Hi GURU`s,
  My Self Tirupati.A   2 + years core Knowledge and hands on Experience in Oracle Database, i.e Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g with RAC Production db`s environment. Now last week i join one of TOP 5 MNC in India. But my profile on SAP BASIS (System Administrator) + Database admin. am getting traning from my company on SAP BASIS. But am so confuse and tension for this profile. Can any one advice me for this same plz.
If any one have good docs for SAP BASIS so plz forward me on [email protected] ..
awaiting for your golden advice.

hi Thriupathi,
welcome to SAP world and SDN.
Before you post questions, please search the Forum, Weblogs, and documentation.
Regarding your SAP Basis role, there is already a thread running.  SAP Basis roles

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  • SAP ALL profile except BASIS

    Hi all,
    I need to found a standard SAP ALL profile who has all autorithations except the basis (workbench, etc).
    Anyone knows the name for assing it?
    Thanks in advance, regards

    Hi Fredrico,
    Check if the profile Z_ANWEND helps your cause. .
    Z_ANWEND: All user authorizations (excluding BC system). You can directly assign the profile to the users.
    If you want to go for role option then create a role. The under authorization tab select EXpert mode for profile generation. Then from menu bar choose
    Edit->Insert Authorization->From profile.
    The generate the profile of this role and assign it to users.
    and give the profile Z_ANWEND. Then generate the profile for this role and assign it to the users. Personally I would prefer the role option.
    Please award points if the answer was useful.

  • Problem in importing SAP Exchange profile (BASIS settings) - Urgent

    I am currently facing problem in importing SAP Exchange profiles manually.
    When i enter into http://<J2EE_host>:<J2EE_port>/exchangeProfile with username as PISUPER, the page is getting loaded but
    <b>1.</b>it shows a error message stating, Name or password is incorrect
    <b>2</b>. When i ignore that error and proceed with the connections tab to edit the server settings, i cannot set the password for PILDUSER. It again says, Name or Password is incorrect..
    What could be the reason for these errors. Please help me... This is very urgent....
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for your response guys. I checked for PISUPER and PILDSUPER in SU01 and checked for lock but it shows an error message saying User doesnot exist.
    Kindly let me know how to procced on in this case.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Generation of SAP BASIS 7.10 USERDETAILS failed

    Hello to all,
    i hope anybody can help me. I have installed a new MI 7.10 and patched it to Lvl. 7 (ABAP and BASIS).
    Then i tried to do all the necessary steps for administration as they are described in
    But whenever i came to the step Downloading Details into User-Details Data Object the step failed. Now i searched this forum and found that i have to generate the Data Object USERDETAILS in the SWKV SAP BASIS 7.10. This step also fails with an error message 'Attribute RFC_DEST already exists' and the backend Adapter USER_DET_BA is not generated.
    Anyone an idea how to solve this problem?
    Best regards,

    Dear Mathias,
    You have to do the step with the RFC Destination created. Did you select the load type as Initial Download? (Edited to contain the word Download)
    Did you check out the  following notes for SP07: 1263664, 1268773. Please make sure that you apply all the compulsory notes.
    Also try restarting the server and trying the step again.
    Also, just as a confirmation, are you doing it from the client you created or client 000. Are the general post installtion stms, initial profiles done?
    Edited by: Veeraraagavan R on Jan 9, 2009 9:05 PM

  • SAP System Profile directory not being created on windows

    I am not SAP Basis person , but am trying to Install SAP Solution Manager 7.0 , IDES ECC 6.0 and SAP PI 7.1 as sandboxes.
    {Windows 2003 / Oracle 10}
    I am using ORACLE RDBMS 10.2 and its PATCH   On trying to install Dialog Instance ( Softeare Life cycle Options > Application Server > Oracle > Dialog Instance, It asks for the profile directory as its seeking the file "default.pfl"
    It suggests that its path as
    However default.pfl file exists no where on my computer , and more imortantly the shared folder sapmnt does not even exist on my system.
    Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong  Am I doing a wrong installation right at the RDBMS instalation stage ? I also tried to install ECC 6.0 as it seemed to have the same RDBMS base files . However in ECC 6.0 installation I encounted the same issue. 
    Thanks in advance

