a Notepad.
    Actually I have to schedule a ABAP report in background on daily basis and I want to transfer the
    whole record into Notepad.
    If any program is available for this..please clearify the relevent code for transferring.

    declare a character type internal table.
    now move your data from it_data ( internal table with data ) into table itab.
    since you are running this report in background, you cannot save it to the desktop. Instead give any app server location
    data: itab(400) occurs 0 with header line.
    field-symbols: <fs1> type any.
    data: gv_file type rlgrap-filename default 'TEST.TXT'.
    data: gv_filepath type rlgrap-filename default <path>.
    LOOP AT it_data.
        DO 100 TIMES.
          ASSIGN COMPONENT sy-index OF STRUCTURE it_data TO <fs1>.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            CONCATENATE itab <fs1> INTO itab SEPARATED BY ' '.
        APPEND itab.
        CLEAR itab.
      concatenate gv_filepath '/' gv_file into gv_file.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        LOOP AT itab.
          TRANSFER itab TO gv_file.
        CLOSE DATASET gv_file.

  • In sales order for the condition type MWST, **Tax code** is displaying wron

    In sales order for the condition type MWST, *Tax code* is displaying wrongly at header level i.e. FF instead of AO (under account determination tab)
    AO tax is 0% but for FF it is 19%
    I have checked with the Access sequence it is picking access 08 correctly according to this it should show AO in tax code field for MWST but it is not so..
    There is a manual change for tax classification for material master in va02 initially it was blank now it is changed to ' 0 ' is any way influencing....?
    Even if I consider material tax classification and customer tax code  should not be FF because  tax code  FF is not maintained for the combination of access sequences for condition type MWST
    Please help me.
    Rajendra Prasad

    Dear Rajendra,
    There is a manual change for tax classification for material master in va02 initially it was blank now it is changed to ' 0 ' is any way influencing....?
    Definitely material Tax classification will influence to determine the Tax code.
    -->So Make sure that customer and material master having proper tax classification indicator.
    -->Have you Update the price after changing the tax classification in the sales going to item dat -->condition tab then click on Update push button bottom of the conditions screen.
    -->Once again the check the condition record maintanence also for your MWST access sequence.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Unable to update sales order unsing the BAPI 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE'

    Hi All,
    I am unable to update the payment method field for some sales orders using the bapi 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE'. I am getting the reason in the table RETURN as 'Field 'ZLSCH' cannot be changed, VBAPKOM 000050  ready for input'.
    Could anyone throw some light on it.
    Thanks a ton.
    Santosh Kotra.

    Without reversing invoice we can't update price and this is standard bevaior which is logical too. For your scenario I am wondering why would you want to change price for a line item or order which is alrady invoiced and posted to FI. What difference would it make to change price in sale order when this has already been posted in FI?

Maybe you are looking for