SAP-Basis System: 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile

Dear Gurus,
I am getting this error in syslog in MMC for ECC 6.0 on windows with db2.
SAP-Basis System: > 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust.

can you look at this

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  • Basis System: 2 possible network problems detected - check tracefile

    Hi Experts,
    I have installed a a Netweaver 7.01 when i start the server throught MMC
    first the dispatcher show the message as unable to reach teh message server
    but where as message server is running successfully.
    after few seconds it shows the status Stopped
    Below is my trace please help me to solve this issue.
    trc file: "dev_disp", trc level: 1, release: "700"
    sysno      00
    sid        NSP
    systemid   560 (PC with Windows NT)
    relno      7000
    patchlevel 0
    patchno    95
    intno      20050900
    make:      multithreaded, ASCII, optimized
    pid        3892
    Wed Jan 14 05:46:37 2009
    kernel runs with dp version 224(ext=109) (@(#) DPLIB-INT-VERSION-224)
    length of sys_adm_ext is 360 bytes
    SWITCH TRC-HIDE on ***
    ***LOG Q00=> DpSapEnvInit, DPStart (00 3892) [dpxxdisp.c   1239]
         shared lib "dw_xml.dll" version 95 successfully loaded
         shared lib "dw_xtc.dll" version 95 successfully loaded
         shared lib "dw_stl.dll" version 95 successfully loaded
         shared lib "dw_gui.dll" version 95 successfully loaded
         shared lib "dw_mdm.dll" version 95 successfully loaded
    rdisp/softcancel_sequence :  -> 0,5,-1
    use internal message server connection to port 3900
    Wed Jan 14 05:46:39 2009
    WARNING => DpNetCheck: NiHostToAddr(www.doesnotexist0121.qqq.nxst) took 2 seconds
    Wed Jan 14 05:46:44 2009
    WARNING => DpNetCheck: NiAddrToHost( took 5 seconds
    ***LOG GZZ=> 2 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust the DNS settings [dpxxtool2.c  5355]
    MtxInit: 30000 0 0
    DpSysAdmExtInit: ABAP is active
    DpSysAdmExtInit: VMC (JAVA VM in WP) is not active
    DpIPCInit2: start server >Veeru_NSP_00                            <
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_adm)          6328     (904)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(tm_adm)          3605136     (17936)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_ca_adm)          1200     (60)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(appc_ca_adm)     1200     (60)
    DpCommTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=500/8/528040/528048
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(comm_adm)          528048     (1048)
    DpSlockTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/fiSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0/0
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(slock_adm)          0     (96)
    DpFileTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(file_adm)          0     (72)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(vmc_adm)          0     (1280)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(wall_adm)          (22440/34344/56/100)
    DpShMCreate: sizeof(gw_adm)     48
    DpShMCreate: SHM_DP_ADM_KEY          (addr: 04ED0040, size: 4205552)
    DpShMCreate: allocated sys_adm at 04ED0040
    DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm at 04ED1A28
    DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm_list at 04ED32E0
    DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm at 04ED3310
    DpShMCreate: allocated wp_ca_adm at 052435A0
    DpShMCreate: allocated appc_ca_adm at 05243A50
    DpShMCreate: allocated comm_adm at 05243F00
    DpShMCreate: system runs without slock table
    DpShMCreate: system runs without file table
    DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm_list at 052C4DB0
    DpShMCreate: allocated gw_adm at 052C4DF0
    DpShMCreate: system runs without vmc_adm
    DpShMCreate: allocated ca_info at 052C4E20
    DpShMCreate: allocated wall_adm at 052C4E28
    MBUF state OFF
    DpCommInitTable: init table for 500 entries
    Wed Jan 14 05:46:50 2009
    EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).
    MM global diagnostic options set: 0
    <ES> client 0 initializing ....
    <ES> InitFreeList
    <ES> block size is 1024 kByte.
    Using implementation view
    <EsNT> Memory Reset disabled as NT default
    ERROR => <EsNT> NTGetBaseAddress failed, no free region [esnti.c      1450]
    Error 15 while initializing OS dependent part.
    ERROR => DpEmInit: EmInit (1) [dpxxdisp.c   9556]
    ERROR => DpMemInit: DpEmInit (-1) [dpxxdisp.c   9485]
    DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpSapEnvInit: DpMemInit
    increase tracelevel of WPs
    NiWait: sleep (10000ms) ...
    NiISelect: timeout 10000ms
    NiISelect: maximum fd=1
    NiISelect: read-mask is NULL
    NiISelect: write-mask is NULL
    Wed Jan 14 05:47:00 2009
    NiISelect: TIMEOUT occured (10000ms)
    dump system status
    Workprocess Table (long)               Tue Jan 13 21:47:00 2009
    No Ty. Pid      Status  Cause Start Err Sem CPU    Time  Program  Cl  User         Action                    Table
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    0 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    1 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    2 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    3 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    4 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    5 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    ERROR => DpRqTxt: bad rqtype -1 [dpxxrq.c     785]
    6 ?         -1 Free          no      0   0             0                                                             
    Dispatcher Queue Statistics               Tue Jan 13 21:47:00 2009
    max_rq_id          0
    wake_evt_udp_now     0
    wake events           total     0,  udp     0 (  0%),  shm     0 (  0%)
    since last update     total     0,  udp     0 (  0%),  shm     0 (  0%)
    Dump of tm_adm structure:               Tue Jan 13 21:47:00 2009
    Term    uid  man user    term   lastop  mod wp  ta   a/i (modes)
    Workprocess Comm. Area Blocks               Tue Jan 13 21:47:00 2009
    Slots: 20, Used: 0, Max: 0
    NiWait: sleep (5000ms) ...
    NiISelect: timeout 5000ms
    NiISelect: maximum fd=1
    NiISelect: read-mask is NULL
    NiISelect: write-mask is NULL
    Wed Jan 14 05:47:05 2009
    NiISelect: TIMEOUT occured (5000ms)
    DpHalt: shutdown server >Veeru_NSP_00                            < (normal)
    Switch off Shared memory profiling
    ShmProtect( 57, 3 )
    ShmProtect( 57, 1 )
    DpWakeUpWps: wake up all wp's
    Stop work processes
    Terminate gui connections
    wait for end of work processes
    not attached to the message server
    cleanup EM
    EsCleanup ....
    EmCleanup() -> 0
    Es2Cleanup: Cleanup ES2
    Wed Jan 14 05:47:06 2009
    ***LOG Q05=> DpHalt, DPStop ( 3892) [dpxxdisp.c   10333]
    Good Bye .....

