can anyone tell me is there any version related to 4.7 which has the GUI as ECC 6.0?

Hi Poonam,
The last [SAP GUI version is  7.10|].
New features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.10
Support for upcoming SAP products which will be based on the next SAP NetWeaver release.
Support for Microsoft Vista (only "Business", "Ultimate" and "Enterprise" editions).
Support for Microsoft Office 2007.
The new version of the SAP GUI installation ("SAP SETUP") provides the new standard for deployment of all SAP desktop applications. The installation server features include the ability to manage all SAP components, i.e. SAP GUI, Business Intelligence (BI) Frontend etc. In sum, with the new SAP SETUP you can use a single tool to manage the lifecycle of all SAP components on your workstations.
A new SAP Logon design including wizards simplifies life for end users and administrators creating and maintaining items in SAP Logon.
Support for new NetWeaver developer tools: Code Completion, new ABAP frontend Editor and the new ABAP debugger.
"Tweak SAP GUI": This new tool allows the end user to change the visual features of SAP GUI from a single location and for the first to preview changes. Designs, fonts, colors, keyboard configuration and the appearance of lists can be controlled using "Tweak SAP GUI". It is a stand alone application, located with its own icon on the Windows desktop (if you decide to install it - prerequisite is to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed). "Tweak SAP GUI" unites all visual options of the SAP GUI for Windows in one application allowing the users to set the individual appearance of the SAP GUI without calling several different menus.
Support for the language Catalan (CA) and - as of patchlevel 1 - Ukrainian (UK) in the SAP GUI Options and other Frontend related dialogs.
Font: SAP Service Marketplace
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Marcelo Ramos

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    Hi ingo,
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  • SAP ECC 6.0 System Performance

