Sale order canu2019t be archived u2013 Open PO items exists

Hi all
While doing sale order archive, it says it has open PO items. But the PO line items and relevant PR line items are deleted. Still canu2019t archive the sale order. Pls guideu2026
Thanks in advance

Can u send us the exact Error message??

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  • Open PO items exists - Sale order canu2019t be archived

    Hi all
    While doing sale order archive, it says it has open PO items. But the PO line items and relevant PR line items are deleted. Still canu2019t archive the sale order. Pls guideu2026
    Thanks in advance

    Open means usually that the ordered quantity - GR quantity and 'IR does not equal.
    You have to analyze the situation in detail.
    I guess it is a 3rd party order. What is the sales order quantity?
    how much was ordered in the PO? how much was received, how much was the invoice?
    Why does the PO have a deletion indicator?

  • When sales order is Blocked (oldest of open items overdue) MRP run avoid

    We got a challenge with Client requirement regarding over due of payment terms
    1. Credit master records Customer Credit limit usage example 24.14%
    2. Customer Oldest open item is over due status
    3. Sales order created with the warning message Oldest Item overdue sales order will save this setting is in OVA8
    4. Even though sales order is created Credit master record Customer Credit limit usage  remain same 24.14% right
    5. Delivery will not happen because sales order is blocked.
    6. Exceptional case sales order will release for this customer 9500775
    7. Then Credit limit usage will update in Credit master record.
    8.After release in VK31 delivery will able  create with refernec to sales order.
    Here the challenge is after the sales order created in 3 step when you run the MRP planned order is creating. we want to avoid that till the sales order will release.

    There is Tick in Delivery block 01 Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria
    I have observed in testing Before you save a sales order, you look at the schedule line overview, you can see what the system would Proposed confirm date and confirmed qty, if the block were  not set. However, as soon as you save the sales order,(warring message Oldest open items over due will appear) the confirmed quantities are automatically reset to zero because sales order is Blocked. Here the goods remain available for other customers.
    Note : When you release the sales order the automatically in sales order confirmed qty and proposed date will come.
    Here the problem is  when they do MRP run after sales order saved with block Planned order is creating.

  • Archive sales order BOM for archived sales order.

    i have a very strange situation.
    i have few sales order BOMS to archive, we have VC (variant config) in place.
    now while trying to archive the BOMS i get the error message that "the sales order doesn't exists in the database or archived".
    i checked in the SD tables, and it seems that sales orders are archived. now how to archive those order BOMS????
    kindly give your inputs.
    Best regards,

    Hi Mr. Maulinmunshi,
    As per my understanding, you can't archive the BOMs with making the sales order visible in system.
    Try to check the order in T-code SARI.
    Talk to your basis team and get back those sales order in the system
    Hope this helps.

  • How to block a sales order when there is a free good item .

    Hello Gurus ,
    How to block a sales order when there is a  free good item  , only the authorised person should have authorisation to release those blocked Sales orders.
    Reason - They want to have a track of free goods given to customer & to avoid the misusing things
    Looking  for your inputs
    Thanks in advance

    I think you can try with Status Profile in BS02 define and assign for item category TANN.
    In status profile you can block the delivery and also billing unless some changes the object status as released.
    Just try and explore

  • Sales Order Recovery from Archive

    Dear Experts,
    I have a Sales Order which has been deleted....
    I want to recover the same..... When i use transaction code SDQRCR21 i put the material code and the plant name and tick the option for Data Transfer and then execute it....
    But it does not show any data... Is this because data might have been archived... how can i recover the sales document if it is archived or otherwise...
    Please help me out on this...

    Noone provided a solution as yet... now reason for keeping it open...

  • Sale Order Credit Block due to open credit memo

    Dear All,
    System is blocking sale order for open items(credit). And the only open item is credit memo.
    Can we avoid credit note to be considered as open item?