    Hi Eric,
    Actually in my NSP_DVEBMS00_VEERU thePHYS_MEMSIZE  is set to 128
    Do i need to change in the here below file.....:
    If yes wht shall i change it to ?
    SAPSYSTEM = 00
    DIR_CT_RUN = C:\SAP\NSP\SYS\exe\run
    Instance runs without sapmnt saploc shares
    DIR_GLOBAL = C:\SAP\NSP\SYS\global
    PHYS_MEMSIZE = 128
    rdisp/wp_no_dia = 3
    rdisp/wp_no_btc = 1
    icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=80$$
    SAP Messaging Service parameters are set in the DEFAULT.PFL
    ms/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=81$$
    rdisp/wp_no_enq = 1
    rdisp/wp_no_vb = 1
    rdisp/wp_no_spo = 1
    rdisp/enqname = Veeru_NSP_00
    rdisp/myname = Veeru_NSP_00
    abap/buffersize = 100000
    alert/MONI_SEGM_SIZE = 0
    enque/table_size = 2000
    rspo/local_print/method = 2
    rsdb/ntab/entrycount = 5000
    rsdb/ntab/ftabsize = 3000
    rsdb/ntab/sntabsize = 100
    rsdb/ntab/irbdsize = 1000
    rsdb/cua/buffersize = 500
    rsdb/obj/buffersize = 2048
    rsdb/obj/max_objects = 500
    rsdb/otr/buffersize_kb = 1000
    rsts/ccc/cachesize = 6000000
    rtbb/buffer_length = 500
    rtbb/max_tables = 50
    sap/bufdir_entries = 200
    zcsa/installed_languages = ED
    zcsa/presentation_buffer_area = 350000
    zcsa/calendar_area = 300000
    zcsa/table_buffer_area = 3000000
    zcsa/db_max_buftab = 500
    ztta/roll_area = 1000000
    ztta/diag_area = 128000
    ztta/dynpro_area = 150000
    ztta/cua_area = 250000
    rdisp/PG_SHM = 100
    rdisp/ROLL_SHM = 100
    rdisp/autoabaptime = 0
    rdisp/bufrefmode = sendoff,exeoff
    rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no = 20
    rdisp/appc_ca_blk_no = 20
    rdisp/max_wprun_time = 300
    icm/min_threads = 5
    icm/max_threads = 10
    icm/max_conn = 20
    icm/host_name_full = localhost
    mpi/total_size_MB = 10
    auth/new_buffering = 1
    sapgui/user_scripting = TRUE
    ssf/name = SAPSECULIB
    ssf/ssfapi_lib = $(DIR_CT_RUN)\sapsecu.dll
    sec/libsapsecu = $(DIR_CT_RUN)\sapsecu.dll
    login/create_sso2_ticket = 2
    login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1
    login/ticket_only_to_host = 1
    rsdb/dbid = NSP
    dbs/ada/schema = SAPNSP

