SAP CRM 2007 Business role assignment

Hi all,
We are using CRM 2007. and we are trying to assign Business roles to users using the PFCG ROLE ID attribute.
1- We create a PFCG role : "pfcgrole1"
2- We create a Business Role "Businessrole1" and put PFCG Role id = "pfcgrole1"
3- assign the user to the PFCG role "pfcgrole1"
We have two cases :
CASE 1:The user is assigned to a position in Org management but the position does not have any Business roles assigned.
RESULT : The user logs in  to CRM, the user gets error message  "Logon is not possible because you have not been assigned a business role"
CASE 2:The user is not assigned to any  position in Org management.
RESULT : The user logs in to CRM, everything works fine
my interpretation : org management has precedence over business role assignment using PFCG roles and blocks Business role assignment even if the position has no Business roles assigned
Anyone has any idea how to assign business roles using PFCG ROle ID even if the user is assigned to a position without any business roles
Thanks in advance.

Please review these old threads first:
Re: Reg: Business Role
Assignment pfcg-role to user and assignment pfcg-role to business role
There is a lot of technical background on how business role to PFCG role assignment works.
Thank you,
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  • CRM 2007 Business Role IC_AGENT not showing the whole screen

    I set up CRM 2007 successful for a couple of standard roles like TPM_PRO, SALESPRO and SERVICEPRO. The system is working fine. Assigning the business role IC_AGENT is showing me an uncomplete screen. The area for navigation bar, the account info, the alerts and the communication information is blank. Has somebody an idea what is wrong?
    Thanks and best wishes,

    Hi Prasoon,
    unfortunatly I cannot help you. It is still not working. Luckly was that CRM 2007 we were just preparing for demonstration. So at the end we showed something different.
    But next step what I would do is open an OSS message due to the fact that it is a standard role and it has to work.
    Best regards,

  • Sap CRM 2007 Security related issue

    Hi All,
    I am working on SAP CRM 2007 security.
    I have scenario, which we are trying to fix.
    There are two users A and B.
    A is assigned to role X
    B is assigned to role y
    Business Partner 123 is created for user A
    Business Partner 456 is created for user B
    These Business Partners are assigned to Authorization Groups.
    See below:
    1)Authorization Group (LK01) is assigned to Business Partner --123.
    2) Authorization Group (LK02) is assigned to Business Partner --456
    3) Authorization groups LK01 is assigin to user A in PFCG role X
    4) Authorization groups LK02 is assigin to user B in PFCG role Y
    a) User A assigned with PFCG role X>Authorization Group (LK01)>BP 123.
    b) User B assigned with PFCG role Y>Authorization Group (LK02)>BP 456.
    1) Authorization Groups are assigned to BPs under the Control tab.
    2) These Auth Groups are assigned in Authorization Object in PFCG role.
    Now, USER 'A' should not be able to work under the BP 456 as this BP is assigned to authorization group LK02.
    The issue is when we open the WEB UI and login with user A role X, He can search for the BP 456 assigned to Auth Group LK02.
    User A can open the Interaction History and edit the Service Order created using the BP 456.
    He can Edit the following in Service Order details:
    1) General Data Status (from created to complete), Contact person, Sale Rep name.
    2) Organization Data like Sales Office, Sales Org Unit, Distribution Channel
    3) Business Partner.
    However, one good thing is he cannot edit the Account details like Account ID, House No, Employee Resposible, the message he get is "No authorization to change partner with authorization group"  which is a
    good thing.
    I have tried to be precise, please let me know if you require more information.

    I suggest the following:
    Please, check whether the system works if you activate the implementation BUPA_F4_AUGRP.
    In addition check the notes 559662, 674869 and 782927. Maybe the notes are already implemented but you can try then the implementation of the BADI (SE19). It should resolve your issue.
    I have implemented this Badi solution before, and after activation; the search help ; nor search result list did NOT show any Business partners anymore that had an authorization group I was not allowed to see.
    kind regards
    Davy Pelssers
    SAP CRM/Security consultant

  • Configurations required for  PME and SCE in SAP-CRM 2007

    Hi Friends
    How to configure the PME and SCE in SAP-CRM 2007.
    If u have any documentation avilable for those two topics regading the implementation of e-Commerce application.
    Waiting for ur reponse..

