Sales tax return monthly & annually

Hello all,
Can any body tell me how to process"Sales tax return monthly & annually" in SAP.

Check TCode J1I2 - Sales Tax Register .

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  • Sale tax returns

    In SAP as per indian scenario  is there any system available for Monthly sale tax returns / vat returns
    service tax returns?
    Please guide.

    S_ALR_87009909         Annual Tax Return (Belgium)     >  
    S_ALR_87009914         Annual Tax Return                  
    S_ALR_87009916         Annual Tax Return                  
    S_ALR_87009917         Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
    S_ALR_87009918         Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
    S_ALR_87012371         Annual Tax Return (Belgium)     >  
    S_ALR_87012376         Annual Tax Return                  
    S_ALR_87012378         Annual Tax Return                  
    S_ALR_87012379         Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
    S_ALR_87012380         Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors

  • Monthly Sale Tax

    Dear Sir,
    Like that we are month utilization of Excise Duty transaction J2IUN.So now my problem is how to monthly utilization of Sale Tax.

      There is no such possibility in SAP to utilize sales tax unlike monthly utilization (J2IUN)..

  • I have a new Samsung phone and I live in CT. Last month they charged me $38 on my bill for the sales tax for the new phone which was $600. I'm paying for the phone itself over 20 installments of $30 each.  Now again I'm getting that same $38 charge. I can

    I have a new Samsung phone and I live in CT. Last month they charged me $38 on my bill for the sales tax for the new phone which was $600. I'm paying for the phone itself over 20 installments of $30 each.  Now again I'm getting that same $38 charge. I can't  believe that the monthly CT tax is higher than the payment for the phone itself. Does this make sense. Last time I spoke with them on the phone it was for 1 1/4 hours for something simple. I don't want to call unless I need to. The salesman told me nothing about any of this. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    The bill from last month states:
    CT state sales tax**     $38.10
    ** In some states sales tax or surcharges are calculated on the full cost of the full retail price or VZW cost of the device you purchased and not on the discounted price you pay. The sales tax or surcharges charged on your device was based on $599.99 and appears on this first bill.
    The current bill says the same.
    Actually, now I'm realizing that last month's bill stated I was making the first payment toward the phone. Now this month also says it's the first payment toward the phone when it's really the second.

  • S_ALR_87012357 - Advance Return for Sales Tax

    Hey SAP Gurus,
    Is it possible for me to run the report "S_ALR_87012357" for a particular Business Area - right now, the report runs at the Company Code level.
    I also noticed that there is an option for "Business Place" but my country is not in the list of allowed countries to avail this feature.
    Any suggestion / solution will be greatly appreciated -

    Hi Usman,
    Find the below details.
    Implement the attached correction instructions.
    Moreover, the form for advance returns for tax on sales/purchases 2005 is different from the form in 2004:
    The key figures (tax group numbers) 54, 55, 57, and 58 have been deleted.
    The key figures 52, 53, 60, 73, 74, 84, 85 have been added.
    These key figures are also used in the electronic advance return for tax on sales/purchases. Adapt the assignments of your tax codes to the tax group numbers using the following IMG nodes:
    "Group together tax base balances"
    "Group together tax balances" and
    "Assign external tax group to internal tax group" (texts).
    You can obtain the nodes using Transaction SPRO, "SAP Customizing Implementation Guide" --> "Financial Accounting" --> "General Ledger Accounting" --> "Business Transactions" --> "Closing" --> "Reporting" --> "Sales/Purchases Tax Returns". Use the tax group version "EDCL" for the electronic advance return for tax on sales/purchases.
    Srinivas Muthyala

  • Annual FUTA Tax Return in Form 940

    Does anybody know when is SAP going to release the changes for form HR_F_940_09 for ER Annual Fed UE Tax Return. As of now the FUTA taxes are calculated based on the old rate .008 that was valid before 07/01/2011.
    Any insigths would be appreciated.

    The form is not in the tables but I dont find the form HR_F_940_11 when i goto  transaction sfp either. When did SAP release this form and can you tell me if there is a note where i can download this form from ?