    Please advise me with the following scenario, which is Iu2019m facing a problem with system performance,
    My system configuration is:      SAP ECC 6.0
    Database System:          Oracle
    Server Configuration:     Power 6
    Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER6
    Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 6
    Processor Version: PV_6_Compat
    Number Of Processors: 6
    Processor Clock Speed: 3503 MHz
    CPU Type: 64-bit
    Kernel Type: 64-bit
    Memory Size: 47104 MB
    Good Memory Size: 47104 MB
    Platform Firmware level: EL340_039
    Firmware Version: IBM,EL340_039
    The following Information was generated from TCode: sm51:
    SAP Release Information
    Application Server SAPPRD_PRD_00
    SAP Kernel Information
    SAP Kernel :  700_REL
    Database Client Library : OCI_101
    created in  :  AIX 2 5 005DD9CD4C00
    Support Level  :  0
    Kernel Patch number : 202
    Source ID  :  0.202
    DBSL Patch No. : 046
    ICU Version : 3.0 Unicode Version 4.0.1
    libsapu16 Version : 1.0025  Apr  8 2009 16:21:08
    Supported Environment
    SAP Database Version
    ORACLE 9.2.0..
    ORACLE 10.1.0..
    ORACLE 10.2.0..
    Operating System
    aix 1 5
    aix 2 5
    aix 3 5
    aix 1 6
    My active parameter in Tcode : RZ10 as follow:
    Parameter Name     Parameter value
    login/accept_sso2_ticket     1
    login/create_sso2_ticket     2
    rsau/enable     1
    login/failed_user_auto_unlock     0
    login/fails_to_user_lock     5
    gw/max_sys     2000
    gw/max_overflow_size     25000000
    rdisp/max_comm_entries     2000
    rdisp/tm_max_no     2000
    gw/max_conn     2000
    rdisp/max_arq     2000
    ES/SHM_SEG_COUNT     8192
    ES/SHM_USER_COUNT     8192
    ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE     2048
    ztta/short_area     4000000
    em/global_area_MB     256
    zcsa/db_max_buftab     10000
    sap/bufdir_entries     10000
    enque/table_size     60000
    rsdb/obj/large_object_size     35000
    rsdb/obj/max_objects     45000
    rsdb/obj/buffersize     150000
    rdisp/gui_auto_logout     0
    login/password_expiration_time     0
    rdisp/max_wprun_time     25000
    login/multi_login_users     CICUSER,TALSAYED,ASALAM
    login/disable_multi_gui_login     1
    SAPSYSTEM     0
    DIR_CT_RUN     $(DIR_EXE_ROOT)/run
    PHYS_MEMSIZE     8000
    exe/saposcol     $(DIR_CT_RUN)/saposcol
    rdisp/wp_no_dia     70
    rdisp/wp_no_btc     20
    exe/icmbnd     $(DIR_CT_RUN)/icmbnd
    icm/server_port_0     PROT=HTTP,PORT=80$$
    ms/server_port_0     PROT=HTTP,PORT=81$$
    rdisp/wp_no_enq     1
    rdisp/wp_no_vb     2
    rdisp/wp_no_vb2     2
    rdisp/wp_no_spo     10
    abap/buffersize     9900000
    zcsa/table_buffer_area     108003328
    rtbb/buffer_length     60000
    rsdb/cua/buffersize     24000
    zcsa/presentation_buffer_area     28166144
    rdisp/appc_ca_blk_no     2000
    rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no     1000
    rsdb/ntab/entrycount     68500
    rsdb/ntab/ftabsize     100000
    rsdb/ntab/irbdsize     20000
    rsdb/ntab/sntabsize     3995
    DIR_ROLL     /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/data
    DIR_PAGING     /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/data
    DIR_DATA     /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/data
    DIR_REORG     /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/data
    DIR_TRANS     /usr/sap/trans
    DIR_TEMP     /tmp
    DIR_SORTTMP     /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/data
    zcsa/system_language     E
    zcsa/installed_languages     AE
    abap/use_paging     0
    ztta/roll_first     1024
    rdisp/keepalive_timeout     8000
    ztta/roll_area     9000960
    rdisp/ROLL_SHM     16384
    rdisp/ROLL_MAXFS     32768
    rdisp/PG_SHM     16384
    rdisp/PG_MAXFS     200064
    abap/heap_area_dia     2012217344
    abap/heap_area_nondia     2012217344
    abap/heap_area_total     2012217344
    abap/heaplimit     40894464
    abap/swap_reserve     20971520
    ztta/roll_extension     2101346304
    em/initial_size_MB     4092
    em/blocksize_KB     4096
    em/stat_log_size_MB     20
    em/stat_log_timeout     0
    login/no_automatic_user_sapstar     0
    login/system_client     100
    icm/server_port_1     PROT=SMTP,PORT=8025,TIMEOUT=180
    rdisp/start_icman     TRUE
    icm/host_name_full     SAPPRD.tmg.dom
    install/codepage/appl_server     4102
    ipc/shm_psize_10     500000000
    ipc/shm_psize_14     0
    ipc/shm_psize_18     0
    ipc/shm_psize_19     0
    ipc/shm_psize_30     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_40     500000000
    ipc/shm_psize_41     0
    ipc/shm_psize_51     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_52     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_54     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_55     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_57     -10
    ipc/shm_psize_58     -10
    I already generated EWA report and I got the following result:
    1. Performance Overview PRD
    The performance of your system was analyzed with respect to average response times and total workload. We have detected some problems that may impair system performance.
    To ensure adequate performance in your core business transactions, you should take corrective action as soon as possible. For further information, please SAP Support.
    Rating     Check
         Performance Evaluation
    The following table shows the average response times for various task types:
    Task type     Dialog Steps     Avg. Resp. Time in ms     Avg. CPU Time in ms     Avg. Wait Time in ms     Avg. Load Time in ms     Avg. DB Time in ms     Avg. GUI Time in ms
    DIALOG     212990     1595.2     257.7     31.0     5.0     622.2     136.8
    RFC     2904     11876.4     192.1     33.1     1.4     10574.2     0.0
    UPDATE     86257     116.1     28.4     2.1     2.9     58.1     0.0
    UPDATE2     1100     84.6     16.9     1.3     1.4     48.2     0.0
    BATCH     11600     189360.5     46218.1     5.5     3.7     132313.5     0.0
    SPOOL     9989     1686.8     37.1     55.6     0.3     49.2     0.0
    1.1. Current Workload
    The following table lists the number of current users (measured from our workload analysis) in your system.
    Users     Low Activity     Medium Activity     High Activity     Total Users
