Same customer and supplier

If the customer and supplier is same , Can we create a link between customer and supplier through customer master? If yes where is that field in the customer master?

Go to XD02 > General Data > Control Data > Vendor.
Field is KNA1-LIFNR.
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  • Customer and supplier linkage

    Hi Friends,
    There is a requirement where my client has customer , later point of time they are also Suppliers, they want a report(Consolidated report) which can fetch both Customers and Suppliers transactions and key thing is they dont want to net off payables transactions against receivable transactions.
    Can any one please help me to know is there any report which can show both Customer and supplier transactions.

    Hi Rajesh
    The Supplier Customer Netting Report can be used to show what you want. You don't need to use for netting purposes.

  • Customer and supplier aging analysis

    How we can do the customer and supplier aging analysis?
    e,g -for more than 3 months and more than 6 months
    what are the various setting we have to do?
    Pls guide me and if there is any config doccument 
    points will be awarded

    Check this report for vendor aging analysis
    For Customer aging analysis
    Additionally  go to se38.
    Input pogram RFDOPR00
    If this not suit your requirement, develop a customized report with help of ABAPer.
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sridhar M

  • Same customer and vendor number

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question, but I'll give it a try......
    We are using BP and want to use same number for both customer and vendor. How can we achieve this?

    The synchronisation is not available in ECC 500.
    FS-BP has a synchronisation solution based on call transaction in batch-input. It should be part of the core.
    But I don't know if there was a solution to synchronize the numbers without modification.
    Anyway you can implement a BAdI in the customer master transaction to use your own numbers (CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA)
    BUT make sure the customer/vendor number will be linked to the correct address
    The saving process of the address is trigerred independantly (before or after the customer/vendor transaction is commited). As a result it is very easy to create orphaned address and loss of data accuracy for the vendor/customer.

  • Filtering Item, Customer and Supplier data on Marketing Documents

    My client has 7 franchises under one umbrella, so as their item, customer and vendor masters will be at one place in SBO. But their requirement is when specific franchise person work on marketing documents, could only be able to access its respective master data in LOV's. I filtered it through formatted search and filtering in LOV's as well but he/she can access others master data. Can anybody tell me any workaround for it?
    Thanks & regards

    Hi there!
    I am exactly in the same situation. Did you get some answers or did you find any solution about the filtering data and marketing documents?
    I try to filter some data like BP (OCRD), Sales Marketing documents & Opportunities by using the SlpCode from the OSLP table.
    I have to do as well a link between the login used and the slpcode.
    I have to do a global like by using the table OUSR (user) (link between login and slpcode).
    Any advice?
    Best regards,

  • Excisable and Non Excisable plants for the same customer and same material

    Hi All,
    We have a customer who purchases the SAME goods from two different plants, one plant is Excisable and another plant is Non Excisable. So sales area of the customer is same for both the plants. When customer buys from Excisable plant Excise Duties should applicable and when the same customer buys from Non Excisable plant Excise Duties should not be applicable. If I maintain the Excise indicator as 1 in customer's J1ID then Excise Duties are applicable for the customer from wherever he buys the goods.(If he buys the goods from Excisable and Non Excisable plants Excise Duties are flowing).
    So, my query is: if the customer buys from non-Excisable plant, Excise Duties should not flow.
    So I am planning to create a new sales org for Non Excisable plant, then the sales area of the customer will change.
    Is there any other way to over come this issue? Plz guide me.

    Dear Ramu
    My suggestion is creating a new sales organization is not  required just to fulfill this excise requirement.
    Let us assume you have two plants
    -  1000 is excisable and
    -  2000 is non excisable
    for material ABC
    Now go to J1ID, select the tab "Material and Chapter ID combination"  and maintain the excise tax indicator for plant 1000 only.
    By doing so, while creating sale order, you input the delivering plant and based on the settings you maintained in J1ID, excise duty will be determined in that sale order.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How can i clear the vendor and customer open line items at a time same vendor as a customer of the company (same vendor same customer and equal invoices )

    my vendor and customer are same . purchase invoice due100000 and sales invoice amount is also 100000 at a time with any manual action , have any setting for cleared both vendor and customer line items at a time ...........

    X Ltd. will be Vendor & Customer.
    Purchase Invoice is booked under Vendor SAP number & Sales Invoice is booked under Customer SAP number. Then you can transfer amount from Vendor to Customer or vice versa with T-code F-04.
    Then if you have transferred amount from customer to Vendor (F-04), Vendor account will have two entries Debit & Credit. Then go for clearance with T-code F-44 clear Vendor.

  • AGIS Customer and Supplier Mapping process

    Hi Folks,
    I have following doubt.
    We are using 2 ledgers( Ledger "A" and Ledger "B"). and 2 Legal entities (LE1 and LE2). So we assigned LE1 to Ledger A , LE2 to Ledger B.
    now how to Map the Out bound and Inbound transactions, which is Related to AP and AR.
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    Please review the following note in Metalink - Advanced Global Intercompany (AGIS) in Release 12 (R12) - Setup, Transaction Processing and Reports [ID 418649.1]
    That note may provide the answer to all the queries relating to AGIS.
    Thanks and Regards
    Manish Jain.

