Sale order - Wbs element Report

Is there any report for sale order wise wbs element report.
In my sale order i will give wbs element and now i want to check "for one sale order , what are the wbs elements"

You can check the WBS for a sales order from the table view of VBAP.
The WBS field is PS_PSP_PNR.
Goto SE16 and give VBAP.
Enter your sales order number and execute. Look for your WBS elements in foeld PS_PSP_PNR for the different line items.
You can also create a quick SAP query on this.

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  • Creation of sales order/wbs element

    Hi SAP gurus,
    While creating a sales order after entering the WBS element, I am getting an error
    Profit Ctr not consistent between Plant and Material/WBS for line item 0010
    can somebody throw light and help to solve.
    Pranav shah

    Hi ,
    check the plant for your material and in your project. both should be same.

  • Travel Expenses settlements against Service Order/WBS Element/Project Ord

    Hi Experts,
    I have one req. in Travel Expenses, i.e. need to settle travel expneses against Service Order/WBS Element/Project Order.
    Can you guide me how to do this req.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hye mate,
    This is possible for sure what you need to do is to go at travel request . In travel Request there is an option of Enhanced Travel cost/ Alternative master cost center. if you click on it . you would find an option of cost assignmnet click on it
    there you would have option , like an excel sheet like fields of  the cost centre, wbs element, profit center, order number what eve is requred and save it.
    now the cot of trip would go that particulat cost center or der numbe or WBS rather then the cost center assigned at master data in ifototype 0027.
    Waqas Anwar

  • WBS Element report in both currency- Urgent

    I want to pull WBS elements report in Both USD and CAN $ together but i do not know whr to do it.
    plz tell me whr in Project System i can do this
    plz help it is very urgent

    Hi Manish,
    Use transaction code <b>CJI3</b>. When prompted, input controlling area, and on prompt for DB Profile, input <b>000000000001</b>. Input the WBS element in its field and execute. Once the report is displayed, Use the "<b>Change Layout</b>" icon to select the fields "<b>Value COCurr</b>", "<b>Value ObjCurr</b>", "<b>Value TranCurr</b>" etc. pull these across from the right hand side to the left hand side using the directional arrow. Press "Enter". The figures would now show in the report for the various currencies.
    I hope this helps.
    Do not forget to award the points please.

  • Sales Order wise contribution report

    Hi Guru's,
    I am using transaction code KVBI to get sales order wise contribution reports for make to order materials.
    Similarly, i want to have such report for male to stock strategy materials.... so can i get it?

    Thanks for reply Mr.amit,
    Before posted this thread i searched in the SDN forum i got the 2 links based on that i tried but i didn't get satisfied because why
    i am asking this report is mainly required to my client but this is report also normal for each and every manufacturing industries
    that is the reason i think it is available in Standard SAP
    and also i tried another T-Codes SAP1, SAP2 but in that also i couldn't able to find out
    please guide me how to get my report

  • Sales order delivery status report

    i have to give a report on sales order delivery status report which displays the sales order information and delivery status details. and also please let me know the tables.
    thanking you in advance.

    For the document header and document items, VBAK and VBAP, you can find the delivery status in the table VBUK and VBUP respectively.
    The fields are VBUK-LFSTK
    In VBUP, the field is VBUP-LFSTA which can take values, null, A, B, C for not relevant, Not yet processed,Partially processed and Completely processed
    Based on this, you can write your report.
    Hope this helps. You can reward if this helps.

  • Re:WBS Element Report by invoice

    the client wants to know how much he paid for a project (WBS elements) against the invoices .. How we will get standard reports only invioces particulat WBS elements

    Hi ,
    If you mean by sales invoice
    Then in CNS41 you can get report  actual cost and actual revenue against the WBS.

  • Service order - WBS element

    In Service Order,
    we are doing a settlement to WBS element.
    I want to see a report through WBS element the costs, settled through Service Orders.
    Is there any Standard report.
    Please suggest.

          If settlement is done to WBS then the cost would reflect under Actual Costs of WBS :
    Check if u can find in report :-S_ALR_87100188 or S_ALR_87013531 ..

  • Supplier Wise Booked Sale Order/Dealer Orde Report

    hello all,
    i have to take 6 monthly or Yearly based supplier wise Dealer Order/Sale Order report, so can anyone please let us know is there any standard t-code? if i go for Z report then from which tables i can get the details?
    Regards saurabh.

    supplier wise Dealer Order/Sale Order report
    If Supplier in above means Vendor and the report requirement is to link Vendor and Customer (Dealer Order / Sales order), there are no such report in Standard SAP. Standard Reports in SAP do not link procurement and sales and ideally not recommended, as it is complex to establish the logic, as to what procurement is done for which sales. Ideally Procument will be generic and not linked to single sales order.
    Please elaborate and specify what supplier wise would refer to and more descriptive requirement.
    Rajesh Banka

  • Get hierarchy of internal order / WBS element

    dear all ABAP guru,
    i have a problem to view hierarchy of internal table or WBS element,
    anyone know function module or table to view hierarchy of internal order / WBS
    many thx,

    You can also use BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN for Project/WBS for internal order  following function module can help BAPI_INTERNALORDER_GETDETAIL

  • Settlement of order -WBS Element

    Dear Experts,
    Can any one tell me what is meant by WBS element and in what scenario,PM orders settlement rule created with category as WBS.If possible tell me with any practical example.