    Hi Mia,
    Authorization group is available in the old versions and basically this help in defining new authorization groups and you can define what can be done with these authorization groups as what can be edited and what cannot be and this is done on SPRO. These authorization groups are entered in the authorization group and the user who has this authorization object will be able to work on the account.
    So the business role in CRM 2007 has a PFCG role and the authorization profile that you created are assigned to the business role and users are assigned to the business role.
    There are also few authorization objects to maintian the BP relationship and see if you can use these combination to check if it meets your requirement.
    Hope it clarifies and if useful please reward points

  • Error Message when we create a Service Ticket in SAP CRM 2007

    Hi All we are having a serious production issue when we create a S.Ticket in SAP CRM 2007 We get the following error message we are not trying to send any information to R/3 We have a planned go live this saturday. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
    An error occurred in system EDIES during account assignment
    Message no. CRM_ORDER_MISC 060
    Errors occurred when assigning an account assignment object to a business transaction. To view the error message, see the accompanying log file.
    Transfer Log
    No controlling type could be determined (Notification E IAOM 012)
    No controlling type could be determined (Notification E IAOM 012)

    I have looked into your issue.
    For this service ticket, kindly check the Org Unit maintained in Transaction and table OFIC_BILLORG_SRV are same. If not same kindly make changes in the following path in SPRO.
    ==> SAP Implementation Guide
    ==> Customer Relationship Management
    ==> Organizational Management
    ==> Cross-System Assignment of Organizational Units
    ==> Assign Billing Units to Service/Sales Organizations
    If the above information is not helpful kindly take a look at note 861116.
    I hope this helps.

  • Reports in SAP CRM 2007

    We have installed SAP CRM 2007 and are able to create Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities etc from the web browser.
    However, we are unable to execute any reports from the browser and are getting following error:
    Error loading template 0TPLB_0CSALMC02_Q010_1
    Any ideas / suggestions / pointers to resolve this will be highly appreciated.

    Hello All,
    The solution for the BI Reports in CRM 2007 has been found. The solution is as follows
    You must assign the default SAP Netweaver BI system (RFC connection) to the logical system CRMBWDEST in transaction BD97. Need to have Graphical server installed also in the BI.
    Award points if helpful
    Mohid Uddin

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) functions in SAP CRM 2007

    Dear all,
    I am currently working on a SAP CRM 2007 implementation project that consists in replacing an old customer service application.
    Currently this application is managing service technicians' territories with embedded GIS functions (it relies on latitude and longitude data to assign the closest technicians to a service order).
    I would like to know if SAP CRM 2007 is covering the following:
    - GIS functions;
    - Ability to assign a technician based on this;
    - Ability to visually see the map and draw technician territory changes on it;
    - Ability to optimize technician route (mileage).
    I cannot find insights about this in the SAP Help.
    So, where can I find some details / documentation about this?
    A third party tool would be necessary and also its integration to SAP CRM?
    Thanks for your help.

    So basically I don't see this being out of the box functionality, however you could build something for this.
    1.  You need to store the geo co-ordinates for the customer on the customer master or be able to "bolt out for this".
    2.  Create a new "partner determination rule" that would make a call to the external system to propose a technician on the service order.
    3.  Have a punch out on the service order screen that links into a web like GIS application where you could visualize this and send change data back into the CRM service order.
    Now if someone else knows that CRM 2007 can do what you described out of the box, I would love to see the demo.  We have a similiar requirement, where we need to keep track of the mapping, but no need to perform the routing logic.
    Take care,

  • What is master data in SAP CRM 2007 in Web Client

    Hi All,
    plz could you explain what is the master data in SAP CRM 2007 In Web client intraction center.

    Master Data are as under:
    Business Partner
    Rajesh Banka

  • Difference between SAP-CRM 2007 UI and previous version UI.

    anyone knows the differences difference between SAP-CRM 2007 UI and previous version UI.
    anykind of links or files are helpful.

