SAP HR-IN Form 16 Queries , Digital Signatures, SAP ADS

I have a couple of queries with regard to Form 16.
1. My firm wants to use digital signature in the Form 16. How to configure the signature part of the Form16 in SAP?
2. Where is the purpose of SAP ADS in digital signature?
3. Do I need to get a new license for using the digital signature feature in form 16?
4. My company is getting the digital signature part done thru a 3rd party. How to upload this digital signature into PC00_M40_F16?
5. What are the relevant SNotes to be installed to use this feature?

Hi Abraham,
The workaround software we have used is provided by Ace Technology, they are one of the approved DSC vendors.
This is their contact details:
| Email: [email protected] | website:
If you are going for the same vendor, go for a Grade 3 signature, it allows you to do a Mass Digital Signature.
The tech support provided by them was not that great, we eventually figured out how to use thier product, but incase you take the same service I can help you in figuring out how to use the USB token.

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  • Adobe Interactive Forms and Digital Signature

    Adobe Interactive Forms and Digital Signature
    Hi, I’ve a question if it works to digital sign interactive PDF documents created by an SAP BPM System? So is it possible just to sign the content, and not the interactive components like layout and buttons e.g.?
    Thanks for your help.

    serverside or at the client??

  • QM Digital Signature SAP System's Personal Security Environments (PSEs)

    Hi All,
    We want to introduce the Digital Signatures for Quality Management Result Recording and Usage Decision. (Transaction Codes :QE01,QE02,QA11,QA12).
    We have made some studies.Still we need some suggessions to achieve the final goal.
    SSF settings for system signature
    Check and if necessary maintain the standard settings. To do this, execute the following activities in the IMG under SAP Web Application Server -> System Administration -> Digital Signature:
    • Define application-dependent parameters for SSF functions
    • Define security settings for the system
    The above IMG Structure
    SAP Web Application Server -> System Administration -> Digital Signature:
    Is not appearing in ECC6.0. Where we can find the above structure in ECC6.0?
    2. SAP Netweaver
    --> Application Server
    --> System Administration
    -> Maintain the Public Key information for the system
    --> Maintaining the system security information.
    This IMG Actvity "Maintaining the System Security information"
    We have to create new “SAP System's Personal Security Environments (PSEs)” ?
    What is the procedure to create SAP System's Personal Security Environments (PSEs) ?
    We are unable to proceed.
    Plz. help.
    With Best Regards,
    Raghu Sharma.

    Dear All,
    Basis involment is very much required.
    Hence we are closing this issue.
    With Best Regards,
    Raghu Sharma

  • Adobe Reader 9, Form Fields, Digital Signature

    I have already posted this in Adobe Reader forum and had no replies... probably the wrong area...
    We are a software company and we are developing a simple application, as follows:
    Any number of pdf documents are provided by a third party (our customer / customers). Each form contains any number of fields and a digital signature field.
    Our application must fill the fields with values obtained by a back-end database
    Using Adobe Reader 9, our application must display each pdf document filled in step 2, for users to sign using a Topaz tablet.
    The "blank", original pdf document can be easily completed by hand and signed using the Topaz tablet - thanks to the Adobe Reader plug-in.
    Also, we can quite easily fill all the doument's fields using the popular iTextSharp libraries - we extract relevant data from our back-end database, we set the field values, and we display the document in Adobe Reader 9 (note that after filling the form, we have experimented with "flattened" and "non-flattened" documents....with the same results)...
    Here we start having some problems:
    As soon as the "filled" document is displayed in Adobe Reader, the message "This document enables Reader capabilities that are no longer enabled in this Reader version." is displayed. And the signature field is disabled and the Topaz plug-in is never invoked.
    It seems that the simple task of programmatically filling the form with data.... disable the most important feature of the form (the signature line).
    Unfortunately, my knowledge of the Adobe product line is somewhat limited....
    After hours of research I think I understand why (even though I find the behavior incredibly strange and restrictive). I still would like, if possible, summary and clear information on what we (and/or the provider of the pdf forms) need to do to accomplish the goal of our application.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

    jmo here
    In context of your description, use of Acrobat Pro to "enable" PDFs for use by Adobe Reader appears to be contrary to the Acrobat EULA (if nothing else, the "500" limit for forms).
    If that's the case then I suspect your only option would be LiveCycle ES.
    Back down the Forum's timeline, someone mention $50K for a seat.
    But LC ES has many variations (modules if you will) so the price point may be higher.
    Basically, it is expensive (although worth the $$ to the IRS and other large entities).
    Worth noting are the posts in this forum that allude to Adobe's legal actions taken against those who have, it seems, violated the Acrobat EULA.
    If your client(s) are associated with a corporate entity they may be exposed to legal "road hazards"; but, that's speculative, eh?
    Regardless, it does sort of appear that you may be on thin ice vis-a-vis "enable" of PDFs for use by Adobe Reader.
    Be well...