  • Hello programs on sales and tax returns

    HI ,
    Can any body send sample programs of sales and tax returns of pariticular state .
    i have to use bkpf and bseg tables.

    Hi Radha
    Sales Tax is what u incur on the sales u make as in on Customers - Output Tax -
    Purchase tax is what u incur for ur vendors - Input Tax
    CIN - is specific to Country India Version
    In SAP, we first map a tax procedure to the country specifying whethere there is going to be a Jurisdiction Code or not, then we define input/output taxes in TC FTXP {in FI}; where theSD team will define a condition record mapped to an account key which they will relate to our tax code and they define condition master recd in VK11 for domestic taxes per country.
    Hope this will give u a bried idea on what u wanted to knw

  • What are UK citizens selling iBooks doing about obtaining US tax ids? (ITIN vs EIN / do you then need to send annual tax returns?)

    I'm attached these questions earlier to another thread, but think they may be located more easily if I start yet another one about this issue... PLEASE CAN I ASK EXACTLY WHAT ARE OTHERS FROM THE UK DOING?
    I'm from the UK, and am trying to wade through the messy US tax ID conundrum in order to try to sell iBooks...
    After making a 50 min call to the US yesterday, I remain completely confused!
    Apple send you to the EIN part of the US tax website, for businesses, but a lady has just gone to great lengths to explain to me why this is not for individuals, and that everyone with one must send in an annual tax return (can I ask if those of you from the UK with an EIN do this, and if not why you think we don't have to? If you do, what does it entail? She sounded like they'd be chasing these up...)
    So I'm told I instead need an individual ITIN. The main differences being that instead of getting one over the phone in 10 mins, you apply by post, it takes 6-10 weeks to get one, and you need to provide the following:
    1. A signed letter on official Apple letter headed paper (preferably hand signed by someone from Apple?) saying why you need an ITIN. (Is there a template for this somewhere, does anyone know, as this lady implied that there must be?)
    2. Either your original passport (I'm not keen on posting that to the US!), or a copy signed and verified by someone at the London US Embassy (we live nowhere near London!)
    So in short, to other UK citizens out there, HELP, what have you found to be the simplest solution to all this. (And if you have gone the EIN route, which boxes do you recommend ticking on the application form, and does this mean I would need to somehow officially register as a company in the UK?)

    UK residents DO NOT need an EIN - confirmed by the Apple Legal team. See below. Hope this helps everyone! All i needed was my IBAN...
    Dear Team,
    I'm not sure how, but when setting up my tax details on iTunes Connect i was faced with a page on which to enter my UK tax details. At the time i did not have an EIN, but now that i do i can't enter it. Please can this be entered onto my account for me?
    You do not need an EIN. Your contract is in effect, and you are ready to upload and sell books.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Best regards,
    The iTunes Store Legal Team
    1 Infinite Loop, MS: 36-4ISM/ Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
    [email protected] / Fax: 408-974-9105
    Thank you. I uploaded my first book three weeks ago and it still isn't in the stores. There is lots of confusing info on your discussion sites and even the itunes connect page says everyone must have an EIN for a paid books account. I wondered whether my first book is taking so long to publish because I had filled something in wrong? 
    Thank you
    Nothing is wrong, we just changed our policy!  So when you are an individual, NOT in the United States, you do not need an EIN.
    If you want to check up on the status of your book approval process, please email [email protected]
    Please let me know if you have any further contract questions.
    Best regards,
    The iTunes Store Legal Team
    1 Infinite Loop, MS: 36-4ISM/ Cupertino, CA 95014, USA

  • Sale tax setoff

    Hi experts
    Wt  is mean by sale tax setoff and how it is working in SD process.