  • Table and Field for Open Order Quantity for a Customer and Material

    I created two sales orders 3 and 5 quantities, and delivered 1 qty in the second order.
    when I checked the table VBBE or VA05, I am able to see 3 and 4 qantities open.
    but I want to see the total 7 as open order qty, i.e, 3+4=7
    because both the orders are placed by the same customer and same material
    can u please tell me in which table exactly the total open order quantity for a customer and total open order quantity for a material is stored
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    U can get the information in VA05 as there are columns like confirmed quantity and order quantty and status. U can use  summation button (add upto values) to get required information.

  • I am changing from Word to Pages. I have created my custom template with all my styles etc and that is what comes up when I go for a New Document. Fine. How do I get it to use the same Custom Template when I use Pages to open a Word document?

    I am changing from Word to Pages. I have created my custom template with all my styles etc and that is what comes up when I go for a New Document. Fine. How do I get it to use the same Custom Template when I use Pages to open a Word document?

    The template is a document in itself, it is not applied to an existing document whether it is a Pages document or a Word document converted to a Pages document.
    You would need to either copy and paste content, using existing styles, or apply the styles to the converted Word document.
    You can Import the Styles from an existing document and those imported Styles can be used to override the current document's styles:
    Menu > Format > Import Styles
    The process is simplified if the styles use the same names, otherwise you will need to delete the style you don't want and replace it with the one that you do want when asked, then the substitution is pretty straightforward.

  • Same Business Partner as Customer and vendor

    Hi All
       I have a scenerio where same BP is both my customer and vendor . I make purchases and sales both with the same. I want to have single account for the BP ie All transactions should reflect in the same BP card. How can I achieve this thing in SAP B1.

    Hi Vijay,
    This facility is not available in sap b1.  You have maintain two different business partners seperately.
    Venkatesan G.

  • Bpartner - Link between customer and vendor if its the same face

    As I understood the primary idea to keep all business partners together is to make a link between differant roles of the same partner (like link customer and vendor if its the same face). Please correct me if I am wrong.
    The questions is : how this link is done in CRM (how the customer is linked to vendor if its the same face).
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    no answer

  • How can i define the same business partner as Vendor and Customer and link between them

    Hello Professionals,
    I want to define the same business partner as customer and vendor and link between them,
    How can i do this in SAP B1?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Karem
    Our Account People doing like this only in my company. 
    If you Raise A/R Invoice means customer list only show in Business Partner List.
    If you Raise A/P Invoice means Vendor list only show in Business Partner List
    We Follow different Code for Customer and Vendor as show below.
    for Vendor  = Code Starts with V0001
    for Customer = Code Starts With C0001
    With Regards

  • Same Custome HR infotype twice once without namespace and with namespace

    Hello all i just want to know can we create same custom infotype (eg 9060) two times once with namespace (eg /companyname/9060) and also withoutname space (eg 9060).
    those who dont know what is namespace, we can reserve a namespace in accordance with SAP so that we can develop all our development component in ourname space instead of initiating with Z or Z. it starts with "/"  (eg "/namespace name/ object name")
    I tried it but Infotype attributes are same for both infotype but i have different other components eg. DDIC structurea and table name and screen name. i also tried to see in PA30 after creating it but it not able to see 2 infotype infact 1 only.
    So my question is it possible to create Custome infotype twice once without namespace and also with namespace???
    Any reply will be appreciated.

    Well i am able to create two infotype component but when i am trying to access them then i am getting on first on. explaination below will give  u more light
    Infotype without namespace : 9060
    other component:
    Infotype with namespace : 9060
    But i dont need frontend of infotype so i am still confused can i go with this or not.
    the requirement arises as we developed an package previously with infotype without namespace but ow we have our own namespace and want to transfer all the stuff to our namespace.

  • Customer and Vendor are same

    Hi All,
    We have a scenario where vendor is also a customer.
    i have entered customer in vendor master  and vice versa.
    And also i have clearing with vendor in customer master and vice versa.
    But i have posted an entry
    Posting key 21-vendor
    posting key 50-revenue
    but i am unable to see the open item in FBL1N and FBL5N by selecting the customer items and vendor items respectively instead of normal items,
    Did i miss anything?

    It is but obvious that it will not show in FBL5N as it is customer balances.
    u have posted a vendor transaction so in FBL1N u will be able to see.
    the logic is to clear the open item and present a summeried balance whether to take or pay..
    but the proecedure is in both the master books say customer and vendor its appearing as a seperate entitiy with sepearate numbers.
    so it has seperate balances too when taken as a customer and vendor. in this it will not show u balance in customer balance.
    but when u try to clear the open items at that time it will reflect the total means what is to be pain and wht has to be collected &(-) get adjusted and u need to make payment or collect the balancing amount.
    this is the logic for the configuration u made. so system is behaving in right manner.
    please assign points if helpful.

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