  • LOG GZZ= 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust the DNS settings

    Hello Experts,
    After the last Windows 7 patch install I have a problem with my NW ABAP Trial 70206 64Bit Version.
    When I start the server through MMC it becomes yellow after that green and yellow again.
    Please help,
    I attached dev_disp, dev_icm, dev_ms, dev_w0

    trc file: "dev_w0", trc level: 1, release: "720"
    *  ACTIVE TRACE LEVEL           1
    M sysno      00
    M sid        NSP
    M systemid   562 (PC with Windows NT)
    M relno      7200
    M patchlevel 0
    M patchno    46
    M intno      20020600
    M make       multithreaded, Unicode, 64 bit, optimized
    M profile    \\HOME1\sapmnt\NSP\SYS\profile\NSP_DVEBMGS00_HOME1
    M pid        6668

    M Mon Apr 14 16:30:49 2014
    M  kernel runs with dp version 125000(ext=118000) (@(#) DPLIB-INT-VERSION-125000-UC)
    M  length of sys_adm_ext is 588 bytes
    M  ***LOG Q0Q=> tskh_init, WPStart (Workp. 0 6668) [dpxxdisp.c   1314]
    I  MtxInit: 30000 0 0
    M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: ABAP is active
    M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: VMC (JAVA VM in WP) is active
    M  DpIPCInit2: read dp-profile-values from sys_adm_ext
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_adm) 31696 (2264)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(tm_adm) 5517056 (27448)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_ca_adm) 64000 (64)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(appc_ca_adm) 64000 (64)
    M  DpCommTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=500/16/584064/584080
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(comm_adm) 584080 (1144)
    M  DpSlockTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/fiSize/tableSize=512/48/65600/90416/156064
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(slock_adm) 156064 (104)
    M  DpFileTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=2800/16/268864/268880
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(file_adm) 268880 (80)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(vmc_adm) 30128 (2152)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wall_adm) (41664/36752/64/192)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(gw_adm) 48
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(j2ee_adm) 3936
    M  DpShMCreate: SHM_DP_ADM_KEY (addr: 000000000DCB0050, size: 6812336)
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated sys_adm at 000000000DCB0060
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm_list at 000000000DCB3030
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm at 000000000DCB3220
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm_list at 000000000DCBAE00
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm at 000000000DCBAE50
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_ca_adm at 000000000E1FDD60
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated appc_ca_adm at 000000000E20D770
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated comm_adm at 000000000E21D180
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated slock_adm at 000000000E2ABB20
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated file_adm at 000000000E2D1CD0
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm_list at 000000000E313730
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm at 000000000E3137E0
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated gw_adm at 000000000E31ADA0
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated j2ee_adm at 000000000E31ADE0
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated ca_info at 000000000E31BD50
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wall_adm at 000000000E31BD70
    M  DpCommAttachTable: attached comm table (header=000000000E21D180/ft=000000000E21D190)
    M  DpSesCreateTable: attached session table at 0000000002BD0050 (len=161328)
    M  DpRqQInit: use protect_queue / slots_per_queue 0 / 2001 from sys_adm
    M  rdisp/queue_size_check_value :  -> on,50,30,40,500,50,500,80
    X  EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).
    X  MM global diagnostic options set: 0
    X  <ES> client 0 initializing ....
    X  Using implementation view
    X  <EsNT> Using memory model view.
    M  <EsNT> Memory Reset disabled as NT default
    X  ES initialized.