    There are two types of taxes, Tax on sale or purchase within the State  (Local Sales tax i.e LST) and Tax on sale or purchase in the course of interstate trade (Central Sales Tax i.e. CST).
    Set-off is the amount of tax credit which can be claimed in the LST return. It is the tax that you have been charged on goods that you have purchased for your business. This credit can be adjusted against the LST payable on your sales, and the balance of LST has to be paid to the Government. Set-Off is claimed on monthly basis.
    In FB50 you can post the set off
    On the initial screen, enter the Document Date, Doc.Header Text, enter G/L Accounts of LST Receivable, Payable & Bank in u201CG/L acctu201D Column, Select u201CDebit or Creditu201D indicator like LST Payable as Debit, Receivable & Bank as Credit, in u201CD/Cu201D Column, enter amount in u201CAmount in doc.curr.u201D against each G/L account and press Enter , Check for Total deb. and Total cred. In Amount Information , ensure that the indicator is turned as Green  . Click on Details tab, to check the details . Click on Simulate  button, check the details and Click on Save  button.
    LST Set Off Document JV is generated.

  • Sales tax when edging up

    When I bought my first phone on Edge I paid full price sales tax. When I want to Edge up, I have to pay 50% of the cost of the phone. At that point I'm charged first month (fine) and then sales tax again for the full price of the phone. Something doesn't seem right about that. Hoping someone can explain this to me.

    When you buy a new car on credit you pay the full sales tax on the car, because the assumption is you expect you will keep the car.  However, you do have the option at any point to trade in your car (whether paid in full or not), but the car dealership/state does not prorate the sales tax based on how much of the car you actually paid off.  When you lease a car the assumption is that you do not wish to purchase the car, rather you only want to use it for a short period of time (ie a long term rental), though in most cases you have the option to buy the car if you want.  Verizon Edge assumes you seek to purchase your phone rather than lease the phone.
    Edge is simply a way for you to buy your phone on credit at 0% interest, you are not leasing your phone with the option to buy.  In fact you are purchasing your phone with the option to trade it in later if you want new tech as soon as it is available.  Verizon and all other carriers that have this type of program are trying to get us accustomed to purchasing our phones at full price.  This way over time they can do away with most if not all phone subsidies.
    If you were in fact leasing your phone, then Verizon would have placed a set of restrictions on your use of the phone that helped Verizon ensure that your phone when returned would be in like new condition and operational.  In addition, if you were leasing the phone Verizon would likely require you to purchase insurance for the phone to further protect their interests regarding the leased equipment.
    For those already in enrolled in the Edge Program be aware, in the fine print of the Edge Terms and conditions it states
    What are the eligibility requirements to Edge Up with Verizon Edge?To be eligible to Edge Up, you must:
    Back to top
    Have had your Edge phone for at least 30 days
    Have paid at least 50% of the full retail price of the phone
    Return the Edge phone in good working condition with no significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless
    What types of replacement phones will be accepted when I seek to Edge Up?When you Edge Up to a new Edge device, you must provide to Verizon Wireless one of the following in good working condition and without significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless:
    The original phone purchased under your Verizon Edge Agreement
    An authorized replacement from a valid Verizon Wireless channel (e.g., Certified Like-New Replacement, AppleCare® or a Verizon Wireless authorized insurance replacement phone)
    All that means is that Verizon does not have to grant you the option to Edge up even if your phone is 50% paid off, if your phone is not in an acceptable trade-in condition. A person in that situation would still have to continue to pay the phone off but would not be eligible to purchase another phone on Edge until that contract is paid off in full.  Just like if you trashed your car (only 50% paid) and when you went to trade it in the dealer determines it is not in a suitable condition to accept for trade in.  You will be stuck with your car (or phone) and still be required to pay it off.  In this case the dealer will (with acceptable credit check) let you finance a new car just like Verizon will allow you to add another line to you account and get a new phone on a separate Edge contract paying tax on the full retail cost of the phone.

  • A/R Installment Payments with Sales Taxes and Freight in 1st payment

    Our sales dept. wants to offer our customers Installment Payment plans (6, 12, 24 mths) for product sales which is easy enough to set up using Payment Terms and the Installment Payment flag.
    But our Accounting Dept wants to collect the Sales Taxes and Freight "up front" in the first payment.
    We do not want to use Milestone billing since Accounting wants to recognize the revenue of the sale during the month of the sale ... so a single Invoice to the customer with the Payment Plan printed on the invoice is the option they want done.
    I have not been able to find any way to set up the Installment Plan configuration to do such a thing.  The Terms of Payment refer to the total Invoice amount.
    Has anyone here be able to accomplish such configuration (without doing custom coding in a User Exit)?
    Example:  $60,000 item, %5,000 tax, $100 frieght = $65,100 total invoice.  (6 month payment plan)
       Payment #1 = $15,100
       Payment #2 = $10,000
       Payment #3 = $10,000
       Payment #4 = $10,000
       Payment #5 = $10,000
       Payment #6 = $10,000

