Sales Order and Purchase Order linkage in tables  for third party orders

Hi all ,
For third party process order s
In which table can I find the Sales order and Purchase Order linkage .

Hi Sridhar ,
Refer Table EKKN for PO and SO Linkage.
Table EBKN for PR and SO Linkage.
Ramesh Ch

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  • What are the key questions for third party order process?

    hi all,
    what type of questions can i receive for third party order process?
    pls.. do the needful
    thanks to all.

    Hi arun,
    Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales
    Customize the third party sales in summary:
    1. Create Vendor XK01
    2. Create Material – Material Type as "Trading Goods". Item category group as "BANS".
    3. Assign Item Category TAS to Order type that you are going to use.
    4. A sale order is created and when saved a PR is generated at the background 
    5. With reference to SO a PO is created (ME21N). The company raises PO to the vendor.
    6. Vendor delivers the goods and raises bill to company. MM receives the invoice MIRO 
    7. Goods receipt MIGO 
    8. Goods issue
    9. The item cat TAS or Schedule line cat CS is not relevant for delivery which is evident from the config and,   therefore, there is no delivery process attached in the whole process of Third party sales.
    10. Billing     
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Sales Order
          Order Type
          Sales org, distr chnl, div
          Sold to
          PO #
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created with a third party sales order
          Order Number
          Goto Item Overview
          Item ->Schedule Item
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created
          Key in the PR number
    SD -  3rd party sales order Assign the PR to the vendor and create PO
          Key in the PR number
          Toggle the "Assigned Purchase Requisition"
          Check the box next to the material
          Assign Automatically button
          Click on "Assignments" button
          Click on "Process assignment"
          The "Process Assignment Create PO" box , enter
          Drag the PR and drop in the shopping basket
    SD -  3rd party sales order Receive Goods
          PO Number
          DN Number
          Batch tab , click on classification
          Serial Numbers tab
          Date of Production
          Flag Item OK
          Check, just in case
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Invoice
          Invoice Date
          Look for the PO , state the vendor and the Material
          Check the box
          Clilck on "Copy"
          Purchase Order Number (bottom half of the screen)
          State the baseline date
          Simulate & Post
          Invoice Number
          *Invoice blocked due to date variance
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a delivery order
          In the order screen , go to the menu Sales Document , select "Deliver"
          Go to "picking" tab
          State the qty and save
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a billing document
          Ensure that the delivery document is correct in the
          Go to edit -> Log
    Pl. be clear on this process.
    Also understand how migo and miro are handled.
    The item categories used.
    How the company knows of the shipment of goods to the customer.
    How returns are handled.
    Hope it helps. Please reward if useful.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • Route is not considering in delivery scheduling for Third party order proce

    Hi All
    Advance thanks for your inputs
    We need to consider the route in the delivery scheduling for third party order processing..
    i have standard order (document type OR)  when i have item cat TAN its considering the route for ariving the material availability date, if it has TAS(third party) then its not considering the route......
    But we want to consider the route in deliver scheduling in case of third party order...
    kindlly pls advice..

    Hi Viven.,
                        Routes they come under normal order as we deliver the goods,but here in TAS,third party sale we are not delivering the goods,Just there is logical moment i.e MIGO,So i dont think we do routes for TAS
    Thanks & Regards

  • User Exit for third party order processes.Missing in ECC 6.

    Hi All,
    There is a user exit EXIT_SAPLJ3AM_003 which exist in 4.6C version of SAP for AFS.
    This user exit is for Third Party order processes. This is called within the include LJ3AMFD1 of the main program SAPLJ3AM.
    But this User exit is missing in ECC version of SAP for AFS.
    Could anyone please let me know how I can resolve this issue as I need this User exit for my requirement. Has SAP provided any enhancement spots for this?
    I tried to search the enhancement spots and OSS notes but couldnu2019t get any useful information.
    Please advice.

    changed our requirement

  • Integrate 'External non-SAP Purchasing Application' with SAP SD for third party purchasing/ drop shipping?

    What is the best way to integrate 'External non-SAP Purchasing Application' with SAP SD for third party purchasing/ drop shipping?
    Details about expected process Flow.
    Receive PO from customer into SAP > SAP SD creates Sales Order > ?? SAP Integrate with External non-SAP Purchasing Application to trigger purchasing > External non-SAP Purchasing Application creates PO, Ships Material to Customer Ship to address (drop ship), Sends Shipping confirmation (FCR) & Invoices to SAP> ??Receive FCR and Invoice in SAP > ?? Initiate SAP Accounts Payable (Vendor Payments) and Accounts Receivable (Customer Invoice) > ?? Update SAP SD Sales Order with shipping status>
    Questions we need to answer;
      - How to achieve '??' steps from above process.
      - What type of Master Data we will need to configure (Say Materials Item Category, Type etc.)
      - Any standards options to configure SAP SD (Type of Sales Order)
      - We certainly don’t want to trigger SAP MM Purchasing (i.e. PR, PO etc.). How can we bypass it.
      - How to make statistical receipts against sales order line items so that SO status will be updated.
      - How to receive Invoice and FCR from External non-SAP app to trigger AP and AR transactions.
      - Are there any SAP standard configurations/ BAPIs/ BADIs available to achieve this integration.
    Any inputs on above questions are appreciable.