    M Mon Apr 14 16:30:50 2014
    M  DpVmcSetActive: set vmc state DP_VMC_ENABLED
    M  DpVmcSetActive: set vmc state DP_VMC_ACTIVE
    M  DpVmcInit2: o.k.
    M  ThStart: taskhandler started
    M  ThInit: initializing DIA work process W0

    M Mon Apr 14 16:30:52 2014
    M  ThInit: running on host HOME1

    M Mon Apr 14 16:30:53 2014
    M  calling db_connect ...
    B  create_con (con_name=R/3)
    B  Loading DB library 'C:\usr\sap\NSP\DVEBMGS00\exe\dbsdbslib.dll' ...

    B Mon Apr 14 16:30:54 2014
    B  Library 'C:\usr\sap\NSP\DVEBMGS00\exe\dbsdbslib.dll' loaded
    B  Version of 'C:\usr\sap\NSP\DVEBMGS00\exe\dbsdbslib.dll' is "720.00", patchlevel (0.45)
    B  New connection 0 created

    C  DBSDBSLIB : version 720.00, patch 0.045 (Make PL 0.46)
    C  MAXDB shared library (dbsdbslib) patchlevels (last 10)
    C    (0.045) Unknown primary key (note 1459400)
    C    (0.039) Define your own command buffersize (note 1340617)
    C    (0.031) Dbm commands support added (note 1420733)
    C    (0.027) Count of records for bulk insert optimized (note 1340617)
    C    (0.021) Connect with special xuser key (note 1390464)
    C    (0.018) Error handling for external update statistics changed (note 1340617)
    C    (0.018) Dbsl procedure to update datasource information (note 1340617)
    C    (0.015) Special describe handling on MaxDB systemtables (note 1382175)
    C    (0.013) Possibility to disable UPSERT statements (note 1340617)
    C    (0.013) Check for external update statistics changed (note 1340617)

    C  Loading SQLDBC client runtime ...

    C Mon Apr 14 16:30:56 2014
    C  SQLDBC Module  : C:\sapdb\clients\NSP\pgm\libSQLDBC77.dll
    C  SQLDBC SDK     : SQLDBC.H  7.7.4    BUILD 009-123-173-450
    C  SQLDBC Runtime : libSQLDBC 7.8.1    BUILD 014-121-233-288
    C  SQLDBC client runtime is MaxDB CL 233288
    C  SQLDBC supports new DECIMAL interface : 1
    C  SQLDBC supports VARIABLE INPUT data   : 1
    C  SQLDBC supports VARIABLE OUTPUT data  : 1
    C  SQLDBC supports Multiple Streams      : 1
    C  SQLDBC supports LOB LOCATOR COPY      : 1
    C  SQLDBC supports BULK SELECT with LOBS : 1
    C  INFO : SQLOPT= -I 0 -t 0 -S SAPR3
    C  Try to connect (DEFAULT) on connection 0 ...
    C  Attach to SAP DB : Kernel    7.8.01   Build 014-121-233-288
    C  Database release is SAP DB
    C  INFO : Database 'NSP' instance is running on 'HOME1'