    Dear Arun,
    Do not think this is possible in standard.
    I would suggest the following way.
    Currently system is giving a message during sales order creation . right?
    Ask your abaper to find an EXIT before that point.
    There write a code to exclude CREDIT MEMO document types from BSEG of the customer code.
    It is possible as i have worked in similar requirement.
    Check and revert back.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hegal K Charles

  • Credit Management - block of last sales order and not of all open orders

    We are testing the FSCM-CM and try to figure out this:
    We have for a customer a number of open sales orders that are all below the credit limit.
    Now someone creaetes a new order and with that amount the limit is exceeded.
    The system reaction is that all open orders are blocked.
    How can we set the system that only the last one is blocked?
    Thanks in advance

    Ok i got the answer on my own in configuration part. Thanks everyone.

  • LSMW For Converting Open Sales Orders (not working for more than 1 item)

    I am using following standard object for Open sales orders .
    Object               0090   Sales documents                   
    Method               0000                                     
    Program Name         RVINVB10                                 
    Program Type         D   Direct Input                         
    Its not working for more than 1 line item.
    For more than 1 line item its giving Error saying that
    '102122                         V1                   845
    Print parameter SAPML2 1 is not defined
    Can anybody help me out in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

    hello, friend.
    i will still research the subject.  but the first thing that comes into my mind is t-code VA05.  with this, you have the option to change the Plant en masse.  so a possible workaround is for you to list a number of sales orders using VA05.  you then sort the line items by Plant.  choose all items with the same plant, change the plant via mass change... then change back to the original plant.  hopefully, the new settings should apply.
    do test a few sales orders by doing this for a larger scope.

  • Sales order already shipped but still open in VL10A

    Dear All,
    As mentioned above, we already created the shipment for a specific sales order but in VL10A the sales order is still in yellow status (meaning it is open). But the sales order cannot be shipped anymore...
    Is this a standard SAP bug? What table should be cleared if shipment has already been cretated so VL10 will no longer see it as open?
    Thanks in advance.

    We already found out the cause of the problem. VL10A is cheking in table VEPVG if there are still entries there and if so the sales order will still be shown as open in VL10A. The SD document index should be re-organized by program RVV05IVB.
    But why it only started to happen this week is another question that is left for us.
    Anyway thanks for your help.

  • Sales Order Revenue Calculation for the opening balance

    Using SLA tables I wrote the following function to calculate the opening balance for the given period for gieven sales order. The problem is that is is very slow. How do I achieve the same result using the AR Interface Tables?
    CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION APPS.REV_OPENING_BAL(period_in varchar2,so_number_in varchar2)
    rev_open_bal NUMBER:=0;
    rev_open_bal:= 0;
    SELECT nvl(sum(xdl.UNROUNDED_ACCOUNTED_dr),0) - nvl(sum(xdl.UNROUNDED_ACCOUNTED_cr),0) into rev_open_bal
    FROM gl_code_Combinations c, xla_events xe, xla.xla_transaction_entities xte,
    xla_distribution_links xdl, XLA_AE_LINES xal, xla_ae_headers xah
    AND xal.AE_HEADER_ID = xdl.ae_header_id
    AND xal.AE_LINE_NUM = xdl.ae_line_num
    AND xdl.event_id = xe.event_id
    AND xe.entity_id = xte.entity_id
    AND xe.application_id = xte.application_id
    AND xte.source_application_id = 222
    AND c.code_combination_id = xal.code_combination_id
    AND to_date( period_name, 'MON-RR' ) <= to_date( period_in, 'MON-RR' )
    AND accounting_class_Code in ('REVENUE','UNEARNED_REVENUE')
    and (SELECT interface_header_attribute1
    FROM ra_customer_trx_all
    WHERE customer_trx_id = source_id_int_1) = so_number_in;
    RETURN rev_open_bal;
    rev_open_bal := 0;
    RETURN rev_open_bal;

    Did you figure this out?
    I am trying to write a report to reconcile the sub-ledgers to GL as part of a conversion from 11 to R12 and would like to be able to dynamically go against the various sub-ledger tables without writing a new script for each sub-ledger.
    Or some easier way.
    Any thoughts on this?