    Measured in System     162     119     6     287
    1.2. Performance Evaluation
    The measured times are compared against reference times to provide a rating.
    - If the number of dialog steps in an hour is less than 1000 this hour is not considered.
    - If the total number of transaction steps is less than 24000, the rating for the task is not performed and a blue line is entered in the table.
    The table below shows that a performance problem is expected for the task that is rated YELLOW.
    Task     Steps     Application Server Performance     Database Server Performance
    Dia     212987           
    Upd     86257           
    HTTP     0           
    Rating     Task     Time     Steps     Avg. Response Time (ms)     Avg. CPU Time (ms)     Avg. Database Time (ms)
         Dia     08-09     3726     1343     137     889
         Dia     09-10     19990     1003     174     620
         Dia     10-11     20603     1747     112     630
         Dia     11-12     27934     2437     239     612
         Dia     12-13     18921     2737     235     858
         Dia     13-14     21579     2163     349     549
         Dia     16-17     22529     1134     230     703
         Dia     17-18     12189     1709     561     991
         Dia     19-20     5840     1550     414     967
         Dia     20-21     4951     1294     176     454
    The ratings in the table above are determined by comparisons against the reference table below.
    If the dialog response times are very poor, it will cause a RED rating for the entire check.
    Task     Reference for Avg. Response Time (ms)     Reference for Avg. DB time (ms)
    Dia     1200     600
    Upd     2400     1200
    HTTP     1200     600
    1.3. Transaction Profile Check
    The following tables show the response times and the number of dialog steps for the transactions that cause the highest workload in your system. NOTE: A business transaction normally consists of more than one dialog step. As a rough estimate, the actual number of business transactions that are executed in your system is approximately one third of the total dialog steps shown. (Transaction CPIC/RFC is not taken into account.)
    1.3.1. Transactions by Total Workload
    The following tables list the activities with the highest contribution to the total workload.
    Transaction     Type     Dialog Steps     Total Resp. Time in %     Avg. Resp. Time in ms     Avg. CPU Time in ms     Avg. DB Time in ms     Avg. GUI Time in ms
    Total          299247     100.0     1168.9     191.7     459.6     136.8
    ZFIBB     DIA     8592     11.1     4522.4     2258.5     633.4     30.1
    ZFIRP     DIA     6641     7.3     3858.0     1089.7     1162.6     50.0
    RECN     DIA     11644     6.8     2047.9     129.1     1165.8     202.6
    SESSION_MANAGER     DIA     8972     5.7     2226.9     80.2     244.2     458.2
    ZFICCR     DIA     4834     5.2     3775.9     138.4     2535.9     195.6
    ZRECPD     DIA     8895     4.6     1790.1     85.9     525.3     329.4
    FBL3N     DIA     10414     4.1     1386.7     109.3     971.8     49.1
    ZFIOBC2     DIA     852     3.4     13909.2     2675.7     9302.3     1028.7
    ZREOR     DIA     2241     3.3     5216.1     2246.2     808.1     357.5
    ZFIOB     DIA     1176     3.2     9503.7     51.3     8287.0     753.4
    38.1% of the "Total Resp. Time" in the above table is caused by customer transactions.
    Transaction     Type     Dialog Steps     Total Resp. Time in %     Avg. Resp. Time in ms     Avg. CPU Time in ms     Avg. DB Time in ms
    Total          21492     100.0     102913.8     24939.7     71399.3
    SBIE0001     BTC     36     98.7     60613763.4     14848709.4     42408448.0
    ZFIPR     SPO     448     0.2     7939.6     169.9     387.1
    (BATCH)     BTC     7368     0.2     478.4     7.5     22.2
    ZFIADCA     SPO     486     0.1     5733.7     168.6     177.9
    RSAL_BATCH_TOOL_DISPATCHING     BTC     96     0.1     23895.0     1964.7     21770.3
    ZFIJV     SPO     309     0.1     6092.5     107.7     89.5
    SAPRSLOG     BTC     4     0.1     318475.8     69165.0     257824.5
    ZRE_GENERATE_COND_RO     BTC     5     0.1     250075.0     3336.0     237287.8
    ZRE_AUTO_REJECT_OFFER     BTC     20     0.1     57062.0     339.0     54977.8
    ZRE_TRANSFER_TOCONT_UPL     BTC     346     0.0     3161.3     941.6     2327.7
    0.6% of the "Total Resp. Time" in the above table is caused by customer transactions.
    According to our analysis, the main system load is caused by background jobs.
    The EarlyWatch Alert Service can only detect performance problems for dialog, update and RFC response times. This service does not evaluate performance problems for background jobs.
    1.3.2. Transactions by DB Load
    The following transaction profiles list the transactions that have the greatest share in the database load, sorted by percentage of total database access times.
    Transaction     Type     Dialog Steps     Total DB Time in %     Avg. DB Time in ms
    Total          299247     100.0     459.6
    RECN     DIA     11644     9.9     1165.8
    ZFICCR     DIA     4834     8.9     2535.9
    FBL3N     DIA     10414     7.4     971.8
    ZFIOB     DIA     1176     7.1     8287.0
    ZRECCR     DIA     1504     7.0     6368.3
    ZFIOBC2     DIA     852     5.8     9302.3
    ZFIRP     DIA     6641     5.6     1162.6
    ZFIBB     DIA     8592     4.0     633.4
    ZFIREMTCH     DIA     73     3.5     66443.6
    ZRECPD     DIA     8895     3.4     525.3
    45.3% of the "Total DB Time" in the above table is caused by customer transactions.
    Transaction     Type     Dialog Steps     Total DB Time in %     Avg. DB Time in ms
    Total          21492     100.0     71399.3
    SBIE0001     BTC     36     99.5     42408448.0
    RSAL_BATCH_TOOL_DISPATCHING     BTC     96     0.1     21770.3
    ZRE_GENERATE_COND_RO     BTC     5     0.1     237287.8
    ZRE_AUTO_REJECT_OFFER     BTC     20     0.1     54977.8
    SAPRSLOG     BTC     4     0.1     257824.5
    ZRE_TRANSFER_TOCONT_UPL     BTC     346     0.1     2327.7
    RSPO1043     BTC     4     0.0     143273.5
    ZFIPR     SPO     448     0.0     387.1
    (BATCH)     BTC     7368     0.0     22.2
    ZFIADCA     SPO     486     0.0     177.9
    0.3% of the "Total DB Time" in the above table is caused by customer transactions.
    Please advice.

