SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

Dear Gurus,
We have ECC 6.0 on DB2 9.1 fp 5 on windows 2003.
I am getting this error in syslog.
SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

Thanks for reply
This is the log in SM21.
Can you tell me how to do this in sap or database level.
When the update data is reorganized, it deletes inconsistent
(incomplete) update requests. While one user is carrying out a
transaction, the the update data is often in a state of incompletion.
When the transaction is completed and the update begun, the data becomes
complete. If the data is reorganized in productive operation, temporary
inconsistencies may get deleted. A data inconsistency with incomplete
data can therefore arise.
Reorganize the update tables only where there are no users logged onto
the system.

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    Hi Gurus,
    i am getting this error message in event viewer at every night 12.30
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    what exactly could be the reason please help me ASAP

    Is there any errors in the SM21 log? What SAP kernel version and patch level are you on?

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    Best Regards,

    Please check the folloiwng notes
    Error no. 10054
    34116 - Syslog: "Operating System call xxxx failed"

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    I am getting error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite on my laptop. I trying to install this version under Windows Xp. I tried so many times to rectify this error but no use. i followed the instruction in the readme file.The error is below in quote.
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    is win xp supported for mini sap 46d?
    -> try netweaver 2004s instead ...
    GreetZ, AH

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    Dear Gurus,
    I am getting this error in syslog in MMC for ECC 6.0 on windows with db2.
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    Hi GURU`s,
      My Self Tirupati.A   2 + years core Knowledge and hands on Experience in Oracle Database, i.e Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g with RAC Production db`s environment. Now last week i join one of TOP 5 MNC in India. But my profile on SAP BASIS (System Administrator) + Database admin. am getting traning from my company on SAP BASIS. But am so confuse and tension for this profile. Can any one advice me for this same plz.
    If any one have good docs for SAP BASIS so plz forward me on [email protected] ..
    awaiting for your golden advice.

    hi Thriupathi,
    welcome to SAP world and SDN.
    Before you post questions, please search the Forum, Weblogs, and documentation.
    Regarding your SAP Basis role, there is already a thread running.  SAP Basis roles

  • Transaction Canceled V1 322 in System Log

    Hi All,
    We've been having this Transaction Canceled V1 322 messages in sm21 for months now, but we can't really find the cause. Does anyone have any idea why it appears in the logs?
    thanks and regards

    Hi. For starters, Disk Utility won't do anything at all for this issue
    I've seen that fairly frequently for the same thing (USB connection from an APC UPS).
    It can be safely ignored, from all I've seen.
    shows some discussion of the issue from a different angle.
    Some info can be read via
    less /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/Headers/usb/USB.h
    less /System/Library/Frameworks/Kernel.framework/Versions/A/Headers/IOKit/usb/USB.h
    If you run
    strings /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBOHCI.kext/ Contents/MacOS/AppleUSBOHCI
    you'll see:
    "AppleUSBOHCI[%p]::Found a transaction which hasn't moved in 5 seconds on bus %ld, timing out!"
    Possibly cause for concern, but what I think is at fault, is the APC - that it's timing out a (USB) communication. One person said installing a USB2 card made the issue go away, I have no idea if such a move makes sense for anyone else or that it would have the same effect.

  • System copy tools for SAP Basis 46C.

    Hi All,
    I need to do system copy for SAP Basis 46c. I have a query regarding the tools used for system copy. It is written in the SAP Documents and we need to use the latest version of the system copy tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans).
    I need to do the Heterogeneouse system copy
    Source :- Oracle , AIX 5.3
    Target :- Oralce (Or if possible) , Sun Solaris
    So my question is
    1) Am i suppose to use only the tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) which are compatible to relase 4.6C (Kernel 46D_EXT, latest path level is 2541)  or
    2) Can i download and use the Latest version of system copy tools (i.e. Withe release 7.00 for R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) to do the herogeneous system copy of SAP Basis 4.6C ??
    Please reply.