  • PDF Fill-in forms with Digital Signatures - LDAP, Roaming ID's

    Hello, my organization is trying to be more "Green" by taking regular PDF documents that use to be printed, filled in by hand, signed and then routed... To a PDF fill-in form that contains a Digital Signature Block. I can easily and successfully create PDF fill-in forms, where Im running into an issue is with the Digital Signatures.
    I can easily create a Digital Signature that is stored on my local computer and sign documents then forward them via email on to the recipient. However, what we would like and have been failing and making happen is to set up a signing server where the signer can fill out the PDF form and then sign the document by pulling their digital signature from a Directory Server, in our case LDAP or Active Directory.
    From the information that I have found on the web I know this can be done without use of expensive third party applications. However, I have not found information on how to do this other then this simple 3 line instruction which did not work for us. - 02bd615109794195ff-7d96.html
    Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the reference to the digsig user guide. I've reviewed this documentation and the majority of it I had already tried however one TIP that is in this document that I hadn't seen before points to setting up a FDF file to import AD secure to easily import the ID's
    More specifically, I have configured LDAP and the Security settings in Adobe Pro and when attempting to connect to our LDAP server is when I run into the issue. I am not able to connect. Is there any additional information that you know of that can shed some light on LDAP configuration with Adobe PDF forms for digital id's?

  • Pdf fillable form - multiple digital signatures

    I have a fillable pdf form that requires multiple digital signatures. Is there a way to send the form to multiple parties and merge it back to one form upon receipt of the signature from each party? Does that be accomplished with a javascript or do I need to use a different software? Thank you.

    That's not how digital signatures work, so the answer is "no". When multiple people need to sign a document, they need to sign the same document in sequence.

  • Fillable forms with digital signatures on SharePoint

    We have a Document Set content type on SharePoint that contains some fillable PDF forms. Users are filling it out and adding digital signatures. Some users have Acrobat Pro and some have Readers. Once in a while users get the error "The document has been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available." and the form becomes unusable. After reading some forums I learnt that it happens if there is a major change in a PDF file. My users are doing the following: check-out a file from SharePoint, fill some fields, digitally sign and check back in. Does this qualify a major change in a PDF file? Is there any way to fix it or should we simply stop using PDF files for this?

    Yes, you should use Acrobat to enable the forms. A form enabled with Forms Central doesn't include the digitial signature usage right, but one enabled with Acrobat Pro does.

  • How to print a form with digital signatures

    I created a form that was signed digitally and submitted electronically. When I look in my summary table, the signature shows, but when I create a pdf of the form, the signature does not show. How can I print the forms with the digital signature showing?

    Yu -
    There is no need to post the same question repeatedly - this does not affect how quickly we can respond.
    Merging with:
    How to print a form in a UIX page and
    how to print a form in a UIX page?

  • Restrict printing of a form with digital signatures

    I hope this isn't a duplicate question...  Please forgive me if it is; I did search the forums first.
    I have a form that requires a digital signature from several people as it gets emailed from one person to the next.  Unfortunately, some of the people can't grasp the concept of digitally signing the form, therefore they print the form, sign it with a pen, scan it, and email it. (Very frustrating...)
    Is there a way to prevent them from printing the form while still allowing me to print it once I receive it. I'm the last person in the signing chain and need the ability to print a hard copy listing all the digital signatures.
    Thank  you so much for the advice! I really appreciate it!