    Please advise me with the following scenario, which is Iu2019m facing a problem with system performance,
    My system configuration is:
    SAP ECC 6.0 , Oracle , Kernel Patch number : 202 , DBSL Patch No. : 046
    Server Configuration:
    Power 6 , Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER6 , Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 6 , Processor Version: PV_6_Compat , Number Of Processors: 6 , Processor Clock Speed: 3503 MHz , CPU Type: 64-bit , Kernel Type: 64-bit , LPAR Info: 2 PRODUCTION , Memory Size: 47104 MB , Good Memory Size: 47104 MB , Platform Firmware level: EL340_039 , Firmware Version: IBM,EL340_039
    My active parameter in Tcode : RZ10 as follow:
    Parameter Name     Parameter value
    rsau/enable                     1
    login/failed_user_auto_unlock     0
    login/fails_to_user_lock     5
    gw/max_sys                     2000
    gw/max_overflow_size     25000000
    rdisp/max_comm_entries     2000
    rdisp/tm_max_no                     2000
    gw/max_conn                     2000
    rdisp/max_arq                        2000
    ES/SHM_SEG_COUNT     8192
    ES/SHM_USER_COUNT     8192
    ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE                     2048
    ztta/short_area                     4000000
    em/global_area_MB                     256
    zcsa/db_max_buftab                     10000
    sap/bufdir_entries                     10000
    enque/table_size                     60000
    rsdb/obj/large_object_size     35000
    rsdb/obj/max_objects                     45000
    rsdb/obj/buffersize                     150000
    rdisp/max_wprun_time     25000
    DIR_CT_RUN                     $(DIR_EXE_ROOT)/run
    DIR_EXECUTABLE                  $(DIR_INSTANCE)/exe
    PHYS_MEMSIZE                   8000
    exe/saposco                        $(DIR_CT_RUN)/saposcol
    rdisp/wp_no_dia                         70
    rdisp/wp_no_btc                  20
    exe/icmbnd                        $(DIR_CT_RUN)/icmbnd
    rdisp/wp_no_enq                1
    rdisp/wp_no_vb                      2
    rdisp/wp_no_vb2              2
    rdisp/wp_no_spo                10
    abap/buffersize                      9900000
    zcsa/table_buffer_area     108003328
    rtbb/buffer_length                    60000
    rsdb/cua/buffersize              24000
    zcsa/presentation_buffer_area     28166144
    rdisp/appc_ca_blk_no                     2000
    rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no               1000
    rsdb/ntab/entrycount               68500
    rsdb/ntab/ftabsize              100000
    rsdb/ntab/irbdsize             20000
    rsdb/ntab/sntabsize              3995
    abap/use_paging                    0
    ztta/roll_first                      1024
    rdisp/keepalive_timeout                   8000
    ztta/roll_area                        9000960
    rdisp/ROLL_SHM                   16384
    rdisp/ROLL_MAXFS                 32768
    rdisp/PG_SHM                16384
    rdisp/PG_MAXFS                 200064
    abap/heap_area_dia             2012217344
    abap/heap_area_nondia     2012217344
    abap/heap_area_total      2012217344
    abap/heaplimit                40894464
    abap/swap_reserve                  20971520
    ztta/roll_extension                  2101346304
    em/initial_size_MB              4092
    em/blocksize_KB                  4096
    em/stat_log_size_MB                     20
    em/stat_log_timeout                       0
    install/codepage/appl_server     4102
    ipc/shm_psize_10               500000000
    ipc/shm_psize_14              0
    ipc/shm_psize_18             0
    ipc/shm_psize_19             0
    ipc/shm_psize_30             -10
    ipc/shm_psize_40            500000000
    ipc/shm_psize_41                 0
    ipc/shm_psize_51               -10
    ipc/shm_psize_52            -10
    ipc/shm_psize_54             -10
    ipc/shm_psize_55             -10
    ipc/shm_psize_57             -10
    ipc/shm_psize_58                   -10
    I already generated EWA report and I got the following result:
    Performance Evaluation
    The following table shows the average response times for various task types:
    Task type     Dialog      Avg. Resp.      Avg. CPU      Avg. Wait      Avg. Load      Avg. DB      Avg. GUI
    DIALOG     212990     1595.2                      257.7     31.0     5.0     622.2     136.8
    RFC     2904     11876.4                      192.1     33.1     1.4     10574.2     0.0
    UPDATE     86257     116.1                       28.4     2.1     2.9     58.1     0.0
    UPDATE2     1100     84.6                      16.9     1.3     1.4     48.2     0.0
    BATCH     11600     189360.5                46218.1     5.5     3.7     132313.5     0.0
    SPOOL     9989     1686.8              37.1     55.6     0.3     49.2     0.0
    1.1. Current Workload
    The following table lists the number of current users (measured from our workload analysis) in your system.
    Low Activity     Medium Activity     High Activity     Total Users
    162                  119                                    6     287
    1.2. Performance Evaluation
    Task     Time     Steps     Avg. Response      Avg. CPU      Avg. Database
    Dia     08-09     3726     1343              137     889
    Dia     09-10     19990     1003                174     620
    Dia     10-11     20603     1747              112     630
    Dia     11-12     27934     2437                    239     612
    Dia     12-13     18921     2737              235     858
    Dia     13-14     21579     2163                  349     549
    Dia     16-17     22529     1134               230     703
    Dia     17-18     12189     1709                   561     991
    Dia     19-20     5840     1550              414     967
    Dia     20-21     4951     1294              176     454
    Task     Reference for Avg. Response Time (ms)     Reference for Avg. DB time (ms)
    Dia     1200                                                     600
    Upd     2400                                               1200
    HTTP     1200                                                  600
    Please advice.