    C Mon Apr 14 16:30:57 2014
    C  DB supports UPSERT SQL syntax : 1
    C  DB supports new EXPAND syntax : 1
    C  DB supports LOB locators      : 1
    C  DB uses MVCC support          : 0
    C  DB max. input host variables  : 2000
    C  INFO : SAP DB Packet_Size = 131072
    C  INFO : SAP DB Min_Reply_Size = 4096
    C  INFO : SAP DB Comm_Size = 126976
    C  INFO : DBSL buffer size = 126976
    C  INFO : SAP DB MaxLocks = 300000
    C  INFO : Connect to DB as 'SAPNSP'
    C  Command info enabled
    C  Now I'm connected to MaxDB
    C  00: HOME1-NSP, since=20140414163056, ABAP= <unknown> (0)
    B  Connection 0 opened (DBSL handle 0)
    B  Wp  Hdl ConName          ConId     ConState     TX  BC  HC  PRM RCT FRC TIM MAX OPT Date     Time   DBHost           Program                                
    B  000 000 R/3              000000000 ACTIVE       NO  NO  NO  YES NO  NO  000 255 255 20140414 163054 HOME1                                                   
    C  INFO : SAP RELEASE (DB) = 702
    M  ThInit: db_connect o.k.
    M  ICT: exclude compression: *.zip,*.rar,*.arj,*.z,*.gz,*.tar,*.lzh,*.cab,*.hqx,*.ace,*.jar,*.ear,*.war,*.css,*.pdf,*.gzip,*.uue,*.bz2,*.iso,*.sda,*.sar,*.gif,*.png,*.swc,*.swf

    M Mon Apr 14 16:30:58 2014
    M  vmcj/sgc_options: switch on template cleanup before cloning
    M  vmcj/sgc_options: switch off delayed session cleanup during shared gc
    M  ThVmcInitWaitForVm: th_maxWaitForVmTime=30
    M  ThVmcInitMaxErrCount: th_max_error_count=5

  • Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call

    Hi All,
    Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call
    we got the following error message in the syslog of the WAS:
    SAP Basis System: Operating system call  recv failed (error no. 10054)
    The system still works. What can we do?
    Best Regards,

    Please check the folloiwng notes
    Error no. 10054
    34116 - Syslog: "Operating System call xxxx failed"

  • Error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite

    Hi Gurus,
    I am getting error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite on my laptop. I trying to install this version under Windows Xp. I tried so many times to rectify this error but no use. i followed the instruction in the readme file.The error is below in quote.
    "InstController MakeStepsDeliver:108 connection to GUI of installation tool has been cut  off.Installation has been stopped."
    your help very much appreciated...

    is win xp supported for mini sap 46d?
    -> try netweaver 2004s instead ...
    GreetZ, AH

  • SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Dear Gurus,
    We have ECC 6.0 on DB2 9.1 fp 5 on windows 2003.
    I am getting this error in syslog.
    SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Thanks for reply
    This is the log in SM21.
    Can you tell me how to do this in sap or database level.
    When the update data is reorganized, it deletes inconsistent
    (incomplete) update requests. While one user is carrying out a
    transaction, the the update data is often in a state of incompletion.
    When the transaction is completed and the update begun, the data becomes
    complete. If the data is reorganized in productive operation, temporary
    inconsistencies may get deleted. A data inconsistency with incomplete
    data can therefore arise.
    Reorganize the update tables only where there are no users logged onto
    the system.

  • SAP-Basis System: Transaction Canceled 15   100 (          )

    Hi Gurus,
    i am getting this error message in event viewer at every night 12.30
    SAP-Basis System: Transaction Canceled 15 100 (          ) 
    what exactly could be the reason please help me ASAP

    Is there any errors in the SM21 log? What SAP kernel version and patch level are you on?