    Hi Heath,
    Yes it can be done, and it's not that hard to do, but I am going to get a bit techno-geeky here. In the Acrobat world you can sign an encrypted form, but you cannot encrypt (or change the encryption of) a signed form. You can solve the problem by encrypting the form (most likely you'd use password security because it's the simplest).
    First a word about PDF file encryption. Using file encryption gives you two things, control over who can open the file and the ability to restrict what they can do with the file once they get it opened (such as print). You are going to want to encrypt the form before anyone signs allowing all but printing to occur. Then when the users open the form they can fill out form fields and sign the file (at it's heart digitally signing a PDF file is just a special type of form fill-in), but they will not be able to print the file.
    Here's is where things get a bit geeky. The key is when you encrypt the file (assuming you are using Password Security) you need to apply both a Document Open Password and a Permissions Password. Would it be simpler if there was no Document Open Password, yes it would, but then you wouldn't be able to print the form either. By using a Document Open Password when anyone (including yourself at the end of the signing work-flow) tries to open the file they will see this dialog:
    You will supply all of the end-users that you want to sign the file the Document Open Password. Once the file is opened the Print functionality will be disabled so all they will be able to do is fill it out and send it back via e-mail (or a Submit button is you added one to the file). Eventually the file will get back to you, but when you open the file (and get the dialog above) you'll type in the Permissions Password. That tells Acrobat that you are the "document owner" and it raises the permission set to "allow all", and thus you will be able to print out the file. As long as you only share the Document Open Password and keep the Permissions Password to yourself no one else will be able to print but you.
    Could this work with Certificate Security or Rights Management Security, yes it could, The steps would be different, but the outcome the same. Since I'm guessing that you'll use Password Security here's what you'll want to do:
    Open the unsigned file
    Select the File > Properties menu item
    Select the Security tab on the Document Properties dialog
    Select Password Security from the Security Method drop-down list
    Select the Compatibility and Encryption options at the bottom of the dialog (I suggesting that you do this first because if you change them you may need to reenter the passwords again)
    Select the Require a password to open the document checkbox
    Enter the Document Open Password
    Select the Restrict editing and printing of the document checkbox
    In Printing Allowed drop-down leave it set to None
    In Changes Allowed drop-down select Filling in form fields and sign existing signature fields
    Select the Copy checkbox at your discretion
    Enter the Change Permissions Password (it must be different then the Document Open Password)
    Click the OK button
    Confirm both Passwords
    Click the OK button on the Document Properties dialog
    Save the file to apply security
    Now, when you reopen the file, if you use the Document Open Password printing will be disabled, but if you use the Permissions Password printing will be enabled.
    You can also simplify this if you use the Tools > Protection panel, but I don't want to dump too much on you at once.
    Good luck,

  • Distributing forms with Digital Signatures..

    How can I distribute forms that I have created where Digital Signatures are required.. For Example, I have a Personnel Action Notification form that needs 4-5 different signatures (which I would like to use digital signatures). When uploading to FormsCentral it displays DS fields as invalid and will be ignored... Should I distribute through Adobe Pro then?Please Help..Thanks, Jerry

    Yes, you should use Acrobat to enable the forms. A form enabled with Forms Central doesn't include the digitial signature usage right, but one enabled with Acrobat Pro does.

  • Unable to Split pdf form containing Digital Signature using Assembler

    Hi All,
    I am trying to split a pdf form into multiple forms using Assembler service provided by Adobe LiveCycle. Normal pdf's are getting splitted but facing issues with pdf's containing Digital Signature is there any way to split those forms please suggest ?????

      We have a livecycle form that allows people to save an image with an image field and other data in some text fields.
    The users having problems are using Acrobat Pro XI. They seem to be able to open the form, fill in some data and save the data just fine except for this image.
    The image does not display when the user re-opens the form. However, if another user opens that saved form then that user can see the image OK.
    Any ideas what might be happening?
    Thank you.

  • Adobe Form and Digital Signature issues

    We are using a adobe form to submit agreements for staff, some individuals are getting the "The Windows Cryptographic Service Provider reported an error: Key does not exist. Error Code 2148073485. Any help or guidance would be great. Thanks

    Hi dfbarnet, May we know how is that form created. Is that created using Acrobat ?
    Please explain in detail so that we can route your query in correct direction.

  • Use of 3rd party Digital Signatures in SAP enviornments

    Hi all,
    I wanted to inquire about 3rd party digital certificates usability within the SAP environment. for e.g can Verisign digital certificates be used within the SAP environment. Any directions/links on related reading material would be highly appreciated. How certs can help in compliance etc.

    Hi Lanij,
      Check URL
      This gives details on Adobe functions and digital signatures
    Also SDN has extensive documentation on Adobe Interactive forms and digital signatures available at

  • Encryption and Digital signature in SAP

    We have a requirement to encrypt the payment data before it is sent to a Bank using SAP XI.We are planning to have a ABAP proxy which will do the encryption and hopefully attach a digital signature.We are working in SAPR/3 Enterprise edition.Does SAP supports doing  Encryption and digital signature in  ABAP.

    Hi Leo,
    have a look here: store and forwarddigital signatures user guide.pdf
    regards Andreas

  • How do I add a digital signature to my online form?

    With regular Adobe (Standard or Professional) software, you can add a digital signature line.  I want to know how I can do it on FormCentral.
    When I PDF the form I created on FormCentral and try to add the digital signature in Adobe, I get a message that I cannot due to security settings of the document.

    Formscentral does not support forms with digital signature workflows. I suggest you see if our Echosign product meets your needs.

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