    > Yes we are aware about the certified consultant. But before going for such a big project we wanted to find out the possibilities how we can minimise system downtime and optimize the process therefore wanted to have some information earlier.
    Exactly that is the use of that consultant Those are experienced people who have done lots of migrations in the past, they know the possibilities of the tools and versions.
    > So now i am very sure that we can use 10.2 while installation of new target system while doing heterogenouse system copy from oracle 9.2.
    > 1) Migration Monitor (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The Migration Monitor is downward-compatible. As new features and bug fixes are only implemented in the latest version, SAP urgently recommends that you always use the latest version available.
    You can use it of course but support of it is not "built in" - there's no clicker to check as is in newer versions of sapinst. You will need to modify the R3S file at the "correct place" to make use of it.
    > 2) Distribution Monitor (Source :- Distribution Monitor (version 1.9.1) Usersu2019 Guide)
    > Restrictions:-The following restrictions apply to the current implementation:The DM does not support system copies of releases lower than SAP_BASIS 6.20
    So you can't use that option.
    > 3) PACKAGE SPLITTING (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The package splitting option is available and integrated into the system copy tools R3SETUP and SAPinst since SAP R/3 4.0B SR1.
    The "old version" is a perl script, you'll need to make sure you have perl installed.
    > 4) TABLE SPLITTING  (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > Table splitting can be used for ABAP systems with SAP kernel 6.40 or above
    So that is also not usable.
    > 6) R3LOAD OPTIONS - (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > R3load option '-fast' (<= 4.6D) or '-loadprocedure fast': These options are available
    > u2022 from SAP kernel release 6.40 for - DB2/UDB - MSSQL - Oracle (see SAP Note 1045847 - Oracle Direct Path Load Support in R3load)
    So it's also not built in for Kernel 46D_EX2.
    > Request your final comments on the above points and Need to know whether parallel import and export can be done for 4.6C (46D_EXT Kernel)  release using migration monitor. Please reply.
    As I said before and as is written in the documentation, it can be used but not "by default", you'll make sure you stop at the right place with your migration to configure it manually (or the consultant will do).

  • SAP BASIS - Can System Admin experience (Non-SAP) transfer into SAP Basis?

    Greetings everyone, I hope you are well this weekend.
    I've heard how great SAP careers are for the dedicated and I'm doing my research to find out if an SAP career is viable and if so which is a good entry point. I've read a book by John Von Aspen and in his book he suggests starting out in a customer service rep position for an SAP company as an end user to use as an entry point, but for my background is there another way?
    I'm a computer science graduate of DeVry in Atlanta with Technical Support experience and I'm currently working in an IT customer service position. My career has only begun and I'm in the process of mapping out the best route to start in SAP. I'm looking into BASIS as a starting point out of all the functional modules and technical roles available but I am open to all areas. If the next point in my career map were a System Administration role, and if I were to have a few years experience in that role, could I transfer the skills gained into an SAP BASIS administrator? Between now and then I would have done much self study from books and any online courses I could afford. However would I still be short of what a hiring manager is looking for if I don't have an direct experience with SAP Basis?
    If such a path would not be viable, what would be the next best step to take coming from Tech/Customer Support?
    Thank you,

    Hi Sabir
    I have not read his book so cannot comment too much on that. However, I did a quick search and saw his background is CRM. Perhaps his recommended career path was an example based on his background?
    It sounds like you are a planner which is a good trait to have if you are determined to switch over. What sort of technical support are are you doing? If you are a recent graduate you might be able to look to apply to graduate programs in some consultancies (I won't mention names but if you google SAP consultancy graduate position you will find a heap of names).
    As far as getting across to Basis the sort of research you could do is look at the SCN communities for System Administration and see they times of themes of the questions. To transition from general system administration to SAP you could look at skilling up with Databases (e.g. Oracle), Operating Systems, Networks, etc. These skills will compliment the Basis skill set but also protect your investment should a SAP job not work out - you still have skills to be valued elsewhere.
    In relation to training and education, you want might to research about the SAP Learning Hub. If you are good at self-teaching and learning online this would be a good way for you to invest in training and go at your own pace and keep your cost down. There is a free discovery edition for you to see what the course content it like but it does not give you much of the system administration component.
    I would hold off going for any certification (cost) unless until you some experience (unless ofcourse, it becomes a requirement for the job).
    The final bit for getting into SAP is investigate the companies that use SAP. Keep looking out for job opportunities to join one of them and then find a way to move into the SAP system administration area.
    Good luck with it all and if you have any specific question let us know

  • Guide/document for SAP Basis transaction st03n

    If somebody has a good guide/document describibg the use,features and functionalities of SAP Basis transaction st03n ,Kindl plz send it to me on my Email Id [email protected] as i need it urgently.

    Hi somya,
    Please look at this link from
    Hope it helps.

  • Shifting from system administration to sap basis

    hi friends,
    i am 3yr polyetchnic diploma holder in electronics & communication engg.
    i have 6 yr exp in system administration on windows platform. now i want to learn sap
    basis. for diploma holders how much the chances currently in india , malaysiya and singapure. pls help me.if possible pls give me ur mobile numbers.
    thank u
    suresh 9848070847

    Dear Suresh,
    System Administration Knowledge,Networking Knowledge, Database Administration Knowledge is Important for Basis.
    Have you done any certification courses. Qualification ( Basic Degree) is also important in SAP.

