Sales area and sales doc

how can I configure the system where all sales document type can be allowed for all the sales area. and this means i dont require to assign sales area and sales doc type into OVAZ.

Yes, you are right.
Check the img activity documentation in SPRO under "Assign Sales area to sales doc types".
Assign Sales Area To Sales Document TypesI
n this menu option, you allocate the allowed order types to each sales area group.
You do not need to make any entries at all if all the sales order types are allowed for each of your sales areas.
If you wish to check allowed sales document types, you must set up common sales areas. This means you must define common sales organizations, common distribution channels and common divisions. If, for example, you have define common divisions, then you must also define common distribution channels and sales organizations.

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  • Sales area and sales office not displyed in bp

    Hi all,
    i'm new to crm , when i'm creating BP i'm not getting my sales area and sales office data in BP sales area data tap. Please provide me solution for this issue.
    Thanks and regards

    Hi prassana,
    Thanks for your reply. I have maintained my org model and maintained attributes, country  in org units and i have checked sales scenario bust still my sales area not determined in my bp level. i wanted to know where can i check org determination?, Please give me any another solution for this issue.
    Thanks and regards

  • Sales Area and Sales document type

    Hi Professionals,
    I like to clarify if the following is correct:
    1. Sales Area Must Be assigned  to Sales document type.

    Hi John,
    1. Sales Area Must Be assigned to Sales document type
    -as far as the logic for this goes ,
    its main relevanmce  is to limit the sales document type to the sales area is that the end user does not create a sales order ,
    for another sales area in your sales document let for ex-
    there is a sales area for whole sales and one for retail.
    now you have configurerd the ywho sales doc type for whole sales- sales area and yret for retail sales area.
    now if the user creates the ywho sales order in retail sales area there will be process related problems for despatch guys so in order to limit this error and hassle, there are the ales area specific sales document types and can be configured as earlier told by gurus
    revert if helpful
    Mohit Singh

  • Sales office and sales group are not copied from quotation to sales order

    Hi All,
    I have maintained sales office and sales group in quotation maually at header level.while  coping to sales order sales office and sales group are missing.
    Please let me know what would be reason for missing those twoand whether i should check anything in copy controls.

    As its a standard functionality to have the Sales Group & Sales Office from Quotation to Order. But in your case, check the Copy Control settings at Header Level .
    DataT 051 General header data       Copying requirements 001 Header-same customer
    DataT 101 Header business data
    DataT 001 Partner header
    In case , they are also same, then check if any Logic is added in the Existing Routine.
    Best Regards,

  • Need to know the table for sales org and sales area of role Sold-to  in CRM

    Dear Sir,
    Our server is CRM 5.0, I would like to download the data from CRM , however, I would like to know the table name which keep the sales org and sales area of role Sold-to  in T-code : BP . However, we can't find the actualty table.
    Please kindly advise.
    Thank you

    Hi Vimol,
    You can get Org details in various tables like Sales Org, Division, Distribution Channel in following tables with help of PARTNER_GUID.
    Sales :
    Billing :
    Organization :
    I think, for you Organization related table CRMM_BUT_LNK0141 would be useful.
    From this table you will get Sales Org, Division, Distribution Channel.
    And in order to get Sales Office of BP, you will get it from table CRMM_BUT_SET0140 where you can put set_guid fetched from CRMM_BUT_LNK0141
    Hope this helps....Please reward points if useful.
    Shailesh Jadhav

  • Business area and Sales organisation

    Can any 1 of u tell me the difference btw Business area and Sales organisation

    Dear Venkata Krishnan
    Business areas are primarily used to facilitate external segment reporting across company codes, covering the company's main areas of operation (product lines, branches).
    You can assign all balance sheet items, such as fixed assets, receivables, payables, and material stock, as well as the entire P&L statement directly to business areas. You can only assign banks, equity, and taxes manually to business areas indirectly. For this reason, it is not possible to create the legally-required financial statements and tax reports at business area level. Financial statements at business area level are therefore only suitable for internal reporting.
    Sales Organisation is an organizational unit subdividing an enterprise according to the requirements of Sales. It is responsible for selling materials and services.
    A sales organization can be subdivided into several distribution chains which determine the responsibility for a distribution channel.
    Several divisions can be assigned to a sales organization which is responsible for the materials or services provided.
    A sales area determines the distribution channel used by a sales organization to sell a divisionu2019s products.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Material wise Sales area and customer master

    Suppose I have a plant 4002, if i want to see all the material of plant 4002 then i can see those to following MM60 transaction code but if i want to see a particular material and that material is belongs to which sales area and which customer master then how it could be possible .