    I have already set up the installment plan in OBB9 with 6 entries (1 - 6) for my IP Payment Term of IPM1.  I have the percentages setup as 16.67 for each of the installments and the last set at 16.65 (equaling 100%).
    The problem with Sales Tax and Freight is that you can not simply assign an arbitrary percentage to the 1st installment (for example make the 1st installment 25% and break up the remaining 5 installments fromt he other 75%).
    We need to make sure that the first Installment from the customer is for the Sales Tax, the Freight, and exactly 1/6 of the material cost (if it is a 6 month payment plan).
    I have activated User Exit EXIT_SAPLV60B_007 to intercept table generation of the installment plan that is sent to Accounting to fix this problem.  Now the Accounting document connected with the customer invoice is correct.  My next step is to fix the SmartForm print of the Installment Plan on the customer's Invoice.

  • Regarding Report for Tax Returns Details

    Dear Experts...
    to check the report of tax returns I am using "Zstar" T-code,
    i have  given the respective values i.e.,
    Company code
    Fiscal year
    Posting Period
       and then by clicking on execute i can find some values in value excluding vat, vat due (in sales) and value excluding vat ,  vat claimed( in purchases)
    My question is from where these values are picking and help me out to check effect of the related documents.
    For reference i have attached the screen shot.
    Note: i haven't maintained any values in my testing client, but i can find values in my production client.
    Thanks & Regards

    TCd. Zstar which you use is not an SAP standard transaction, as far as I know.
    So it is not possible to tell you, what data is read by the program.
    You have to check this with colleague who has done the programming.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    br erwin

  • Sales Analysis Report - Monthly report shows blank output

    When i run the Sales Analysis Report - Customer (Annual) report for a data set it shows the correct data - large number of invoices
    However, there is no output available (blank output) when i use the the Monthly version of the same report using the same parameters. Even when i am taking the widest possible range of data sets ( large date range; no properties; All customers) i am not getting any output.  I am using Individual display.
    Please help out.
    Edited by: Manish Chaturvedi on Jul 14, 2009 11:56 AM

    In sales analysis report have u given posting date for a particular month if not give and select client /customer in group and run the report u will get exactly if not then u do have any postings for a particular month and definr due date that means posting period also

  • Excise invoice and sale tax  applicable  in consignment process

    How excise invoice and sale tax  applicable  in consignment process in below stages--
    in consignment fill up,consignment issue,Return andpickup

    You have to pass JV for 50 picked up items through J1IS. For this you have to create new subtransaction type type and accordingly maintain the G/L in the tax on goods movement settings for acoount determination node.
    Sagar Wairagade

  • Company code  is not set up for electronic tax return

    hi dear
                what is the configuration of e-return salea/purchase .
    The system cannot execute the taxes on sales/purchases settlement within electronic communication with authorities.
    when i excute F.12 then message coming  Company code  is not set up for electronic tax return
    please guide me.

    if you start report via SE38. program name RFUMSV00 you can read the program documentation. In here it states what is needed:
    ...In addition, the report provides data for the electronic advance return
    for tax on sales/purchases. The administration report for electronic tax
    returns (FOT_B2A_ADMIN) then directly sends the return to your relevant
    tax authority.
    To use the electronic advance return for tax on sales/purchases, make
    the necessary settings in the screen area Posting Parameters under
    Electronic Advance Tax Return.
    For more information, see the SAP Library under Financials -> Financial
    Accounting (FI) -> Financial Accounting  General Topics -> Taxes
    (FI-AP/AR) -> Taxes on Sales/Purchases, Sales Taxes, and Additional
    Taxes -> Electronic Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases.
    Hope this gives you a beginning.

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