  • Loading of transaction data from SAP ECC system failed

    I successfully connected SAP ECC system to SAP BI system.
    The following steps have been executed:
    - user ALEREMOTE with max. authorization
    - RFC destination
    - Distributing Data model
    - Generated Partner profile
    - Maintaining message types in WE20
    Now when I try to load any data from SAP ECC system the loading process in hanging in status "yellow" and never comletes.
    The following steps within Load process are yellow:
    Extraction (messages): Missing messages
      Missing message: Request received
      Missing message: Number of sent records
      Missing message: Selection completed
    Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Missing messages or warnings
      Request IDoc : Application document posted (is green)
      Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
      Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 3 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 4 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Subseq. processing (messages) : Missing messages
        Missing message: Subseq. processing completed
        DataStore Activation (Change Log) : not yet activated
    Can some one give me some technical steps (tcode, report) to solve this problem?
    Thank you very much!

    Many thanks for your answer.
    Via BD87 on BW system I detect that all the IDOC's (type: RSRQST) will be received from SAP ECC system.
    Via tcode SM58 I could not detect any entries.
    However the loading status from yesterday is set to "red".
    The errors are:
    Extraction (messages): Missing messages
    Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
    Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Can you investigate my issue again?
    Thank you very much!

  • Data Reconciliation Node on SAP Source System

    Hi Gurus,
    I'm working on Data Reconciliation between SAP BI and SAP R3 systems.  I've read on the forum that the reconciliation DataSource technology is available as of PI-BASIS 2005.1 / SAP NetWeaver 2004s.  I'm using
    SW Comp     Release             Level     Highest Support     Desc
    PI_BASIS      2005_1_640      0017      SAPKIPYJ6H         Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) 2005_1_640
    I wonder that I cannot see the Data Reconciliation Node in the transaction RSA6 in the SAP Source System.  Please throw some light on this whether I need to activate them.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for your response.  Can you suggest me what should I do to get those DataSources?  Are there any patches that SAP has released to overcome this problem for lower versions as the one which I'm using?

  • Using BAS in Transaction BP.

    Hi All,
              I'm working on creation and change of Business partners. When ever i create or change a Business partner the SAP CRM system has to check with data from other Non SAP system which contains complete data.
              Data is successfully coming from NOn-sap system once given the values as i tested it. But i want to insert the code in one of the BADI s existing for BP transaction, I came to know BAS services help us in doing this but how to use BAS services in <b>BP</b> screen Please help me its very urgent.

    Hi! I got the same problem! I need to store data from a non-sap system into address standard tables in BP. Did you got any solution for your issue? I'm using BAS module to validate address but my client wants anytihing else. Thanks for you time!

  • Need suggestion on importing BC SET : UKM_DCD_CUST in SAP ERP system

    Dear Gurus,
    Client wants me to import BC SET : UKM_DCD_CUST into SAP ERP system. I have found BC SET : UKM_DCD_CUST in T code SCPR20.
    I have read most of the SCN discussion and got two way to import BC SET into ERP system as given below. But I need the appropriate way to do this. Can any one help me in this?
    1. SCPR20 -> Activate BC set -> create customizing request to import into another system as per link :Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets) and their use - Basis Corner - SCN Wiki
    2. Create TR in SE01 in 000 and import into required client  as per below proc:
    Usual procedure
    1) BC SETS will be attached to SAP note usually. Download it and unzip it , you will get a *.bcs file
    2) Call transaction SCPR20  BC set --> Upload In the dialog box that then appears, specify the files that you unpacked
    Import the set BC into a package that you have defined. activate it with the "Expert mode"
    3) You will also get a *.txt file with prog id , obj etc entries , then you have to go to SE09 and create a transport request in the source client of your Solution Manager system (client 000). Open the *.txt and copy the entries it contains into the transport request. Use transaction SCC1 to import the data in your Solution Manager client(s)
    Anand Aseri

    2). Client copies bring the Customization data but not WorkBench . So you might have to do transport of copies from Old Dev to >New Dev.
    So you are saying that the system copy from Production will not bring Workbench data and I need to bring Workbench data by transports?
    *system copy from Production will bring Workbench data also, but when you do client copy from development system again on top of client which already has production customization, data and workbench requests, Production customization and data will be overwritten from development customization and data (it depends on the profile you choose for the client copy) *
    However  Development Workbench requests are more and also has ongoing development work which might not be available in production client and those (Ongoing development workbench requests) you need to import in new system as transport of copies after the client copy
    3). If you do system copy from Production and do client copy from dev...obviously Prod customization will be overwritten with Dev rite ?
    That's what I expect to happen,
    Ok, however, You might need to get Development Work too from the old dev system and don't forget about setting up of partner profiles in WE20.
    It's just a thought ,  Do you have testing client in Dev, if not,You can leave the production client in development system and use it as testing client.
    Create new client which is client copy of Old Dev and import WorkBench requests *

Maybe you are looking for

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