    actually quite a late response and I think all the rather technically focuses comments have already been given, incl. the link to a really good slide deck, that explains all the technical architecture details on what exactly we did.
    From an end user perspective some other statements on what we did:
    (1) From an information architecture and visualization perspective we acted based on feedback from our customers in the last years, which led to some restructuring of the screen, e.g. moving the navigation bar from the top area of the screen (horizontal) to the left hand side --> sounds simple but users tend to have problem seeing thing at the top of the screen. We also decided to arrange the information for e.g. an account or an opportunity not in a tab oriented format. Again usability tests in CRM had shown that users often find it hard to see and understand that tabs contain additional information. We now show the details in assignment blocks below the header information in a scrollable format. Vertical scrolling is a behavior of a screen that most users know from their internet experience. Those are just two exampels of what we did in this area
    (2) We also have put a large focus on well known web behaviors, like drag & drop and personalization in general, knowing that on the one hand side, no matter what standard UI we deliver, users tend to adapt it exactly based on their needs and wishes. So you will find really easy to understand personalization options everywhere in the new CRM Web Client UI. To achieve this we used lots of web 2.0 techologies that enable especially these easy interactive capabilitites.
    (3) Finally, and this relates directly to the arguments mentioned in (2) we focused as well on really easy UI configuration. Again, in every customer project user interface changes are made, to adapt the SAP default to the customers needs. here we invested a lot to make the 60-80% most common UI changes done in projects as easy as possible, that even non-technical people can generally do it (like Power users).
    Hope this clarifies some arguments what from the users point of view has been done and what the advantages are.
    When you follow the same link as mentioned by Nadine above, you can also find a presentation UI Concept, which explains all the details rather from a users perspective.
    Best regards and enjoy the new UI ..and every feedback is very much welcome, only with your feedback we can improve the solution even more.

  • PCM Configuration SAP CRM 2007

    Hi Gurus
    Need your help,
    Currently we are using SAP CRM 2007.We need to configure the variant configurable products,I think in CRM we need to use the PME to configure the variant products,Is the PCM is inbuilt in CRM? or we need to install any software,yes please give me downloadable  path.
    After configuring the Variant products we need to display in b2b e-commerce portal,
    Is any body having any idea please send the response ASAP.
    Awaiting for ur response

    hi satish,
    pls see the below urls - 103k - 60k

  • CRM 2007 Business package installation

    Hi all,
    I am working on CRM 2007- EP7.0 integration. Can anyone please provide me the steps for CRM 2007 business package installation.
    Please help!!!! Points will surely be given for your help.

    Hi Shweta,
    Explore following link of Service marketplace to download the master guide;
    Furthermore you can explore in>SAP Business suite>Customer relationship management>Download installation guide of CRM 2007(6.0).

  • PME Configuration SAP CRM 2007

    Hi Gurus
    Need your help,
    Currently we are using SAP CRM 2007.We need to configure the variant configurable products,I think in CRM we need to use the PME to configure the variant products,Is the PCM is inbuilt in CRM? or we need to install any software,yes please give me downloadable path.
    After configuring the Variant products we need to display in b2b e-commerce portal,
    Is any body having any idea please send the response ASAP.
    Awaiting for ur response

    for the majority of manufacturing customers doing make-to-order a re-use of their VC models defined in ERP is the better option. The AP Configurator (new name for the SCE part of the IPC) supports 95% of all of the product model as defined in VC. This re-use allows to conitnue to use the same product master data for high-volume make-to-order orders via CRM and at the same time for engineer-to-orders that are changed solely in ERP.
    The typical process looks like this:
    - Adjust VC product model to fit AP configurator if necessary (delta-list is described at > ERP > SAP ERP Central Component > Logistics > Variant Configuration > Product Configuration with the Configuration Engine > ERP Master Data and Configuration Engine)
    - Adjust VC product model to fit the needs of the extended user base in CRM if necessary (very often the product model in VC is technical and requires specification of many technical characteristics. To overcome this additional sales- or application-oriented characteristics might need to be added that pre-fill in values for the technical characteristics using constraints or other rules)
    - Create a Knowledgebase and extract the product model into it
    - Set-up CRM Scenario including Middleware replication of product and knowledgebase
    - Set-up JSP UI of the AP Configurator within CRM
    - Create equivalents of user defined functions in Java and make them available to AP Configurator in CRM
    For a subset of customers that does not do manufacturing in ERP setting up a product model in CRM is the other possible option available since CRM 4.0. In CRM 2007 this was improved to allow for multi-level configurable products and also provides a maintenance enviroment for product models that integrates well with the rest of master data maintenance in CRM (pricing, catalog, cross-/upsells, bundles). This maintenance environment (some still call it PME) is available in the overview page of a configurable product within the assignement block called "Product Models".
    Regards, Marcus

  • Bounce Management in SAP CRM 2007

    Hi Experts,
    we have SAP CRM 2007 and I have a few questions about Bounce Management.
    It is a very simple scenario, so it´s fine if only hard bounces for incoming EMails are handled.
    1) Do you need ERMS for that simple form of Bounce Mgt?
    2) Is the Usage of Inetraction Center required? (We do not want to)
    3) Is it possible/recommended to create Activities out of incoming bounces?
    4) Can you segment on Bounces, not only within the Campaign Automation?
    5) What ist the effort/set up to use Bounce Mgt in that simple scenario about?
    Thanks a lot