    This question is resolved. We ended up activating purchasing module and used purchasing documents PR/ PO to integrate with third party purchasing system.

  • Incompletion for third party orders

    Hi Everybody,
    I see that the incompletion procedure config is not useful to stop third party orders(TAS items) from creating a Purchase Req if an order is incomplete for pricing. I tried flagging the 'Pricing' check in the status group definition but that didnt help either. The only option I see that is the billing document gets blocked in case of incomplete pricing in the order but we would want to set up our system to stop the purchase req itself from getting generated like it does when there is a credit block for the order.
    Unfortunately OVB5 too has a requirement only for credit block and none for pricing.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vidya Sagar

    this is to inform you that,
    this cannot be achieved with standard configuration i think so because if you keep in LOG of incompletion in sales order it will not stop creating PR.
    so this is pure development
    where you can write in user exit USER_EXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE that if the sales order item category is VBAP-PSTYV =  TAS  & schedule line category is VBEP-ETTYP then check the LOG whether the document is completed or not and if not throw an error message & stop triggering PR stating that document is incomplete.
    this triggers while saving the document.
    hope this clears your issue

  • How to code document flow for third party order

    Hi, I need to extract data from VBKD, but the creteria is document has been completed. as in third party order, it will only has sales order, purchase order no, invoice no. how to do ?
    thanks a lot! kitty

    Look at the status of the document in the table VBUK. It should give you all kinds of status - Confirmation status, Delivery status, Total goods movement status, Billing status.
    Also if you want the status at the item level you can look at the table VBUP.

  • Requirements not passing for third party orders

    Hi...I have a problem that I am hopeful there is an answer to. On the SD side we have third party orders that when entered automatically create purchase requisitions.  Previously, those requirements were passed through and were visible in MD04. 
    We are currently in the process of implementing an external planning system (not APO), however, the users made the decision that the 3rd party orders would not be planned or facilitated in the new system.  So as I set up the MRP type for external planning I have run into a problem.  For some reason I can get all requirements to show in md04 except the third party orders.  Standard OR's transfer, and I can see all other details, but the requriement for the third party order will not.  the requirements did transfer prior to the change of the MRP type.   On the order this has not impacted the schedule line category or the requirement type, so I don't see any reason from that side why they wouldn't transfer.
    Any direction on this would be appreciated.

    No, the problem is not that requisition isn't created.  The problem is that the information is not being displayed in the planning screens.  It creates the purchase requisition but you cannot see it in any of the MRP screens.  The problem is the visibility in screens like MD04.  It is true, that if the PR is created automatically then a requirement had to be transferred, but I also need to be able to see that requirement.  Thanks for clarifying.

  • Settings for third party order

           what are the settings needed for setting up third party order particularly at the schedule line level. Thanks in advance.
    sri krishna

    Dear sri krishna,
    1) the first thing would be to have the item category group at the material level as BANS which is for a third party material.
    2) Assign the item categories so that we have TAS as the item category or for a normal item have TAS as the manual item category and change it at the order level.
    3) At the schdule line level, select the required order type for purchase order which is generally NB.
    4) Select item category which says third party
    5) Select the relevant account assignment category for third party out of the selection.
    6) In the item category if you want an automatic purchase order then switch the automatic PO indicator.
    Hope the explanation helps you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • How to create Credit or Debit Memo for Third party orders

    Dear All,
    Is it possible to create Credit or Debit Memo for the Third party Orders.
    Is there any standard procedure to do that?
    Kindly explain.

      What is the scenario, why you want to create Cr/ Dr memo?
    Any credit / Debits memo to the Customer, SAP have provided the standard functionality which can be used across the different types of sales.
    - but if you are looking for issue Credit / Debit memo to the vendor which can be done using Tx: FB60
    Reazuddin MD

  • Forecast and consumption in APO for Third-party order processing

    Has anyone tried to forecast in DP for the standard 3rd party order processing process in R3? The business wants to enter a forecast in DP, Release it to SNP and do planning as though it is a normal process. They also want the sales order entered in R3 to be passed to APO and consume the forecast. But, these sales orders with schedule line category CS don't transfer requirements and hence don't get passed to APO.
    Has anyone tried any other workaround/process for this 3rd party drop ships? The standard 3rd party order process still needs to be used in R3 since it creates the Req when the sales order is entered and there is no GR on the PO nor any delivery created for the shipment to the customer. The Vendor ships the product directly to the customer and send an invoice to us. We then invoice the customer.
    Any help is appreciated.