    You cannot see a material on customer basis unless it's MTO scenario, still try in t-code MB52.
    Otherwise try in table level as suggested above.
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  • Difference between business area and sales area

    I am swetha i have one doubt
    1) what is the buisiness area and what purpose we use the business area
    2)  what is sales area and what purpose we use the sales area
    3)what is the main Difference between business area and sales area.

    Business Areas in SAP are used to differentiate transactions originating from different points/lines/locations in business. Let me give some examples to elucidiate:-
    A company (say, ABC) is a huge company and has a variety of businesses under it. Let us say that it typically operates in 3 different domains like machinery manufacturing, trading and assembling of machine parts.
    There are 2 options here now -
    1. Either create different company codes for the 3 business operations (which would be the easiest and require no creativity)
    2.) Create each of these business lines into business areas (the better option).
    The advantages of using the second option is:
    1. You can use these business areas if other company codes require the same areas
    2. The configuration is simpler as in case of company code, you would require to go through the entire configuration of creating Chart of Accounts, Fiscal Year variants, posting periods variants and so on. In the business area option, you just need to attach it to the company code and the rest of the details in Business area is attached by default from the company code you are using it in.
    3. Using the options in controlling (EC-PCA, Enterprise Controlling, Profit Centre Accounting), you can even draw up Balance Sheets and PL statements for your business areas and hence this is used for management accounting in some companies (like HP, Dell, etc) when it wants to know the operating profits for different business areas/lines.
    The above was an example when the company wanted to separate entries according to the lines it operates in... the other case could be when it wants to find out profitability during its operations in cities and differentiates these cities into Business
    Business Areas are not much relevant in FI but are much more relevant in CO.
    Hope this clears.
    What is mySAP SD?
    The SAP sales and distribution is part of the logistics module that support your customers, starting from quotations, sales order and all the way towards billing the customer.  It is tightly integrated with the MM and PP functional modules.  It allows companies to input their customer sales price, check for open orders and forecast etc.
    The most important basic functional features in the sd module are:
    - Pricing                                           - Availability Check
    - Credit Management                       - Material Determination
    - Output Determination                     - Text Processing
    - Tax Determination                          - Account Determination

  • Sales Office, Sales group and Sales Area table of CRM BP

    Hello Experts
    Please give me the table name where i will get the sales office, sales group and sales area of the CRM Business Partner.
    Any pointers.

    Hi Jamal,
    You may use table CRMD_ORGMAN
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  • Sales area and Pricing

    I have an issue where we have worked with few sales areas and different pricing procedures, Now we have to bring all sales areas to one sales area and different pricing procedures to one pricing procedure.Please throw some light on this issue where I can have some solution.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Kanna Palle.
    Edited by: kanna palle

    Hi Kanna,
    In my point of view pricing are recorded in condition record.
    so if you want to combine all the pricing procedure then i dont this so this is possible.
    What you can do is create new pricing procedure and add all the condition types which are active.
    so that you can get the pricing procedure of your requirement.
    hope so this might work but i dont know how to combine pricing procedure.
    And if you want to combine your all sales area to one sales area
    then you can use combine sales organisation and combine distribution channel process.
    you need to create new sales organistion and distribution channels
    and do the assignment of both these with one division.
    then go to VOR1 and VOR2 to combine all your sales area to one sales area.
    hope so this might work for sales area combination.
    please post your reply whether it works or not.

  • Table to retrieve sales orders per sales area and BP name

    I am looking for tables or reports where I can retrieve business transactions base on per sales area and / or BP's ex. name of the BP's.
    the crmd_order_index contains BP number but it contains both header and items of the orders, is it possible to find the total amount of header grouped by BP in SAP Query ?
    Thank you.
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    Hi Jerome,
    I think you can use the table CRMD_ORDER_INDEX. Just that records that have same header and item guid are related to header and the ones that have different item guid and header guid are related to item.
    Or am I missing something?