  • SAP ECC 6.0 installation in windows 2008 clustering with db2 ERROR DB21524E

    Dear Sir.,
    Am installing sap ECC 6.0 on windows 2008 clustering with db2.
    I got one error in the phase of Configure the database for mscs. The error is  DB21524E 'FAILED TO CREATE THE RESOURCE DB2 IP PRD' THE CLUSTER NETWORK WAS NOT FOUND .
    DISK_NAME=Disk M::
    Best regards.,
    please help me since am already running late with this installation to run the db2mscs utility to Create resource.
    Best regards.,
    Manjunath G
    Edited by: Manjug77 on Oct 29, 2009 2:45 PM

    Hello Manjunath.
    This looks like a configuration problem.
    Please check if IP_NETWORK is set to the name of your network adapter and
    if your IP_ADDRESS and IP_SUBNET are set to the correct values.
    - IP_ADDRESS is a new IP address that is not used by any machine in the network.
    - IP_NETWORK is optional
    If you still get the same error debug your db2mscs.exe-call:
    See the answer from  Adam Wilson:
    Can you run the following and check the output:
    db2mscs -f <path>\db2mscs.cfg -d <path>\debug.txt
    I suspect you may see the following error in the debug.txt:
    Create_IP_Resource fnc_errcode 5045
    If you see the fnc_errcode 5045
    In that case, error 5045 which is a windows error, means
    ERROR_CLUSTER_NETWORK_NOT_FOUND. This error is occuring because windows
    couldn't find the "public network" as indicated by IP_NETWORK.
    Windows couldn't find the MSCS network called "public network". The
    IP_NETWORK parameter must be set to an MSCS Network., so running the
    Cluster Admin GUI and expanding the Cluster Configuration->Network to
    view all MSCS networks that were available and if "public network" was
    one of them.
    However, the parameter IP_NETWORK is optional and you could be commented
    out. In that case the first MSCS network detected by the system was used.
    Best regards,
    Hinnerk Gildhoff

  • SAP installation guiengine:No GUI server connected;waiting for connection

    Hi All,
    I need one help
    I am trying to install SAP ECC 6 in Redhat Linux 5 and database oracle
    I have installed java 1.4.2_16, I have set the environmental variables also.
    But if I start the SAP installation by executing SAPINST , I am facing the below error
    guiengine: No GUI server connected; waiting for a connection on host welcome, port 21200 to continue with the installation
    I have tried to execute xclock to check it, but its gives the below error
    ERROR: canu2019t open display: welcome:0.0
    I found that before setting the below display environmental variable,  xclock worked good, but after setting the below display environmental variable, I am facing this error
    export DISPLAY=hostname:0.0
    I searched for this error, some people posted that we have to change the display environmental variable like export DISPLAY=:0, set DISPLAY=:0.0,
    I tried it but still facing the same No GUI server connected error.
    I hope it will be a problem with display environmental variable and I have no other clues, please help me, Thanks.

    We are trying in my personal laptop, so I have not set any ip addess. Is there any other way like our loop back adapter settings in windows, to configure ip address in Redhat linux 5 in individual machines.
    Also I searched in forums few other people who has already faced the same error. They have set the display environment variable export DISPLAY=ipaddress:0.0 with  ip address but they also has faced the same error and itu2019s not resolved.
    Please help me if there will be any other reason for this error, Thanks.

  • SAP ECC 6.0 / Active Directory Password synchronization

    We have a need to synchronize our users Windows passwords (AD) to our SAP systems (ECC 6.0, BW 3.5, and SCM 5.0).  We do not use CUA and currently do not use a Portal and are not looking at doing SSO.  We simply want to have one repository (AD) that will manage passwords for our Windows apps as well as our SAP systems.  So far, we have not found a way to do this.  SAP Note 603208 says this kind of synchronizing is not possible due to encryptions, among other things.  However, we did find a white paper that stated the following:
    <i>The Management Agents delivered with MIIS generally support password management: <b>they can take a password from some source (either from a user password change from the Windows interface, or from a self-service web-based password reset interface) and can set the same password in the various connected systems</b>. The Management Agent developed by Oxford is no exception. To change a password in an R/3 System the Susr_User_Change_Password_Rfc function can be used, but this is only possible if the old password is known and the SAP system allows the password change for this user. In cases where the old password is not known (for example the setting of an initial password) the password can be reset using the BAPI_User_change function.</i>~snip
    Does anyone have any information on how we can achieve the password synchronization between Active Directory and Abap-based SAP Systems?
    I very much appreciate your time and help.

    You can achieve this using "common authentication". Since Active Directory uses Kerberos, if you allow your SAP systems to support Kerberos authentication as well, then you will be able to logon to Windows workstation, and use the Kerberos credentials issued by Active Directory during this logon to log the user onto SAP.
    This is common, and easy to acheive. You need to use the SNC capability which is provided in SAP GUI and also in SAP ABAP engine, and you also need a GSS-API library for both workstations and for the SAP servers that implements the Kerberos protocol. If your SAP server is running on Windows Servers then you can get this GSS-API library from SAP, but if (like many companies) you are running SAP ECC, BW, SCM etc. on UNIX or Linux servers then you need to license a third-party product which provides the GSS-API library etc. I represent a vendor (CyberSafe) that provides this exact product, but you can also find other vendors by looking on SAP partner website, under SNC certified products list. If you want to find out more about our product, please ask me offline by getting my email address from my business card.
    I hope this helps. Of course, if there are any questions for me related to this which are appropriate for public viewing then please ask them via this forum instead of via email.