    First thing is that you have to go through the master guide and the installation guide to understand the systems in SAP before starting the installation.
    The issue here is that you have no idea of a dialog instance and trying to install that without a central instance in place.
    I would suggest you to go through the master and installation guides and understand the different systems and fulfil all the recommended prerequisites and then start installing the SAP systems.
    Varadharajan M

  • SAP BASIS user maintenace

    i am madan, i am new for this SAP Basis,
    please give me details regarding SAP User maintenance, relvant T-codes and process or navigation steps required.
    thanks and regards

    Hi madan
    helpful tcodes for User maintenance
    SU03                 Maintain Authorizations            
    SU05                 Maintain Internet Users            
    SU1                  Maintain Own User Address          
    SU10                 User Mass Maintenance              
    SU12                 Mass Changes to User Master Records
    SU2                  Maintain Own User Parameters       
    SU20                 Maintain Authorization Fields      
    SU21                 Maintain Authorization Objects     
    SU22                 Auth. Object Usage in Transactions 
    SU24                 Auth. Obj. Check Under Transactions
    SU25                 Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator 
    SU26                 Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator 
    SU3                  Maintain Users Own Data            
    SU50                 Maintain Own User Defaults         
    SU51                 Maintain Own User Address          
    SU52                 Maintain Own User Parameters       
    SU53                 Evaluation of Authorization Check  
    SU55                 Call the Session Manager menus     
    SU56                 Analyze User Buffer                
    SU80                 Archive user change documents      
    SU81                 Archive user password change doc.  
    SU82                 Archive profile documents          
    SU83                 Archive authorization docs.        
    SU84                 Read Archived User Change Documents
    SU85                 Read Archived Password Change Doc. 
    SU86                 Read Profile Change Documents          
    SU87                 Read Authorization Change Documents    
    SU96                 Table maint.: Change SUKRIA            
    SU97                 Table maint.: Display SUKRIA           
    SU98                 Call Report RSUSR008                   
    SU99                 Call report RSUSR008                   
    SUB%                 Internal call: Submit via commnd fld   
    SUCH                 Translatability CHECKs                 
    SUCOMP               User company address maintenance       
    SUCU                 Table authorizations: Customizing      
    SUGR                 Maintain User Groups                   
    SUGRD                Display user groups                    
    SUGRD_NAV            Display User Groups                    
    SUGR_NAV             Maintain User Groups                   
    SUIM                 User Information System          
    regards / Jayaraman Krishnamurthy

  • Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call

    Hi All,
    Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call
    we got the following error message in the syslog of the WAS:
    SAP Basis System: Operating system call  recv failed (error no. 10054)
    The system still works. What can we do?
    Best Regards,

    Please check the folloiwng notes
    Error no. 10054
    34116 - Syslog: "Operating System call xxxx failed"

  • Error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite

    Hi Gurus,
    I am getting error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite on my laptop. I trying to install this version under Windows Xp. I tried so many times to rectify this error but no use. i followed the instruction in the readme file.The error is below in quote.
    "InstController MakeStepsDeliver:108 connection to GUI of installation tool has been cut  off.Installation has been stopped."
    your help very much appreciated...

    is win xp supported for mini sap 46d?
    -> try netweaver 2004s instead ...
    GreetZ, AH

  • Dependencies between the SAP R/3 Plug-In (PI) and the SAP Basis Plug-In (PI

    Hi All,
    SAP declare:
    "SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package 10 for SAP R/3 Plug-In 2004.1 (scheduled for delivery in November 2005) will require SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1"
    I have an R/3 4.6c with PI 2004.1 and a BW 3.0B with PI_BASIS 2003.1.
    <b>Why using a mistake combination I work right?
    Are there some restriction using this combination?</b>
    Davide Ivanov
    [email protected]

    Within SAP R/3 Enterprise, the SAP Basis Plug-In is a prerequisite for the SAP R/3 Plug-In, and both components always have to have the same release level, e.g. PI 2004_1 and PI_Basis 2004_1. When planning an upgrade for the SAP R/3 Plug-In within SAP R/3 Enterprise, you have to upgrade the SAP Basis Plug-In as well. As of SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1, the releases will no longer need to correspond. However, the SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package for  PI 2004.1, which contains new interfaces, will still require a specific SAP Basis Plug-In. SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package 10 for SAP R/3 Plug-In 2004.1 requires SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1. ...