    None of the gurus have answered to this thread.
    So let me share my experience.
    The answer to your question would be NO- Unless someone has really a workaround which I suspect.
    We did speak with SAP on the same requirement as yours and SAP came back saying NO- There is no standard SAP provided solution.
    Having Schedule line category- CS which results in a Purch Req and also passng the requirement is an impossible task through standard SAP
    I tried many ways - however in the R3 Schedule Line config, you can maintain only one of them- Either generating a requirement or a Purch Req.
    <b>The workaround which I can think of- which your company might not agree:</b>
    Maintain stock at your internal location and change the sales order type from third party processing to a standard order type.
    As you will be forecasting for these materials, the requirements and receipts can be generated far out in the future and can be passed on to the vendor who will supply you in advance.
    I know this is not an optimal solution- However I cannot think of any workaround
    Just tried offering some inputs as no one else was responding

  • Issue with purchase requisition for third party order (Item category S)

    Hello Experts,
                         When I am trying to create purchase requisition with document type NB , item category S (third party) , I am nokt able to assign source of supply as contracts.
    That means when I click on the assign source of supply button , I am seeing only info records although I have contracts cretated for that vendor/material combination.
    How can I assign contract as a source of supply instead of infor records ?
    Please help.

    You have to assign the contract in source list and make it Fix
    use ME01 transaciton to assign the contract in the source list
    and make sure that contract is release if you have release strategy activated

  • Reduction in Qty. in Exhisting PO for Third Party Orders

    Lets take up this example first, Consider a  TPO with belwo details.
    Sale Order - Third Party
    Item 1     /  Qty - 500  /  Item Cat - TAS  / Del. Date1
    Corresponding PR to this
    Purchase Order
    Item 1     /  Qty - 500  /  Item Cat - TAS  / Del. Date1 / Vendor 1
    After Placing the Order to Vendor 1 , he comes back and says he can deliver only 250 qty on Del. Date1. & remaining 250 he cannot deliver on the same date.
    And i create different new PO for the difference in qty. that is 250 to Vendor 2. who can deliver the same goods on Date1 as in the SO.
    Now if i want to update the exhisting PO which is placed on Vendor 1 by reducing the qty to 250. i am getting an error message stating " PO QTY. IS LESS THAN SO QTY".
    My question is
    1. Why cant we reduce the Qty. at PO ?
    2. If we can do that , How ?
    Thanks in Advance !!

    Hi Sridhar ,
    Refer Table EKKN for PO and SO Linkage.
    Table EBKN for PR and SO Linkage.
    Ramesh Ch

  • For third-party order related billing based on GR

    Hi Gurus,
    I have special requirement.
    In third party Processing we want to do statistical goods Goods Receipt.
    generally we do billing based on the setting in Item category TAS billing relevance "F" So system will allow billing once we do MIRO.
    Now i want to Do billing based on GRN.. is there any way for that????
    I tried with the option "G" . but it is not working. Is there any Settings i need to in Copy controls.?????
         Not relevant for billing
    A     Delivery-related billing document
    B     Relevant for order-related billing - status order qty
    C     Relevant for ord.-related billing - status target qty
    D     Relevant for pro forma
    *F     Order-related billing doc. - status according to invoice qty*
    G     Order-related billing of the delivery quantity
    H     Delivery-related billing - no zero quantities
    I     Order-relevant billing - billing plan
    J     Relevant for deliveries across EU countries
    K     Delivery-related invoices for partial quantity
    L     Pro forma - no zero quantities
    M     Delivery-related invoices-no zero qtys (incl main batch itm)
    N     Pro forma - no zero quantities (including main batch items)
    P     Delivery-related invoices for CSFG - No batch split items
    Q     Delivery-related invoices for CRM
    R     Delivery-related invoices for CRM - No zero quantities
    S     IBS-DI: Order-Related Bill. Doc. with DP w/o Billing Plan
    T     Delivery-related CRM billing with IC billing in CRM
    U     Deliv.-rel. CRM billing w. IC billing in CRM - no zero qties
    your immediate Reply will be highly appreciated .

    You can make the control setting as to whether the invoice receipt quantity or the goods receipt quantity should be relevant for billing in the copy control for billing on the item level in the billing quantity field.
    In Customizing, choose Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Billing documents -> Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents -> Copying Control: Delivery to Billing Document -> Item, then select an item category.
    Thanks & Regards

  • EDI Invoicing for Third Party orders

    I receive an invoice through EDI. the Idoc is posted using FM IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM to create the Invoice for the third party in SAP.
    Now the when the invoice price is different from standard price we need to use the standard price from SAP to post the invoice and the difference in the amount is to be booked on the price difference account.
    I have used user exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_015 to use the standard price from SAP instead of the invioce price for posting. BUT I am not able to get how should I book the price on the price difference account. Which user exit is to be used and what values are to be passed.
    Message was edited by:
            Alvaro Tejada Galindo

    this is to inform you that,
    this cannot be achieved with standard configuration i think so because if you keep in LOG of incompletion in sales order it will not stop creating PR.
    so this is pure development
    where you can write in user exit USER_EXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE that if the sales order item category is VBAP-PSTYV =  TAS  & schedule line category is VBEP-ETTYP then check the LOG whether the document is completed or not and if not throw an error message & stop triggering PR stating that document is incomplete.
    this triggers while saving the document.
    hope this clears your issue

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