  • DS 3.2  u201CDirect Downloadu201D from SAP ECC Dump RFC_ATTACH_GUI_FAILED

    DS 3.2  u201CDirect Downloadu201D from SAP ECC Dump RFC_ATTACH_GUI_FAILED  - Start 'sapgui' failed
    We are running DS 3.2.1 with a data source connected to ECC 6.0 using u201CDirect Downloadu201D.
    DS 3.2 Designer on Windows, DS Job server on Unix, SAP ECC running on Unix (different Unix box than DS).
    We get a dump in the SAP ECC source system, RFC_ATTACH_GUI_FAILED Start 'sapgui' failed.
    From the DS Designer
    -     We can view the data in the SAP ECC T001 table from the ECC Data Source.
    -     Run the job from the DS designer on the DS Unix server, jobs starts the ABAP Data flow, then gets the error:
    >Cannot connect to SAP Applications datastore <DS_JR_ERD100_TEST> using host <ierpt1>, client <100>, user <G6992JR>, and system number <27: CRFC error: Start 'sapgui' failed.>. Please make sure the SAP server is running and the login information is correct.
    -     In the SAP ECC source system Tran ST22 I see the following dump:
    >Runtime Errors         RFC_ATTACH_GUI_FAILED
    >Start 'sapgui' failed.
    >Call Program........."al_engine"
    >Function Module..... "SYSTEM_RFC_VERSION_3_INIT"
    >Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLSYST" - in "SYSTEM_ATTACH_GUI".
    >The main program was "SAPMSSY1 ".
    -Data Store to SAP ECC  settings:
    o     ABAP Execution Option:     Generate and Execute
    o     Execute in Background:          No
    o     Data Transfer Method:          Direct Download
    o     Working dir on Sap server:     ECC Server, no files show here.
    o     Local Directory:               DS Server,  no files here
    o     Generated ABAP Dir:          DS Unix server, the ABAP program is here.
    Has anyone seen this issue?
    Shouldnu2019t it use WS_DOWNLOAD vs. GUI_DOWNLOAD?

    Thanks for the information on the Direct Download.
    I will check test by running the generated ABAP in the SAP ECC system to see why we get the GUI ERROR.
    I now understand that Direct Download is for testing & small amounts of data & "Old" functionality.
    We were doing a test on a table with only 87 records.
    We wanted to test that we could connect from DS to the SAP ECC system & that the DS Data Flow worked.
    Also, our SAP ECC & our Data Services are on different Unix servers that do NOT have a common directory.
    So if we used Shared Directory, the file would be deposited on the SAP Server, but the DS server would not be able to see it to pick it up. So we may have to look at FTP option.
    Has anyone used DS to extract from an SAP ECC on a Unix server to Data Services on a DIFFERENT Unix server with no common directory?
    We would really prefere NOT to have to create a temporary file, but would rather it worked just like the BW extracts from SAP ECC, it just sends the records over via TRFC's, not temp file, or if it woudl work the same way as when DS pulls from one oracle DB on a Unix server to another oracle DB on a Different Unix server, I don't think that creates temporary files.
    Thanks Again for your help
    Jay Roble

  • SAP ECC 6.0 & BW/BI 7.0 Disk Image

    Hi Experts,
    I want to practice BI7.0, so I found this SAP ECC 6.0 & BW/BI 7.0 Disk Image
    software available on ebay. Has anybody tried out and how does it work. Is it really good the IDES System to work on BI 7.0.
    Please advise I am planning to buy it.

    Thanks for your suggestion, I tried so much to get the IDes system on but the website doesnt navigates to this link as all.
    The list of software components which are found are only these:\
    ARIS for SAP NetWeaver
    Job Scheduler (Full Version)
    PLM Catia V4
    PLM Integration Autocad
    PLM Integ. Catia V5
    PLM Integration I-DEAS
    PLM Integration Inventor
    PLM Integ. Pro/E 3.2
    PLM Integ. Solid Edge
    PLM Integ. Solidworks
    PLM Integ. Unigraphics
    SAP Best Practices
    SAP Core CEE
    SAP CProject Suite
    SAP Cryptographic Software
    SAP Easy Document Management
    SAP GUI for Windows
    SAP NetWeaver
    SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer
    SAP PI
    SAP R/3 Enterprise
    Under this which has BI7.0 is it SAP Netweaver or SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer
    And also when I looked into it there are so many files. But I need the the files to install only BI 7.0. Please help me on this.