  • Sales Office and Sales Group cannot be changed

    Hi folks,
    when i create a sales doc. based on a billing doc./sales doc.,  the sales units - sales ortgn, dist. channel, division, sales office and sales group are copied onto the newly created doc.
    Sales orgtn, distr. channel and division are coming in grey mode or in disable mode which cannot be changed.
    But Sales office and sales group are changeable..
    Is there any way to make these two fields i.e Sales Office and Sales Group  also in grey mode / disable mode or unchangeable mode.
    thanx in advance,

    hello, friend.
    try using SHD0 to create your own screen variant for the sales order.  just follow the on-screen instructions.  look for Sales Office and Sales Group (if any) and check the box making manual entries not possible.  after you save the variant, assign this to your order type and test.

  • How can we reject an already approved sales quotation and sales order

    Could anyone please tell me how can we reject an already approved sales quotation and sales order.
    Thanks and Regards

    in the document flow : i am finding documents which are given below :
    Serv. notif.      00015773                                                     
    Qt For NewConnection 20022016  23.04.08 Completed  
    Order New Connection  22460       23.04.08 Open                 
    Z New Connection  90022430   23.04.08 FI doc. not Required 
    Cancel. Invoice (S1) 90023731  19.07.08 FI doc. not required 
    I have run VF11 for document no. 90023731 .
    But when i was running VL09 i just gave the shipping point and execute the transaction.
    Then i did not find any document for that selection.
    Please guide .
    Thanks and Regards

  • How to restrict Sales office and Sales Group.

    Hi All,
    I want to restrict the users from changing the sales office and sales group in the sales order.
    Is there any standard way to achieve this or do we need to do with User exit??
    Please help.

    there is no standard settings for estrict the users from changing the sales office and sales group in the sales order
    so you have to write the logic in userexit
    DATA: lt_user_list   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tvarvc,
           lw_user_list   TYPE tvarvc,
           lr_user        TYPE RANGE OF syuname,
           lw_user        LIKE LINE OF lr_user.
    IF screen-name EQ ' VBAK-VKBUR' and   VBAK-VKGRP.
    * IF sy-tcode EQ 'VA02'.
    **Get list of users who are allowed to change SO - only they can change payment terms
         SELECT *
           FROM tvarvc
           INTO TABLE lt_user_list
          WHERE name = 'ZSD_VA02_ALLOWED'
            AND type = 'S'.
         IF sy-subrc = 0.
           LOOP AT lt_user_list INTO lw_user_list.
             lw_user-sign = lw_user_list-sign.
             lw_user-option = lw_user_list-opti.
             lw_user-low    = lw_user_list-low.
             lw_user-high   = lw_user_list-high.
             APPEND lw_user TO lr_user.
             CLEAR lw_user.
    **    If user is not in the users listed for change allowed
           IF sy-uname NOT IN lr_user.
             screen-input = 0.
             screen-input = 1.
    go to STVARV t code here you check the NAME and give the user ids who need to change

  • How to include Sales Office and Sales Group into FI report?

    I have a requirement to add Customer characteristics u201CSales Groupu201D and u201CSales Officeu201D into a FI report which is based on the InfoCube 0COOM_C02. The values that needs to be presented is actual data (Customer Master Data; NOT transactional value.
    In the DataSource u201C0COORDER_ATTRu201D, fields Sales Organization and Sales Group are present and it is brought to BW from R3. But I am not able to find the way to get the field Sales Office into SAP BW.
    I checked the extraction program for the DataSource u201C0COORDER_ATTRu201D, the fields Sales Org and Sales Group are coming from a table u201CCE41000u201D but in this particular table there is no Sales Office present.
    So can anyone guide me out in getting the Sales Office to the DataSource u201C0COORDER_ATTRu201D, or is there any way of getting it in BW directly by reading some Master Data table.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sangeeta,
    As per your statement, my understanding is that the Organization Attributes are not maintained in the Customization. If all the values are properly maintained then based on the Organization Data determination, the system would have picked up the data. You can first check the Organization Structure and see all the attributes are properly maintained or not and then check whether the Object Permitted in determination checkbox is checked. Then create a Transaction and see that all the Organization data are getting filled properly.
    Have a look at the following link for a complete guide to the Organization data determination customization.
    If the Organization data customization is not meeting your requirements then you can have a second look at the development approach. Then we can have a look at the available Objects to get the desired functionality.
    Hope this helps.

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