  • Sales order cannot be rejected -problem log status item status is incorrect

    I need to reject this particular sales order, but when i try to reject it says to check the problem log which states that the item status is incorrect. It says subsequent documents exists for some lines even though no documenst are attached.
    There were a delivery attached to this order earlier but that has been archived. I ran repors SDVBUK00 etc but nothin seem to sort this issue..
    I just need to reject the whole sales order. does anyone know any reports or somethin to rectify this issue.

    Dear Keshini,
    Could you please update with the process of Delivery Document Archieved?
    I mean, had you reversed the delivery (T. Code: VL09) and then deleted the items from reversed Delivery Doc (T. Code: VL02N), before deleteing the Delivery Doc?
    Was there any subsequent document for Delivery Doc.?
    Best Regards,
    Note: Also, check with Copy-Control settings for Order-to-Delivery (T. Code: VTLA)
    1. Field: Update Document Flow is marked ticked at
    Item (Dialog Structure) --> Item Category --> Control data
    2. Field: Pos./neg. quantity with entry "+"

  • Create EDI sales order with reason for rejection set for item

    Hello all,
    I'm trying create an EDI sales order with item rejected, but I get the following error: Item 000001's configuration can no longer be changed.
    I set the reason for rejection in the segment E1EDP01, field ABGRU.
    How can create the sales order, with item rejected without error?

    Use program SDJEDI to simulate the error (see note 380603)
    This way you can figure out whether the same issue exists in VA01 or just in the SD EDI process
    From reading the issue, it seems you have a configurable item and the line is not open for input and that's why your reason for rejection is ignored.
    But SDJEDI should tell you everything.
    Run it first to see the BDCDATA your idoc produces.
    Then run it again in simulate mode and it should take you very close to the error
    Hope this helps

  • LSMW to create Sales Order refer to Quotation with multiple line items.

    Hi Gurus,
    I am new to LSMW, and my requirement is that, I have a file downloaded from another system, it is like this:
    Quotation No.  Sold to party  data        item no.       material no.     quatity
    556                         10000012                 10              19077                1
    556                         10000012                 20              19078                1
    557                         10000011                 10              19076                1
    And it is required I need to create orders in VA01 refering to quotations, and then delete all the items from quotation, and add the items in the file. I am now doing it through transaction recording in VA01, but I came to a difficult part, that is how I can process line items. Because the items number will only be decided at runtime, so I can not record a BDC for that. And I have read some guides on LSMW, one of it said that transaction recording in LSMW can not deal with deep structures. So could any1 help on this?
    Best regards,

    Dear SD Gurus n Experts,
    I have solved the above problem. But there is another problem appearing regarding the date format. Now system generating a message: Date . . is not valid.
    While I am using Date: YYYYMMDD format in flat file, which is SAP's Standard Format.
    In SDN Link: LSMW upload Sales Order using VA01/VA02     I have found that there are some date fields which are mandatory to filled. Here I have mapped
    VDATU - Requested delivery date,  BSTDK - Customer purchase order date,  PRSDT - Date for pricing and exchange rate,  BSTDK_E - Ship-to party's PO date, FKDAT - Billing Date, KORDT - Delivery Date,
    and PRGRS - Date type is Constant = D
    Can any one tell me, where is the priblem.
    With thanks,

  • Sales order: How to add pricing conditions at item level in BDC of VA01

    Hello Experts,
    Am writing BDC for sales order, in this process I need to add ITEM PRICING CONDITIONS, so, am selecting item and pressing the DOLLAR symbol button and am adding the conditions by pressing PLUS button in loop!! but am getting this erorr- Field KOMV-KMEIN (2) is not an input field!! when I execute it in we19-BACK GROUND only!! if I execute the same CODE IN we19-Fore ground, I dont have any issue!!  I checked this SDN (field status in config), Google, but did not helped me!
    Pls. let  me know is there any other way to add conditions at item level in VA01 in BDC code?
    THank you

    It is happening because the second row of the item level data screen is becoming display only. Please check whether In foreground mode you are pressing an extra enter to give data in the second row of the item level data after giving data in the first row and in BDC recording you have not recorded that 'Enter'.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi We are looking to implement JVA on our SAP system, and for this there will be requirement for a second controlling area to be created.  We see this as causing us problems regarding consolidation in BCS u2013 We were wondering if anyone knows if it

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