    Hi All,
    I am using BizTalk 2006 R2, Microsoft BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite SP1 & SQL Server 2005 as a Database server.
    In past we developed Orchestrations which were communicating with SAP version 4.7. Currently SAP has been upgraded in ECC 6(Unicode) system.
    I have configured new Send Port on server. Orchestration was able to communicate with SAP ECC 6.0 (Non- Unicode) system but while trying to connect with SAP ECC 6.0 (Unicode) I am getting error.
    A message sent to adapter "SAP" on send port "ECC 6 SendPort" with URI "sap://AS:**..*.*//**/" is suspended.
    I also installed RFC SDK 7.10 Unicode version an also set environment variables for SAP GUI tracing. Now I can execute RFC which returns CHAR value but in case of NUM data type, I am getting following error in trace file,
    T:4012 Error in program 'BTSNTSvc':
    >> ERROR: Import parameter length difference detected.
    Read length: 7. Expected length: 0. Type: 2.
    T:4012 Error in program 'BTSNTSvc': <* RfcReceive [2] : returns 19:RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER
    T:4012 Error in program 'BTSNTSvc': <* RfcCallReceive [2] : returns 19:RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER
    T:4012 Error in program 'BTSNTSvc': <* RfcCleanupContext [2] : returns 18:RFC_INVALID_HANDLE
    T:4012 Error in program 'BTSNTSvc': <* RfcCleanupContext [2] : returns 18:RFC_INVALID_HANDLE
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Pankaj,
    please note that there are metadata length differences between non-Unicode and Unicode systems.
    This has to be taken into account if you have hardcoded the length in the used connector.
    Please also have a look at the RFCSDK Guide:
    --> Unicode Programs --> Page 35
    Best regards,
    Nils Buerckel
    SAP AG

  • Min Configuration to Install SAP ECC

    Hi All,
    Can any one help me out on this. I am planing to buy a laptop which support SAP ECC..
    1. harddisk capacity
    2. RAM
    3. Processor speed.
    and other ?

    hope this helps
    Hardware Requirements
    Here is the required / recommended specification to install SAP R/3 system.
    CPU : Intel Pentium III u2013 500Mhz
    RAM : 256MB (minimum) or 512MB (recommended) "more the faster..
    HDD : 30GB
    NIC : Intel compatible Ethernet card
    CDROM : required for CD installation
    Software Requirements
    Here is the required software to install SAP R/3 system.
    Windows NT Server 4.0
    Windows NT Service Pack 6.0
    Internet Explorer 5
    Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
    SAP R/3 Kernel CD
    Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI)
    Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)
    Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
    SAP R/3 System
    Export CDs (3 CDs)
    Report Data CD

  • Micorsoft office upgrade 2010 - pre-requisitions in SAP ECC ?

    Hello Users,
    I have a question.
    We have an SAP ECC 6.0 system. And we are using MS office 2003.
    Now we are planning to upgrade the MS office 2003 to MS office 2010.
    What are the pre requisitions needed to have offcie 2010 compatible with the current ECC version (ECC 6.0).
    Also, should there be an upgrade in the GUI version ? like to 7.2? this was recommended.
    Please suggest and comment on what should be done.
    Suraj S Nair

    MS Office 2010 is supported from SAP GUI version 720 only. So, you need to upgrade SAP GUI. Check SAP Note 722513 - Desktop Office Integration: Maintenance information for more information.

  • Layout 2.00 com mensageria "Z" - Aplicação de Notas no SAP ECC

    Olá pessoal,
    Estou participando de um projeto para implementar a versão 2.0 do XML em um cliente que não tem a mensageria startard (GRC).
    Já levantei as notas necessárias no SAP ECC (estão num total de 42).
    A mensageria Z, muito semelhante do Acelerador/GRC pois também foi desenvolvida em uma instância SAP com o PI como integrador, deve trabalhar da mesma forma que o GRC no sentido de permitir o envio das duas versões (1.10 e 2.00) em paralelo através da configuração de Business Place no SAP ECC.
    Minha dúvida é a seguinte:
    Há algum impacto para as execuções na versão 1.10 se aplicarmos as Notas OSS no SAP ECC num primeiro momento e depois começarmos as adequações na mensageria?
    Desde já agradeço,

    Olá Daniela,
    Aplicando as SAP notes, a estrutura do FM J_1B_NFE_XML_OUT (que é utilizado outras mensagerias - não SAP) é alterado com a inclusão de novos parâmetros de importação, porém estes são opcionais o que não irá impactar a solução de mensageria não standard.
    Lembre-se também de não alterar a versão do XML (IMG: Cross-Application Components, choose General Application Functions --> Nota Fiscal --> CNPJ Business Places --> Define Business Places).
    E caso as SAP notes relacionadas aos motivos de contingência estejam sendo aplicadas agora, será necessário que o funcional realize as configurações necessárias (motivos de contingência) conforme descrito na Note 1451966 - NF-e: contingency date, time and reason .