    Budget: Amount of resources allocated under a particular head in a financial year.
    Budget Control: Having/ creating a control on the resources allocated in a financial year.
    Original Budget: The initial budget that you have allocated to a WBS element.
    Supplement of Budget: One time/ discrete increment in the original budget.
    Return of Budget: Taking out the unutilized portion of the budget.
    Transfer of Budget: Transferring the budget among two or more expense heads.
    Project Definition: A framework for a business undertaking with a fixed goal to achieve with given resources.
    The project definition contains dates and organizational information that are binding for the entire project.
    WBS Element: Individual structural element in a work breakdown structure (WBS) representing the hierarchical organization of an R/3 project. Describes either a concrete task or a partial one that can be further subdivided.
    Proposed Business Process
    Assume there are seven expense heads in maintenance department. There may be addition of expense head in near future.
    Based on the maintenance heads, maintenance department will create a project in project system. This project will be used for ‘statistical purpose’ only & will not have any financial implication.
    Upon creation of a project, WBS elements will be created as per the expense heads. So for each expense head, there will be one top level WBS element. Again these WBS elements will be divided in twelve WBS elements. These twelve WBS elements represent twelve calendar months.
    Budget will be allocated to each WBS element & the WBS element will be released from the project.
    Maintenance department will create maintenance orders as per their work requirements. These orders will be settled to cost centre, which is maintained in the settlement rule. Also WBS element will have to be mentioned in each order so that the budget control can take place. So as to capture cost from each maintenance order, the WBS element field will be made ‘mandatory field’ in maintenance order.
    So when a maintenance order is released, system will do a budget check against the WBS element mentioned. If the budget check status is OK, order is released or else it will stopped from release. If the order is stopped from release, maintenance department will have to supplement the budget. Upon supplementing, the order is released again & the maintenance cost such as, labour, material costs can be booked on the order. Again the order cost is settled to cost centre & at the same time, budget is consumed from the respective WBS element.
    Every year, maintenance department will copy the previous year’s project so as to save time & efforts to create project & WBS elements. And the maintenance department will assign the budget allocated to each WBS element in a financial year.
    It is also possible to return the unutilised budget or, transfer of budget from one WBS element to another.
    Create a project CJ20N
    Create WBS element CJ20N
    Assign Budget to WBS elementsKO22
    Display assigned Budget KO23
    Supplement Budget KO24
    Display Supplement budget KO25
    Return Budget KO26
    Display Return budget KO27
    Transfer of budget CJ34
    Hope u wull get ur answer

  • SES-WBS element report

    I want to generate a report which apart from other fields should have WBS element for the corresponding service entry sheet no.

    You may have to create your own report in SAP Query/ABAP.
    Try the logical database PSJ.

  • Sale Order # - MRP element missing in MD04

    I created an SO with a material, for which planning was not done in MRP view. Later I changed the schedule line category from CN to CP in VA02. Then MRP run is carried out for that particular plant (1001) . IN MD04, i could able to get the details of that particular SO except the MRP element Data . SO # is missing.

    Sale order no. is missing., say 3820. All the details of this SO is furnished properly in line, but the SO # column is blank. And to give you an extra detail, all other SO # for this particular material is displaying in its corresponding column.
        In my observation, if some changes (like changing the schedule line category, order reason), doing such changes effects in displaying the SO # in MD04.
        Pl do help me to display it and could anyone pl tell me what will be the reason for this blank column.

  • WBS Element report - FS

    I want to pick WBS elements with released  status only . WBS status should not be Created / Closed .
    I am getting WBS elements from Table - PRPS . Status is getting from JEST table . Still all 03 status -  WBS elements are getting picked to the report .
    Can you suggest the correct logic from correct Tables to pick - relesed WBS elements only .

    I assume you are trying to build a custom report.
    In JEST consider the field INACT (Status Inactive) and if you are looking for Status Released alone look at the WBS which has the Status I0002 and Status Inactive ' ' i.e, blank.
    In standard reports you can use/configure the status selection profile to filter out output based on statuses.

  • WBS Element report

    Hi SAPians,
    We need to create a report in reference to WBS Elements with the following format:
    WBS Unit   WBS Element    Amount in LC
    Kindly provide us the Table & Fields from the data has to be picked up.

    Done on my own.
    Thanks & Regards,

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