    Yes, I was mentioning SAP Note 897730. The major pre-requisite mentioned there is Event linkage settings through SWETYPV transaction and in your case you just need to do the Rule Modeler settings. If you are using DEFAULT policy you do not need to do anything in Service Manager Profile.
    The note pre-requisites mentioned are
    The required services and service manager profiles for using the E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) are defined: All entries necessary for bounce management are delivered in the default Customizing. As I mentioned before Service Manager Profile: Bounce is already defined and you are going to use that profile. The required service in your case would be "Bounce Data Update" or one of the 5 standard service mentioned in this note. These are already defined and taken care of in standard configurations. Therefore, you do not need to do anything over there.
    Please do the above two settings and if you have any issues please come back to me. I am sure you won't have any issues with the requirements that you mentioned. I just took one hour to set up hard bounce scenario. Only if you are planning to use services that are not standard it becomes slightly tricky. In our case major issue was that there was an error in the standard workflow. I did not know much about Workflow bindings etc. before, but then I had to dig deep into this and it gave me an opportunity to learn workflows. This was the good thing that came out of all this.
    Please note you will have to do the Event Linkage settings in SWETYPV transaction.
    Edited by: Deepak Ahuja on Jun 5, 2008 9:15 AM

  • SAP CRM  2007 - How to Access a Table from one view to another via ABAP BSP

    Hi experts, I need your help.
    I am working in SAP CRM 2007 developing code modifiying views using transaction "BSP_WD_CMPWB" and my problem is the following:
    After the "Account Identification" process I go to "Create Case" and click in "Complaints" option in the navigation bar.
    Here there are several views involved, like "General data" and "Parties involved"
    "General data" belongs to the component "BT126H_CALL" and the name of the view is "SCDetails.htm"
    "Parties involved" belongs to the component "BTPARTNER" and the name of the view is "Partner.htm"
    The "Partner.htm" view has a table that is displayed using a "<chtmlb:configTable . . . table = "//BTPartner/Table" instruction.
    I need to acces the table "//BTPartner/Table" that belongs to "Partner.htm" in the view "SCDetails.htm" and add data into it.
    How can I do that ?
    Add the data in the view "Partner.htm" itself is very simple, I am using the "EH_ONINSERT" method but I have not idea how to do that from "SCDetails.htm".
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Best Regards.

    as I understand from your question you would like to add a partner to the complaint document.
    The complaint document is a 1Order document and has the root genil node named BTOrder. Using the genil relationships you have to get the BTPartnerSet and then the right Partner Relationship.
    You will find a lot of information in the newsgroup on how to do this by doing a search.
    But a quick help would be to use the sapgui transaction genil_model_browser, component set ONEORDER and using the tree structure navigate from the BTOrder root node to the Partner set.
    Best regards,

  • Partial display of large Alert message - SAP CRM 2007.

    I am using SAP CRM 2007.
    I created a simple alert with 150 char message in IC which will be triggered on confirmation of an account.
    The alert gets displayed on the IC agent screen but he can only see partial message of the alert.
    Only the message that can come in the first line gets displayed. There is no option to scroll to see the remaining message.
    Please suggest how can user see the complete alert message. Can the alert text area be controlled by some customization?

    Hi Antonio.
    I'm wondering if/how you resolved this issue.  I am currently facing the same problem on an upgrade to EHP1 for CRM 7.
    Edited by: Eric Roholt on Sep 9, 2011 9:03 PM

Maybe you are looking for

  • Blue Screen Mayhem....Can someone help me please.

    Thanks for all the advice, Now for a conundrum that is linked (I bealive) to the IRQL....Blue Screen Stop Error. as a reminder the system hardwear setup at current is this: 1) 1x VData 333mhz PC2700 256mb 2.5v Ram (installed in slot one) 2) 1800+ AMD


    Just like some (or should I say most) of you, it took me pains (one week at that) to get 8i EE running on Linux. Here is how I was able to get it up and running: Environment: * RedHat 6.0 * Linux kernel 2.2.12 * Blackdown JRE (not JDK) 1.1.6v5 * Mem:

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    I have created a tool tip type of a function. The problem is that it constantly shows! How can I go about adding a delay, so the user has to hover the mouse over a particular spot for a second or two before the tip shows? I was thinking up something

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