  • Photoshop cs4 new system integration and network problems

    Hi there!
    I am new to the forums, but I will just dive right into my issue rather than introducing myself:
    I recently did a new hardware install (16 TB of clustered storage) at a mograph studio that are heavy users of Photoshop CS4, amongst other things.  Prior to the new storage, they primarily used an Xserve with attached RAID device, and CS3.  They are now experience high amounts of file corruption on PSDs from saving over the network.  I am, of course, aware the Adobe does not support network saving, due to the plethora of problems that may exist and the difficulty of recreating such varied environments.  I also know that neither Apple nor Adobe seem overtly concerned with this problem, although they may have fixed it with updates in CS3.  The users are aware of this fact, but continue to stress that they had "no problems what so ever on the xserve".
    Basically, aside from the facts that are available in and found on the forums, has ANYONE found an exceptable work around for these sort of issues.  Also, we tried the "save as" fix that was posted on these forums, and that did not work either.
    Please, any help is extremely appreciated.  Thanks

    If you have a working network and servers -- it can work. (and does for most of the servers inside Adobe, and those in my home)
    But if anything (OS, network, server) malfunctions -- the process breaks in difficult to diagnose ways.
    Photoshop is already following all the safe file save guidelines, testing for permissions, testing for space availability, etc.  But still things fail on networks.  And when we look into the failures, it's rarely the same cause and usually can't be worked around in any reasonable manner.
    As application developers, we're frustrated too.  We know it can work.  We know it should work.  But some things are too far beyond our control.
    Bottom line:  Finder and Explorer add a lot more error checking to server file copies, and do their copies in relatively simple patterns (unlike file saves that can involve random seeks and writes, depending on the format).  Saving locally and copying to the server afterward is going to be safer (adds at least 2 more layers of error checking).  The same goes for copying from the server then opening -- though we see far fewer errors reading from a server than writing to a server.

  • System instability - possible video problem?

    I have a 17" Intel iMac w/ 2GB RAM and 256MB of video ram. Lately, the system has become extremely unstable. It'll lock up completely to the point where I have to hold down the power button to force a shutdown. Sometimes, when the system isn't locked up, it still won't shutdown or reboot. It'll get to the point where the Finder shuts down and all I'm left with is the desktop wallpaper, but it'll just hang there until I force a shutdown with the power button. I have to force a shutdown and reboot 3-4 times a day. The complete lockup occurs most frequently when trying to view video files (video podcasts either downloaded through iTunes or with Democracy.) However, even if I never attempt to play a video, the system still won't shut down or restart normally (using Shutdown... or Restart... in the Apple menu.) Also, one time (only once so far), when the system froze, I got a bunch of weird squiggly lines all over the screen, completely obscuring what was on the screen.
    I've tried everything I can think of. I've run all the normal scripts (daily, weekly, monthly), I've verified and repaired permissions, cleared all caches (including the system and kernel caches - using Onyx), and done complete diagnostics with Tech Tool Pro. Nothing has helped, and nothing seems to be wrong (according to Tech Tool Pro.)
    Any ideas? The system has become mostly unusable...

    Have you tried swapping RAM modules? I assume you have 2x1GB SODIMM installed. You could take one of them out, try it, then if it still does it, take that one out, and put the other back in. If it still does it then its not the RAM, or I'd find it hard to believe that 2 sticks of RAM went bad.
    If you bought 3rd party RAM, take that RAM out first and leave the Apple RAM in. Bad RAM modules can make a Mac to funky things.

  • Adapter Metadata not present in SAP BASIS 7.00..

    Hi Gurus,
       We hav installed PI 7.0 training server..we call it XIT...In SLD, SAP BASIS 7.00 is there in the s/w components.....but when i import it from SLD to IR its showing no objects presnet in it....specially i need where adapter metadata resides.....due to dis prb, i cant create comm channel in ID.....wht went wrong in post installation steps???....i hav seen available support packages does not exit SWCV tht causing the prob???.....we r using SP14 for DEV and QUA...our basis team told me tht SAP BASIS 7.00 has been downloaded from marketplace....should i tell them to download again wid proper support packages and patches??.....waiting for ur valuable inputs...