  • SAP (ECC 6.0) - Erro de rejeição (Engrenagem)

    Boa tarde a todos,
    Gostaria de compartilhar um cenário de erro ocorrido no ambiente de produção do cliente (pós-GoLive) onde implementamos recentemente Nota Fiscal Eletrônica.
    Para um determinado cenário enviado para SEFAZ/SP foi retornado o código de erro 210 (Rejection: Invalid Receiver's IE), esta mensagem foi devidamente atualizada no GRC e no SAP (ECC).
    O problema ocorreu justamente quando o usuário optou em ajustar o código de inscrição estadual do respectivo cliente deste cenário e logo após, selecionou o documento "rejeitado" através do monitor do SAP (J1BNFE) e executou a função "Enviar de Novo", a partir deste procedimento (incorreto), o monitor retornou uma sinalização de erro (bandeira vermelha) com a seguinte mensagem: "Enviada ao sistema de envios de mensagens (XI,....), sinalizou o campo status ação com uma "engrenagem", o campo SCS com o valor 0 "zero" e o campo Status Sist. Msgs. com o valor "G" (MS recebido; outro erro).
    Conclusão, este processo encontra-se travado no ambiente de produção do cliente, impossibilitando qualquer ação de inutilização ou cancelamento.
    Estamos cientes que o procedimento correto deveria ser: solicitar a inutilização deste documento e não enviá-lo novamente a SEFAZ/SP, após concluída a correção da inscrição estadual do respectivo cliente, no entanto, gostaríamos de obter alguma dica ou orientação de como proceder corretamente neste caso afim de corrigir este problema.
    Desde já agradeço pela ajuda e gostaria também de parabenizar pelo espaço onde pude verificar que há muita informação útil para todos.
    André Teixeira

    Oi Henrique,
    Sim, o MSSTAT estava preenchido com "A" antes da tentativa de reenvio. Como a nota já havia sido rejeita pela SEFAZ/SP no nosso entendimento o usuário deveria:
    1) Requisitar a "inutilização" desta NF-e;
    2) Ajustar a IE no cadastro de cliente;
    3) Executar novo faturamento para este cenário que automaticamente iria gerar uma nova NF-e para nova aprovação na SEFAZ/SP, seria este o procedimento?
    Ao executar Send no menu NF-e apresenta-se a seguinte mensagem:
    Novo status de comunicação de sistema "Enviada a sistema de envio de mensagens (XI,...)" não permitido p/SCS "Enviada a sistema de envio de mensagens (XI,...)" anterior
    Nº mensagem J1B_NFE007
    Vou conversar com usuário sobre a possibilidade de introduzir o status de erro manualmente (SE37).
    André Teixeira

  • SAP ECC error:'Migration Monitor' exits with error code 103.

    Hi All,
    I am doing SAP ECC installation for windows 32 bit with MAXDB as backend.
    I am stuck at the import ABAP.Getting error
    ERROR 2008-08-08 16:10:53
    CJS-30022  Program 'Migration Monitor' exits with error code 103. For details see log file(s), import_monitor.log.
    java version "1.4.2_12"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_12-b03)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_12-b03, mixed mode)
    Import Monitor jobs: running 1, waiting 0, completed 18, failed 0, total 19.
    Loading of 'SAPVIEW' import package: ERROR
    Import Monitor jobs: running 0, waiting 0, completed 18, failed 1, total 19.
    ERROR: 2008-08-08 16:10:36 run
    Loading of 'SAPVIEW' import package is interrupted with R3load error.
    Process 'D:\usr\sap\EC6\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386\R3load.exe -i SAPVIEW.cmd -dbcodepage 4103 -l SAPVIEW.log -nolog -c 0' exited with return code 2.
    For mode details see 'SAPVIEW.log' file.
    Standard error output:
    sapparam: sapargv( argc, argv) has not been called.
    sapparam(1c): No Profile used.
    sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline
    INFO: 2008-08-08 16:10:52
    All import packages are processed.
    WARNING: 2008-08-08 16:10:52
    1 error(s) during processing of packages.
    INFO: 2008-08-08 16:10:52
    Import Monitor is stopped.
      error message returned by DbSl:
    (IMP) INFO: a failed DROP attempt is not necessarily a problem
    (DB) ERROR: DDL statement failed
    (CREATE VIEW "Z_T_CO_BW" ( "KOKRS" , "KOSTL" , "VERSN" , "KSTAR" , "WOG001" , "MEG001"  ) AS SELECT T0002."KOKRS", T0002."KOSTL", T0001."VERSN", T0001."KSTAR", T0001."WOG001",  T0001."MEG001" FROM "COSS" T0001, "CSKS" T0002 WHERE T0002."MANDT" = T0001."MANDT")
    DbSlExecute: rc = 103
      (SQL error -942)
      error message returned by DbSl:
    (DB) INFO: disconnected from DB
    D:\usr\sap\EC6\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386\R3load.exe: job finished with 3108 error(s)
    D:\usr\sap\EC6\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386\R3load.exe: END OF LOG: 20080808174211
    Only SAPDB: SAPSID srvice of SAP DB is only up.
    No other services of database are  up.And i am not able to up the other services also.
    Is it required to up the other services?
    If not?
    Why this error is occuring?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Manisha das

    Hello Manisha,
    The one of the possible reasons for this is due to lack of H/W.
    Increase your RAM size to atleast 2GB and utilise the same while you are installing ECC in database parameters step..
    If the issue is with H/W, then this should fix the issue.
    Hope it helps,

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