  • Queries related to sap Basis.

    Dear  All
                     Can any body tell me queries related to sap Basis.
                     Which data sources need to be installed and what are the cubes and dso's  which gives information related to SAP BASIS.

    It might not be installed in ur system Thats y u are unable to find.
    Goto rsa1->BI Content ->Infoproviders by infoareas....There u shall find 0DBH infoarea. It is Database performance.
    In my client Basis people are using some of the cubes from this infoarea.
    But datasources are generic.
    Hope this helps.


    I am a network professional working in the past 20 years supporting Novell and Microsoft OS and applications. Now I am looking for a path to start a different career.
    I have chosen SAP system to start the new career, but I got many questions because its career options (many of them) and after get some information from a friend of mine that has been working as SAP Consultant since long back, I am thinking about SAP BASIS career.
    Does someone could let me know if SAP Netwaver training are the correct path to start SAP BASIS career?
    Does someone has idea about the salary average for SAP BASIS professionals?
    Does someone has information about how this role is going on the job market in Canada?
    Thank you.

    visit SAP education site -
    required courses for SAP Basis are:
    ABAP Administration:
    ADM100 – ABAP Administration
    ADM102 – AS ABAP – Administration II
    Database: One of the database course (oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, Maxdb etc)
    For example:
    ADM505 – Database Administration Oracle I
    ADM506 – Database Administration Oracle II
    Portal (JAVA)
    ADM200 – AS Java 7.0x – Administration
    Solution manager:
    SM100 – SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations
    Not all these courses are required if you have some experience in SAP Basis module. If you are fresher and then I would suggest go through these. The java / solution manager documentation you can find on the
    The companies will have installation of combination : ABAP, ABAP+java, only java etc...

  • Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - Basis

    Hello All,
    Can some one tell me
    Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - Basis

    As such there is forum which is dedicated to basis. But there are number of forum where you can post issues depending upon what type of issue you have e.g.
    If you have issue related to database then you can post in SAP on Oracle, SAP on DB6, SAP on MaxDB etc.
    If it is related to OS then SAP on Unix, SAP on window etc.
    If it is related to ERP/EHP upgrade then SAP ERP 6.0 upgrade, Enhancement Package installation.
    If its related to netweaver then on SAP Netweaver administrator, SAP netweaver platform.

  • Configuring Outgoing Email in SAP Basis Services

    Hi gurus
    Can any body tell me the step by step procedure for how to configure outgoing Email in SAP basis services
    Thanks and regards
    S.Satyanarayana Raju

    Hi Satya,
    U can configure out going mails from your SAP system by using SMTP.
    have a look on the below link.. u can get complete picture of the mail configuration.
    they have explained every thing clearly there and also have a look on the below note.
    SAP Note 1205132 - Configure SMTP Destination to use multiple email servers
    Cheers and have fun.

  • SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Dear Gurus,
    We have ECC 6.0 on DB2 9.1 fp 5 on windows 2003.
    I am getting this error in syslog.
    SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Thanks for reply
    This is the log in SM21.
    Can you tell me how to do this in sap or database level.
    When the update data is reorganized, it deletes inconsistent
    (incomplete) update requests. While one user is carrying out a
    transaction, the the update data is often in a state of incompletion.
    When the transaction is completed and the update begun, the data becomes
    complete. If the data is reorganized in productive operation, temporary
    inconsistencies may get deleted. A data inconsistency with incomplete
    data can therefore arise.
    Reorganize the update tables only where there are no users logged onto
    the system.

  • SAP-Basis System: 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile

    Dear Gurus,
    I am getting this error in syslog in MMC for ECC 6.0 on windows with db2.
    SAP-Basis System: > 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust.

    can you look at this

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