    HI Pinangshuk ,
      The following thread discuss the similar issue .Please take a look whether it helps you out
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  • ** Not able to import IDoc from SAP ECC system

    Hi Friends,
    I am not able to import the IDoc from SAP ECC system in IR. I have checked that, hostname, client, server no. everthing is correct. I checked in SLD also. Host Name is correct.
    While import (after giving the user name and password), I am getting the following error.
    Problems to reach R3 System
    What could be the probelm ?
    Kindly help me friends.
    Thanking you.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

    Just counter check following step
    1. Go to SWCV definition tab select radio button for Import of RFC....
    2. In Connection Data for Import from SAP System maintain correct System and correct Client.
    3. Make sure you maitain ECC system in Central SLD.
    4. In Import Screen check at the top of the screen have SAP System, is that system from where you want to import the IDOC.
    With Regards


    Hi GURU`s,
      My Self Tirupati.A   2 + years core Knowledge and hands on Experience in Oracle Database, i.e Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g with RAC Production db`s environment. Now last week i join one of TOP 5 MNC in India. But my profile on SAP BASIS (System Administrator) + Database admin. am getting traning from my company on SAP BASIS. But am so confuse and tension for this profile. Can any one advice me for this same plz.
    If any one have good docs for SAP BASIS so plz forward me on [email protected] ..
    awaiting for your golden advice.

    hi Thriupathi,
    welcome to SAP world and SDN.
    Before you post questions, please search the Forum, Weblogs, and documentation.
    Regarding your SAP Basis role, there is already a thread running.  SAP Basis roles

  • Viewing namespace in SAP BASIS 7.11

    I am browsing through the SAP BASIS 7.11 in the Enterprise services Builder. When I right click on the component and choose "Open Namespace definitions" a message pops up that states that the software component does not contain any namespaces.
    However I can drill down to some data types in this component that is defined under a namespace?!
    Whats up with this?

    HI Pinangshuk ,
      The following thread discuss the similar issue .Please take a look whether it helps you out
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          Adapter MetaData problem (PI installation).
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  • Shifting from system administration to sap basis

    hi friends,
    i am 3yr polyetchnic diploma holder in electronics & communication engg.
    i have 6 yr exp in system administration on windows platform. now i want to learn sap
    basis. for diploma holders how much the chances currently in india , malaysiya and singapure. pls help me.if possible pls give me ur mobile numbers.
    thank u
    suresh 9848070847

    Dear Suresh,
    System Administration Knowledge,Networking Knowledge, Database Administration Knowledge is Important for Basis.
    Have you done any certification courses. Qualification ( Basic Degree) is also important in SAP.

  • Problem removing SAP java system

    Hi everyone,
    I've been trying to remove a SAP java system using the uninstall program and have been encountering a problem with the following log:
    WARNING 2006-05-09 17:26:24
    Error 1053 (The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
    ) in execution of a 'StartService' function, line (273), with parameter (XServer).
    WARNING 2006-05-09 17:26:56
    Error 1057 (The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified.
    ) in execution of a 'StartService' function, line (1310), with parameter (XServer).
    ERROR 2006-05-09 17:26:56
    MOS-01199  Could not start the 'XServer' service on host 'Local'.
    What could be the possible cause of this error?
    In addition to that, I've also been trying to create a new instance but encountered these two error messages in the sdbinst.log
    cannot do update check - test file "d:/sapdb/adm/db/pgm/kernel.exe" not found
    installation exited abnormally  at Tu, May 09, 2006 at 17:34:37

    Hi Michael,
    this usually appears in case you stop deinstallation somewhere in the middle. XServer is a service of MaxDB, the DB delivered from SAP.
    You could try the program sapstartsrv, which gives you the option to deinstall some services. For this you have to know the SID you gave to the system (also a directory name in the usr/sap/ path with three letters). For XServer please refer to the databases manual.

Maybe you are looking for

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